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The butt is my favorite part of the human body below the neck.

Analingus is a joy. Anymore I find it difficult to get into a position that lets me sustain rimming for as long as I’d like.

So I scanned the web for an aid. Behold the Joy Rider:

Analingus chair

Not very sexy looking: a plumber’s nightmare of sorts. But probably highly functional. Seems to me it should have a back so the person on top can relax. At $300 it is the least expensive of the pre-made devices I found on the web. Still too expensive for me. (I’m having the most expensive sex toy I can imagine being built for $3,000: a tall privacy fence for the backyard so Alexandra can work her will on me there.)

Eros Boutique has a more attractive (more costly) smothering box. Bondage Furniture’s smothering box with table is less lovely but more interesting. Over in the UK we have queening stools. Strike me as more decorative than functional. The $700 Ultimate Queening Throne does have a back and armrests

I asked for suggestions in Live Journal’s BDSM DIY community. One person had a colorful solution: hang a swing from the ceiling. A pretty idea after a fashion but too unstable. If she were really enjoying herself Alexandra would likely tumble to the floor.

I suspect a simple wooden frame, a travel pillow for her, regular pillow for me will work. I’m still very open to suggestions.

If you aren’t familiar with rimming or it makes you squeamish check out Violet Blue’s open source sex ed: rimming.

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Love the site, few out there like it. Thanks for sharing - I am not allowed to have a F/M blog by my lover.I make most of my toys and am handy working with wood, metal and leather. I don’t know where you are located, but a Co. call Mc Master Carr sells fittings like those on the picture. I think that they are listed under stair railings or stanchions. You could build a stool like that for under $100.

Not allowed to have a weblog? I guess some would feel their privacy is violated.

Thanks for the tips. Sadly even though my daddy was an electrician I wound up without a lick of DIY skills. A pity there are all sorts of pillories and such that I wish I had could build.

I’m wondering if there are any simple, low cost ways to build a queening stool? Does anyone have any plans, blueprints, kits, websites or other points of reference where I could go so that I can enjoy the pleasure of a queening stool, but without the astronomical price tag!

I’m thinking that an airline pillow (they are often in the center) with something like a low chair work.

Haven’t had a chance to test this. But do need to figure out a way to spend more time in ass worship.

Hiya, I design queening furniture and other erotic items. There are quite a few on my site at reasonable prices, but if I can help with a few home- build suggestions like queenservant mentioned, just email and I’ll try to help. Happy Queening.

When a girl has a clean crack, just in the spur of the moment, I may stick my tongue in and lick her butt. I always dreamed of doing it to a girl, and having her do it to me. My first was at a legal brothel in Reno, with a blonde named Chloe. I was worshipping her butt, got near her butt, it smelled clean, so I just hauled ass (so to speak), and licked her butt. A few years later, a hot sexy blonde (with perky breasts) named Sadie french kissed, BLSed, and spanked me, and when she turned over, I licked her ass soo hard! One Korean-American girl that I had sex with, I licked her ass. Next time we saw each other, I likced her ass, but she told me “no ass licking.” It’s just so hard to pass up sometimes! I know that it sounds wierd on the surface, but when you’re aroused, and she has a nice ass, you’ll sometimes just want to lick it!

Not necessarily into analingus myself, but I do enjoy making my own bdsm toys and equipment. What you’re looking for is a camping toilet. Go to your nearest camping supply store and find one (around $20-50US) and remove the “catcher” part. Voila! Basically a toilet seat on a sturdy stand, and they usually have a backrest. If you can’t find one that suits your fancy, most medical supply stores sell stands (don’t know exactly what they’re called) that “extend” the toilet seat upwards several inches for elderly whose knees can’t support the “drop” to the toilet. Basically it’s a toilet seat in an aluminum frame that mounts over the toilet. Being a “medical item” this would probably cost more than the camping toilet.

As far as the swing goes, it’s still a good idea. If you need a backrest (and you’re using chain to hang the seat), simply loop thin rope loosely through the chains and tie it off, forming a “woven” backrest. Or you could get fancy and fashion several short ropes with clips on either end so it could be adjustable.

as for building your own i’m on the case!

looking at the costs of some of this stuff has made me to consider building my own

for a wooden frame an old antique wooden footstool 5 off ebay - 35 for a head sling and 10 for faux leather and plumbing insulation

if you want to build a metal frame - i think i now have the answer and it can be dismantled in 5 minutes and stored away too - cost approx 50 for the frame - easy to self assemble - no glueing and very strong - will last a lifetime

i’ll post some more details in the next couple of weeks once i have built 2 models:))

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