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As a boy my parents spanked me either with belts or switches freshly cut from a tree (so the latter remains a popular part of my inner S&M movie theater). Never with a hairbrush. I don’t remember hearing of anybody getting a paddling with a brush.

Masochist buys paddle

Some school coaches used huge paddles. Never more than for about three strokes. Since it struck me as about the same as being hit with a 2’x4’ board it was actually something I didn’t want. (OK, to be honest, I did think about it but still it just seemed a big “bam.”)

In some slick magazine, it was one of those true confession columns where you suspect the writer is writing what he wish would happen rather than what had, I read a letter from a man saying his wife punished him with a hairbrush.

Hairbrush domme

An image by Banjo, there’s another below.

Hey, I thought, that sounds pretty good. It’d be years before I realized I didn’t really get the idea. In my mind a brush spanking had you getting hit with the side that has the bristles. Having stiff bristles slamming into your skin was suggestive of excitingly sharp and stingy pain.

Hairbrush spankings didn’t appear in my fantasies much. Until I started collecting F/m art.

Impatient with with brush in hand

Jay Em’s impatient wives make me smile. Also they started my conversion.

I’d picked up a brush or two, thinking mostly of abrasion play with Alexandra can make a sensual treat. But the hairbrush went for - what else? - brushing her hair.

I buy almost everything from Amazon anymore so I thought I’d look at the hairbrushes for sale there. Mostly I saw $40 - $80 brushes. That seems excessive except for the brush spanking gourmet.

OTK brush spanking

Banjo’s work consists largely of women using hands, brushes, slippers but sometimes canes and other things. Ordinarly I’m not a big fan of poser art. But his punishing girlfriends were also responsible for my seduction by the brush. More of Banjo’s work can be seen at his Yahoo Group.

Though I’ve tended to neglect usenet in the last couple of year I thought I’d ask on soc.sexuality.spanking. My question: Would you mind helping me choose a hairbrush for spanking?

There’ve been plenty of suggestions. Look at the local drug store, check eBay. The latter was for ebony brushes. I’d no more thought of them than the ivory brushes another person mentioned. Ebony evidently has good heft.

One man pointed me to the brushes he sells online. They feature images of men spanking women on the back. Not something Alexandra is apt to want to use.

One guy suggested beauty supply shops. I should’ve thought of that. There are a couple not far away.

[Image Deleted]

The girl in this this Kami Tora drawing isn’t really using a hairbrush but I’m a sucker for D/s images with a cute touch.

There was a cheap plastic Vidal Sassoon brush on Amazon that I ordered. Not much heft but slappy. My ideal image of the proper spanking brush is unvarnished wood with a bit of weight. Can’t say why.

No reason you can’t have a selection of hairbrushes for spanking to produce a variety of sensations.

Do you get spanked or spank with a brush? Tell me about your favorite brushes.

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The first boy I ever tried to get to do anything kinky with me was the one I handed a hairbrush to and then presented myself across his lap. I don’t think he enjoyed it nearly as much as I did. We have a wide variety of hairbrushes, easy to carry and no double meaning to the general public yet packs a powerful blow when needed. And you made me smile, when I was younger it was either daddy’s belt or a switch cut right then from a tree. Funny the things we remember sometimes. For a long time, a belt was a limit for me as the memories of that one belt overshadowed everything else. Somehow, that other belt doesn’t affect me anymore, and his has taken on new meaning.

I suspect, er, hope I’ll be learning more about hairbrushes when Alexandra is back.

For me a switch is almost an icon embodying my masochism. Childhood conditioning I guess.

Hi Richard!

Have you seen the brushes they sell at the Body Shop (I’m assuming you have those over there)? Scary stuff, though they’re more of the bathbrush persuasion. My local chemist (drugstore) sells Mason-Pearson brushes, which run about $60-$100+… perfect ‘old fashioned’ brushes but rather pricey! Online, there’s a few places you can get ‘spanking’ brushes, it seems (yes, I saw the ‘illustrated’ ones too… being 100% dedicated to F/M only, those were MOST unacceptable in my books! LOL!). sells a slightly odd ‘weighted’ one I’ve always been curious about, for example. I’ve always wanted to put together a database of places to get ‘good’ brushes at my ‘That Horrid Hairbrush’ group ( so hairbrush fans with a ‘collection’ or ideas could maybe help? Oh, by the way, this is my first time here and I LOVE this site, Richard! :) Cheers, Banjo

I’d buy a Mason-Pearson brush if told to. Otherwise given how much dungeon furniture we both want that is just too much.

Now I was impressed by the almost half-pound brush on and am seriously thinking about ordering.

Having an illustrated brush is kind of cute but silly since if it is used much the picture will wear away. A silhouette engraved on the back seems a better idea.

Thanks for the kind words. Keep on drawing those sweet but cruel girls.

I just can’t figure out how someone has got a hairbrush fetish. My mom used to spank me over her lap on bare, with her largest wooden hairbrush, and the least I can say is that is pure hell! I was crying my eyes out from the first slaps, and would be soon pleading and promissing santity, anything for her to stop. It’s horrid, believe me. Thanks God I’m 27 now and spanked no more!

Does the fact that I really prefer whips to brushes make you happier?

I asbsollutely love it when my wife picks up her wooden brush and paddles my bare ass with it while I’m lying acrossed her nylon clad knees with my pants down around my ankles. It really hurts and stings a lot. By the time she is finished, my ass is fire red with purple bruises, and covered with blisters and brush shaped welts. I bought this brush for her from the Vermont Country Store, and she has shown me that she has the will and skill to use it on me whenever I get out of line.


I have one of these bathbrushes from The Body Shop Banjo mentioned. It is very sturdy and looks almost unbreakable - probably is: my wife has been using it on me for over two years now. During that time (and before) she managed to break quite a number of spanking implements on my bottom. The brush is made from ethically produced hardwood trees (FSC label), so Alexandra could use it on you with a clean conscience, lol.

That brush produces a fierce burning pain and is ideal to “warm-up” the skin for a good caning, although a severe bathbrushing is certainly a punishment in its own right.

I have not seen the brush in the shop anymore lately. They now sell a smaller version made of acrylic which broke after a few serious strokes. Waste of money unless you use it to scrub your back only, fortunately it was inexpensive.


I bought three or four brushes, none costly. Good thing since they wound up being used to, well, brush hair.

Brush spankings aren’t a special passion of mine, nor as far as I know Alexandra’s. Nobody I knew as a kid ever mentioned getting one. It was all belts and (yum!) switches back home.

It was actually Banjo’s illustrations that got me thinking more of brushes. I figure as we continue our exploration of S&M we’ll eventually get to brushes.

in my collection of hairbrushes i have decided my choice is a hairbrush that my wife was spanked with when she was a child. it is made of plastic and is quite heavy wuth a smooth back. i finally was introduced to it after doing somthing which really upset my wife and i told her she could tan my bottom which she did and that brush really stung my bottom.

Dear Kelly:

You’re memory serves you well. Only a very few really like to be on the receiving end of a hairbrush, at least not one applied vigorusly to their wriggling bottoms. The pain is overwhelming. It stings immediately and radiates throughout the bottom long afterward. A good hairbrushing also leaves bruises that last for up to a week, the colors turning like a sunset as it draws down to nightfall. The bottom remains tender for several days, and the owner of that bottom suffers from a strong dose of humiliation as well as an equally strong desire to do the right thing. Which is the primary purpose of a full, bare-bottomed spanking, is it not, Kelly? Weren’t you immediately rendered a good girl afterward, and don’t you think that you learned well from those sessions? Would you be the person you are now if you hadn’t been spanked with a hairbrush?

The pity of the hairbrush is that it isn’t used more often for a variety of social offenses, and used exclusively on adults. Certainly, no one under 16 should be spanked hard with a hairbrush. I believe society has it all wrong. I believe the hairbrush, flat-backed, wooden and heavy, should be used only on fully developed bottoms that are attached to persons of sound mind, who know right from wrong, and choose to do wrong anyway.

Rudeness, lying about your co-worker, using excessively foul lnaguage, repeated tardiness, petty theft, insubordination — the list goes on — all should be requisites for an OTK hairbrush on the bare by an authority figure licensed to perform such a function with all the traditional rituals of embarrassment.

I am referring to disciplinarians hired for the task of meting out punishment for misbehaviors in the workplace, restaurants, drinking establishments and in the home. If a husband, boss or a bartender has reason to seek a disciplinarian, he should be able to bring the offender to a legally sanctioned professional who knows how to do the job safely and thoroughly. The culprit, of course, would have the opportunity to plead her case before a public official, if she so chooses. But if that is the case, and she is deemed deserving of a hairbrushing, there would be a public record of it, including the offense, the number of spanks she received, and a verbatim transcript plus a videotape of the punishment for the record.

I will, of course, elaborate on my dreamworld in a later posting. But, tell me, wouldn’t such a system, incorporated, let’s say, on a community by community basis, with a full annualy-renewed agreement by all adults living in such a community, make life easier and perhaps a bit more interesting?

Who knows, maybe property values would rise dramatically. After all, it would be the safest, most pleasant place to live. Unless you’ve been naughty.

What do you think, Kelly? Would such a public arrangement, involving females and males, meet with your approval?

the halloween that i was 30, i was living in a house on a culdesac between a 50ish single lady and her 28 year old son and his wife. I dressed up in a maid costume, with frilly pink panties, patent leather maryjanes, the whole 9 yards, and trick or treated at the sons house for a gag. he suggested i go to his mothers which i did. After I knocked on the door and surprised her, she invited me in and we talked about some things.
she told me thhat when her son was 16, she cught him tring on his older sisters panties and spanked him. I asked her if she thought i should be spanked and she said yes. I did not think she really would do it, but she told me to follow her to her bedroom, and when we got in there, she sat down on a stool at her make-up area, pulled me across her lap & used a hairbrush across my frilly pink panties. After less than a minit, she pulled them down and for about 5 minits used it on my bare behind. When it was over she rubbed some cream on my enflammed bottom and we shared a cup of coffe and continued to chit chat. as i left to go back to my place, she suggested that me make this a mounthly affair, which we did for the next 5 years untill i got married and moved to another state. That was 15 years ago and i often think that i would like to time travel back to that place.

my favorite hairbrush came from my wifes mother after we got married. it was made of heavy oval shape plastic and was rather heavy. she stayed it was used on her bottom wnen needed and was most effective, in fact she offered to give me a sample spanking which i accepted. nobody was home and over her knees i went pants down bare bottom. wow did i ger whipped hard. i couldnt sit down comfortly for 24 hours. when i discussed this event later with her it was agreed we would use the brush on each other when needed, consentual spanking turned out to be the answer. when required the entire proceedure tok only thirty minutes and sure beat endless bickering or long periods of silence.

The hairbrush that is infrequently used on me is blonde in color and was bought years ago from, I think, Shadow Lane. It is the type that is shown a lot in their videos…long handled, probably actually a bathbrush.

It is administered while I am over her knee with my pants down…long and hard. I can say unequivocably that it stings and burns ferociously as it teaches me my lesson via my bare behind. I hate it, but oddly crave it and need it occasionally…but it surely does hurt a lot and for several days afterward I feel it when I sit down. I guess that’s the reason it’s used.

Reading these stories about hairbrushes sent shivers down my spine. I dreaded and received it as a child. The most memorable application is still fresh in my mind and it occurred when I was eight years young. I was caught stealing from our neighborhood grocery store. My mother came and picked me up and assurred the grocer that I would soon be taught a very painful lesson. Once home, my mother bared my backside took me across her lap and paddled me with her wooded hairbrush for what seemed like hours. The pain was beyond anything I had ever experienced. I doubt I sat well for more than a week. I never shoplifted again.

I am spanked by my wife routinely with a wide leather strap and fortunately NOT with a hairbrush!

Richard, Be careful about the advice from Decapod10!!! For years I tried to get my wife to spank me regularly but she never really spanked hard enough. I bought the bathbrush from the Vermont Country Store - the handle is much longer than an ordinary hairbrush and the spanker can get much more leverage. My thought was it would be easier for her to give me a hard spanking with it. Anyway, I talked my wife into giving me a spanking with that bathbrush. Maybe that was a mistake, because she made me drop my pants and lean over the back of the sofa. When she started in with the bathbrush it really hurt!!! And I mean a lot. She didn’t give me any kind of warm up and from the first swat I was squirming, yelping and promising to be good. She didn’t stop for another 50 or so spanks and my bottom was black and blue. Now when I ask her to give me a spanking, I always worry that she’s going to tell me to get the bathbrush, which she has done on several occasions. I get really nervous because I remember how much that thing hurts - until the first spank when I discover that the real thing hurts a lot more than I remember. Good luck.

I don’t know that Alexandra ever actually used a brush I bought for any other purpose than brushing her hair.

Though some other brushes she’s used for abrasion play which I find far more interesting and enjoyable. Just about any smooth wooden surface can be used for impact play.

At least a couple of brushes I’ve seen look really too heavy to be used by people who aren’t really experienced in corporal punishment. Enough mass concentrated in a small space can actually be more risky than more visibly kinky devices.

Since it sounds as if the spankings were your idea why haven’t you simply explained the problem and either get her to moderate the blows or use a lighter brush?

What is a switch? I thought they were people who liked to top and bottom ;). Anyway I’m more interested in the switch than the hairbrush. The paint-stirring-stick thingy was fun until it snapped.

Anyway don’t be afraid to ask me to spank you with any objects with special meanings to you that I may not understand. To me, it’s the hitting that’s most important :)

the first time i was spabked with a bath brush by my wife it really stung. i ended up crying like a little boy. now i think twice before upsetting her as i do not want another trip over her knees and bare knowing what would be forthcoming

i get spanked by my wife. she uses a wooden smooth back brush which was used on her bottom as a child. after our marriage her mom gave me the brush ans even demonstrated on my bottom how much it hurt. now either one of us gets spanked when needed.

one day the girl who lives nearby me ran into me in the backyard and we chatted about things which led to spanking. i told her my bottom had been really whipped recently and my father used a hairbrush on my bare bottom, she became interested and told me she never had been spanked and was curious as to how it felt. i offered to give her a spanking and invited her to accompany me to a vacant apartment, i ran upstairs to get the brush used on me,(nobody was home so i smuggled out and we met a the privacy of this vacant unit. i told her to get over my knees and i pulled down her panties. she got a good tanning and ended up crying. then she said i should be spanked by her so i agreed. it hurt but i loved it and from then on we often had repeat performances.using a stop wordhen it hurt too much..

I am like Richard. In his posting he reported how his mom spanked his bare hiney with the hairbrush. That’s how it was in my family, also.

I hated that damn hairbrush! It was not just a few spanks. She spanked very fast - 3-4 spanks per second! Our spankings lasted less than a minute, but it was enough time for you to get 100 or more spanks!


I have some experience in being spanked with a hairbrush that I think may be helpful. My wife is also my Mistress and is in charge of our relationship. She does not hesitate to set strict rules for my conduct if she thinks it is for my own good. One of her earliest and most basic rules was no drinking and driving. For reasons too complicated to go into here, I broke this rule once,and because our relationship is so very strong, I confessed to her. I knew I would be punished and I knew it would be one I would remember. My very pretty young wife gave me a bare bottom, OTK, hairbrush spanking that I will never forget. The sting and pain to my exposed bottom was such that when she was finished I was no more than a moment away from breaking down into tears. I was teary eyed when she stood me up and I found that to be as an embarassing thing as I can recall happening to me in my adult life. I am a grown man, successful and powerful in my career, and my young wife pulled my pants and underwear down and blistered my bottom as if I was a naughty 9 year old boy. The spanking proved to be as much an emotional event as it was physical. As she lectured me about the dangers and outright stupidity of drinking and driving, I realized that she was administering this severe disicpline because she loved me and cared a great deal for me. She was not about to let me risk my life,health, reputuation and the well being of others. Her real reason for spanking me bare bottomed became crystal clear and had a profound emotional impact on me. Psychologically I was a different person when she stood me up and sent me to a corner of the room. I had been taken down more than a peg or two. For much of the afternoon I was unable to keep eye contact with her. After that session across her lap, there has never been a question of who is in charge in our relationship. And most importantly, I know she would not hesitate a heartbeat to take my pants and underwear down and do it again.

I gave my wife a fairly light hairbrush, which she uses only erotically. It produces a delicious sting with very little effort on her part when I am over her knees. Its presence in her nightstand is useful for erotic threats as well. The question “Do I need to get out my hairbrush?” DEFINITELY gets my attention!

I am very happy to see all the comments above about how painfull the strokes from a brush can be. I felt rather pathetic when i wrote about the torment i suffer, from brush discipline, on my blog but now i know i am not alone in respecting the brush.

the brush that banjo mentioned is by far the most pain full implement I have ever gotten spanked with. I am a spanko brat and can take the belt and the wooden spoon without flinching, I routinely brat it up to get a spanking with either. But I am truly afraid of that weighted hairbrush like I’m a little kid. When threatened with it I will stop bratting immediately and when sentenced to it I cry before it starts. A must have for D/D relationships.

Hi Richard, I like any brush that is strong enough, wood is preferred, and it must be smooth. Largish square ones are nice. Cheap brushes are right out, I’ve broken too many on a partner’s bum and that tends to spoil the scene! Great thread. :)

We were both naked and lying on the bed kissing and cuddling, when I started to tickle her, I did it so much that tears started with her laughter. So I stopped and she said I was very naughty to have tickled her to tears. I said I was sorry and she laughed and told me I looked like a naughty boy who was about to get spanked.I smiled, I liked that idea, go on then, put me over your knee and spank me I said. She looked at me funnily for a moment and then said she would only spank me If I let her do it properly. I said what do you mean? She replied, long, hard, and plenty of tears. I said yeah, o.k. thinking to myself she will give up pretty soon after she started as I flattered myself that I was a tough macho type guy. Well I went over her knee and she leg and arm-locked me so I couldn’t move and then she got her big oval wooden hairbrush and started spanking me with it. Well after about 5 minutes I had had enough and was begging her to stop, she just laughed and said she was only just starting. She just spanked and spanked and spanked with that brush for half an hour, and I must have recieved hundreds of spanks and was bawling like a baby before she was a third of the way through, and my bottom was so discoloured and sore it took about 3 weeks for it to get back to normal, and I found out I wasn’t the macho man I thought.

i was spanked a lot as a child,mostly with paddles.a few times i got it with a hairbrush it really hurt.most of the spankings were bare bottom. i think spankings should not stop at a certain the time a bottom reaches it peak no one spanks it anymore.even ifv the owner still needs a spanking. as an adult i still feel spankings on the bare are needed.we all do things we should be spanked for.a hairbrush is probably the best thing to use.having your bottom bared and being placed over a knee,and spanked soundly with a hairbrush would be very embarressing to an adult.this kind of discipline if widely used would make this world a better place to live

I enjoy reading for tips on spankings. It might not be to the taste of most here because it’s M/f rather than F/m spanking. She often posts pictures of the results and it’s nice to hear an opinion from the one who’s going to be recieving the spanking in question. she makes many of her own toys out of eg. paddleball paddles, (which might make a nice project for a spankee, to make a nice and threatening implement for when they’re extra bad)but has a bunch of links of where she got her favorite implements.

als niemand thuis was was mijn oudere broer de baas en als ik een grote mond had werd ik streng gestraft hij sloeg me dan met mijn eigen haarborstel op mijn blote kont en dat deed pijn


Hi, I was mostly spanked with a paddle as a boy, but when I grew up, the paddle wasn’t as available, I was able to find a friend or two who would spank me, and used a hairbrush, it works great, if the spanking is slow, I can pretty much take it, but when it’s rapid and hard, I turn into a little boy in secons, and yes, I have had several broken over my bum, and while not blisters were ever visable, the bruises and stinging did last for almost a week, it was great!

My mom starting using the hairbrush for my spankings the day I burned a hole in the living room rug. Prior to then she used a fly swatter, paint stirring stick or wooden spatula.

The hairbrush was the WORST! I hated it back then. But now as an adult, a good old fashion hairbrush spanking on my bare hiney (just like mom did it) is a reall TREAT.

I have a nice collection of antique hairbrushed that I’ve accumulated over the years - many from e-bay. I would try there as well as antique shops.

Back then, hairbrushes were sturdy and solid and I truly believe many were designed for a purpose other than grooming.

as a child i most feared the wooden maple brush. It was oval. My mom would always use it bare bottom. My ass and upper thighs were brusied for a week. The most painful spot being where the but meet the thigh. The worse was the nest day a school. Sittig was alwful but so was walking. The stiffness and swelling would last a day or more. I got otk and diaper position spankings. Diaper position was the worst becuse it tightened the skin and made most blows land on the tender spot.

Allow her to decide the hair brush & let her blister your ass unmercifully

“Allow her.” Billy? No, that should be “request Her,” or maybe better, “beg Her to decide the hair brush and after She has blistered your ass unmercifully, thank Her profusely and sincerely.” … that would probably entail kissing the brush (still warm from its job of blistering), Her hand that administered the said blistering, and finally Her boots, to show your total and absolute submissive gratitude.

I have been very mean to a new girlfriend. I really want her to punish me, but I also don’t want her to think I’m a freak. How should I tell her that shed probably enjoy punishing me. Id like for her to make me take all my clothes off and she puts me over her pantyhosed legs and spanks me hard with her barehand then uses a brush or whip. Then when I yell or make noise or curse shed go get a new bar of soap and wet it then jam it in my mouth and rub it around for a bit then shove it in all the way and wrap ductape over my mouth and around my head a few times to shut me up good and continue the spanking. The harder shed spank me would make me clinch my teeth into the soap. I think all girlfriends should punish there bad behaved boyfriends to keep them in line. She should after make me smell her pantyhosed feet and worship them and it would be hot if the girl tied up her boyfriend before all of this then after maybe keep him tied up and go out without him. She should have this all set up and leave him gagged with soap for a few hours while she had a goodtime. This would def. Teach me and others to respect there girlfriends all the time. If he is lucky she will comeback and have sex with him. That or keep punishing him.

Soap sealed in the mouth followed by grateful cunnilingus … that gives a whole new meaning to “clean sex,” doesn’t it, Chris?

Hello Richard. it is not your place to want your Girlfriend to spank you. That will be up to Her.If She does decide it would give Her pleasure to beat you then the decision as to what to use will be Hers also. Either you are syou have no business trying to takc control, that will be your Superiors choice.

Silly boy.

This post is about a real and very loving relationship. Not a fantasy.

The term is Goddess, not Girlfriend, anthony. Even as we read this, anthony’s Owner may be reminding him of the correct choice of words.

However, anthony’s heart is in the right place: it’s Her choice. Fact is, everything is Her choice, anthony. But you get the last word, and that is: “Thank You, Mistress.”

i think hair brush is perfect it hurts more in its own way and convienent.i personaly would love to have a big sis babbysitter spank my bare bottom and humilate me using the hair brush 1000%

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