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Did you know that I was once washed in the Blood of the Lamb? That I led my father to accept Jesus Christ as his personal savior?

Yes, I was a fundagelical Baptist. The church that I went to regarded the Southern Baptist Convention as a damnable den of liberalism (no, I’m not kidding).

Luckily you are only fifteen once.

That all came back to mind when I got this comment on one of my sites today. Poor character must have left a dozen or more of them by now. Many longer and more feverish.

((((–Stacy Meets Satan—))))
Stacy better be prepared to meet Satan,because when God decides to her—Stacy is going straight to the EVIL ONE.God doesn’t allow people into His Kingdom who are into promoting slavery.Remember the story of the wealthy man who refused to share? He got too meet Satan and so will Stacy unless she repents before God takes her.

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I must say I have always preferred the idea of the warmth of hell over the cool of heaven and perhaps that’s as well never having been ‘saved’ with the blood of Christ.

Do you think there is a link between your adolescent experience and your penchant for a good vampire?

I was a fan of vampire movies well before my adolescent conversion. Most of the better Hammer movies had already been made.

Good vampires? Oh, no: I liked my vampires heartless. None of this falling in love with a mortal woman stuff.

Yes i realised after I sent the post that my ‘good’ would be misconstrued. I simply meant good as in everything you would wish for and not as in saintly. Wicked, Evil and heartless, absolutely grim.

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