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Yeah, it is a woman in bondage. Never seen an image of a guy wearing a neck corset. Yet another example of a D/s device that appears to push the limits.

Years ago, I think it was a science fiction movie, I saw the hero put in a metal collar attached to a metal pole by the bad guy. While I’d already perceived the humiliation in being put on a leash this seemed a distinct fetish.

Finding your neck barely able to move seems pitiless bondage. Limited movement is plenty authoritarian but an almost frozen neck limits what you say see, respond to, even eat.

So I’m a little surprised to see this severe control limited to the M/f folks.

Earlier: Core Fantasy: Bondage and the power of uncomfortable bondage was part of my sense of Bondage as Humilation.

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Does anybody know where to buy these metal-bar-supported neck corsets? Thx

That metal bar certainly has an effect doesn’t it.

The picture is from:

If you have money to burn there’s an austere looking one here:

it is harder to find images of F/m bondage because it is more accepted in society for women to want to be “limited” and dominated. also, too many women need permission from men or society in general to truly express themselves sexually—hence the need for an authority figure to “tell them” what to do as they themselves cannot give themselves permission to do what they actually want to do. if someone else forces them or tells them to do it, the load of responsibility is removed from their shoulders. i’m not saying this is how a male submissive thinks, but i have noticed that this trait in many “good girls” who get with bad boys who have the guts to do things they’re too chicken to do. just my 2 cents.

When I read words like that I almost feel like I’m hearing from another culture of that they arrived via time warp from the past. Not that I’m arguing. That kind of sexism must still pervade our culture. But from my youth onward I’ve strictly filtered my friendships and associations so tightly that I just don’t know people like that.

Initially I had trouble reading M/f weblogs because too often the relationships sounded like recreations of the old stereotypes of marriage. The joy of, say, ironing “Master’s” shirts seemed a bit creepy. Don’t think my Momma got any thrill out of her weekly ironing.

The neck corset in particular is a very uncommon bondage device. I’ve never actually read of a woman wearing one (though I’m sure some do). So it isn’t surprising that I’ve never heard of a guy being put in one. I have a very specific kink for being humbled by discomfort.

If you are having a hard time finding those images, maybe you should trying getting out and participating. I know I love wearing my corsets. Yes I have a torso corset, very heavy neck and arm corsets as well. I do admit to being a bit camera shy.

Top to bottom Leather in the UK manufactures and sells lovely neck corsets. I have one.

One of the many goals and tasks that my wife/slave is required to perform is a intensive program to get her waist a small as possible. She is required to wear waist cinching corsets that reduce her waist at least 4 inches smaller than normal. She has an extensive collection of waist cinchers. When we started her program she had a very nice 37-26-36 fugure. After 6 months of intensive exercise and strcit diet her natural waist size is down to 21 inches. When wearing a very tight waist cincher corset that I can lace up we can get it down to 18 inches. Pretty impressive. Her workouts that include hundreds of pushup and pullups have increased her bust to 39 inches. Talk about looking hot, when we go out she wears very sexy skimpy dresses that really accentuate her waist. Our goal is to get her waist down to a natural 18 inches. I have promised her a reward of one month of total freedom, including my willingness to submit to her during this time if she accomplishes this goal. She is working very hard to achieve it because she is threating to put me on a waist reduction program duing my month as a slave. We shall see. It may be quite an experience.

After my wife saw my previous comment she got very excited about my promise to reverse roles. Somehow she convinced me that we should start her 30 days as the dominant now so that I can get an earlier start on my goal to reduce my waist size from 35 to 32. I foolishly signed a contract to that effect with a penality clause that allows her to continue the contract if I don’t meet the goal. If fact there is a further penality that if the goal is not met my new goal is 30. Well it looks to be impossible to meet the original goal in 30 days and getting to 30 inches is going to take a very long time so in my new status as a slave I am experiencing a very difficlut life style. I am sitting here writng this wearing my very tight waist cincing corset that reduces my waist size to 31 inches. My mistress is also training me to be a perfect maid. I am wearing a skimpy french maid costure with 5 inch high heels with locking straps that I must wear at all times when at home. this includes many hours of continuous standing and performing household duties. My mistress has established many other goals that also must be achieved before the contract is fullfilled. For example, in order to pass my maids test I will be loaned to one of her friends for the weekend and if I do not receive an outstanding rating I will be severely punished with an indefinite extension of the contract. One more thing that really has made life difficult. She has me locked in a CB 3000 with points of intrigue 24/7. This evil device not only contols all sexual activity but even accomplishes thought control becouse any sexual arousal is very painful. I am hoping to someday to reverse roles again but I guess that will be determined by my mistress.

More men wear French maid uniforms then women I begin to suspect.

You wouldn’t have signed the contract I presume if you didn’t feel that you would get some emotional needs by the role reversal.

Best of luck in it working out for both of you.

Slave Ken is getting his just rewards for treating his wife so harshly. He is beginning to understand how difficult is is to reduce your waist size by 6 inches. His wife must have gone through hell to accomplish that goal so I think it is very fitting that he is now experiencing the same. I have some suggestions for his wife/ mistress that will provide more motivation for slave Ken. Since I am a big advoacate of a strict military exercise regimen he should be required to perform the type of program that I previously described and successfully achieve the highest level of fitness before he is allowed to complete his contract. Also a part of his maids training he should exercise in womens attire, skimpy leotards for calesthenics and skimpy shorts and halter tops for running, all in public view of course. I assume his body has slimmed down enghout by now to pass as a female when properly attired. As further motivation he should be wearing his corsets and panty hose under his business clothes. His corset should be sewn shut so he cannot loosen is during the day. It appears he has a long way to go before he has a chance of completing his contract. I’m not sure his wife should ever agree to reverse roles again. Maybe they should eventually alternate 30 days for switching roles.

When my wife/mistress saw Mistress Sally’s suggetions she was most eager to impliment them. I am now required to do a strict military physical fitness program and work toward meeting the highest physical fitness standards. In addition she decided that I wasn’t making sufficient progress on my waist reduction program so now I have to wear an electronic belt that beeps if I don’t keep by stomach tightly contracted. Each time it beeps I am punished with pushups and situps and spankings. My goals are now so stringent that it is doubtful if I can achieve them but I have no choice but to keep trying. Life is tough but rewarding.

Well, I am still in a very demanding physical fitness exercise program, maid training, and waist reduction effort. My mistress has me doing the Navy Seals exercises to condition recruits for Navy Seal training. This regimen requires such efforts such as 600 pushups and situps in a single session and running 3 miles in under 21 minutes, swiming a mile in less than 40 minutes and then running 4 miles again at a 7 minute mile pace. I am not even close to any of these requirments so my mistress keeps coming up with new challeges to develop my mental toughness she says.

Since I am wearing the CB 24/7 and have not earned a release by achieving any of my goals she decided to get a dildo that fits over the CB and I must perform normal sex activities but cannot get even a hard on or any relief. After several weeks of this she said I could get a release if I was successful in completing a challege. She wouldnt tell what it was but when the time came for it she gave me a 2 quart soapy enema and I had to stand at attention with my hands behind my head for 15 minutes. If I completed this she would remove the CB and give me 5 minutes to masturbate still holing the enema. Well the pain from the craming cramping was so intense that there was no way to even achieve an erection so I failed. The CB went back on until she will allow me to try again. She says I must dvelop a mental toughness to overcome inconvenient pain. Enough for now. Hope to report progress again.

You know, this doesn’t have a damn thing to do with neck corsets.

I’ll be glad to take something you write and make it into a full entry on the site. But if you keep writing about exercise programs on a post about neck corsets I’m just going to delete it all.

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