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I'd often fantasized about having my face slapped. Either repeatedly as punishment or at random as a cruel surprise (being subjected to random, unanticipated cruelty is a huge part of my masochistic fantasy life).

The first time Alexandra slapped me I was more happy than hurt. Later I did confess (complain?) that the slap didn't really hurt much. Not long after she made her slaps more forceful. The next morning my cheeks still stung lightly something I greatly treasured.

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I have yet to meet a woman unwilling to slap me across the face if I request it. I love, love the sound! I also love the sheer haughty look of the woman as she slaps me.. Who says this treatment need be cruel?! I have been on my knees before many a gorgeous woman who smiles, yes smiles,as she methodically pulls back her hand and slaps me hard across the face. Never ever slap me in real life, but in fantasy life it is the most sexy way to be teased by a woman.

You’ve never met a woman unwilling to slap you?

But never slap you in real life?

Are you confused by the difference between fantasies and reality?

i was late for my first appointment to scrub a new MISTRESS’ floors.when i finally arrived dressed in my overalls as ordered SHE was so upset with me SHE slapped my face good and hard in the doorway and said nothing more than order me to go get HER and HER GIRLFRIEND a cup of coffee each and hurry back for my punishment.that slap but a bulge in my overalls that i still get 3 years later every time i think of it.i love being put in my place by such a natural act of HER superiority.

In the 1960’s, I was 19 years old and a student and on the visit to my selected lodgings met the land lady who was a school teacher of about 35 years of age and rather attractive with almost black long hair tied in a ponytail and blue eyes. She introduced me to the various rules of the house and raised the subject of ‘discipline’. To my surprise, she said that her form of discipline was face slapping. She said that she would keep clear of the eyes and ears and that her slaps would not really hurt but sting the surface of the skin and the ‘punishment’ was really to have to walk around with a pair of red cheeks for a time depending on the seriousness of the wrong doing. She asked me if I was prepared to accept this, implying that this would be a condition for my staying. I actually felt excited at the thought and agreed. She then said that I would have to raise the level of my sideburns to just above my cheekbones to bare the whole of my cheeks and offered to do this for me and cut my hair: a service that she continued to do for me during the whole of my stay. My first mistake was to leave my bed untidy. She told me off and led me into a spare unfurnished room and told me to hold my hands behind my back and face her. First she repeatedly patted my left cheek with the fingers of her right forehand, working upwards from my jaw bone and ending high on my cheek bone to find the best slapping level, indicated by the sharpest sound. Then she gave me a light ‘test’ slap just below the cheekbone, which made a loud high pitched sound and said “Right. Now we’re ready. We’ll do the left cheek first.’ She told me to clench my teeth, stay still and focus on her forehead. She also gave me a daub of cotton wool to put in my left ear to avoid ringing. She then brought her arm back and slapped my left cheek six times with a flick of her supple wrist, very accurately on the same place. The sounds of the slaps were very high pitched and reverberated around the room. The stinging on my left cheek quickly gave way to a warm glowing sensation. She then repeated the slapping on my right cheek with the forefingers of her left hand I found her slapping very ‘feminine’ and stimulating and it did have an effect which must have been obvious to her because she immediately sent me to the bathroom. When there, I actually gained pleasure from the sight of the red marks on my cheeks in the mirror. Shortly after this, she invited me downstairs for a coffee and actually remarked that I was quite lucky because the colour in my cheeks improved my looks. Later, I committed the more serious offence of bringing in mud on the carpet from my feet. This time, I received twenty slaps on each side. This left my face very red and a little sore to the touch. My cheeks were still noticably rosy a day later. Sometimes she would slap me for reasons other than discipline. She started to give me regular evening slappings, to purify my skin against acne, doing it in the evenings so that the redness was not too obvious . After each hair cutting, she always gave me a light double slap on the left cheek to indicate when she had finished. Once I had the courage to tell her that I enjoyed her doing it. Then she said ‘Come on then’ led me up to the spare room and offered to give me as many slaps as I wanted. I said can we try three each side. After this, I asked if they were very red. She looked at each side and said “Just a little pink. Would you like more?” I nodded and asked if she could make them really red. She said lets try double slaps. She placed both hands on my cheeks and started slapping both sides simultaneously and quickly, making really sharp slapping sounds which I enjoyed.

I am a woman, I have never been slapped. I also have never really slapped anyone. When I watch a man get slapped I often get a tingly felling. If anyone Knows of any movies old or new that have someone getting slapped across the face could you email me at number1qaffan@yahoo.com

I have been trying out face slapping for some years now, but I must say that I have not found anyone who can slap me so hard, my cheeks sting for ages.

My friend who is a size 22 is going to try it, but I need to know if anyone can tell me what she has to do to make them really really hurt… someone said try using wet hands etc.

So I would appreciate someone advice on the matter.



Moisture can make it more stingy.

Leather of vinyl gloves.

Do be careful. It won’t be an erotic treat if you get your jaw dislocated and have to go to the ER.

This comment is for Richard…no I am not confused by fantasy and reality. I am merely pointing out that erotic pain, in private, with a woman who is open minded to slapping men around, for the sheer pleasure that a man feels on his face after being slapped,is much different than being slapped out of raw anger, slapped in public, slapped when you are not expecting it, in a venue where the slapping would be non-consensual. Under the latter circumstances, the slapping would constitute abuse, whereas in the former circumstances, it is merely a kink that a man and his lover can share in an erotic setting, creating a kinky bond of “this is irrational, but what the heck, if you like being slapped during foreplay, I am happy to oblige you because I see how turned on you are becoming.”

This comment is for shelly. Being a fan of face slapping is often revealed from watching a movie, so don’t feel alone! This is how I noticed my attraction to faceslapping, by watching women in movies for no reason at all slapping men in the face. Fortunately, my girlfriend was very open-minded and agreed to slap me around since she noticed I was aroused by the drama of the faceslapping scenes. Of all the movies I have seen with a slapping scene, the most sexy movie scene by far is in a 1960’s movie called “The Tenth Victim” starring Ursula Andress and Marcello Mastroianni. Ursula plays a stripper in a club and she performs an erotic dance to titillate the club members…then she slaps them hard across their faces. She slaps multiple men, multiple times. It is great!! Shelly, Good luck exploring your wild side!

I long to have my face slapped by a woman - Anyone got any suggestions - my wife is not interested

Anyone who enjoys having their face slapped usually has a big need for it. I am sorry your wife will not oblige. Maybe there is a way that she will…I would work on that within my main relationship….however, if you must act out this fantasy, with or without your wife, I suggest hiring an escort and exploring your fetish commercially in the privacy of a hotel room. “open-minded”, “Will fulfill all fantasies”, these are buzz words that you may find on escort websites that suggest that a woman would be open minded to being dominant with you and not looking at you as if you are from Mars when you request a slapping. And believe me, the escort will have great fun with you once she realizes you do not want sex, and once she sees how much you enjoy getting slapped…Good Luck


As the anonymous commenter says you can find a sex worker who’ll slap your face for pay. If that is all you want it wouldn’t be hard. If you really want more than that then you’d be wiser to consider a ProDomme. You’ll be safer with a woman experienced in sadomasochistic play.

Or you could consider locating the nearest BDSM group. There are more of them than you might suspect. If you are presentable and polite, there’ll probably be a woman happy to slap you.

If you were to consider doing any of this you should think about telling your wife. I’ve met people whose spouses who aren’t into BDSM who allow them to play since no conventional sexual contact is involved.

When Mistress first met her toy..WE/we chatted about many things and it was thru these chats that I learned of his love of face slapping….soo with that invitation I looked up web sites and did my home work to ensure no jaw displacement etc ….the end result a WIN/win enhancement to OUR/our lifestyle!

I am just wondering about the reason people like getting slapped. Is there something wrong, or is there something biological that we’re not aware of. Does this interest make anyone feel like a bad person?

Either you can connect with physical and emotional masochism or you can’t.

Feeling like a bad person? In a limited sense yes. I don’t really think I’m a bad man – or if I do it is in connection with more substantial failings in my life – but being treated like one, temporarily feeling like one has great erotic power.

Is it illegal? No. Is it immoral? No. Is it abusive? Not if there is consent… I would say stop feeling like a bad person, life is too short to be so judgemental of oneself…Accept that you have an “alternative” turn-on and pursue it with like-minded people. If you don’t wear who you are with pride then it really will filter into other areas of your life that you may not want…Think gay person who stays in the closet…think of all the shame and guilt this person feels at not being who they are.

Once I realized the erotic potential for me of experiencing erotic pain (not painful pain such as a broken arm!), I was free to not experience pain in other areas of my life. Sex transforms…I am so confident of who I am that I merely tell my girlfriend of the moment that she play with my fantasies, be it faceslapping or whatever,or that we are incompatible.

Be who you are. Do not feel bad about your pleasures. But if you do feel bad, hey, isn’t that the best sex anyway…the kind where you feel a little naughty???

Remember, if you ask your girlfriend to slap you around, at worst she will say no and you can look for someone more to your liking…at best, she will slap you!! Good luck.

hi i am a normal boy who just likes to get s lapped across the face by girls. if any girl wants to slap me in real life on online my msn is xph4tk1dx@hotmail.com

Thanks for the advice

Can someone tell if I do get slapped - One really hard slap - how would it feel? can someone describe the feeling and how long it hurts for?

How long would any mark or handprint remain?

Pete, it doesn’t hurt at all!! It feels delicious!! Gee, what other answer would you expect from someone who loves being slapped?!! After my girlfriend faceslaps me, my face is red up to two hours, and that is after a pretty serious assault. But I’m sure that it varies. Have fun getting slapped around!!!

I’m much more interested in a slightly different topic, which is, how did people become interested in this fetish? I know how I became interested, but I’d like to hear from others…afterall, it isn’t every day someone wakes up and thinks,”Boy, that woman is HOT…I would love for her to slap my face!”

I don’t think there’s any contradiction between fun and pain. But then again I’m happily masochistic.

So how did you become interested in having your face slapped?

Richard, I had this girlfriend who loved, loved to shave me in the morning. It was a soothing and erotic experience for both of us. One day she asked me if I had ever had my face slapped, to which I answered no. Then she asked could she slap my face, and I asked why. Turns out she wanted to slap some aftershave on my face, so I agreed, thinking she would be patting it on my cheeks gently. Well she rubbed some on her palms, held my chin with one hand, pulled back her other hand and slapped me hard across the face. Then she slapped me with her other hand on my other cheek. She ran out of the room giggling and I was stunned by the echo of the slap.

She spent all day treating me like nothing was different between us or unusual. Like slapping me was no big deal. Me?? I became depressed because I knew I was turned on by this experience of erotic pain, yet I did not know why, nor did I want to be turned on by her agression. I was also depressed because I wanted it to happen again, yet could not figure out how it could without the embarassing revelation that I enjoyed being slapped. How to “ask” for it again? What a quandary…yet the answer was easy…

All I had to do was ask for another shave and remind her at the end that the job wasn’t done until she applied aftershave…she happily obliged.

That was years ago…today I have the confidence in myself to request anything from my girlfriends…if they don’t want to play, I look for someone who will…I don’t get turned down alot, but then again, I don’t go out with women for 6 months then spring on them my alternative desires. I think women do not appreciate sexual surprises, so I get my desires out in the open before things get too far along.

How about you??

Some people tell me you feel numb at fist and a moment of shock

I have always dreamt of this…

Closing my eyes being kissed on the receiving cheek and then receiving a very very hard slap - I would probably hear it before feeling anything - but what would I feel? It’s ok saying it’s delicious but what does it actually feel like? does it hurt? does it sting ? or does it burn? I have heard all these descriptions…

Do you feel shock at first? how long is it before it starts to hurt etc…

I dream of receiving this hard slap then the girl tracing round the handprint with her finger then kissing the handprint!!

Does closing your eyes add to the experience

Should the girl have wet hand to maximise the feel?

Please please decribe your first slap experience and what you actually felt and how long you felt it for

Pete, Pete, Pete…would you please go out and get yourself slapped already?! You keep imagining it…would you please start living it?!

Ok, let me take your comments seriously now. For one, you have a very erotic description of kissing, caressing, sexual teasing, and slapping. Is anything more erotic than contrasts?? Discussing my love of slapping with one girlfriend, she pointed out to me how much I eroticize the whole scene, and that is why she agreed to slap me.

So, Pete, you are on the right track, you are definitely not sick…different maybe, but not sick. I am sure you will find that person who will kiss and trace their handprint on your face. It sounds super cool to me!!

One of the things that my current girlfriend will do is the follows: she will put on some rock music, turn down the lights, do a striptease down to a bikini and perform a lapdance for me. The first time my hands wander, she will warn me that if they wander again she will have to slap my face. She will say it so nicely that I call her on it…I’ll say something like, “Baby you look too nice to slap someone…”. She’ll be smiling and flirting, caressing my cheeks with her soft palms, and telling me that she has had to slap many men who couldn’t keep their hands under control…naturally my hands start to wander….and, SLAP!! Her hand will make my head spin!! I’ve paid the price.

But, Pete, do you know what I love almost as much as her slapping me across the face?? I love walking around the city with her, hand in hand, she loves holding hands…and it’s in these hand holding times that I am reminded of how sexily she slapped me last night, and how I long to be slapped again by her gorgeous hands…

Hi everyone! I am a young man interesting in receiving faceslaps and longing to be slapped in the face by a girl and enjoy the expression of pleasure and dominance on her face, while being slapped by her gorgeous hands! Any girl who d’like to share this fetish of mine, please contact me at boby13713@yahoo.com I am willing to contact both girls who would like the exchange of erotic e-mail based on f/m faceslapping fetish and girls who would be willing to meet me for a real faceslapping session. :-)

I am a female who has fantasies about getting slapped, hair pulling, forced fellatio, and other stuff involving the head during sex acts! In being a feminist as well as completely against domestic abuse, this poses problems since I wonder if something is wrong with me! How uncommon is this for women to want violent stuff involving the face/head? How often do you people out there encounter attractive females (never abused or having even tried bdsm)who want to try this stuff?

There seems to be in this group a current of people who feel either confused or ashamed of their desires of erotic violence.

I would suggest to Kelly that you somehow reconcile your views on feminism, domestic abuse, and your fantasies of erotic violence during sex.

For example, maybe you want to be somehow defiled or degraded or controlled or dominated because you have gone overboard with your passion for feminism. Listen to your fantasies because acting on them will not only help you achieve the balance we all need in life, but it will also transform you. Sexual play transforms!!! I guarantee that if you act on your fantasies (with a trusted partner of course!!), that you will see more room in your life to pursue your feminist side or whatever other passion you have.

See the Movie “Secretary” with Maggie Glyllenhaal and James Spader. This movie is a beautiful depiction of sexual play liberating and transforming a woman.

Why can’t a feminist want to be dominated in the bedroom with hair-pulling, faceslapping, etc.?? Why is that disharmonious for you?? The hardest part is finding a trusting partner who will help you in your journey.

About domestic violence….I receive regular, intense, and yes, loving faceslappings from my girlfriend whenever I please…notice I did not say whenever SHE pleases. It feels good; I love the sound! It does not hurt…

This is not domestic violence because I GIVE her the power to do this to me. Domestic violence is abhorrable to everyone because it is a condition where one person ABUSES their power over another. It is a situation where tremendous fear is involved on the part of the abused victim. It is a crime of abusing power!! There is no CONSENT in domestic violence.

In the new year, may you have the courage to pursue your fantasies with someone safe, with someone who will respect your limits, with someone who is as against domestic violence as you are, as we all are, yet someone who will turn you on as you have never been turned on before.

p.s. while I am a man, and you received a male view, my girlfriend loves hairpulling and forced fellatio. You really are not alone.

Hi, This response is for Kelly. I too am an “attractive female (never abused )” “feminist” who is “completely against domestic abuse,” and for 40 years I thought I alone was completely twisted. You say you have never ‘tried’ Bdsm. I was terrified that if I started to explore what I had been fantisizing about for years I would meet horrible dangerous people. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sure, we all have to be smart and careful, but I have since met many nice bright creative people (and nobody more offensive than dull) and as you continue to explore you will see that you are far from alone. You can have a lot of fun and still remain “a feminist as well as completely against domestic abuse”. Have fun in your explorations. Sex as Art

I’m glad a woman added to this.

There’s nothing wrong with atypical erotic needs.

Slapping my face is one of the most erotically satisfying acts – humiliations – my beloved can subject me to.

And I still have plenty of self-respect. I think that applies to anyone who learns how to enjoy their kinks regardless of gender or role.

december was my birthday. and my wife gave me the best pressie ever, as i came home from work, i was handed a birthday card, inside were written instructions to strip off and go to the bathroom, as i got there she was sat on the toilet naked, i was instructed to get on my knees in front of her, as i did so she moved forward and let out a torrent of pee straight into my face, a lot going in my mouth, then when she had finished i was kicked to the floor, and she stood over me, telling me to close my eyes untill i’d had enough, being the obedient tosser that i am i did what i was told, the first shocking slap came and my eyes shot open in surprise, had enough already she says ? so i beg her that it was just the shock that startled me and to please please carry on,i close my eyes again and she then carries on with her onslaught, thirty slaps later to each cheek i open my eyes, my face aglow and a tear in my eye, she says that i was a satisfactory target and have i a request of my own before we continue her pressie, i humbly ask if she would give me one last memorable and lasting mark of my devotion, and to use her fist to give me a (trophy) black eye to carry round with me as a memory of such a nice birthday, so she orders my eyes closed again, holds the top of my head and draws back her arm screws up her hand into a ball and lets fly, i go sprawling accross the floor, dazed and seeing stars, wow !!!! , as she steps over me she lets loose another small jet of pee on my prone body, with further instructions to go to the living room, when i come round, as i walk along the hall to the living room i pick up a cane off the floor discarded from a previous session, walking into the room i’m met with the sight of my beutiful wife on her knees with her head in the lap of a stranger sucking on his dick, (mind you it was a nice one) she then ordered me over to her and made me watch close up of her sucking someone elses cock, right she says next pressie, get your head down here and carry on where i left off, so as ordered i take to sucking this lovely stiff dick, she gets up and moves behind me takes up the cane and proceeds to beat my rump, vowing not to stop until i’ve emptied his balls, 75 stinging strokes later he comes in my mouth tasting very salty and loads of it,once done cleaning him up, my wife comes to me and french kisses me and says happy birthday darling i love you, same again next year????????

ps i love my wife to bits and am totally devoted to her ruling my life.

I ask my wife - during sex - to sit on top of me and slap me hard on both cheeks… but it’s a deal - I slap her boob once, and receive a faceslap in return. It is a huge turnon for me at least, and I like to ejaculate in this position itself. I am 36 and wife is 38.

Because I love having my face slapped so much, I married a teacher (15 years my senior) who takes great pleasure in giving me a really good clouting. Though my wife is extremely strict in the classroom, she finds it frustrating not to be able to slap pupils who sorely need it. Hence, on some evenings after work - to relieve her frustrations - she will act out a strict teacher / naughty pupil fantasy with me. We have even converted one of our bedrooms into a mock classroom conplete with school desk and blackboard. Typically, she will have me sit in my school desk and have me learn by heart a piece of pornographic poetry or prose and wait for her. When she enters in her best headmistress atire, she will have me stand and recite the poetry or prose for her. She will then find fault with my level of knowlegde and advise me that I am to be punished. She will typically drag me by the ear to the front of the classroom and have me kneel in front of her with my hands behind my back. She will have me look straight ahead at her eyes as she swings her arm back and brings down her beautiful hand with some force across my cheek. The beautiful sount of the slap - almost like a shot out of a gun - more than compensates for the pain in my cheek. My wife is able to slap equally well with both hands - and always manages to give me two very hot and rosy cheeks. Our face slapping sessions often go on for up to half an hour. Often times my wife gives me such a clouting that I pass out from a combination of sheer pleasure and pain. Afterwards, my wife confirms just how much sheer pleasure she derives from giving me such a severe clouting. She maintains it gets rid of all her classroom frustrations and helps her face the next day in school with renewed vigour and resolve. Often times after having a thoroughly pleasurable face slapping session with me, my wife will give me an evening’s “detention”. She will assign me a lengthy written punishment - usually a few hundred lines and several pages of poetry or prose to write out for her. I will then have to spend the remainder of the evening in our mock classroom writing out the punishment work for her, while she enjoys a pleasant evening out with the girls. She regards this as the perfect end to the evening.

hi I am really interested in watching slapping movies on face by women I have searched a lot but I couldn’t find any ……could you give the address of free movies ..thank you

If anyone needs a bunch of faceslapping material I have many links and sites that you can get to. Let me know by either this site or email. By the way, do any of you live in Ohio


Faceslapping, for me, is a huge turn on.

I have been slapped in private in the past by my wife, as well as two former girlfriends. The efforts weren’t great ones, nor were the results “painful” or astounding. However, I was once slapped out in the open, in the middle of an office, by a thin redhead who neither cared how it felt to me or how embarrassed I was. It was quick and it was sharp, and it’s the one I distinctly remember.

Soreface - what links do you have?

I am lucky enough to have a wife who enjoys slapping as much as I enjoy getting slapped. A session always involves her in sleeveless leather and me harnessed to a wall. She decides how many I can take. The shortest was 1 hour and the longest from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon. I had a week off afterwards so my swellings had time to subside and my skin revert to normal colour. Each slap is full bloodied and merciless but there is not a thing I will not do for this lovely woman.

I have found that a slap across the mouth (instead of just a face slap) is not only effective as a discipline tool but carries a great amount of weight in humiliating the submissive. A loving kiss and teasing to cause jealousy can now move him into sub-space.

I would like to respond to the article posted by Karl concerning face slapping. I agree totally about slaps across the mouth being more effective than just face slaps. I dare my husband to turn away while I slap him across the mouth. It is generally followed by at least one more and he has never complained or challenged my authority. He responds well to my humiliation and shows nothing but love and tenderness when I cause him to be jealous and excited. After I spent considerable time in getting him to be submissive enough I carefully broached the subject of my friend that I wanted to “date”. He wanted to know if I would tell him about it later. I assured him that he’d know every detail


Done carelessly slapping the mouth can loosen the teeth.

Cuckoldry isn’t a theme of this site.

The sites that I know about are www.christha.com She specifically likes to slap faces. www.hotspankingladies.com (women who slap faces and it has pictures and video clips. There is a site titled “All about faceslaps” (i’ll find the site and give it to you) It informs of all the different styles of faceslapping you can think of. I give the site to women who I potentially have a chance to meet. I have more if anybody is interested. Is anyone here from Ohio?


Life’s looking up. The lovely lady has just bought a pair of black thigh boots with 5” heels. She is convinced that taller ladies can slap harder than shorter one’s. I don’t agree but I think it might be fun to find out. Friday is my promised night because I will have four days off work for all hand marks to disappear. Heyho. It’s going to be a long week.

Don’t think the boots will make her slap harder unless it is the effect on her mood.

I do know how much I enjoy Alexandra’s tallest boots …

Nearly Friday. Harness polished. Black nail varnish out and ready for her. Boots and corset polished. I’ll talk to you Monday. If I can!!

How was it captain Scarlett? Details.


Christ. That hurt. Full details tommorow. My face is blue..

Sorry about the delay reporting in, but my lady has taken a few days off and she might not appreciate me broadcasting our life to the world. Still, she’s back at work today and I have time. I got in about 6pm on Friday and to my disappointment she was wandering about the house in ordinary clothes. The only clue as to what might happen was perfectly applied black nail varnish. She ordered me into the bathroom where a bath was run. I was ordered to shave, apply shaving balm, and put on a leather posing pouch. I dutifully obeyed and when done, she put me into my neck and wrist harness, fitted at the back and chained me to the hall wall to an eye-bolt we hide behind a picture. She abandoned me to the bedroom. About half an hour later, out she came, in her dressing gown and gave me a rum and coke through a straw. Then she went back into the bedroom. All a bit much this. She came out again about 20 minutes later wearing those full length boots with the 5” heels, a leather waistcoat, sleeveless and loosely taped up at the front, and a tight leather mini skirt, none of which I had ever seen her wear before. Gorgeous. She stood in front of me, about equal in height and gently placed her right hand on my left cheek. It was like she was range finding. She swung her arm back and administered the hardest slap I have ever experienced. We learned months ago that damage and injury are caused by wayward thumbs and fingers too near eyes and ears. The slap was square, hard, perfectly administered with lots of follow through.She followed that up with nine more, all perfect, very hard and echoing around my hallway. At this point she stopped and gave me another straw fed drink. She noticed the bulge in my pouch and then came something I have never experienced before. She slid down the pouch, and using a very hot hand, tossed me off, making a hell of a mess on the carpet. Up went the pouch and she started slapping again. Do you know how much slaps really hurt that soon after coming? She gave me thirty. Non stop, all as hard as the first, and all as accurate. I suppose about 10 seconds or so between each one. That was extreme punishment but I was a ‘brave boy’ and moaned not once. She stopped then. Abandoned me and watched TV for two hours. Bitch. Then another drink but I needed the toilet. She unhooked me from the wall, led me to the loo and helped me pee into the bowl. Then she took me back and re-hooked me. Five more slaps for disturbing her TV programme. About an hour later, she gave me another drink and stood in front of me again. I was so impressed by her dominant attitude that I told her so. She gave me a long passionate kiss and then stood back and started slapping again. Everyone with her right palm, full on my left cheek. She told me that I took another thirty but I lost count. By this time, my bulge was back again and she dealt with it in the same way. The hand was hotter and it took longer. Ten more painfull, punishing slaps and it was over. She told me I could not make love to her that night and I could only sleep with her if I stayed in the harness. I agreed. The next morning, she undid the harness, rubbed balm into my swollen cheek, and we made love for hours. Later that day, she walked up to me and gave me one hell of a slap for ‘making a nasty mess in the hall for her to clear up’. Am I looking after this lady? Too right I am. Thursday now. 6 days later, the marks have gone but still a tingle in the cheek.Fabulous.

Just had a text from my wife at work. She has bought some long, palm-less leather gloves to complete her outfit and I’ve been promised a repeat this weekend. YES ! !


Many thanks for sharing all this.

Would you mind describing the harness?

No trouble. Red leather ‘dog collar with studs and three ‘D’rings. Two chains to waist level, each with red leather cuff. Padlocks on each piece joining cuffs together at front or behind the back. Chain from neck to eye bolt in wall. Red leather ankle restraints to match. All very strong and a bit coarse.

Thanks. While it is overpowering when Alexandra slaps my face it is an occasional spice. Bondage always excites me.

Again, thanks for sharing and good luck against the Mysterons.

wow…thanks to everyone who has posted here, especially most recent from captain scarlet. i have recently become reaquainted with an old friend, with whom i had lost touch for nearly eight years. i didn’t really know how involved she had become in the leather scene/community, but it turns out she’s quite the big, bad, butch top. i was quite surprised to discover thru some mutual friends that she had held a torch for me all these years. she is wanting to be topped (by me!) and gets very, very turned on by me slapping her. as i know virtually nothing about bdsm or slapping, i have found these posts particularly informative. thanks for all the great insight. i’m so glad i found this site. cheers, krymsen

I copped another good slapping yesterday. Just a bit different though. She dressed for me again but no preliminaries. Straight into the harness and onto the hall wall. Fifty good hard slaps. All accurate,all resounding and with no measurable gap between them. All over in moments. “That” she said,”Was for chatting up the barmaid last night.” I took the greatest of pleasure in explaining that I was arranging for her husband to do a disco for her birthday coming up soon. Just for a moment she looked a tinge sorry. But then another hard slap told me that she was relieved. My face is red and very sore this morning. What pleasure.

Her ladyship has come up with a cookie this time. She reckons I am as brave as hell in private but she doesn’t think I can stand the humiliation of a public slapping. She has decreed that this Friday, we will go out to a good quality restaurant,at my expense. She will wear black seamed stockings, attached to a basque and stilleto heels, all covered by a black, low cut, sleeveless dress. We are to complete the meal and on way out, between the table and the door, she will give me two of her hardest and loudest slaps. The first one to draw attention to us, and the second one to be seen. I am looking forward to it. My harness will await me on return home and the dress will come off.

why do public slaps hurt more. Is it the humiliation?

All exactly as she planned. She looked gorgeous in shortish black sleeveless dress, stilletos and seamed black stockings. The restarant was fairly high class and I noticed a lot of admiring glances going her way as we entered. My worry was that I noticed at least ten full tables between us and the exit. I have been slapped hundreds of times, so why did I feel so nervous. I didn’t recognise any of our fellow diners. We had a lovely dinner with a couple of nice bottles of red wine, then I paid up, ate the complimentary chocolates and looked my wife straight in the eyes. She laughed. “Come on. Let’s see what you are made of.” We walked towards the door, she in front. About half way she turned on her heels, as if I had pinched her or something, glared at me, and gave me the hardest, full blooded slap ever. It was loud and square across the cheek. Why did I feel belittled. As I pondered that, another, just as hard and just as accurate. All faces were in our direction and I could see the manager heading our way. I ushered her out into the car park which was bloody cold. She was laughing uncontrollably until she gave ma another hard slap. That one really hurt in the cold. I got her into the car, gave her a passionate kiss and made best possible time home. My hall mirror gave the story, red,hot, and swelling. That seemed to inflame her more and she put me into my harness and took her time over the next half hour and gave me a load more. Fabulous. But I don’t think I am welcome in that restarant any more!

What a pity I can’t send pictures. I am going to video my next slapping!

I can post a photo …

wow.. how come all stories about men getting slapped? how about women?

I have a good face slapping story to share, and it happened recently with me.

I just started working as a file clerk in an insurance office,my first job out of high school, and I’ve developed a close relationship with a girl by the name of Emily who is a wee bit older (mid 20s)than me. She is not beautiful, but attractive, has a killer shape, and knows how to dress well.

Anyway, we’d been spending lots of time together in and out of the office, and I was sure we were going to be a “certain” thing. Now, however, she is spending time and paying more attention to this new guy in his end of the office, and she knows it is “getting to me.” We still hang out a lot, but you can tell she likes this new guy.

Well, while he was out of town recently, she asked me to come over to her place and fix her tiny television. I did so and, after a while, she asked out of the blue if I’d like her to tie me up. She’d hinted at it before, but this was the first time she openly suggested it.

I said “yes” and she went to work, and in a few minutes I was tightly bound with clothesline cord to a chair. Every limb was bound to the chair, and my elbows even touched. She walked around to face me and looked sexy and imposing in a white silk, bowneck blouse, denim skirt up to her knees, and knee high, black leather, sidezip platform boots.

We talked for a few minutes, then she started teasing me about the other guy. “Let’s talk about this jealously problem of yours,” she said with a smile. “I’m not jealous of anything,” I said. “She laughed. “You are so. You’re so f%&$ jealous of him and the fact that I spend time with him it isn’t funny.” I replied, “Hey, I’m not jealous. If you want to spend your time with an a-hole that’s your problem.”

With that, she slapped my left cheek with her right palm. It was quick, it was vicious, and I felt it. My head snapped quickly to the right and my cheek burned. It came out of nowhere, and I never expected it.

She walked away quickly to her purse and returned with her cigarettes, not appearing overly happy, but definitely in control. “There’s only one a-hole,” she said, looking at me, “and it’s you.”

With that she lit a cigarette and extingusihed the match deliberately into my helpless face.

The slap was defining enough. The match smoke was definitely the finishing touch.

my big turn on is watching my mistress give me a realy hard slapping on video. i have a few videos of my mistress and me doing sessions. each one lasts about 8 to 12min. im sat down. but you must remember,this is my mistress slapping me with both hands, she slaps as hard as she can with her favoure hand, and i do mean as hard as she can!!my face is well puffed and red when she,s done,when i watch the video later its a reel turn on to see her going all out and me takin it.please email with your thorts.

Face slapping gives me a powerful kick in my Domming. I reserved it for special well deserved occasions. Humiliation having a strong bond to the face slapping. I remember using the face of a slave for slapping back and forth at the moment of my cuming while I rode his penis, while he whimpered not being able to cum and almost loosing his control..almost. or the slave that couldn’t help but lust, while looking at other women watching them jog, or looking at long legs on a skimpy shorts. If I caught him looking I would slap him right at the moment. If he did, and I din’t know, he would come to me and confess. I would ask him to assume the position and while kneeling his hands behind his head, face pushed outward, take off his glasses and submit….such pleasures. After having my time slapping him he will bow to kiss my hand and thank me for slapping his smut face and show him his place, with his face below my foot.

I like to see a man get slapped! I really enjoy it when he has a very heavy five o’clock shadow. The stubbles make him look tough but it hurts! I once watched two men have a slap contest, it got a little hot! While stubbled faces got red and sore, dicks got hard! (mine did!) Two beefy guys with sore chins and mouths, both of the faces needed a good shave! One of them had the thick black stubbled face and a nice double chin to go with it. The other was blonde! HOT! HOT! HOT!

In focus groups studying films and television subjects were asked to press a button on a hand held gizmo when ever they were particularly interested in a scene or event. Amongst both men and Women it was found that when the heroine or female protaginist slapped the mans face there were an awful lot of buttons pressed. This often violent practice can be often be down played i.e.”She only slapped you”.It is often thought quite acceptable for a Woman to show her displeasure and exasperation with a male by hauling off a slap to his cheeks. If a man did this he would quite rightly be thought of as a brute but a supposedly weaker Female can redress the physical power balance by this simple and effective dicipline.
The men and Women pressing those buttons approved of the limited effective but oh so neccessary behaviour modification meeted out to the disobedient foul mouthed or lazy males.Forehand or backhand its forward to the future or back to basics.

a slaped face is hard to take from a mistress. a good mistress will slap so hard it will realy sting,when she slaps you the scond time even harder the pain turns to pleasure.

I don’t think that any of you have experienced a proper slapping from a sadistic woman who looks, and acts the part. I detect bullshit. Ever had a swollen cheek eight days after a night long smacking. Ever been drained off five times in 24 hours to make sure the pain is at a maximum? No. Wishfull thinking.!!!!

I like to slapped by teachers , my fantasy include strict teacher with thong sandals , I really determine strictness in a lady by looking at her feet and sandals.In my school days slaping was considered normal and most of the lady teachers used slapping as primary punishment , so I really got my fantasy fulfilled at my school. I knew about strict teachers and usually did some misdoing to get a nice thrashing. I remember one of my teacher , she always took her watch before slapping , there was another who slapped with both hands , another used twisting the ear with one hand and when student exposed the cheek because of pain , she gave a very tight slap which normally left marks on the cheek. There was another teacher who asked us to stand in a totally attention position and then gave a very tight slap , she normally gave one slap only but it was really terrible , many students normally starts crying whenever she calls anybody for slapping. The best part of slaing in the school was that it was very humilating as it was done in front of other students. There were few high handed ladies who used to slap anywhere & getting beating from those were really a pleasure. I would be very happy to know about links for sites where I can get stories on slapping.

Thanks, Joe

I think there is a distinct divide between the slap “fantasy” and “hard reality”. The other day was travelling in a crowded bus. Standing in the front was a lovely young lady. The bus braked suddenly and the guy standing behind rammed into her (whether intentionally or otherwise, could never be clear). He did looked shocked. She turned around and if looks could kill, he would have melted on the spot. Even as he mumbled something like an apology, she swung her right hand and gave him two resounding slaps on his left cheek. There was not much moving space or I am sure she would have repeated the honour on the other cheek as well. While she got off at the next stop, the guy looked dazed and numbed, too ashamed to even rub the finger imprints on his cheek, which remained distinct till he got off. While there are those who fantasise themselves on getting slapped, the expression on the guy’s face was anything but that of pleasure. Hence, to me, it seems there would only be a fractional few who can experience pleasure while transcending from fantasy to reality.

yes i do know what its like to be slapped hard i have it on video. and as for you captain scarlet, your the one who started the bullshit mate. come on.

What happened to all the comments?

I like getting my stubbled face slapped good and hard! Till it’s red,sore and hurts! For the duration of one cigarette, my wife slaps me around! She likes to watch me blow smoke while she hurts me. The rougher my face, the harder she slaps it……it hurts good!

I love to have both my face slapped and by backside spanked by my lovely wife, Maria. She is a teacher,and she has the hardest hands of anybody I’ve ever known. Her slaps are incredible and can sound like gunshots when they land. Even two or three can cause severe burning and bruising. Usually before she slaps or spanks me she will clap her hands really hard for about 30 seconds (the noise is unbelievable!)- she says this warms and toughens her palms before slapping. Certainly seems to work. Luckily our nearest neighbour is about a mile away!

Anonymous, how would your face feel after that?

Eine tolle Seite und ein tolles Thema. Würde gerne weiter darüber diskutieren.

Hey, everyone, i just found this site and believe me, i am very happy about it. It is nice to know that you are not the only one with a specific liking in sexual games. I am not really into bdsm, and the part with the blue cheeks scares me a bit, but i tell you this: i enjoy being slapped in the face by a beautiful woman like nothing else. Just the very image of a man being slapped in a quick and sharp way turns me on. Of cource, being very young i haven’t had many girlfriends yet, nor did i have any serious relationships thus i never had the courage to ask from them so slap me (maybe only as just a game or by teasing them too much). If anyone knows about any good sites with photos or videos with not too hardcore or extreme but turning-on handslapping, i would be thankful if you e-mailed me: eomer44corvus@yahoo.gr Thanx everyone!

hi, i have got this really strange fantasy of getting my cheeks pulled or slapped while wearing something tight like churidar or tights it doesnt mean that i am a weirdo or a gay…it just turns me on…can u suggest some really exciting sites for a guy like me…i prefer women to be dressed in shorts or minis as it adds to my excitement, adi

Well, my original post was quite changed, i never mentioned anything about me or anyone wearing sth, or having my cheeks pulled…

I never modify anything. But anyone can post under a handle if there’s no email supplied for verification.

Does it matter?

As a matter of fact, yes it does matter, as i don’t like other people putting words in my mouth. Sorry for making it a big deal, but i didn’t write anything like that in my first post, it was totally changed. Plus i included my e-mail both in the optional box and in my post

I am just like elnetty in the not liking to watch such hardcore movies and clips.. If anyone has and website ideas or movie idea please let me know

hi friends,,i want to as that why is it always us, the males, who write here and express our fantacies of being slapped by women,,why dont women say that they like it so the pleasure me b more coordinated. infact i have a deep desire of being slapped in face and being really humiliated by a woman. if anyone have answers to my questions,,reply me at with the subject of “answer” thanx

I find it sexy to be face-slapped before being put over the girl’s knee. My fantasy is that, as her bad son (who made his sister cry), or the bad husband (who cheated on his wife), have her slap me, tie up her hair, strip off her top (if she still has it on), and put me across her lap.

I’ve had some sexy blonde ladies slap me. Busty blonde Heather gave me a good slap in the face, and then a hard spanking. Tanya (5’11”) gave me a very hard slap in the face, and put me over her knee. One time during role playing, I was tellng my “wife” Molly that I was embarrassed to be her husband (while backrubbing her), Molly got up, and slapped me in the face. When I told her the other mean things I did to her, she slapped me and said, “you’re bad!”

I think that I got turned on by face-slapping when I watched an episode of Married with Children about 20 years ago. That was th day that the Bundy’s went to the beach (god, Kelly looked hot in her bikini), two hot girls tried to court Bud Bundy, but the little girl who latche on with Budd (because he kindly and innocently repaired her broken bucket)would splash these hot right-age girls with water, telling them, “he’s mine!”

Two hot bikinied girls, after being splashed by Budd’s “little girlfriend,” said “how dare you,” and slapped Budd in the face. He must’ve been loving that, cause I sure would’ve!

A word of warning. As You know, I have been happy to take the most severe of slappings across my left cheek without any fear of injury or consequences, thats because some 20 years ago I virtually lost the sight in my left eye through cataract surgery. Earlier this year, the quacks decided to give me a lens implant. I gave it what I considered to be a healthy healing time before I chatted up the wife for a long awaited smacking. She had missed it as much as I had. Trouble is, the implant has slipped and the bastard has got to come out now. Choices. New implant and behave or back to square one and leave it out and enjoy my punishment? Answers on a postcard please.

Is having your face slapped the only - or at least the primary form - of kinky fulfillment for you? Can no other form of sensation play be used to replace it?

Oh No. I enjoy a spanking with hands, wooden and leather paddles and whippings with horse whips, but face slappings are the most personal and probably the easiest to watch being applied.

Suppose I had better enjoy it, but I’m getting the surgery on Thursday and my lovely wife has promised me the slapping of a life time tonight and said we must video it for memories. The only problem is, that the last time she slapped me like that, my cheek was red and swollen for five days. What do I tell the surgeon?

I don’t know if you’ve seen the old paperback cover I just added before but I figured you might like it.

Best of luck with all of this. I know it is a tough situation.

only picking up the left hand half of your book cover, but I like what I see.

hi everyone i am 18 and much eager to experience face-slapping by ladies.what should i do to receive slaps…..should a pinch her thighs or make them angry somehow or should i say my desires to them……..please advice

very thanks to richard for his “innovative organization”.This is surely a boon for people like me.I often fantasize the pain & the heaviness of my cheeks when beautiful ladies slap me hard.Give some tips for asking girls to slap me.

You need to tell them. Simply annoying a woman might cause her to call the police. And is rude anyway.

You can always put up a Facebook or MySpace page or a personal ad saying you would like to meet a woman who would enjoy slapping you in the face.

Andrew, there is no shame in asking a woman you like to slap you…it’s not illegal, it’s not immoral…it’s just different is all…if you wear your request with confidence, your dream will come true. If you are nervous or ashamed to make this request of your lover, then this is not the lover who accepts you as you truly are. Be Brave!! Ask for what you want…at worst the answer might be No and you can start looking for someone more open minded…at best, your girlfriend will slap your face. It is a win/win situation!

thanks for u r response, but i yesterday asked my girlfriend Katherine to slap my face just for fun.It was both a success & a failure for she slapped my face….wow great sensation the pain in my cheeks was fantastic….but she is refusing to speak to me now.I am greatly suprised to have my face slapped so suddenly after years of fantacies….but how can i make kate to speak to me again.I am afraid to ask any other girl to slap me.

cheers to everyone. i made up with katherine.it happened so suddenly and like this: kate walked to me as i was sitting with a couple of guys near the college canteen,i was as usual mesmerised by her beauty and was staring at her when she walked right up to me,caught my shirt collar,pulled me up and slapped my face hard with her right hand.she followed it with another on my left cheek with her right hand.the sounds it prouduced were tremendous. the whole college was looking at us and many girls were giggling. i didnot mind at all. kate caught my ear and led me away to the farthest corner of the football field and kissed me long. wow…fantastic then she slapped me again twice and swung all of her marvellous long,lush black her on my face…i was a slave to her at that moment and afterwards.now i am on top of this world

hi everyone i am kate….andrew may have said about me. he showed me this website just today…wow i am thrilled….

when andy asked me to slap him i was not sure what he meant and lost my temper at him….i threw my literature book -a really hard one on his head.but he is a good boy and he took it well.i also slapped him because he deserved it or so i thought.

but now i have found out that i find it enjoyable to slap him. to have him walk about with my offerings makes it delightful and as if i am always with him.

just now i pinched his left cheek really hard….i have long fingernails you see and my fingernails left a deep mark on his cheek …poor guy….i also slapped his face once…very hard and followed it with another on his other cheek…he looked pitiful.i then kissed the cheek i had slapped and pulled his head on my lap and cajoled him.

you know andy is around 6’2 and is enormously strong….just his daily workouts are stunning but he nevers ever even holds my hand tightly….

i love it when i lock arms with him and to bury my face in his chest…..i truly adore him.

now a guy in the canteen slightly pinched my hips and i did not hesitate but slapped him twice and then raised both my hands and slapped him on both cheeks at once…he was dazed…i have to try it on my andrew…bet he will love it.

Many of us who engage in atypical play like face-slapping do so with partners with whom we are very deeply in love.

Operation went banana flavoured. The lense slipped and I had to return for a second operation. This time they sewed it into place and told me a steam roller couldn’t move it. I am going to ask my lovely lady for a New Year slapping just to test it out. Heyho.

You are one determined fetishist :)

Happy New Year. I talked the wife into a slapping at midnight. A dozen, progressivly harder, the last three being full bore. Face nice and red and sore now. Eye still working.

I posted an erotic story of faceslapping in the “stories by others” section. It is called “Young Goddesses Face Slapping Party.” It is a fictional tale born out of an experience I had as a teen. I would like for it to come true one day. Check it out and tell me what you think.

I was told on a casual first date by this stunning, attractive,well built guy that he is extremely turned on just by thinking about being slapped across the face by a woman.I was startled at first as I never really heard of it before. I think I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing it untill we establish a trusting relationship, but does it mean this wouldn’t work out if I don’t want to start slapping him?

Depends on the individual.

For some people fetishes are an extra spice. For others they are necessities.

I think it is great you are open to the possibilities but you shouldn’t let yourself be pushed past your own comfort level.

Thanks for your comment Richard, I think I might even enjoy slapping his handsome face if he’s asking for it.After all I do own a pair of lace up leather boots. However I’m scared because if this guy ever raised his hands against me in the heat of the moment, I think he’ll knock me down unconscious easily. Do people enjoy being slapped because of the pain or because it’s a punishment?or both?

Yvonne - I decided to post my reply as a new entry: Face Slapping as Erotic Play. Hope it helps.

Since I had the operation, my lovely lady and I have been experimenting. We have looked at our own videos of her slapping me hard and, apart from getting horny, we noticed that the head movement after a free hand slap was considerable and might encroach on the eye. We started supporting my right cheek with her left hand whist she slapped with her right. Bingo. No head movement. The nice thing is that the equivelant slap is harder doing it this way as no force is absorbed by head movement. It is very erotic to have her stand before me, dressed for the occasion, place her left hand square on my cheek and slap as hard as she can with her right. The action also acts as a ‘range finder’ and all her slaps are very accurate, central and hard. Worth trying.

I posted an erotic story of faceslapping in the “stories by others” section. It is called “Young Goddesses Face Slapping Party.” It is a fictional tale born out of an experience I had as a teen. I would like for it to come true one day. Here is the link http://www.downonmyknees.com/archives/storiesbyothers/younggoddessface_slappi.php#comments Check it out and tell me what you think.

Response to Yvonne’s comments: not sure how owning sexy boots readies you to slap his face…other than a scenario where he must tongue clean your boots, humiliating in its own right, then have the double humiliation of you slapping him for a poor job done.

What do people think about her friend revealing his desire on a “casual” first date? I suppose it is brave of him…I suppose he saves time getting his relationship to the next level…but my girlfriend says it has red flag all over it…and she loves slapping men across the face! She would encourage you to move slow, to find out if this is a need or a want, a desire or a compulsion…especially if this is YOUR first trip into an S/M realm.

Look…my girlfriend has safely, and that doesn’t mean lightly, slapped my face for years…she has lovingly objectified me with a variety of torments, but none more satisfyingly delicious than a sturdy full-arm swing across my face…

We are hoping that you grow to trust and slap him, and post your experiences of it right here.

But we would be worried if you wanted to slap him if he didn’t as you say “ask for it”. If he doesn’t ask for it, if he doesn’t consent to it, then you would be abusing your natural power over him. If you do it, do it for love, do it to build a special erotic connection for the 2 of you, basically do it for the right reasons.

hiya everyone i am kate.. remember,me and andrew.sorry about delay,but then i gave him a good slapping treat.yesterday night my parents were out of town and andrew was there as usual when i am alone.i was dressed in his favorite blue off-the shoulders silk gown and had my hair let down as he liked it.made him to wait an hour outside till i got ready,good boy..he didnot even protest.after an hour he was waiting with roses a bit faded and i slapped him twice on each cheek.then gave him another couple for being late! then called him inside and served him the food he liked…of course brought from the street eatery.it was so good to see him eat while at the same time looking at me absolute adoration and admiration.after that he asked “cathy please slap me….i am horny”…i allowed him to beg for sometime before starting my slappings…..i gave him about 14 on his right cheek nd 12 on his left one,till they were criss crossed with my fingermarks…..poor guy he stood still….. then i allowed him to have sex with me ,as usual he was gentle,caring and tender…..how i loved that….in the morning he got a good number of slaps for getting up late and thus it was a perfect week-end,,,must have days like this.

I suggest to discuss remarkable faceslapping movie episodes.

OK, Rem, what are some of your favorite film or TV face slapping scenes?

Just for fun check out a web site YouTube 100 slaps. Lucky chap!!!

Hi. I wanted to reply to the man who said there is hardly any woman who wouldn’t slip him if asked. I find that hard to believe. I finally worked up the nerve to ask a sexy woman who cares for someone in my building today (while I was topless, in the hallway), to slap me, and she embarassingly just turned away and said she doesn’t slap anyone. I felt like such an idiot, I apologized later. I don’t think anyone would do it just like that, and even in a club, many women wouldn’t do it to a stranger. But the fantasy does drive me crazy! I wish so much I could get women to slap me, but I’m afraid that asking will be seen as harassment.

I think the last comment was to me…because I have rarely been turned down requesting for women to slap me…but there are some key differences between you and me…I do not ask strangers in the hall to slap me. when I request for a woman to slap me…I am in a relationship with her already. There is trust between us. There is intimacy and a strong bond. I do not trust anyone with this fantasy; I let her know that I don’t trust anyone with it. I also tell her what a special unique turn on it is for me…what lover does not want to please their partner sexually?? That is usually the hook for the women I am involved with…that I take great lengths to satisfy their needs and that I expect them to take great strides satisfying mine…so no, I am not approaching random, strangers in the hallway of my apartment building…of course you won’t get slapped that way. I would have to suggest that you look up a pro domina in your area, because that is a safe way to approach someone who is a stranger to fulfill your immediate desire of getting slapped…good luck.

Does anyone in the UK want to for form a face slapping club.

I attended a public grammar school in the mid 70’s when the cane and the strap were still very much in use. However, it was our young and quite gorgeous French teacher who really caught my imagination. Rather than use the cane on wayward boys, she preferred instead to slap such pupils faces until they turned a bright red. So, for example, when a boy spoke out of turn in class, she would stop the lesson, walk purposely down to the boy’s desk and proceed to clout him severely across the face. I can still hear the sound of those faceslaps as her beautiful hands landed on the unfortunate boy’s cheeks with some force. And she seemed to be able to slap with equal ferocity with both of her lovely hands. Even as a quite innocent teenager, this quite unusual punishment stirred something in me. I began to wonder what it would be liked to be slapped by this quite stunning and totally domineering young lady. I did not have to wait long, and when my new teacher had occasion to give me my first clouting in class - I found the experience extremely painful but strangely exciting. I began to deliberately misbehave in her class to get her to give me a really good clouting - and she obliged with pleasure. Vitrually every day she would have occasion to march down to me and wallop me severely across my checks. Though I would almost pass out on occasions with the ferocity of her face slapping, I did not want it to stop.

When I eventually graduated from Grammar school, I began to sorely miss my daily clouting from my French teacher. As I was taking French in college, I one day asked my French teacher if I could visit her after her school day to give me French grinds. She agreed - on one condition - that she would be allowed to give me regular cloutings. So, for the next 4 years, I regularly visited her - nominally for French grinds. In fact these sessions quickly turned into extended face slapping sessions. When she was in the proper mood, she would sometimes slap me continuously for up to an hour until both her hands were sore.

A year later, my georgeous French teacher - much to my delight - agreed to be my wife. I am happy to relate that the face slapping sessions continue unabated to this day.

my wife has just discovered my involvement with this web sit. I am in trouble

Hi everyone. I am new to this site and wanted to tell you of a slapping situation that happened to me. When I was in school my girlfriend would come help me study. During on of our study sessions my girlfriend came up with an idea. She would tie my hands behind my back and ask me questions. For every question I misssed she would slap me. At first I was not sure on this study method. After a few missed questions she slapped me quite hard. This really was the first time I was turned on by being slapped. After a while, I would miss questions on purpose just to feel her hand sting my face. I really enjoyed those study sessions.

I’m a great fan of face slapping. I love to have a girl to slap me in the face. I’ve even dreamt of it. I really love the sound. I also love the sheer haughty look of the girl as she slaps me. I also like to have my face slapped by several girls on several days. Are there any girls who like to slap me across my face? Are there any girls who like to satisfy this desire for me? If any girl is there please give me suggestions about this. I also like the beautiful girls calling me bad words and scolding me after giving a tight slap across my face. I also like the beautiful girl slapping me continuously on both sides of my face. I really love it.

I really love to read other people’s experiences although I am sure most of them are fantasy. I have a lovely wife who has sadistic tendecies and she could slap for Britain.We tend to please each other by appointment because of the visual effects of a hard slapping and the need to go to work without arousing suspicion. She hits hard, often and with pleasure. No problem. But.An ex-girl-friend has read this page and not being an idiot has identified me.This girl is 45 years old, trim, fit and long. She is in excess of 6’2” without heels. I never quite managed anything more than straight sex with her because I didn’t want to spoil the relationship by mentioning my little foibles.I was wrong. She has offered to pay for a week somewhere. Anywhere. Preferably soundproof and told me to get fit!!This could very well happen. A business course. Will face slaps administered on a Friday still show on a Sunday? Answers on a post-card please.

everdearest richard, I’m timo again. I would like to get face slap from beautiful girls. I will specify to you about my fantasy. I would like a beautiful girl giving a very tight slap across my face and scolding me for my rude behaviour. I would also like a beautiful girl slapping me on my face continuously eight or nine times at a time. And then scolding me for my rude behaviour and giving me a haughty look. I also like a beautiful girl giving a tight slap across my face many times at many places and then scolding me for my rude behaviour. What should I do for this ? Have you any suggestions ?

I’m a pretty petite full-figured blonde. One time, my husband cheated on me with this other girl. This girl wasn’t a friend, but she certainly wasn’t a friend after what she did with my husband! I slapped him in the face, then put him over my lap and gave him a hard firm spanking. I told him that he better not cheat on me ever again!

I finally plucked up courage and met my ex-girl friend. You might detect that my slowness to make contact was because, deep down, I had no wish to be unfaithfull to my lovely wife. But. What a magnet. I met up with Julie in a hotal/bar in Norwich U.K. She still had that same willowy long figure, flame red hair and now I was able to spot that streak of dominance. We had lunch and a few drinks. Ever so openly she said,”Why didn’t you tell me you wanted to be slapped.” I lost the ability to lie and just told her I didn’t want to put her off me. She made it clear we had both been missing out. She had booked a room above the dining room and just like a nervous little school boy, I went with her. Following her up the stairs was an experience. 6” heels, seamed black stockings and the shortest, tightest skirt. Absolutely gorgeous. “Shower” was the first order. Hotel dressing gown on I returned to the room. Tall gorgeous, firm and so exciting. She took off my gown and handcuffed me behind my back. She handcuffed my ankles an stood back. She slowly peeled off her gown to reveal a tight, tight leather basque. “This is what you have missed” she barked. Her right hand opened up, swung back and with a full swing I felt the hardest most accurate slap across my left cheek. She repeated that twenty times. I so wanted to do what we did years ago, and make love to her, but no. She took me in her hand and made me cum all over the floor. She poured a Scotch and coke and fed it to me and said, “Thats the end of the nice girl.” She slapped and slapped so hard I felt dizzy. The slapping was continual, hard and vicious. I suppose it went on for 15 minutes and then she poured me another drink. Kisses, cuddles but no sex. Dozens of slaps and one more hand job. “Enough?” she barked. “Yes” was a pathetic reply. “Lie down. Face first.” Silly boy, out came a carriage whip which tore my backside to pieces and I was still cuffed. I did not want you to be unfaithfull to your wife she said, “Just realise what you have missed” I felt drained, empty, dejected but left her with a promise that she was there for me at a phone call. Quandry?

Try this Face Slapping.

Although I’m not particularly into BDSM, there are two things that fall under the BDSM category which I find very erotic - spanking (but only hand spanking) and face slapping. My mother sometimes used to spank me on the bare bottom with her hand, and also slapped my face at times (sometimes, in the middle of a spanking session, she would scold me and punctuate it with slaps in the face). I remember that when she raised her hand to slap me, she would pause for a couple of seconds (taking aim, I guess). Although I did not enjoy these experiences when I was undergoing them, I used to get hard when I remembered them later. To this day, when I recollect them, I get aroused, even though I don’t fancy my mother and she didn’t do anything overtly sexual at these times.

But anyway, both face slapping and bare-bottom hand spanking (but only when women are doing it) have turned me on since long before I hit puberty. I still live with my parents, but my mother doesn’t slap or spank me now (occasionally though, she might give me a playful smack on the bottom and tell me jokingly that I “need a hiding” or “need a smacked bottom”; I wonder whether she has a “thing” for spanking or slapping, although I don’t think she’d ever admit to it and I don’t have the courage to ask her!). I have never really had a girlfriend, and never been to a dominatrix. But I’m intrigued and turned on by the idea of a woman slapping my face repeatedly, whether for disciplinary purposes or just for the sheer erotic pleasure of it. Consequently, I really enjoyed the stories on this page about James and his landlady (I’d love a landlady like that!), Kevin and his French teacher (who is now his wife; again, I wouldn’t have minded having that French teacher!) and Captain Scarlet and his wife who treats him to good long hard face-slapping sessions. I also kind of envy the guy who had a teacher wife that liked to take out her frustrations on him with some good old face slapping.

Some years ago, I remember watching a sitcom called That Girl, which starred a young and sexy Marlo Thomas (who is now married to Phil Donohue and who has also played Rachel’s mother on Friends). I don’t remember much about that show, except for one episode, which sticks out in my mind, because the entire storyline revolved around Ann Marie having to slap someone in a play! She had to snarl at him, “You pig!” and then slap his face. Much of the show revolves around her reluctance to slap the guy, but in the end, she not only slaps him, she knocks him right out!

I managed to track down the episode on a site called thatgirltv.com. Here’s the summary of the episode, which was No. 71 in Season 3, and called “Sock It To Me”:

Against the objections of the director, Ann is awarded a part in a Broadway play by the star, Barry Sullivan (who portrays himself.) Ann is excited to get this opportunity, but when the script calls for Ann to slap Barry, she can’t bring herself to do it. Barry tries coaching Ann, but through a series of misunderstandings, he ends up being hit by both Donald and Mr. Marie - yet still not Ann! On opening night, when the moment of truth comes, Ann hesitates and in the end she not only slaps him, she knocks him out cold!

It’s the only TV show I can think of that has an entire episode revolving around face slapping.

Sadly, some of the sites that people referred to earlier (such as Christa.com) are now defunct. There also used to be a cool site called Montenegro.com that featured face slapping videos. Sadly, that too has now disappeared. But it’s been great to find this site, and this page where so many people have shared great stories and insights about face slapping, and to realise that I am not alone in finding it a turn-on - probably for the same reasons many others do. It makes a great sound, it leaves your face with a nice warm glow and you can see it coming. This visual aspect is particularly important to me. There’s something quite delicious about a feminine hand raised in the slapping position, particularly if, like my mother used to do, the lady pauses for a moment before delivery, allowing you to anticipate the moment.

Hopefully one day, I’ll find my dream “slapper”. ;-) Congratulations to those who already have.

I met my lady friend again for a couple of days(and nights). She won’t let me make love to her because her sadistic side is desperate to show me what I’m missing. We has a wonderful meal in the same hotel and I didn’t have to be a genius to realise that she was wearing the same clothes under her little black dress. We discussed what would make a slapping really hurt and we came to the opinion that not being sexually aroused and wet hands were favourites for pain. We went to the room and again I was ordered to shower and then handcuffed and ankles bound. She strutted around in front of me, often stroking my left cheek with her elegant manicured right hand. I reacted as |I always do with a huge hard on. She giggled and slowly wanked me off allowing my seed to pump into the palm of her right hand. My hard on subsided and she stood up and took one pace back. Her lovely long bare arm swung and I received the hardest slap ever, spreading spunk across my cheek, into my ear and hair, all up the wall and onto her leather basque. Total humiliation and pain like I have never experienced before from a slap. More hard slaps, spreading the fluid as far as she could. I begged her to stop but no way. She was enjoying herself too much. It took a good half hour of this before I switched my brain over and started enjoying it. What a woman. How do I persuade my wife to do that? She probably will.

My husband will slap my face from time to time. But seeing as how he can palm a basketball, he has to be careful or even a “gentle” smack will knock my jaw flying and box an ear at the same time. He does it when I’ve become a smart ass, usually.

Most of the time, I don’t expect it and 90% of the time, the act of getting slapped in the face - just the act, not the pain - will make me tear up. The other 10% will make me grit my teeth and glare. Which, by the way, doesn’t go over well at all.

If I have my preference - ha - I’d much rather have my behind smacked than my face. Which is why he does it. Ugh.

why it is hard to find dvd about femdom face slapping a male slave?

You might see if Rogue-Hagen - the company that publishes Cruella and other media products that appear to use the OWK prodommes - has produced anything.

Or search YouTube for face-slapping clips.

Hi, all,

My wife paddles and canes me regularly when I have misbehaved — usually about twice a week. She has only slapped me once in the face, about three weeks ago, and it really surprised both of us.

I had just been bent over the washing machine and paddled bare-bottomed for having a “smart mouth.” (She often takes me in the laundry room and closes the door so our daughter won’t hear or see.) She stopped smacking me and I pulled up my pants. As I turned around she said, “So are you done with that smart mouth of yours?” And since I’d only gotten about a dozen swats, I looked at her and said sort of sassily, “Maybe.” At which she reached out and slapped my right cheek really hard (she is lefthanded). It totally shocked us both. I yelled “ow” and grabbed my cheek. She stared at my face for a moment and then hurried out of the room.

We have not discussed it since. But afterwards I found it really erotic and have used it for masturbation. And I have been searching the internet for information, including finding this site.

I hope she will slap me again … but I’m sort of afraid to ask her for it, as she really does not like me trying to control my punishments.

Any suggestions?


I just got a slap for real. I inadvertently touched a young lady going into a Supermarket. My basket bumped against her ample arse. Wallop. “Rude bastard” she said. I replied, I wouldn’t touch that if i had been paid.” Silly retort. Her slap turned into a punch. I turned and walked away. Not at all erotic.

Just wanted to let you know that you can get badly hurt by faceslapping. I love to be slapped by gorgeous women, but one time I got very unlucky. My mistress made me kneel in front of her and started slapping me hard across the face. She sometimes accidentally hit me on my ear, there was ringing, but I thought nothing of it, it seemed natural because of the sharp sound of the slap. She continued this for a while. The ringing never stopped, unfortunately. My left ear has been ringing for nearly a year now, I also have mild hearing loss in that ear, which is disturbing because I love music. Some sounds are distorted in the damaged ear. And the high-pitched ringing is ALWAYS on, never stopping for a second. So I’m “enjoying” the sound of those slaps for the rest of my life. I’d advise that you use earplugs when having your face slapped. I still find it highly erotic to be slapped, but am a little afraid of it now.

Just have a look at that gorgeous creature on YouTube Femdom Faceslapping. I need to meet this girl!!

is it true that slapping the face helps prevent diseases

Hello. I guess my wife and I’s relationship is a bit different than yall’s… I met my wife in high school and slowly came to find out that her biggest turn on was for a guy to slap her. She just liked the sound, the passion, and the humiliation if it is in front of guests. At first I was not about to hit a woman, but then over time I was interested in seeing what would happen.. So one day we were walking into her bedroom, I was leading, and then I just turned around in the doorway and slapped her across the face unexpectedly. She fell on the floor. I was scared I’d hurt her! But then realized that her eyes were rolling in the back of her head and she was rubbin her clit like crazy, and there was a HUGE instant puddle on the floor beneath her! After that, I had no problem giving her random slaps. We got married the day after high school graduation and are now in college. Nowadays, she mostly enjoys being slapped for punishment. She’ll be like ” I talked to a cute guy today” knowing that she’s gunna get a fierce slap. And then its off to knockin boots. But she also got me into it. I enjoy getting slapped because it spites me to slap her for degrading me. Im dominant. If there are any movies with good passionate slap scenes, websites with good slapping videos, or anyone that wants 2 b my friend on facebook or myspace and start a slapping group or webpage that can help us slappers and slappees get what we want, please email me at generallee1@tmail.com

Some people enjoy slapping their own faces till they are bright red. that’s interesting

I thought my face slapping fetish was unusual. It’s good to know that others are also into it. Nothing turns me on more than getting slapped across the face repeatedly, all out, front-handed and back-handed. If there is a woman out there that has fantasized about going all out on a guy’s face,

Have u, mike, ever been slapped across the face seriously before?

My word. Don’t fetishes develop. I get slapped severely, at least weekly by my lovely wife and I have my girlfriend in Norfolk who packs a good right hander. Why do I now want to find another woman to slap me. Tall, slim but fast. Heavier with some weight behind her efforts. It doesn’t matter. More, more, more.

Always a great fan of hands, gloves and face-slapping, I had a girlfriend once who insisted on paying for her half of an expensive meal. So I suggested after we left the restaurant we go into a dark doorway nearby and she give me a slap on the face with her gloved hands for each five pounds I spent.

She was happy with the arrangement-not least feeling she had “paid” her half of the meal-as was I, for a memory like that is priceless in the way that mere money can never be.

I really enjoy slapping my wife in the face and on the ass during sex..i also like it when she slaps me…but i don’t know how to encourage her to appreciate it as much as I do…any ideas, plese help!

that last comment was awful…come on man!

A young female teacher once slapped my face in 5th form - for being cheeky to her in class. Looking back on it now, I thoroughly deserved it and didn’t really find it all that painful. Much more painful was the severely onerous quantity of lines she had me write out for her after school as a further punishment. As I spent hour after hour writing the lines for her, I couldn’t stop thinking of her and that faceslap. Perhaps it was the fact that she was so gorgeous and sexy, I began to fantasise about her giving me a really good face slapping.

Later in life, I was fortunate to marry an equally gorgeous teacher who loves to slap my face in simulated classroom scenarios. We have set aside a room in our house as her classroom where she takes me and warms my cheeks when the mood takes her. She dresses in the classic pencil slim mini skirt and stiff white blouse for these occasions. The session consists of the teacher examining the pupil orally, and all incorrect answers are punished with a stinging slap across the face. My wife affirms that she particularly loves the sound of her beautiful hand landing full force on my cheek. Unfortunately, just like my teacher who gave me my first faceslap, my wife also loves giving me lines to write out as a punishment. Though I hate having to write lines - its the price I have to pay to have her beautiful hands repeatedly slap my face.

I want some females who would love to slap my face

Iam a person who like to get my face slapped.I just had that exp during my school days.Our english teacher used to slap the students when they dont answer properly.One day i had the experience of getting 2 resounding slaps from her for not listening properly.she just came near to me and she screwed my ears.I stood straight boldly waiting for her beautiful hands to land in my cheek.Then she gave me a slap in my left cheek and then on my right.My face became pink and i enjoyed the stinging pain.Then it became a routine for me and i used to show my face open when she punishes me.

I need a woman to slap me hard on my left cheek…want it red!! It´s amazing to receive a loud, hard bitchslap of a the woman you love…as a man I should stand proper and ask for another slap until my lady is tire…

So, I think I’m answering petes comment on how someone else got started on the whole slapping fetish. I honestly have just always had a kinky side, but for a while I was quite a prude. However, when I met my now boyfriend, we soon discovered that I was very open to all sorts of kinky stuff. My fantasies about slapping just came along with the violent intercourse I wanted. I love being dominated and once I convinced someone to face slap me, I can’t get enough.

When i was in the eighth grade in the early eighties we had a very pretty young lady English teacher.She used to dress in saree and sleeveless jackets to fit her shapely body and wear a few bangles on her right- hand which knocked against each other making a pleasant and sexy tingling sound when she moved her arm.Few days went by and Ajit who was our mischief-maker decided to have some fun at her expense.As she turned towards the blackboard he started making funny noises.After reminding the class to be quiet, a few times,which was unheeded, she demanded to know who was making funny noises and said that if the culprit did not own up the whole class will be detained for two days after school.Finally Ajit as bold as he was owned up and was asked to kneel down in front of the whole class facing the wall whilst she continued with the class. Once she finished writing on the board, she walked towards Ajit and to our surprise gave him four resounding slaps across his face front and back handed.Then she made him stand up by pulling his hair and slapped him twice more with her left hand.Thereafter again she dragged him by the ear to the door and gave him four more slaps as hard as she could and pushed him out of the class .Although some of us were scared then, today when i recollect, i can picture as well as hear those neat resounding slaps, the sound of her palm hitting his cheeks, the sexy tingling sound of her bangles and the chalk marks and a tiny ring-cut which was left on his face.

Oh come on. I’m getting bored. Any lovely ladies anywhere in Britain want a face to slap. HARD.

Doesn’t your wife slap your face enough?

Never enough. Where are you Ma’am?

Come on then. Nothing since April. Slapping no longer an attraction?

In the way back in the 70’s we were in the middle school as boarders and there was this lady teacher who used to visit us to teach us mathematics. She was young and pretty and used to wear sleeveless dresses making herself look even more attractive.She was very strict on homework assignments .Each day before she took the class she used to make all the boys who had not done their home work to stand up in a row and slap their faces a few times each.One day when Kamal stood in front of her she slapped his face three times on the left cheek . Kamal being a mischief maker looked into her eyes and winked.This made her furious. She held him by his ear and dragged him to the front of the room slapped his face front and back handed about five times and made him kneel down on the floor.Today Kamal is a high ranking official in the Army and recently when we met at an old school get together one of our classmates recollected this incident and we asked Kamal what he felt at that time to which he replied”I only wanted to ask for a few more slaps as i loved the feeling when her soft palms struck my face”.We all burst into fits of laughter.

In the 1970’a we had a young married couple next door,The lady of the house was young ,fair and sexy.They had a teenage boy to do their domestic chores. On and off we used to hear slapping sounds late in the evenings.One day i climbed on to our roof and watched what was happening.The sexy lady in a black night dress dragged the boy by his left ear and made him kneel down near the fire place after scolding him she raised her hand and slapped his left cheek three times and left cheek twice back handed.She made him stand up and went on slapping his face left and right six more times dragged him by his hair to the door and gave him a thundering slap and slammed the door behind him.The slaps were loud and sexy and the by never showed any negative emotions.Today when i recollect this incident i always wish i was that boy.

m a great fan of faceslapping..the first one was when i was abt 8 more than decade back..thoes days slapping was mostly done by teachers and on some ocassions by female students on behalf of the teachers. this authority was sometimes used by girls even outside school campus..neway last yr i decided to pay for my fetishes.i never tried this b4 so i wanted to test thoes ladies before selecting 1 among them.. it was a small room and i sat there wating for the ladies to come. i requested every lady that came to me to slap me in order to find how hard they hit. slap, slap, slap, slap, slap and finally a real cracking one tat made me see stars..somethin inside me said to me NOT to pick the hardest slappers as i did not want to go with facemarks to my office and was bit afraid of breakin my neck as well..i guess i thoroughly regret my decision as i underestimated the capacity of my cheeks to take harder slaps..

At that time we were in our late teens and the lady teachers in school did not punish the miscreants but sent them to the sectional head or even the principal.However, we had a young lady english teacher who believed in administering corporal punishment by herself.One day during a free period she walked into our class room and as she was marking answer scripts told us to study on our own.Akshay our mischief maker wanting to have some fun kicked the chair of the boy who was sitting in front of him making him fall.This made the whole class burst into fits of laughter.The lady teacher ordered Akshay to come forward and kneel down.She walked up to him and screwed his ears, removed his spectacles and to our surprise gave him six thundering slaps on his left cheek. The slaps were loud and sexy and everyone was shocked, though Akshay said later on that he really enjoyed the teacher’s soft hands hitting his face.

In the 1970’s when i was in grade 4, we had a lady English teacher who was firm but friendly.She used to come dressed in beautiful sarees often with sleeveless jackets and loose hair. Occassionally she used to pull a boy by his ear and ask him to kneel down in front of the class when he has been upto some mischief.Next door to our class was a grade 8 class where the boys were very noisy and it was impossible for her to take our class.So she went over and told the boys next door to be quiet in a gentle but firm tone. Few minutes later the boys started screaming again.Our teacher then walked over to the next class and watched to see which boys were screaming.Finally she brought four boys over to our class lined them up and gave them four thundering slaps across their faces as loud as ever and chased them away.From next day onwards whenever she walked into class the whole neighbourhood remained quiet.

Another face slapping scene i remember vividly is from an indian movie.one day a beautiful mistress walks into her room after a bath starts dressing up for the evening to go out.She wears a black sleeveless dress costume jewellery and bangles in front of the mirror and whilst applying lipstick she sees someone staring at her in the mirror from the corner of the room.its the domestic boy who has been hiding behind the curtain watching the lady dress. The lady drags the boy by the ear to the balcony and slaps his face front and back handed about 10 times Then drags him by the hair to the door gives him four thundering slaps and throws him out .Although the slaps were brutal they wee sexy and the boy seemed to enjoy despite the pain and the finger marks on his face.

Now come on. Somewhere in the world is a girl/lady who wants to lash out and really hurt a man. I will be tied, stationary or whatever. I am unhurtable. come on itchy palm. You can video the afternoon.

Captain, this looks like one of your dreams come true: Slap Slap Bar.

Does anyone know of any face slapping fetish clubs in Asia or any other part of the world? If so please let me know.

Deeply sceptical. No ladies in the UK want to slap the shit out of a man? Are you all woosies?


Slaps on the schoolboys’ fair and smooth cheeks

I just loved your posts. Similar experiences I had underwent through in class 8th. My English Maam 28-30 year old, was very fond of inflicting face slapping punishment to her students in front of whole class and was satisfied only after viewing her or his red cheeks along with teary eyes begging for her mercy. She slaps her students extremely hard and tight using only her fingers rather than her palm. Her fingerprints I still remember was extremely painful and stinging sensation on my cheeks. Her method of slapping her students was peculiar. She first caught her student, whether boy or a girl no matter, with her/his arms (we boys had to wear half sleeve white shirts as our school uniform, along with white school full pants), brought her/him in front of all the boys and girls of the class, caught and twisted her/his ears first. We students could not tolerate much her eartwists as this normally made our right ears red with her eartwists with her left hand, and as we students moved our face slightly so that my cheek (normally left one) was clearly exposed to her, she targeted my left cheek and inflicted many-many-many tight slaps on my left cheek with the long, thin fingers of her right hand.

As she was extremely beautiful, young and smart lady teacher wearing half sleeve blouse with saree, looking extremely fair and beautiful, I first took her warnings lightly and expected to enjoy her slaps. But when I actually encountered her and got many tight slaps, my left cheeks went swollen red clearly visible finger prints appeared on my left cheek witnessed by my other classmates both boys and girls. Tears also started flowing from my eyes on my slapped cheeks. I could only remember the painful stinging burning sensation on my cheeks. I could not even remember the humiliation that I had to face.

As I was also extremely fair with milky white cheeks and the most beautiful boy in the class, I had to take all her slaps on my cheeks and without resisting I could only weep as it was viewed by my maam along with all my classmates that my milky white beautiful, extremely soft, delicate, smooth and girlish cheek (though I was a teenager 13 year old boy) that was normal just now was turned red due to her slaps.

Love. Schoolboy.

Hi all, My school Maam also enjoyed to give slaps on my cheeks very hard and tight. First she twisted our ears in such a way that we students had to move our face slightly due to the burning pain in our ears. Even her eartwists were sufficient to make our eyes teary but she was not satisfied there. She got our full smooth cheeks free after we moved our face slightly due to the pain in our right ears, then viewed with her angry eyes first our milky white left cheeks in the normal state, then started patting my left cheeks very nicely with love and pity in advance for the next thundering moments, commented- “So sweet and smooth cheeks, extremely soft”. Then started slapping me continuously, very fast, really hard and tight. Each slap was resounding enough and brought more tears in my eyes so much that my whole slapped cheeks were wet with my tears. Then she humiliated me much more by commenting over my finger-printed red cheeks. She viewed after first four slaps on my left cheeks and then said- “No, now this is not red enough. You need more slaps.” Again she slaps my left cheek on the same spot 7-8 times with her long and strong fingers on my delicate smooth soft cheeks and viewed the same and repeated the comments- “No, still this is not red enough to my satisfaction. You need more slaps.” She again gave me 12-13 more thundering resounding slaps and then viewed my extremely red finger-printed cheeks to her satisfaction wet with my tears flowing from my eyes, and then said- “I enjoy your beautiful red finger-printed cheeks. Lovely. Now go back to your seat.” I went back to my seat with the stinging burning sensation on my left cheeks wet with my tears, weeping a lot for the whole period and also had to face the humiliating comments of my girls classmates in the leisure after the period. One more peculiar thing was that my right cheeks was still normal, fair and milky white that made me more uncomfortable. I wished if she had distributed the number of her slaps and granted me this much mercy that at least 6-7 or 8-9 slaps should had been given on my right cheek, that would had reduced my pain. But this wish was in vain. I feel she liked viewing my only one cheek in that red finger-printed state and the other cheek she left to be viewed fair and normal by my other school Maams who would either be tempted to slap my other cheek in the same way to make it equally red finger-printed, or she would view and enjoy the scene as this was very clearly visible and I could not hide it anyhow that my Maam has slapped my cheeks extremely hard and tight, thundering and resounding, hurting and humiliating slaps on my fair and smooth, but only left cheeks.

Love. Schoolboys.

My Maam also enjoyed viewing the changing color of my cheeks due to her slaps from milky white to extremely red cheeks wet with my tears. But she was a very dominant lady teacher with angry eyes, she left her students in tears by her slaps. This is also worth mentioning that she first patted our cheeks before slapping (generally left cheeks with her right hand) in the way- catching my right ear with her left hand and as we students moved our faces slightly due to pain in my ears, she started patting my left cheeks with her right hand with all love, care and pity in advance for the next thundering moments. This patting was extremely pleasant but this was also the preparatory stage of getting the extremely tight, resounding and merciless slaps on the face cheeks of the unfortunate boys (including me). This was the reason that we boys sometimes started crying even while her patting! I felt that she first wanted to enjoy touching and patting the smooth cheeks of her students (boys or girls) before enjoying her resounding slaps on our smooth soft and delicate cheeks. And lastly but not the least, she enjoyed viewing our red fingerprinted cheeks, each fingerprint was exactly of her finger-shape! Yea, her extremely red fingerprints lasted for some days (even some weeks) and I was asked by many students and Maams at school and even at home by my Mom, whether I had been slapped by my Maam on my fair cheeks! And I had to tell the truths as my red finger-printed cheeks were more clearly visible and shining in the sunshine while our school assembly in our school grounds. School-girls viewed, counted the number of fingerprints on my cheeks, commented, giggled and humiliated me a lot in the leisure periods and so I prayed that Oh! there should not be any leisure periods in the school! All these scenes were continued for at least one week after I got her tight, resounding and merciless slaps on my cheeks as her those extremely red fingerprints on my slapped cheeks were visible even after one week of my school!

Love. Schoolboys.

I had a Maam in class 8th who enjoyed slapping her students on their face cheeks. Whenever she found any boy disturbing the class, she called him in front of the whole class, caught him by his arms, made him stand in the attention position and then started slapping him on both the cheeks with her both hands alternatively, really hard and tight. Each slap was a resounding one and left really dark fingerprints on the soft and smooth cheeks of the boys. I myself have got slapped by her many times. It was her habit that she did not count the number of slaps for our pranks but left us only after we boys started begging for her mercy. We were usually left with stingy cheeks with burning sensation on our red finger-printed cheeks. As I was very fair, her handprints imprinted on my cheeks, were very clearly visible to my classmates. I was left in tears because I was extremely humiliated as she viewed, enjoyed and commented over my red finger-printed cheeks after her slaps. Kindly share some of your pleasant memories of face slapping in school.


Hi, I remember the day when i was slapped by my school teacher in class 9th. My English Maam was taking class. She saw me watching somewhere else (her breasts) in her period. She suddenly made me stand up and asked me a question which i could not answer. As expected, she first scolded me, “you are not paying attention to my class”. I erred further and tried to become smart by arguing with her, “No Maam, this is not the case. I was paying attention to your class”. Hearing this she raised her left hand and gave me a very tight slap on my right cheek, then in no time she gave me a tight slap on my left cheek with her right hand, then alternatively left-right-left-right-left-right….. my both the cheeks. I could not even count the number of slaps. She left me only after viewing that my cheeks went red to her satisfaction. I sat down on my bench with the stinging-burning sensation of her fingers on my cheeks and the teary eyes. I could not hide from my classmates, her red fingerprints that appeared on my cheeks after getting the slaps.

Love. Schoolboys.

Hi, I remember the sound slapping by my English lady teacher in class 9th. While she was taking the class, she found me watching elsewhere (her breasts). She sudeenly made me stand up and asked me a question which I could not answer. As expected, she first scolded me for not paying attention in her class. Then I erred more and argued with her that “no Maam, I was paying attention to your class. You are wrong.” She raised her left hand and gave me a very tight slap on my right cheek and in no time she raised her right hand and slapped my left cheek many times alternatively left, right, left, right… each slap was punctuated with the word ‘lying, lying, lying,…you are lying’. I could not even count the number of slaps but each one was tight, loud resounding slap and left my cheeks burning red with teary eyes. That was extremely humiliating as all this was done in front of all the boys and girls of the class. I went back to my seat deeply humiliated with stinging sensation of pain on both my cheeks.

Love. Schoolboys.

Hi all, I wanna share my face slapping experiences in school. When I was in class 7th my class teacher asked some questions to some boy students. We boys could not answer but a girl answered the question. She was commanded to slap us in front of whole class. She caught and twisted our ears and each of us were given two tight slaps on both cheeks. The most humiliating was that we had to say ‘thank you’ after getting slaps. My cheeks were burning red. There were many other occasions when I had experienced face slapping punishment in school. Please share your experiences. Thanks. Schoolboys.

Hi, I remember the sound slapping by my English lady teacher in class 9th. While she was taking the class, she found me watching elsewhere (her breasts). She sudeenly made me stand up and asked me a question which I could not answer. As expected, she first scolded me for not paying attention in her class. Then I erred more and argued with her that “no Maam, I was paying attention to your class. You are wrong.” She raised her left hand and gave me a very tight slap on my right cheek and in no time she raised her right hand and slapped my left cheek many times alternatively left, right, left, right… each slap was punctuated with the word ‘lying, lying, lying,…you are lying’. I could not even count the number of slaps but each one was tight, loud resounding slap and left my cheeks burning red with teary eyes. That was extremely humiliating as all this was done in front of all the boys and girls of the class. I went back to my seat deeply humiliated with stinging sensation of pain on both my cheeks.

Love. Schoolboys.

Hi, I remember the day when i was slapped by my school teacher in class 9th. My English Maam was taking class. She saw me watching somewhere else (her breasts) in her period. She suddenly made me stand up and asked me a question which i could not answer. As expected, she first scolded me, “you are not paying attention to my class”. I erred further and tried to become smart by arguing with her, “No Maam, this is not the case. I was paying attention to your class”. Hearing this she raised her left hand and gave me a very tight slap on my right cheek, then in no time she gave me a tight slap on my left cheek with her right hand, then alternatively left-right-left-right-left-right….. my both the cheeks. I could not even count the number of slaps. She left me only after viewing that my cheeks went red to her satisfaction. I sat down on my bench with the stinging-burning sensation of her fingers on my cheeks and the teary eyes. I could not hide from my classmates, her red fingerprints that appeared on my cheeks after getting the slaps.

Love. Schoolboys.

When we were in the 9 th grade, way back in the late 70’s we had an extremely gorgeous young lady teacher for English.She always spoke in a very kind and gentle tone.If a boy could not understand , she would explain the matter even ten times very patiently.However,she was in thew habit of face slapping boys who have not done their home work vey frequently. One particular day she came in a dark blue saree with a sexy sleeveless jacket and loose hair and the boys used to eye-ball her occassionally.That day she ealised that Anuk was staring at her and at times making faces. She walked up to him and ordered him to stand up.” Learn to pay attention with respect” she said,raised her right hand gave him a resounding slap across the left cheek. Anuk being a mischeif maker looked at her and winked.This made her furious probably she was in a bad mood that day.To our suprise she slapped him left and right with both hands upto 8 times and stopped suddenly when she saw a tiny patch of blood on his cheek ,realising that it was a ring-cut. We all enjoyed the episode including Anuk. From that day onwards . before slapping she used to remove her ring and keep it on the table.

Similar experiences I had gone through in class 7th when I was 12. The girls who gave correct answers in the oral tests were asked to slap we boys in front of all. They enjoyed slapping us. Each girl twisted our ears very hard and gave two tight slaps on our both cheeks. We were deeply humiliated with our stinging burning sensation on our sensitive milky white cheeks and also her red finger-prints that we could not hide from our other classmates. The next period was of my English Ma’am. She came and viewed my red finger-printed cheeks. As I sat on the front bench, she viewed me first and I could not prevent her viewing the slap-marks on my cheeks. She was tempted to give tight slaps on my cheeks and so she deliberatily asked me some hard questions which I could not answer and raise her long hands and continuously slapped my cheeks left-right-left-right….till I was left in tears. Later in our leisure period, the girls of my class touched, patted my cheeks in pity with all tenderness, enjoyed and commented to humiliate me. I was extremely humiliated. Even at home my Mom came to know that Ma’am had slapped my beautiful extremely fair cheeks and said that this was better to improve my studies. I was really helpless.


This happened when i was in my tenth standard and going to a tuition centre for writing model exams. I was both excited and apprehensive. 9.45 I was supposed to be in at 9.15. Geeta madam would be really angry. I rubbed my cheeks in anticipation of what was to come. The signal changed and i crossed the road and entered the premises. 9.47 i ran past the grounds and reached the building. 9.49 second floor reached the classroom drenched in sweat. I looked inside and saw Anjana, Swathi and Banmeet were writing the test. All 3 looked at me, smiled and slightly giggled coz they knew what was going to happen. I took my scale, pencil and pen and went to the class doorstep. “Excuse me maam” I said. Geeta mam turned slowly to my side, but she didn’t say anything and just turned her face away. I tried again “Excuse me maam, ….” She gave me a look that could have cowed a lion. She walked slowly near me, came close, raised her right hand and slapped my left cheek hard. The first slap is always a surprise, how prepared one can be. She raised her hand again and my cheek stung. She raised both her hands and slapped both my cheeks simultaneously. My cheeks were having a burning sensation and i wanted to touch them but didn’t do it before her. All the girls were trying hard to suppress their giggles. Geeta madam again gave me a double slap. She was in a light blue saree with matching sleeveless low cut blouse. She had long hair and it was freely flowing below her hips. I wanted to bury my face in it. Her perfume was delicious and intoxicating. She was very feminine and i could gladly have kissed her feet. The arrogant and commanding look in her face was awesome. But she had just started her slapping and was getting into the groove. She gave me ten slaps on my left cheek and fifteen on my right. It was good that she always slapped forehand or else her rings could have pierced my cheek skin. My cheeks had become heavy and were really burning. I was sure that they were flaming red and her fingermarks would be very much visible. I thought it was over but only then she started to speak. “Idiot late again. How many times have i warned you. Today you are going to learn a lesson” I said meekly “Sorry maam. The bus was late and …” I couldn’t finish for she had raised her right hand and slapped me six times on my left cheek. “Lier. Anjana, Swathi and Banmeet come her and slap this idiot’s face ten times everyone” she commanded. I was stunned. To be slapped my lovely Geeta madam was one thing and okay for me but to be slapped by fellow class girls would be really humilating. All the girls looked very tempted but hesitated a bit. Madam seemed to know what they were thinking. She caught my ear, twisted it hard and said “Idiot no gimmicks. Any news that you trouble the girls because of this then you would be really sorry. Understand ?”. ‘Yes mam” I meekly replied. So saying madam left my ear and stepped back to enjoy the spectacle. Banmeet was the first to come. Luckily she wore no rings and did not seem to have much experience in slapping guys. Her hands were soft and her slaps light. Her ten slaps were nothing compared to madam’s super-shots. Madam seemed a bit disappointed that Banmeet had left me lightly. Anjana was the next and now i was afraid. I and Anjana dont get along well and i had played many pranks on her. I knew that she was waiting to punish me and now i had to suffer for all my previous pranks. Anjana seemed prepared to tear my cheeks off. She removed her watch and bangles but left her ring intact. On purpose. She stepped forward and slapped me hard with her right hand. My face swung to the other side but she slapped me again with the back of her same hand and my face swung back to the original position. Ouch this was really hard. I had seen movies where the slapped guy’s face get swung side to side but this was the first time i was at the receiving end of it. She raised the same hand and slapped continuously left and right. My face swung from side to side and even my neck started to pain. My ears were ringing. She surely must have slapped me more than ten times but didn’t seem to be stopping and went on slapping me. Finally her arm seemed to tire and she stopped for an instant but only then i realised that she was switching hand and now was going to repeat the same treatment with her other hand !! Without thinking i said “Ten slaps are over” She giggled knowing that her slaps had made an impact, But madam intervened “Slap him with your other hand too, dear. He will take it silently” Oh my God !! Anjana had a triumphant look on her face. She raised her other hand and slapped me left and right about twenty times. Though the pain had become too much this time i wasn’t prepared to show her victory over me and stood silently. Anjana who was expecting me to howl in pain was a bit disappointed. She vented that on my left cheek again but slapped it accurately six more times. Finally satisfied she stepped back. I heaved a sigh of relief too soon because there was Swathi left. But she was my friend and i could count her to be lenient on me. Swathi came forward, patted my cheeks softly and swiftly gave six slaps to my right and six to my left in one go. It wasn’t too hard but enough to make my ears ring. She had just slapped me twice more. Nothing compared to that bitch Anjana. Madam told all the girls to go back to their places and gestured me to come near her. She caught my ear and viewed my cheeks and said “Very good. Should be really red for atleast a day or two. Show this to your mother and hope she adds some”. Then she added “Hey idiot if you get less than 90% in today’s test then expect double punishment !!!

The ecstatic discussion of faceslapping brings back an old goat’s memories, Fantasy Man.

She is on top, controlling the progress by Her moving and pausing. Arms behind my back help raise my pelvis and keep me immobilized. When my cock is about to explode, I beg Her for permission to come. She stops at once, and I beg again. She slaps my face, and I am in heaven. But I cannot move more than a fraction of an inch inside Her. When my erection fades, She flicks one of my nipples with Her fingernail and my cock leaps back to life. Soon, I am begging for release again, and receive another slap.

The rhythm continues: flicking nipples, slapping cheeks, and now and then dropping one of Her own delicious nipples into my eager sucking mouth. At last, after I have been on edge for an eternity, She enjoys Her orgasm but will not quite let me come yet.

Then, after She has enjoyed Herself a few more times (or tires of the fun, I never know exactly), She signals me to climax with fingernails snapping both nipples, and then slaps my face again because I am moving too slowly now for Her.

Occasionally, She allows me to lick Her clean, unless She is too tired herself. I live for that beautiful bonus moment.

No wonder the legendary Islamic paradise (male version) is peopled by beautiful women: this is indeed heaven!


I own a bussiness where the majority of my employees are females between the ages of 18 to 23. Well it started out as a joke but one of my managers noticed I was having a bad day and making a lot of mistakes. She asked me if I needed to be “slapped out of it.” I asked her what she meant. She said she was wanting to slap me to where I was not having a bad day. I laughed it off until a couple of weeks have passed and I was having another bad day. this time she did not ask. She called me in the back and slapped me hard and said snap out of it. It caught me off guard and I had a hand print on my face. Of course the other females noticed it and commented on it. Well this started a trend where the females would try and catch me making mistakes just so they could slap me . Well the other day I pissed everyone off. I received a call from a manager to come back to the restaurant that they had a problem. When I got there 5 of my employees were waiting. They said we are going to play a game. They tied my hands behind my back and blindfolded me. Then I felt 5 hard slaps hit my left cheeks. They each slapped me and said who was slapping me. Then the game started. One girl would slap me. I had to guess who it was. If i did not guess then another would slap me and I had to guess and so on. I received well over 100 slaps that night and still had only guessed 3 out of 5 girls right. My face was swollen for days. They told me if I pissed them off again they would invite more girls next time. Even though it was quite exciting I have still watched what I had to say around them.

This bootlicker on its back, Mistress sitting on top controlling with Her movement. Occasionally, She flicks a nipple with Her fingernail, enjoying the quiver this pro-duces in the cock She holds with Her cunt.

Finally, this slave can hold back no longer, and begs Her “Please, Mistress, my i cum?”

She is not ready, and Her response is a quick, hard slap on my cheek. “Thank You, Mistress,” i groan. She laughs and moves just enough to give Herself a little more pleasure.

At last, after several rounds of this sort of thing, She is panting and about to scream. “Now, slave, now!” She shouts, slapping my face back and forth until I explode inside Her exactly as She Herself comes to Her nuclear climax.

“Thank You, Mistress, oh, thank You so much,” I whisper. Her fingers touch my lips and I kiss them fervently, over and over.

“That was good,” She replies, “very good.” She relaxes and smiles, slowly moving and caressing my cock with Her vagina. Once, when I was younger, it would have stiffened and given Her a second orgasm, but not tonight.

“Please, Mistress, may I…” I begin, and she lifts off me as we both give a little shriek. I move toward my feet, and She inches toward my head, until She can lower Her dripping cunt over my mouth. Just before She does, however, She lays Her hand across my mouth and I kiss He fingers. One final slap, not hard by symbolic, and I kiss Her hand again, then She lowers Herself on my adoring mouth and waits for Her slave’s tongue to bring Her to orgasm one last time before we sleep.

I like very much to get slapped by females, to get really hard and tight slaps from their hand. I wish that my wife gives countless hard and tight slaps in my face without any mercy, each slap leaving her fingermarks on my face till I bow down at her feet. I have already told her that I like getting slapped. However, she refused to slap me saying that I am her sweet hubby. We are married just a few months back. However, I am really craving badly for her nice, tight slaps with full force on my face. Please give serious suggestions how to persuade her for slapping me? Females are encouraged to reply as they know their psychology much better. Thanks

In my own religious run school in the 1970’s most teachers used the cane or the leather strap to impose discipline. However, our young English teacher seldom or ever used the these - preferring other forms of punishment, including detention, lines and faceslapping. From an early stage, she detected that I had a real problem with spelling and was determined to help cure my problem. She started to regularly have me join her in the front of the class and give me a spelling test. She would pick the word and I would have to write it on the board. When I spelled a word wrong, she would have me stand in front of her. She would then offer to spell the word correctly for me - and I had to repeat each letter after her. She would then announce that after each letter she would give me a reminder in the form of a slap across the face to help me remember the spelling in future. Hence, if for example I misspelled recieve instead of receive, she would start, r slap, e slap, c slap, e slap etc. She would then have me note the offending word in my class diary and continue the spelling test with the next word. Though she was young and had beautiful soft hands, she slapped with the full force of her arm - with the result that after one of her spelling tests my cheeks would be fiery red. Then at the end of the lesson, she would order me to write out each word I had misspelled 1,000 times after school. Still to this day, I have nightmare memories of spending several hours after school writing out misspelled words for my English teacher - with my cheeks fire engine red and the painful imprint of her hand still on my cheeks. However, I am certain that she gained enormous pleasure from slapping me and giving me really horribly and onerous written punishments. She also really helped me overcome my spelling problems, which no doubt also gave her considerable satisfaction.

Mistress Christine wrote in an article for The Other World Kingdom Journal that males should have their faces slapped informally every day in order for them to become accustomed to the right of Women to amuse themselves whenever they feel like it. Whe is a mere inferior male creature like me to disagree?

Your feelings?

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