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The clothespins we’ve used came from the dollar store and are fairly weak, not that a twist or a flick of her finger don’t liven them up.

We have a pair of adjustable vibrating nipple clamps. Dimly I recall we played with them briefly but with what effect I can’t recall.

And a couple of pair of adjustable clips I bought years ago. Since Alexandra doesn’t find them aesthetically appealing they go unused. No complaint: if she doesn’t enjoy it then I won’t.

I started to clip one of those black rectangular paper/file folder clips onto my nipple one time but Alexandra thought I was being foolish so I got too scared (masochism can be so seemingly contradictory at times).

The only thing I could think of with teeth are some metal clamps at hardware stores, which might be a bit much (though they’ve frequently featured in my fantasies).

R., mentions inexpensive tiny hair clips that have teeth.

Surely there is a range of sensations that can be provoked by common office and household items. Or maybe you’ve created your own special pinching toy.

I’m sure some of you who read this have had some interesting experiences with pervertables that bite. How about sharing your or your masochist’s response?

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I’ll quote just a small portion of the advice ShadeDiva offered on The Fetish Forums:

“Some clips are fucking EVIL. Hair clips and barrettes too. Hell for that matter rubber bands are one of the MOST FUCKING EVIL NASTY TOYS that leave the most killer marks that you can use. Get a super sized band that is large enough to slip over the arm, ankle, or other “appendage” of choice , snugly mind you, not digging in. Hell put a few on the “victim limb”. Then at you leisure, you just reach over and lightly pull just a little and release said band.”

Interestingly I bought a bag of fat rubber bands long ago.

MistressWKytten suggested that I add mousetraps to our toybox. Actually I’d bought a couple for exactly this purpose - no, you don’t just let them snap shut – but never mixed them with the toys.

And Shade Diva later added:

You want the mediums for that in my experience. They’ll hang on pretty decently and won’t pop off right away at the first strike of a crop or paddle, but they WILL come off usually in a few attempts (there are ALWAYS a couple of holdouts LOL).

Gulliver offers this specialized pinching pervertable:

Take a plastic soda bottle, remove the top. Right under it is a plastic ring of the same material as the top. Ease it over the ridge in the bottle, treating it like a recalcitrant bicycle tire. Turn it inside out and take a good look at all those nasty (but safe) spikes.

Some time when you’re not going anywhere (i.e. bound tight) your owner might enjoy icing your staff down and placing such a ring past the head, onto the shaft. As you “reinflate” you’ll experience the most, erm, distinctive impression.

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