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Alexandra writes about piss play and the couple of times she wonderfully used the toilet to confuse my expectations.

Femdom slave drinks piss

She wonders why we haven’t done more. My ‘fault’ I suspect.

I told her that I didn’t find the idea of being peed on that humiliating. I’ve known a number of gay men who enjoy the act as if piss were a secondary form of ejaculate. My image is of two happy guys frolicsomely whizzing away at each other.

Maybe I was being glib. Having never had wash urine wash over my face or into my mouth how would I really know. (Though I’d hate to have her ask me how that felt and say “Oh, that was nice.”) And a D/s context might flavor my response. When she adopts a certain voice my spine wriggles in response (her pet’s invisible tail?).

Alexandra will tell you I’m not that easily humiliated. (Bless her for managing to do so anyway). Despite growing up with prudish parents I’m still in the Garden of Eden and don’t have a sense of sexual shame.

At 18 I bought a sort of trashy gay tabloid that has vanished in the era of slick queer porn. It was there that I saw my first ad for sex toys (the butt plug surprised me to no end). And read my first BDSM story.

I remember only two things from the story. The slave was whipped with a wet towel. That turned me on. The master pissed on the floor and made the boy lick it up. That turned me on violently. I’ve never stopped masturbating to that image.

From the beginning my image of piss humiliation was worse than - to my mind - having it directed at me.

When a fantasy grows stale you up the wattage to keep it thrilling. Sometimes the idea of licking urine from the floor wasn’t enough. I’d picture myself locked in a cage all night. On and off when my owner’s bladder needed to be emptied I’d be pissed on. And left there stinking with piss in my hair.

Pushing the envelope a bit further I’d picture myself in a box - or better - a pit. She or he would drink a six-pack of beer or a big pot of coffee. I’d stay there alone except for the moments when the hot piss poured over me.

Naturally I fantasized about having to lap it up after my owner used the toilet. Being allowed to drink only from the commode, clean or otherwise, was part of my first images of 24/7 slavery.

Most consistently: being told that I’d only be allowed to drink piss and would lap it up from a pet bowl. This was part of my first ‘training’ fantasies. Eventually I saw a drawing of a guy eating pet food from a bowl after his owner had pissed on it. If my hair could uncurl and stand on end that would’ve done it.

The harsh piss fantasies were staples of my imaginary slave life for years.

I’ve shared all these things with Alexandra. I’m sure there are times when knowing your slave’s imagination has rushed off to wildest pervert space can be discouraging for a dominant.

Some of you, I suspect, have gotten used to that.

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Throne of Humiliation: I’m surprised I didn’t mention that fantasy. It came to mind when Alexandra mentioned chamber pots in one of her entries.

But I’m pretty sure I did talk about it in one of the earlier entries to which I linked.

i thrive on power exchange with SUPERIOR WOMEN.there is no more intense demonstration of my inferior status than to serve as HER toilet.i have been toilet trained im many forms: kneeling in front of MISTRESS with my mouth on HERT fountain,breing placed in a bath tub and peed on, drinking from HER commode after HER release….but the one form of toilet service that i cherish the most is being placed under HER portable toilet seat.i am ordered to place it in the middle of the floor and then to kneel in front of HER as SHE stands hands on hips sneering down at me.i am so well trained that no more dialogue from HER is necessary.i am expected to unbutton HER levis and respectfully pull them and then HER panties down to HER ankles.next,without a word or any hesitation i place my self under the toilet seat placing my head dead center in the hole.i enter total subspace as SHE lowers HER beautiful behind onto te seat …as i focus on HER aroma and my isolation i feel that my shabby life has true meaning. SHE is so nonchalant about using me this way ,because it is understood that this act is an everyday occurance and is what is expected of me as HER male slave.SHE loves to relase in measured bursts and i am expected to not waste a drop,if any gets on the carpet…it’s an automatic trip to yhe woodshed for me.however ia m so well trained and appreciative,i am rarely punished for this infraction.when my service is complete ,i must lick HER clean,slide from underneath HER throne ,get on my knees ,raise HER panties and then HER jeans.once SHE is all buttoned up SHE does a quick turnaround and bends over placing HER ass in my face.without fanfare i kiss each cheek and tongue HER crack and thank HER for the privige of serving as HER toilet.SHE then gives me 2 hard face slaps,1 on each cheek, and orders me to go finish my chores aAND walks away saying nothing more.

All comments are welcomed.

Do you mind sharing the details of the toilet seat? This was something I wanted to buy of Alexandra but have never been sure what to get.

I find the idea of BDSM confusing, I suppose it’s just that I’ve never done it, however I suppose the urine is something that I’ve always had a facination with. As an adult it has become somewhat the norm for me. I avidly enjoy pee play as it is affectionatley called. I practice often and enjoy it immensley. The first time I can recall was sitting flipping through pages and pages of watersports porn and thinking “How bad could it be?” I immediatley stripped and began downing glass after glass of water until I felt bloated and ready to burst. I hurried back to my seat and in my state of arousal found it difficult at best but then again, practice makes perfect. After a few failed attempts, I managed to unleash an entire bladder’s worth onto my hair, face, body, chair and floor and found I’d had the most magnificient orgasm of all time. Hence that is why today it stands as a trademark in my sexual library, as my most cherished favorite past time. My wife has since joined on infrequent occassions allowing her fluids to wash over me, but it’s still not enough to satisfy the hunger that prevails within.

If you dont enjoy giving or receiving pain, humiliation, exchanging power then BDSM wont make any personal sense. Though it does sound as if youve been able to take at least some steps beyond the norm.

Though Im not sure what the unsatisfied hunger you speak of in your case is.

In my case it touches my BDSM side when I think of being forced to lap it up from the toilet or a bowl. Of having it left on me for hours, say, over night. Though to date Ive yet to experience anything of that duration.

One of the things that I have always secretly facied is being the bottom whilst using a smother box, and being constrained, and painfully tweaked everytime my tounge get tired whilst licking out my domme, and ending up having a golden shower. Unfortunately, one of the few things that my domme draws the line at is uragaphilia. She says that she is not willing to take part; is there anything you suggest that might bring her round?

My own particular variation of that fantasy is performing analingus with my testicles leashed. When my tongue flags Im stimulated to new effort by a yank.

It is impossible to offer any suggestions without hearing why she objects to it. Is it hygiene, does she find it aesthetically repulsive ?

i enjoy being used as Master Daddy’s toilet. it turns me on big time. i haven’t been able to swallow it all yet but i am highly motivated to do so. i usually sit on the toilet naked and He forces His cock down my throat and starts to piss. His stream is so fast that i can’t keep up yet. Usually when He is done i get slapped in the face for not taking it all—no biggie it turns me on and i fantasize about it. i like being objectified bu Him and used for this purpose.

Since my boyfriend and I are starting with pee games this week, I have a scenario in my head that I want to run by you to see if it sounds as ‘mean’ to you guys as I want it to be: He is coming over this weekend and is dying to have me peeing on his face, forcing him to drink it all and clean me up after I am done,all for the first time in his/our life. He cannot think of anything else at the moment. So I was thinking: what if I take him to the bathroom, but not lay him down as he will expect to pee on him, but have him sit on his knees. Then I will just sit on the toilet and pee, forcing him to watch. Then when I am done, I will make him clean me up with his tongue, so he get’s to taste a little bit… then I will take him to bed and pretent that that will be all for the night as the peeing is concerned… Of course I will do it to him later on, but this teasing scenario must make him crazy, don’t you think?? Please D’s and subs out there, give me your thoughts on this one? Thanks, from a Mistress who is fairly new to the ‘game’…..

I remember reading years ago a story in which the male was always required to lick her clean, no more.

That seemed very sexy and humbling: I’m sure it will leave him very aroused.

I love licking my wifes pussy lips after she wees, it is fantastic - i clean her inside as well with my tongue……………

I have the fantasy of a facial gang bang and then they all pee on my face too. They have to drink water and pee several times before cuming on my face so when they pee it is clear and not dark yellow.

I have always wanted to have a women make me lie on the floor while she squats over my face and makes me drink her piss. Those of you who have found someone willing to do this with you are very lucky. I want to taste women piss so so badly.

I’ve always wanted to get peed on by a woman, unfortunately it never happened. A few weeks ago I went to a gay bathhouse as they have nude sunbathing. I had to go to the bathroom and in the bathroom was a chalkboard and someone wrote “Love getting peed on, stop by room 245”. I thought “WoW”. I went up to where the rooms were and in ROom 245 was a guy lying nude on the bed on his stomach. I asked if he wanted to get pissed on and he said yes. We went into the bathroom and into the shower. He kneeled down and looked up at me. I couldn’t pee and thought of water falls. After a few minutes, because I drink alot of water, I started pissing and it went on his chest and then I aimed at his cock. His cock immediately became hard(7-8”) and I peed on his face and hair. I had never pissed on anyone and it was pretty cool. Even though it was a guy and I would rather have a woman piss on me. Even though guy/guy stuff isn’t my fave, it was fun acting dominant.

Sadly my wife isn’t into watersports, but I’ve had plenty of good experiences with escorts. When I visit a massage parlour I always take a plastic bin liner and a bath towel. That way I can lay the liner on the floor, place the towel on top, and my head on the towel. The towel soaks up the piss, the liner stops it soaking into the carpet, and we can enjoy ourselves in comfort, without having to go into the shower. I love it when a girl pisses into my mouth whilst ignoring me, reading a magazine just as though she was on the lavatory. My best experience of this sort was when I paid for a two girl special:the girls carried on talking to themselves whilst taking it in turns to squat over me, carefully avoiding any eye contact with me or acknowledgement of me. Afterwards one of them wanked me off whilst continuing to talk to her friend and ignore me. I also like a girl to look down at me, and tell me exactly what she’s going to do, in the most humiliating way possible. She’ll say something like: ‘you’re a dirty little boy not fit to lick my arse, and I’m going to show you what I think of you by pissing on you. Do you understand? It isn’t ‘golden rain’ or ‘golden champagne’, it’s hot, strong, stinking piss, and it’s going to go straight into your mouth and you’re going to swallow it all, whether you like it or not.’ When she’s finished she wanks me off, and the taste and smell of her piss floods my whole being as I come in a shattering orgasm

i would like to be forced to wet myself by a hot girl then she humiliates me

Its quite a revelation for me to find this site for the first time and read so much honesty about a subject that seems so ‘closed’. I have fantasised about being peed on for more years than I care to remember but have been fortunate on very few occasions. A girlfriend from many years ago would pee on the point of orgasm so you can imagine she got plenty of tongue work from a very enthusiastic ‘licker’ and in the early days of the relationship was embarrassed at, what she saw as, a weakness but was obviously a major turn-on for me. Unfortunately she was not in any way a dominant personality so to go the whole way and create a scene where I was tied up and she peed into a funnel in my mouth never happened. The relationship regretably didn’t last very long but I still have fond memories of our very active sex life. Why I liked to be peed on was never, and is still not, an issue as I find self-analysis a total waste of energy but I now find myself needing to explain myself to a wife who loves me very much, but who engages in more ‘fringe’ sexual activity reluctantly and only to please me which is obviously not right and I am feeling guilty about needing her to do these things to me when she doesn’t want to. She tries to understand my needs but I have difficulty explaining it. Has anyone else got this problem ? How did you resolve it ? Are there any ladies out there who feel the same as my wife but can explain what its all about to her ?

Probably most people who do not have any sort of inclination towards cannot emphasize with it.

There are plenty of us who do these things - have done them - in the context of a loving relationship. Often we are responding to conditioning from some very, very early part of childhood that we can never remember. The desires become a part of who we are and will never go away.

I am a male MASTER, and I use my older pig fag for all MY toilet needs. I am fortunate to have such an obediant slave to consume all MY waste and scum on demand. I am 39 yrs. old. he is 56yrs. old. I love to humiliate him in private and semi-public. I make him piss and shit his own clothes, and suck the filth from them in front of MY friends. he is really humilated when he has to perform these duties in front of others. pig has been worshipping my body for six years now, and isn’t going anywhere. pig is mine for the rest of his pathetic lowlife. I love this forum. Any questions for ME?

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