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Illness interrupts most everything in life even weblog writing.

Wanting to give Alexandra the most possible convenience and variety for tying me up I bought the bed bondage system and an assortment of cuffs, locks, snaps, clips and straps. Having so many possible permutations tends to make things confusing.

Slave in chains

We'd been planning to do some informal playing with bondage and S&M as practice. No roles but if they roles came of their own accord who'd fuss?

Before she put me in the posture bar the other night she had me spread eagle on the bed. The day I bought that bed I laid in it imagining myself restrained there as she teasingly tormented me.

Since I was clearly ready for her use out came the clothespins followed by a little time with a cane. And of course worshipping her boots.

A voluntary gag is the only way to go for the real players. This is any silencing device that can be ejected by the subject, but designed in such a way that the subject has to make a choice they would rather not make as long as they can keep it in.

Forniphilia (human furniture) FAQ

Alexandra also blindfolded and gagged me. This was new. The rubber ring gag seemed a good choice. I don't know that I would've with a ball gag but the opening helped keep me from panicking as I was learning how to swallow all over again. And I could spit it out of my mouth. Part of me didn't want that freedom but the smarter part knew it was the wisest path while we're still novices.

A couple of nights later she bound my wrists to the top of an eight foot high steel rack. How many thousands of times had I dreamed of myself being in that position.

We used blue painter's tape. It wasn't the best choice (my idea). The tape is stronger than masking tape and doesn't hurt when it comes off. But my bodyweight was too much for it. Probably best used for binding skin to skin (arms to sides or leg to leg).

She worked me over a bit with a series of floggers, canes and eventually the single tail whip. She wanted to try to gauge who each instrument affects me.

Being beaten while not in submission was a new experience. I did enjoy the pain but I think my pain tolerance is lower when I'm not completely surrendered to her.

I hope we'll be doing more informal play both to learn and for the fun.

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