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  1. Alexandra has found sleep impossible recently. Having suffered from assorted sleep disorders for most of my adult life I know how wretched that can be. (And naturally I wonder if my writing bears any causal relationship.)
  2. I’m so damned pissed at myself that I could almost whip myself. I had a huge collection of obscure movie posters, pulp and paperback covers. None of them were obviously femdomish. But could be if sort of. No reason for me to run reproductions of Stanton and Bilbrew nowadays. It was fun at the beginning. But so many people do it anymore. Accidentally I wiped them all. And emptied the Recycle Bin.
  3. My inflamed foot is healing fine. My troublesome knee is still troublesome.
  4. More and more devastating women are writing with humanity and bloody laughter about their alternative journeys and are frankly bitchy about what they don’t like about kink as it is often presented. What could be better than angelic torturers dispelling the myths? Aside from the words they share I can never thank them enough for the kindness they’ve shown me. And I like to think there are parallel universes where - ahem - you know
  5. Over the years of blogging I’ve written almost every aspect of my sexuality except my penis size. Should someone ever want to they can discover my every atypical, obscure lust. But were someone to reveal a tiny detail about me without my explicit permission I’d feel violated and angry.
  6. Early on I wondered if the web wouldn’t resemble those people in Isaac Asimov’s Caves of Steel where people interacted only via devices. True of some. But they’d been watching porn DVDs if they didn’t have the web. Now I’m just grateful that the internet abolishes the problems of geography. Well, not those when your lover lives across the ocean. But we wouldn’t have met otherwise. Nor would I have made the online friends that I have.
  7. I own a bookshop and sell comic books, used compact discs and books. At first the web - I remember the day we sold our first book online: a technical work on parasitic earthworms - was a boon. But it has flattened the prices of so many books. And the millions of people who still buy CDs tend to look online. Why visit a physical location? (And we’ve shipped books to people who live two blocks away.) And we’ve had competitors open that are better able to satisfy the desires of the average funnybook fan than my partner, our clerk or myself. Scary. Buying a couple of good collections of cultural studies and critical theory last week was a blessing. Call it academic crap but it sure helps pay the bills.
  8. Enough of this. Aren’t you glad it isn’t one of those pesky memes?

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This was actually marvelously entertaining and interesting.

Parallel universes are good.

I’ll be glad to see the day when connections made online are treated with the same kind of acceptance and respect as connections made by other means. It was always a bit uncomfortable for me, when dating some of my former partners, to say “Oh, we met online,” to friends who didn’t have the same kind of understanding of online relationships.

Also, “gallimaufry” is a fantastic word.

That acceptance is just a matter of time as more and more people use the web to meet.

Gallimaufry has been a favorite ever since I first encountered it.

I think it’s wonderful to read all the female bloggers making space for themselves.

But me, I really like reading the stuff by smart submissive guys. I kind of have this kink, you know.

The emergence of submissive guys who can say more than “cuckold” and “sissy” has certainly been a relief.

Your feelings?

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