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Steffi - does anyone know anything about the artist? - can melt my brain cells.

The first I ever saw had a woman calming telling a man that he’d been spending many hours in the cage into which she’d put him. The image was so simple and direct that naturally I envied the man.

The second Steffi illustration that stirred me showed a man in a cell. The barred door had a vice that locked his genitals in place forcing him to stand (the whole) night. (Genital bondage - like testicle pillories - is one of my fetishistic idée fixes.)

Since Steffi did quite a bit of sissyfication there’s much of the artist’s work that isn’t to my taste. Recently I ran across a few that I didn’t recall seeing before. Like this one (maybe I did but just ignored it):

Slave husband and Mistress Wife

I won’t say that I never imagine things like this but it is more for those of you who prefer the sub-hubby Mistress Wife roles (or lifestyle). It is the way his wrists are chained to his collar that gives me a thrill.

(Damn, this was supposed to be an illustration for something else but I guess I’ll let it stand on its own.)

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This is sort of the femdom version of some artwork that I love, really extreme though. There’s even a wedding night one of the woman and her bridesmaids are being tortured by the groom and groomsmen.

I don’t know his name but can immediately recognize the style, I love artwork as porn much more than actual pictures. I guess because I can get more of an entire scene and setting from a drawing than a photo.

These are quite lovely though.

I think that femdom is the best thing that ever happened on the net. I regularly fantasise about it but my wife is not inclined that way. I would never try to impose my wishes upon her as I love her too much, but I would dearly love to experience the kiss of a dominatrix whip on my buttocks if only to ascertain if this notion is a whim or a definite change of direction in my lifestyle

It looks like early 50’s Germany. I suspect an editor asked an artist with some affinity for this to copy a Stanton or a Willie. It’s not as well drawn as either of those though, IMHO.The anatomy is somewhat awkward but it has a nostalgic charm nevertheless. I have seen a complete series of all these with text in German, so the English must have been added later.

Please, Richard, have you posted the other drawing you found … the guy in the testicle pillory?

I’m going googlingfor Steffi!

boot licker

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