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Kind Cruelty

Intense masochistic craving that I may actually experience.

A Man and His Penis

Sexual - penile - health: part two of three.

Male Masturbation

Sexual health - part one of three.

Mad Lust

Untoward erotic cravings.

Human Punching Bag

Startled by a strongly sadistic fantasy. Not typical of my happily perverse imaginative life.

Nicotine Damnation

Overcoming cigarette addiction.

My Hunger

When my submissive and masochistic desires threaten to overwhelm my mind and heart.

Not Quite Bad Enough

I was a bad boy manqué.

My Penis

How my orgasmic drive controls my power exchange orientation.

Hush of Submission

On missing the tranquility of consensual erotic surrender to a dominant personality.

Gender, Me and Kink

My vanilla and BDSM sexual orientations aren't identical.

Sadistic Desires

From femdom male slave to gay male top/dom sadist?

Unquiet Switchiness

Will I become a sadist? Am I really a switch? Will I ever shut up?

Dark Dreams and Sweet Wishes

Am I drunk on tenderness, pain or vodka?

Libido Can Be Funny

Trying to sort out the physical and emotional compulsions at work in my sexuality now that I'm alone.

Pavlovian Preemptive Wanking

The effect of heavy masturbation on my masochistic desires.

Sexualities: How About None?

Asexuality and the odd nature of my own erotic psychohistory.

Switch Twitch

Sometimes my own sadistic and dominant desires overcome me.

Funny Ideas : An Example

How the mind works to create simple stereotypical views of BDSM interaction.


Loving both genders, queer bisexuality, pansexual pleasures.


Short note about myself. For friends only, no content for perverts, sorry.

Futile Lust

Some nights being pansexual and having a mostly adaptive erotic orientation can actually be frustrating and confusing.

My Monogamy

Why though I'm a pansexual polyfetishist I don't have the emotional qualities - call it maturity - for polyamorous relationships.


Why kidnapping scenarios, even as fantasies squick me and scare me.


Femdom cultural studies: well, actually just another sample of my sexual psychohistorical self-exploration. Or verbal noodling.


Is this old courtesy title, term of respect usable as a word for addressing a female top? Is Ma'am too old fashioned, does it have inappropriate cultural associations?

How I Came to be Kinky

One man explains the origins of his masochism and desire to be submissive.

Fidelity Can Be Funny

A desire to avoid even the seeming appearance of any sort of infidelity in my BDSM love affair.

Woman Worship : The Revelation

Discovering my joy in women who are dominant, cruel but really much more than merely that. The pleasure of F/m power exchange and BDSM.

The Root of Too Much Evil

How financial worries have injured and interfered with my relationship.

The Flame

BDSM play can be enjoyable in mild, uncomplicated forms as well as pushing hard in the search for those ideal ecstatic moments.

Current Sense of Sexuality

My erotic drives seem completely focused in surrender and devotion - for now.

As Pretty as a Picture

Looking at photographs of sexy women as therapy.

Do You Want to Die Happy?

One conceptualization of the true paradigm of Mistress/Master - slave relationships and the emotional capacity to actually live within them.

Watching Something Together

Alexandra and I discuss the idea of watching some hardcore clips of female domination and sadism together as a couple.

Self-Destructive Self-Doubt

How self-doubt has limited the D/s portion of my romance with Alexandra.

Femdom From Outer Space!

A weird title for an entry on how my long distance relationship causes me to think my way into a box, twist my brain cells like a pretzel and engage in overrefined self-doubts.

Lost Libido

Effect of sexual desire on BDSM and conventional male desires.

Clothes Don't Make the Domme

Femdom clothing stereotypes, role of dominatrix attire in D/s play, commonplace fantasies of dominant women in leather, with boots, BDSM clothes.

As I Slept

Silly Femdom dream.

Pansexual Polyfetishist?

Evolution of my freedom from typical sexuality, pleasure in atypical gender performance and expression and distance from normative sex roles.

Variations on a Dominant Theme

The differences among BDSM play with a lover, friend or relative stranger.

The Path to Submissiveness

D/s introspection: my hunger to be a man who submits to the will of a dominant derives from my parents marriage. There is no shame in that. The only sane goal is finding erotic peace of mind.

The Path to Here

A necessarily skeletal outline of the origins of my masochism and to a lesser degree of my submissiveness. Anything that does these topics justice would just be far too long.

Gender : Coda

Last thoughts about gender and female domination.

Mostly About Gender

Female domination, male submission: sex roles, gender identity, heterosexual cliches and norms. The silly norms that people like Elise Sutton propagate and teach.

Images of Submission

Living as a human pet, serving and pleasing my owner. Pure joyful surrender to my dominant: the need to be humble and servile.

State of the Brain Report

A submissive man talks to his readers about his goals in blogging. His need to worship his Domme. And the problems and confusions in his life. D/s doesn't solve everything.

Femdom Pop Culture

Female domination in movies, tv, music, books, comics: do you have any favorite examples to share?


Trying to discern the reality of my BDSM, masochistic and slavish desires from what I really need as a submissive man who love the woman / Goddess in his life.

Well, Really, There Aren't Many Options ...

D/s or no D/s you have to learn to cope: to be happy, to make the most of what life offers you.

Her Red Shoes

I worshipped them as she lay back on the couch.

Submission is the Reward

D/s: enjoying the dominant's power is what bring emotional richness to the relationship.

Happy Insomnia

A satisfying D/s session left me unable to sleep but I didn't reget that.

Focused Fantasies

Controlled daydreams to bring back my BDSM cravings and desires.

Pet vs. Animal

Imagining being her puppy or draft animal. Loved or used as she wishes.

The Perfect Image of Woman Worship

An ideal Femdom illustration of a male slave adoring a woman as a Goddess.

Honest Fantasies

When I dream of what my Domina may do to me it is important that my fantasies be true to both of us, my needs as well as hers.


My ability to sustain a slavish mind set varies with the days, outside events and my own internal complexity.

The Pet, the Slave Needs His Owner

Without the dominant, submission, slavery has no emotional value, no pleasure, no satisfaction.

Boundaries & Limits

BDSM play outside of scenes and scenarios: how a couple can try this without damaging their love for each other.

Report from the Silly Slave Mind

Strong pure cravings to submit to the woman who is my Goddess and Owner.

Tiredness & BDSM

Hard to feel submissive and engage in D/s when you are weary.

Submission vs. Surrender

Evolving your own private, personal BDSM vocabularly that captures your needs and desires.

Midnight Doubts

Temporary loss, lapse of BDSM, D/s, S&M desires.


Slavish emotional, mental responses to D/s and BDSM that exceed physiological male orgasms.


Sublimating masochistic cravings, desires by writing about them in my blog.

Images of Retifism

Drawings of men who worship boots, shoes and feet.

Seeing What You Want to See

Femdom reader-response: seeing D/s play in an ad.

Asymmetry of BDSM Desires (A Follow-Up)

Submissive men who want BDSM play more than the dominant women they love.

Dreams, Hopes, Memories

On missing the woman who sometimes sweetly or cruelly owns and controls me.

Tall Domina

Wishing that my Domme Goddess were taller than I am.

Gender and BDSM, D/s, S&M

Subjective mental images of the differences in being the male slave of a man or woman.

Current Fantasy Life

My fantasies have become of total enslavement, being property, owned and worshipping my owner.

Damned With Asexuality

My beloved Domina is away and life hardly seems worth continuing without her.

Where'd Your Kinks Come From?

I know the origin of my masochistic and slavish desires, why I'm in an F/m relationship - do you?

Intoxicated BDSM

Doing F/m D/s while high sounds like good slavish fun to me.

BDSM: Adapting & Clarifying

As my F/m relationship progresses I learn more about my fundamental needs and desires.

Of Piss and Humiliation

Femdom urophilia and urolagnia revisited.

To Heck With Cybersex

While my Goddess is gone I'm not the kind of guy who can extend my F/m relationship via instant messaging or online chatting.


The happy mood resulting from an intense evening of genital torment at the hands of my girlfriend.

Mental Imagery

Summoning mental images to put me in the slave state.

Fantasies fade

Does living in a BDSM relationship kill your old fantasy life?

My Feminization Fantasy (Sort of)

Being made to shave my hair and let my hair grow long.

Begging (Provisional Note)

The idea of a slave begging for humiliation or pain.

On Self Doubt

BDSM: imagination vs. reality, What am I really capable of enduring?

More responses to art

How our fetishes and anti-fetishes shape our individual reactions.

Vulgar Fantasy

Female dominance is about more than the beauty of the woman.

Possible Origin of My Slave Needs

Does my submissive come from my childish love of my mother?

Ask Me Anything

Femdom thinking: quiz a woman worshipping male slave.

Silly me . . .

Thinking about intentional neglect and scheduled whippings.

Not Always On My Knees

I love her in so very many ways.

Responses to art

My Domina's own responses have changed my own feelings about various F/m illustrations.

Liberating Degradation

Being degraded and humiliated leave me relaxed and happy.

A Night Under Her Mattress

She wants to sleep atop me while I spend a night bound under the mattress of our bed.

Chastity: A Speculation

She’s away, I’m alone: would enforced chastity boosted or worsened my mood?

An Experiment in Shoe Worship

The woman I worship is away so I try licking her empty shoes.

My Mood

With my Domme away my fantasy life becomes extreme. And how to reinforce the desire to surrender to her?

My Goddess Isn't My Therapist

Being punished, being controlled relaxes me, helps me cope with stress. But D/s isn't therapy.

My Timidity

On how long it took for me to come to practice D/s and serve as a woman's slave.

Recreational Femdom

I'm not cut out to be a lifestyle male slave. But becoming the property of my owner is still deeply fulfilling.

My Personal D/s Idiolect

Establishing a BDSM vocabulary that really captures the particularities and nuances of my D/s experiences and avoiding stereotypes.

Flexible sexuality (and personal freedom)

I'm male pansexual as well as a part-time slave with a transsexual Goddess.

Finding Objects for My Fantasies

Slowly I accumulated images of BDSM toys and pervertables.

Woman Worship: First Inklings

Beginnings of my desires to submit to women.

Masochism: Earliest Stirrings

A childhood whipping was the earliest sign of my masochism.

Achieving the Slave State

On learning how to more fully and readily worship the woman who is my Goddess.

S&M Dreams

On trying to remember sadomasochistic dreams.

Disparity of my D/s and Conventional Desires

Having my penis kicked arouses me so much that I can have an erection without taking Cialis.

Of Wanting More D/s Play

A male slave who craves more S&M play than his partner.

Part-time slave?

Why I perfer to call myself a slave instead of a submissive man.


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