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Notes on Corporal Punishment

The masochist's joys in the sadists erotic inflication of torture.

Masochism : After the Fact

Certain aspsects of the erotic enjoyment of pain make it incomprehensible to other men and women.

S&M and Warm-Ups

Regulating and controlling the physical intensity of corporal punishment and impact play.

Hit Me!

Human punching back as a form of risk aware BDSM play.

Quality of Suffering

In a S&M love affair the quality of pain inflicted and not the quantity is the real measurement of a successful BDSM session or scene.

More on Face Slapping

The emotional, erotic components of women slapping men in BDSM.

Sandpapered Nipples

Possible uses of sandpaper for S&M fun.

Paradox of Pain

The peculiar mix of thrill and fear that is at the root of much masochism.

Submitting to ...

Divers psychologies of submission within BDSM.

BDSM and Tears

Is causing a masochist, submissive, slave to cry during D/s and S&M scenes, sessions, scenarios unwise?


Nipple sensitivity as S&M play.

Small Clothespins, I’d Read, Hurt the Worst

An evening of nipple torment and flogging.

Finally ... !

After a lull our sadomasochistic dynamic returns and I spend an evening getting whipped.

Icy Pain

Effect of using ice during flagellation, whipping BDSM scenarios.

Smiling Female Sadist

Nothing thrills me more in a Domina than her real pleasure in what she does.

My Poor Right Nipple

A happy night of BDSM play: beatings and other fun.

Happiness Stings

An evening of boot worship and being whipped.

Pain 101

Testing new quirts, rediscovering my masochism.

Oh, please do it to me!

Sometimes my masochism dims only to return.

On Being Kicked

In my masochistic heart being kicked ? yes, I know it is dangerous ? evokes much of the same thrill as being whipped.

What is Pain Like for the Masochist?

A masochist’s response to erotic pain is various and variable.

Burning hot pokers and S&M play

Have you wondered what it would be like to sit next to a fireplace while hot pokers were pressed into your skin?

Strike, Dear Mistress, and Cure His Heart

Male masochist craves pain so harsh that he begs her to stop beating him.

The Lash & the Spreader Bar

Imagine your legs separated with a spreader bar. Your inner thighs and buttocks vulnerable as you are whipped.

Masochism: An Oxymoric Experience

How does a masochist capture the love and hate of pain?


When is punishment erotic pleasure, when does it change behavior and do masochists need it?

Testicle Tapping

A short testicle torment sketch and pointer to a discussion of safe CBT.

Genitorture, CBT

A ramble on cock and ball torment.

Buying quirts, floggers and straps

Just ordered a bunch of floggers and quirts for my Domme to whip me with.

Jack in the Pulpit

Unusual whip by Madame Giggles.

S&M without D/s?

On being sadist and masochist without acting as Domme and slave.

Intense S&M

On wanting my sadist to treat me brutally and cruelly.

Begging for Mercy

When will my owner reduce me to begging for mercy.

Core Fantasy: Whipping

My most basic and persistent fantasies about being whipped.

On of the Joys of Masochism

A masochist needs to know the sadist takes pleasure in inflicting pain.

Abrasion Play

My Mistress rubbed her slave's body with a scrub brush.

Smart Assed Masochist (The Long Night)

Do I want more pain than I can handle, am I being to disrespectful of my Domme?


Masochistic cravings for pain that becomes pleasure.


Being tortured with clothespins

Face slapping

Masochistic satisfaction of having my lover slap me in the face.


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