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The first dominant woman who bound me put clothespins on my nipples and flicked them frequently. The pain that I felt for the next few days I treasured as a symbol of my right of passage.

Nipple torture

Feel that I should know the artist’s name but don’t. Notice the bruises across his belly.

Alexandra and I have played a bit with clothespins. One night the experience was as satisfying as my wish to fleet it. The last time I was asking myself if I shouldn’t have bought the clothespins elsewhere. Until she took them off. The removal burned in a way the attachment hadn’t.

First time I saw a photographs of clothespins attached to a man’s body it looked as if the slave had been turned into an art project: dozens of them forming interesting patterns across the poor guy’s flesh.

Given that she enjoys them I’ll look for clothespins with sterner effect.

The nipples must be the most sensitive part of the male body after the testicles. I remember the shocking pain of her cane crashing into them. A couple of dozen of those and all I’d be would be the most servile man possible.

Nipples on a chain

I’m not a fan of the art on Femdomdraw but like Bill Ward sometimes they have the only example. First time I saw anything like this the guy was on a swing: scary and exciting

There appear to be only two texts online that discuss nipple torture and clothespins. They’ve been reproduced across the web but let me point you to the editions that don’t have advertising:

Don’t buy yours at the Dollar General unless you are looking for a mild experiennce (nothing wrong wth that.)

Unmodified, most wooden clothespins of quality grip with between 4 and 6 pounds of pressure over an area of 3/16 X 1/2 inches. This is too much for some, and not enough for others. The grip is best increased by wrapping the clamping end with elastic bands, and decreased in several ways. The simplest is by weakening the springs by clamping something that requires the clothespin to be open to its limit for several days.

How to Use Clothespins

Timidly I hid our clamps at the bottom of the box but I didn’t mean to lose them. Of course, two fingers and a twisting motion can accomplish amazing things. Yod don’t need hardware.

When my pervy mind thinks of nipple clamps I imagine them attached to my foreskin at the head of my penis or my testicles and used as a leash. Not sure if anything can put my mind in a lower space than genital or testicle leashing (each has its own distinct power).

This page discusses varieties of erotic clamps.

Nipple clamps can also be used on other areas of the body, but here we will stick to nipples. Most tops test clamps first on themselves to get a feeling for the level of intensity imparted, often on the skin of the inner wrist or the webbing between the thumb and forefinger.

Nipple Clamps

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I enjoy using clothespins on my nipples and playing with a vibrator on my clit at the same time. It just brings me over th edge. The sensation is indescribable. You should try it.

I like to put clips on my nipples with a weight or a string and see how much weight I can handle. I attach a chain to my nipple clips and hooked a cup to it, then poured water. The weight on my nipples was incredible. Orgasim! Sometimes I put a dildo in my butt and swing the full cup.

My master uses electro nipple clamps along with two electro cock rings — one around the base and one around the corona with an insert into the eye. When he’s attaching the nipple clamps he ensures that only the nipple is caught between the jaws of the clamps the feeling is an incredible mix of ecstasy and pain. Then when he starts to manipulate the settings of the PES box the feeling is incredible, especially when on a long pulsing setting where the pain comes in waves. He can keep me on the brink for hours, oscillating betwen the most incredible sensations of pain and pleasure. Unbearable but beautiful.

I’ve got clothspins clamped on the ends of my tiny nipples right now. I love to pinch them hard and it makes them grow a bit. I’m getting ready to have a horny, slippery cum session by myself, using different vibrators and dildos (one is a thick one I like to sit on the edge of my big wooden bed frame in front of the double mirror and ride it until i juice all over it. Then i’ll lay on my back and twist my aching nips while i tinker with a gsport virator only at the entrance to my hole, make me cum like crazy. i want to squirt and i love to please whoever is watching me do it to myself.

I love to pinch my little nipples I enjoy clamps of all kinds the pain is unbearable but incredible

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