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Putting an electric dog collar or “invisible fence” around a male slave’s genitals was an idea I think I first encountered on Ms Christine’s Domestic mailing list. (While the mailing list isn’t always that exciting the posts from Ms. Christine and her slave/husband are often worth reading. However intensely they play they both know they are doing it to give pleasure to each other and are deeply in love.)

Do I find the idea of becoming a remote controlled toy exciting? Yep. More on that maybe another time.

Today I just want to point out what I like to think of as a rarity: an S&M toy I’ve never heard of.

The Slave Goad:

Electric slave goad

To use the goad, the owner simply holds the box and pushes the button. The red LED begins to flash and a high-pitched whine is faintly heard. When both probes are touched to the skin of the slave girl, she is subjected to a very unpleasant electrical shock.

Whew, damn and wow.

The idea of being prodded with an electric goad turns my gray matter to jello.

Being poked is a strong fantasy of mine. It seems both utterly demeaning and nerve racking. Something that would reduce me in a way that I admittedly crave but seems intolerable. A typical masochist’s contradiction. Add a mildly unpleasant tingle I suspect even if I were to experience it there would be no words.

You ever experience any sort of electrical play?

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this sounds a lot like the kinda thing that is in a flash camera and they charge up 2 300v. they are also very painfull as i have found out first hand.

There seem to be a few toys out there with a similar basis (though with different externals). But very little real information about them in BDSM play. Except maybe the puppy shock collars since they are adjustable can can be turned to a very low setting.

Hi, I just came across this site looking for more information on the uses of electric collars. None found yet. I used an electric dog collar on a slave last year and it is very effective. The idea is you press the remote control and she receives a very bad electric shock and this can be increased on the remote. It simply commands total obedience; the slave has absolutely no option but obey. Initially she screams and tries to remove the collar but you just keep pressing the button and repeating your command and she finally crumbles and obeys, her will overcome. From that point on she is helpless, and has to obey whatever you say without question. After a while she does get used to it and you never need to use it more than a couple of times. It helps greatly with training and you can remove it after a few weeks and the obedience is maintained though there can be a relapse. If anyone has more information I would appreciate it. MD

I’ve read about the collars being put around men’s genitals or around the thigh. Since the level power is adjustable through a full range the stimulation can be mild. Some people use the weak setting so serves as a summons.

These are just generic wireless dog collars that can be bought for less than $100.

Other than people talk about being able to use them safely I don’t recall running across anything going into great detail.

I’ve been a fan of dog collars for years. As a bottom, I can attribute to the power of a simple 6 volt collar.

Much like any of our BDSM toys, it’s all in how it is applied.

It can be used simply as a stand alone prod, or wires can be attached to the “prods” and therefore create a positive current to negative current relationship (such as is common with a TENS unit.)

If the prod is pressed deeply into the skin, the current tends to flow subdermally, and create more of a tingling sensation in the muscle (or whatever mass is between the two points.) Whereas, if the prod is held very gently against the skin, it creates much more of a “holy shit, this fucking sucks” sort of electrifying sensation along the outer layers of skin.

I have a collar with 5 power settings, and I would much rather feel the highest setting pressed deep into the skin than the lowest setting barely hovering over the skin.

This same appiles with the collar used with wires atached. My best sensations come while one extension of the collar is in my ass or wrapped (wire extension) around by balls while the opposite extension is drageed around the various other parts of my body, switching between pressed hard and lightly hovering.

Also, please study up on the necessity of lubrication between the positive and negative points.

As weird as it might sound, I’ve had an electrode up the rear and one near the top of the base of my penis at full on power (9 volt battery)…can be just a bit painful…but if that’s what you’re looking for OK. Just don’t go across the nipples (male or female or the between the ears on the head) and you’re basically OK…try it…

With a TENS as long as you don’t cross the brain or the heart you will be OK…if your partner dislikes the effect, just turn it off…

The females have not experienced the TENS across the pelvic area during intercourse…watch out!!!

Of course…you realize I’m not speaking of the high-voltage Taser the last blogger was talking about…

See, everyone is talking about the wrong thing…a very strong voltage across a small area of the body will paralyze, but a reasoable 9 volts generating a few milliamps across either female or male genitals is not deadly…in fact if applied correctly can be pleasurable…

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