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Did I ever try to stick a cucumber up my ass?

That may strike you as something you wouldn’t forget but this wouild’ve been a so very long time ago. I’d just begun to be queer-identified and I guess felt that mean I wanted something up my butt. (How did I know about anal sex? That sort of knowledge was much less easily come by during my boyhood than nowadays.)

I think I actually did make a half-hearted, instantly aborted experiment with a cucumber.

Some months later I somehow came into possession of a dildo. I was still a virgin and had experience only of my own penis. And I’d never taken real notice of the dimensions of it. So at the time I didn’t know the dildo was much longer and very much thicker than anything I was ever apt to see attached to a human body.

I think I got the barest tip inserted. The process of trying to fuck myself with it was too cumbersome and I wasn’t really excited so I abandoned my effort.

Eventually I’d go to bed with a guy who wasn’t a bottom and find out what it was like to be fucked.

Recently I ran across a vibrator of Alexandra’s. Flipping the switch it went bzzzz and I thought, why not.

A little AstroGlide and it slid in easily. I moved it in and out to negligible sensation. I adjusted the vibrator to press on my prostate gland. That felt mildly pleasant. But I felt Id rather have a cup of coffee than continue stroking.

God gave me a bum prostate.

This is why list anal insertables as a ‘soft limit’ on my profiles. If you really want to stick something in my I’ll go along with it. But you have to accept that it’ll just bore me.

I’d still like to see what it is like to be penetrated by a strap-on dildo. With the right psychodrama it might be fun.

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I really, honestly do appreciate this. But my current state of health and my arthritis keep me from following up properly.

As a crossdresser who never had an experience with other men penetrating me, I’ve keen with sex toys. Simply I like to masturbate to buzzing effect down there. It takes a while though to get to the real sensation and anal spasms which are bliss. I stay for a while on the edge and then let go.

I used to just used my fingers for anal stimulation, but I recently discovered the use of cucumbers as dildos, and let me tell you! AT FIRST, IT HURT LIKE HELL! The reason for that was because it was too thick for my current anus size, so I shaved the outer areas, making sure there were no sharp edges and everything was smooth, and add that with some veggie oil, I was able to insert the entire thing my first time. It felt incredible, knowing something was actually inside me that was BIG- the veggie was about 9 inches long! And from there I began slowly fucking myself, starting slowly, then to the point of pulling the entire thing almost all the way out of my bum, then ramming it back in, the pleasure is kind of how they express it in pornos, though there was no extatic screaming involved. Then feeling how OPEN my bum was was pretty exhilirating as well, and I felt at peace with myself once orgasm came. Quick note: veggie oil sucks, so don’t use it (I have little money right now, so I had to improvise) But if you can avoid it, then do at all costs. The reason for that is because veggie oil is thin and it RUNS, versus anal lube that is thick and sticks to the object in hand.

Mmmmm… Psychodrama and strap ons. My slut loves this. I adore the sense of domination when I’m pumping him too.

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