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No, I’m not changing this into Down On My Knees Working on Plumbing. Just taking a look at another extravagant BDSM device.

The Teeth of Kali, probably the most formidable male chastity device. An unnerving band of metal isn’t it? Several years ago a young bisexual submissive wrote of his five weeks wearing the bracelet:

Essay on Effects of Wearing KTB - Kali’s Teeth Bracelet

Too often injuring the men who wore it the bracelet is no longer made (probably means it is a collector’s item on eBay).

Some folks make their own equivalent out of leather. ClubFEM sells a much safer, very affordable plastic male chastity device.

Would a masochist find himself trapped in a feedback loop? Easily I can imagine myself becoming aroused, feeling pain which boosts and prolongs the arousal. Guess the experience would resolve itself somehow. An intriguing scenario.

A few years ago the notion of an erection causing pain made it’s inevitable way into my masochist’s mind.

Knowing nothing of chastity tubes and the like I pictured my genitals in a tight bag. My imaginary genital prison had a rough surface something like sandpaper. Or microscopic sharp points (I’m too fond of my penis to imagine it bloodied). The idea of having an erection thus confined seemed delicious.

But I’m wandering. Noting an example of oddball of S&M hardware was all I wanted to do in this entry.

Now to put my mind to writing about something with more charm.

But if you’ve had experience with this rough sort of chastity device I hope you’ll tell me about your experiences in a comment.

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I can see the typical masochist’s response to this is fatal. He puts it on, thinks about all those evil spikes, the more he thinks the harder he gets, then it starts to sink in and hurt, so he gets even harder. Before long there’d be blood everywhere!

Yeah, this device was as dangerous as it was daft. Only time I remember hearing of a sex toy maker actually taking a product off the market.

Speaking as someone who has owned one and knows the maker personally, I can say it was taken off the market because of his time getting to short to keep making them. If you get the proper size, there is no lasting damage.

Size matters in a special sense. I was just repeating what I’d read. Not much out there about the device. Thanks for the clarifiation.

Dying to find out where I can get one!!! I know, I read all about them and I have a leather one…but I really, really must have a metal one. Someone please let me know how/where I can find one.

Thank you immensely Goddess Candy

Some BDSM toy sites sell a similar device - made of metal - under the name: The Iron Maiden.

Stay tuned… I am looking into having manufactured a high quality adjustable KTB I have designed. I’m still trying to find a shop that can manufacture the parts out of surgical stainless steel using as a reference my SolidWorks drawings. NRE costs are also an issue at the moment. I am not able to say any more than this for now but I plan on setting up a site soon to let people know about the device. .

Im snoopy{MS}, I wrote the original essay years ago. I have had much more time with many many devices since then.

The KTB does not cause bloody damage unless there is rotation abrasion, like you tried running and jumping around with it on. Normal moverments such as walking and twisting around in bed do not cause harm.

The surface area, and direction of the spikes stops any penetration of the spikes themselves. Kind of like the bed of nails idea.

The device itself is as effective as ever.

i wore the KTB twice and for a maximum of 3 consecutive days. The first time, the idea of having it locked on my penis was so exciting that it actually took a while before i could wear it. The second time i was so scared my cock remained limp during the whole process: at daytime it is quite easy to control erection and avoid the pain but at night, when erections are spontaneous, you end up waking up every 2 hours and once the cock is hard inside the KTB it it is a long and difficult operation to make it get soft again. i would do anything to get hold af a KTB

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