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Some time back Blue Rose of Tethered Passions sent us a couple of her handcrafted impact toys to try out. Events and the nature of a long distance relationship delayed things.

Today Alexandra published her review of a cat o’ nine tails and a flogger handcrafted by Blue Rose. Now I’ll share with you what it is like to be hit with them.

Flogger from Tethered Passions

We have an assortment of rubber and leather floggers including one with metal tips. While there’s no denying I’ve enjoyed Alexandra working me over with them they’ve never been among my favorite sources of impact torment.

Until feeling the flogger from Tethered Passions slam into my flesh. It really stings in a hurtful - but good - way. I’ve never felt more pain or more pleasure from a flogger.

People talk about the importance of balance in impact toy design. Hitherto I’ve taken that on faith. But with this flogger Alexandra couldn’t have more control if it had laser sighting. And the more control she has the more pain she can safely deliver.

Tethered Passion Cat of Nine Tails Whip.

Often I’d dreamed of being whipped with a cat o’ nine tails. They sounded so very cruel. Blue Rose’s cat delivers a masochistically beautiful burning, cutting sensation. I don’t know if anything can displace the single tail from the primacy among whips but this cat comes very close.

Both the cat o’ nine tails and the flogger are handsome instruments. There is a larger photograph attached to Alexandra’s review but even it doesn’t do justice their pleasing design and careful construction.

Alexandra’s Review

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Thank you kindly for the wonderful review…and yes, alot of love goes into each of my creations.. anyone mentioning this article or Alexandra’s will recieve 15% off total order. Just include “CODE DOMK” in Y/your initial email. Thank you again, Blue Rose

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