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I Try a Vibrator

Inserting a buzzing metal device into my anus.

Spontaneous Scrotal Infusion

A bit funny, hugely annoying, hopefully not life-threatening.

Femdom is Satanic!

Comments from crazy Christian cranks and fundamentalist fools.


Where I work.


I'm feeling much better.


I've been sick. Are you worthy?


Can be a form of service or a happy, easy way to give your beloved pleasure.

Hooray for Lust!

Sheer simple carnal desire, genital cravings and bodily hunger: how lucky we are.

Femdom and Courtly Love

Scholarship that men and women engaged in romantic female domination may have a false concept of early medieval literary culture.


Assorted remarks: neither thrills nor amusement are promised.

Dreaming of Tom Allen

Proving that the mind is a terribly wasteful thing.

Proof of Perversion

When the quest for pervertables leave you without necessary kitchen tools.

Buy a Slave on eBay

Mistresses, Masters - have you tried looking on eBay for your next submissive man or woman?

S&M Bores

A couple that talks too much about fetishes and kinky sex.

Snake Goddess

Imagine if you will a dominatrix with a giant snake ...

Domme of Decades Gone

A very, very early photograph of a masked dominatrix.

Vintage Femdom II

Early photo of a red-headed domme.

Ring Bell for Quick Service!

Do you use a bell to summon your slave to your presence or remind your slave of a neglected or forgotten task?

Have Any Kinky New Year's Resolutions?

Have specific plans or goals for changing how BDSM fits into your life in the coming year? Some new fetish? Doing things better?

Introverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving

Silly online personality test.

Femdom Lies

Half-truths and untruths that dominant women and submissive men tell each other.


Enslaved sub-hubby and stern, selfish Mistress Wife illustration by a Femdom artist that I'd like to know more about.

Vintage Femdom I

Old black and white photograph.

Orgasm Denial on the Farm

Male milking, tease and denial - but it is part of agriculture not kink.

Foot Worship

French photography featuring a man adoring a woman's leg and foot.

Ideal Dominant

Definining the traits and qualities that make for the perfect Master or Mistress.

American Law Enforcement Discovers Sissification?

Feminizing prisoners to discourage them from returning to crime.

No Nudist Dominatrices!

Lifestyle nudist attacks BDSM folk for making nudism look unwholesome.

F/m Gender Politics

Are submissive males just projecting their own sexist fantasies on dominant women with talk of female supremacy and female-led relationships?


ProDommes: should you think of exploiting, catering to men with a booger fetish?

Please M'am, May I Have Some Cake?

A woman's shoe for submissive men to eat off of.

Of ProDommes

The kindness, intelligence and variety of women who chose to become professional dominatrices.

Preposterous Penis Claims

Man claims ability to insert his own penis into his buttocks.

Holy BDSM!

Divine Femdom.

Boy On a Leash

Femdom imagery doesn't always have to show nasty, cruel sadists.

A Happy Couple

F/m relationship: male human pet adorings his radiant, happy Goddess.

My First and Likely Last Limerick

A silly bit about worshipping a Domme's boots.

A New Year's Resolution for Submissive Men

Male masochists would have better luck meeting a Domme if they really tried to. And did it sanely and respectfully.

Kinky Yoga?

Can Yoga routines be incorporated into BDSM play?


GIFs of F/m punishment scenes.

Merry Christmas

F/m Christmas card.

How About Images of Happy Dominas?

Most artwork of dominant women is too harsh and severe, how about something cheerful?

S&M Tic-tac-toe

Flash animated jeans ad of two women whipping a guy.

#5 : TS-Domina

TS Domina Alexandra's 5th and last issue with a happy ending.

Early F/m Photography

Looking for old photographs of dominant women and submissive men.

Church of Woman Worship

F/m church sign: worship your Goddess every day.

Tell Me About Your Lover, Domme or Slave

Share something about the men and women that have been important to you in your BDSM relationships.

#4 : TS-Domina

Fourth issue of a BDSM comic book about a transsexual lifestyle Domme.

Want Some Advice?

I'll be happy to share my opinion about any aspect of Femdom, D/s, BDSM: if you want to ask.

Convert a Garage into a Dungeon?

Pity I don't possess the useful skills with which to accomplish such a task.

What Do You Keep In Your Living Room Closet?

We keep our whips and canes and such in ours.

Your Most Humble & Obedient Servant

BDSM, D/s and forms of address. How norms have changed over time.

#3 : TS-Domina

Femdom comic book about a transsexual dominatrix and her slave issue 3.

#2 : TS-Domina

Second issue of a European comic book about a transsexual dominatrix and her male slave.

Name Your Favorite BDSM Fantasy Person

Which celebrity hottie, sex symbol would you enjoy torturing or being punished by?

#1 : TS-Domina

First issue of a F/m comic book.

Her Boot On His Neck

Femdom artwork by German Expressionist Rudolf Schlichter.

Her Human Doormat

Flat on my back as she dragged the soles of her shoes across my tongue.

I'm a romantic single tail

Results of two BDSM quizzes.

Her Heel On My Neck & . . .

Genital confinement, testicle bondage and BDSM protocol.

I've been quiet but she hasn't

My sensual sadist writes about my health and treating me as her pet.

Tell me your unrealized BDSM dreams

Is there an act of sadism, dominance or erotic submission you've always wanted but never experience?

Discovering That You Are a Masochist or Sadist

Learning, exploring your desire for erotic dominance and submission.

Greetings to the Rest of the World

Just noting the foreign readers of my website devoted to my F/m relationship.

Me! Me!

Begging for attention.

The Sounds of Pain and Pleasure . . .

BDSM audio can have more emotional power than film clips.

The Cruel Girl

The young woman who tried to humilate me in high school.

Dear Reader, Who Are You?

Invitation of my D/s weblog's readers to share their stories.

Strap-on Romance

The prostate gland enable heterosexual men to enjoy being bottoms in anal sex with women on top.

Dominas ISO ... ?

Quick note for a dominant woman who thinks she'd like to explore her sexuality and meet a possible slave, play partner online.

The Wrong Kind of Pain

A sore back muscle is a reminder that bondage requires care and safety.

Fetish, Fashion, Sex and Power

Valerie Steele on the erotic power of objects, specifically clothing.

From Claws to Stiletto Heels

From caveman to Femdom Goddess.

I Guess I Must Be a Submissive Pet

Submission, slave tests say I'm a submissive animal. True enough though onlin quizzes are pretty silly.

Lady Myles & Domme Depot

A happy Domme thinks of all she might like to buy from Home Depot to build BDSM furniture.

On Having a UPC Barcode ...

On registering myself as a male slave with The Slave Registry.

If Only We Could Get Femdom Strapon Stuff Out of Google

Pity the trampling and strapon websites make it hard to search for useufl information on Femdom relationships.

Mystery of the Domme's legwear

Can you tell me what this woman - from a drawing by Sardax - is wearing on her legs?

Japanese Dominas

Are Japanese Dommes more cheerful and happy in D/s play than western mistresses?


Making a man into a sissy, feminizing males strikes me as an oddly sexist aspect of Femdom.

Domina Alexandra

Images of a transsexual Domina named Alexandra like my own Goddess.

Otherwordly Kingdom

A few notes about OWK - the Other World Kingdom and Cruella.

Femdom: The Word

Femdom may be short for female dominance but it has too many negative associations and implications.

My First Time

First Femdom encounter: a session with a kind Domme.

Femdom Screensaver

Screensaver of images of dominating women by various artists.


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