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The first time I saw this photo of a guy bound by a posture bar I couldn't get the image out of my mind.

Male slave in posture bar

Last night Alexandra put me in a posture bar. Having my wrists locked behind my back to a metal rod collared to my neck knocked me completely down into slave space.

Sadly when I shifted from kneeling upright to resting my buttocks on the back of my legs knee pain became too much. Realizing this she released me. The bonds came off my body but not my mind.

Alexandra permitted me to lick her shoes as my mind cleared. Few things in life satisfy me more than worshipping her shoes and boots. But knowing that she was allowing me to adore her as I recovered - that she was being nurturing - made me ever more grateful and happy.

I really wish I could sum the experience up more eloquently but my brain is still a bit fuzzy.

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I once constructed a “show” version of the posture bar. A polished brass tube 2” in diameter, it had a brass ball at the top end, then a 3” chrome flat belt hoop for a leather neck strap, continuing down the tube were several sets of chrome belt hoops for additional straps, ending with a brass cap and a set of chrome handcuffs on short chrome chains. The unit could be used as a basic posture bar, or with a half dozen straps looped about the arms, an open truss arm binder. It was extremely intimidating to look at, and because the tube was fitted with a solid length of oak within its hollow, it was also a massive amount of weight to be bound to. I gave it to a Mistress as a gift, but sadly I never was honored with its use on myself.

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