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There are questions you just can’t imagine.

But others can:

I was wondering If anyone can stick one own penis into his ass…. I have gotten the head of my penis in but that’s it.

He’s probably just talking about the crack and not his sphincter but even so …

Gives new meaning to telling someone to go fuck himself.

Sticking ones own penis into own ass??

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I actually have a video of someone doing that, its pretty cool looking, but I imagine it hurting…but it is possible

Somewhere recently I saw some mention of this with the remark that a couple of porn stars had tried it without luck. But I suppose there are men of freakish length (and who aren’t products of PhotoShop.)

I have average 6.8 inches of penis. I can insert about 3 inches into my ass. Does not hurt at all. Its easy if you know the technique.

So what is the technique or are you just talking?

Its hard to explain but i will try.

  1. Make sure your dick is not errected. Only Lubricate your asshole, not your penis.
  2. Sit on the stool or one side of toilet seat. The area between your asshole and scrotum should be on stool or side of toilet seat.
  3. Before you sit, Hold tip of your penis from your left hand coming from back and pull it towards your asshole. Your scrotum should be on one side. Now place your between your penis and stool and sit down. It will be like your penis tip is held by left hand from back side and streched near asshole. Your right hand is between you(area between asshole and dick) and stool: You are sitting on your dick and right hand. This pressurize the penis to stay close to your asshole.
  4. if you think you are getting arounsed then slightly get up for one second a little and sit again. When sitting again, all the blood in the penis will go towards the tip, making your dick longer and bigger. Remember your right hand /body weight is forcing the blood flow in the penis to stay there. from your right hand, put more pressure on penis (closer to where it is attached to ur body) to stop blood coming back in body and to make dick longer and bigger from the tip side and no blood on the other side. Once you feel the your dick has passed about 2 inches your asshole, then curl your right hand fingers to insert the dick in asshole. Remember if you will stand up from stool, right hand wont be able to stop the blood in the penis to come back and you will loose all the pressure. Keep sitting, curl fingers and insert ur penis in ur ass. You can now have 2 inches inside ur penis. Get up a little for a little moment and get more blood in ur penis and keep inserting up ur ass. Once you feel its way inside, you can make it go to and fro by using ur right hand fingers curlings.

  5. Good side: The blood goes infront side of penis, The pressure also makes cells in the penis to develope and making ur penis bigger. And you fuck yourself, literally. I’ve done it manytimes.

Its more like sitting on your hand and penis pointing towards asshole with hand holding it. curl fingers insert it in ur ass once dick has enough blood to errected on the tip side.


Wow…That sounds sexy…in a dirty asexual way.

I would love to see that live. What kind of activities do you incorporate with that skill?

hey i came on to this site to see if anyone else had managed such a feat, cos i managed it the other day, and wondered if there was a following for it yet, that guys instructions are identical to what i did just a couple of days ago, before i even cheched it out on the net, so yeah, entirely possible! and fun!

and that thing about, it stimulating growth TRUE

What if it doesnt fit

Then you need to learn to relax your sphincter.

6.8 inches flacid?



A pornster named Jonnie Hardon did this in a gay porn video from the early 80’s, a Falcon video. He just took his lubed up chubby and slipped it in and then rubbed it in and out to stiffen it up. I spent years emulating.

that really works and i only have like a 6.2in penis and i can touch and go in a little bit

so if you want another way to masturbate try sucking your penis. these are the only two ways i do it know and its the best feeling i have had masturbating!

is there a more detailed way of doing this?

What was lacking from Nid’s five step self-fucking procedure?

i dont understand exactly how i should be sitting or i just dont understand what i am doing wrong

i suppose that i dont understand it fully and was hoping for a slight better instruction

Do a Google search for self-fucking videos. Watching someone else do it is probably the easiest instruction you’ll find.

After reading the guide as seen near the top of the page i felt inclined to practice the procedure on my own sphincter. I however had trouble relaxing it..any tips?

Sorry, even though I don’t greatly enjoy being penetrated I’ve always found it easy relax. I’ve always assumed it was simply a lack of inhibition or fear.

You could always experiment by inserting a fairly thin, lubricated candle or similar harmless object to become habituated to the sensation.

i’ve tried it but can’t get it all the way in alone. the balls will go in easily, the dick’s another matter. i think, probably, if i could get my dick in first, then my balls, and hold it in, it would evolve into a vagina, a true vagina, in time. has anyone succeeded in doing this? any thoughts?

ya true one can insert his own penis in ass

I can do this, I have an 8 inch cock and i can put it up my own ass all the way up to my balls. There is a video i uploaded of this on xtube, just search “circus masterbation”,

Long dick. Wrap it around the side of my scrotum and jam it in my ass. I then rub it real hard until I feel it penetrating and then I keep teasing it until its far up there. Load set match. Sticky/messy but doesn’t matter if you fall right asleep and forget about it with a sticky ass in the morning.

when i was 12 i could give myself head but now im 21 and need a gf lol

I have inserted the head, but usually become hard and can’t accoplich much. I’ll try the method described here soon, though. For now, I have to remain clean because V wants to give me head tonight.

I dont know what I am doing wrong. I stuck 3 fingers in my ass to get it loose and ready for my cock but still couldn’t manage to get it in. I am 7 inches too so it should be easy right? I really hope i get it soon :)

I can stick my DICK & BALLS into my ass. I am 8” when I’m really hard. I fuck myself almost every time I shower.

Step 1: Make sure you have shat out anything close to the asshole. Lay down in the shower with the showerhead turned to the side.

Step 2: Use lube on your asshole. I use Aveeno lotion. And I rub it all over my dick, balls, & asshole. As you’re doing this, start sticking a finger into the asshole. Push with your asshole as if you were pushing out a turd. This opens it up. Occasionally, you will need to get a new squirt of lube.

Step 3: Stick two fingers into your asshole. Play with it. Finger it like it’s a Vagina. (BTW, I am straight) Keep your asshole relaxed… You’ll get better at it over time.

Step 4: In order to stick your dick into your asshole, you may need to be right in the middle… not too hard, not too soft. You don’t go straight down into your ass. You turn your dick to one side, so when your dick is facing backwards, it’s right-side-up. Pull your balls up above your dick.

Step 5: After sticking two or three fingers into your asshole, pull them out and quickly insert your dick. Remember to push like you are shitting during this. Once your dick is inside your asshole, you can relax your ass. All of this is done from the front while laying down. It helps to put one hand on top of the other to push your dick into your asshole. You may want to lift one leg up a bit. You can put your balls between your legs and cross your legs to kind of hold your dick in.

Step 6: For dick and balls: Pull your dick out, and stick you fingers back in. Remember to relube occasionally. Put all 4 fingers into your asshole… maybe even your thumb. Stretch your asshole as wide as you can get it. Already have your dick and balls lubed up. Pull your fingers out and quickly stick one ball in, then the other, then your dick. Push on your dick and you will feel it go past your balls… kind of locking it all in.

This will all take practice. If your asshole is wide enough, you can get your fully erect dick into it.

Ive only actually gotten off into my asshole about 10 times, though. It’s really tough and takes a lot of energy.

I also piss into my ass. Widen your asshole to make room for the piss. Your dick must be very limp to acheive this. Stick it in and relax everything. You must hold your dick in, because you must relax your asshole to piss.

If my body is loose, I can acheive autofellatio… sucking my own dick.

The shower is the best place for all of this… it’s private and easy clean up.

ive fucked my own ass but you have to do it laying on your back with your legs behind your shoulders

I’ve been doing this from the age of 17 and I’m now 49 and I can put it in me about 4 to 5 inches now and have even cummed in myself many times now, wish there was a way to make it stay in me by it’s self tho.

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