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One a forum someone asked a question of the women: what is more important submission or obedience.

What flashed into my mind was that: submission is the reward.

By placing myself within Alexandra’s power I’m privileged to enter submissive emotional space.

I’m pretty sure she feels the same. That my consent is available is a given. But if I’m merely complying then I’m not giving Alexandra what she needs. It is my grateful pleasure in deference.

True of many -most? - of us.

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I never looked at it like that but there may be some weight to this theory. Plus, it is a simultaneous reward for both of us, since your submission and my dominance are essentially the same thing in some ways (we both work to make ‘it’ happen).

You are so right, for me, submission IS the reward. i just love that warm, weak, melting feeling as i submit so willingly to Her dominance. Whether it is standing in my corner, kneeling at Her feet, or compliantly bending over Her knee for correction, i get that same giddy rush of submission- it’s addictive! And i am almost positive that Alexandra is right, that it is a simultaneous reward for both of the submissive and the Domme. What could possibly be better?

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