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Long before I encountered the acronym cbt I'd fantasized about having my genitals and nipples tightly leashed to something while being whipped: the involuntary movement of my body would cause me to yank on the leash.

Being kicked in the groin was a common enough image for me to have imagined a knee or shoe slamming into me there.

Knee to the groin paperback cover

Really I never thought much about my genitals in my youthful BDSM fantasies. It was almost as if they weren't there. (What that implies about myself I shan't speculate.)

Together with my notes on feminization and orgasm denial this entry is an attempt to capture some of my feelings about the things that seem somewhat singularly focused on in female domination. As always I'm typing for my amusement and possibly yours: no expertise is claimed.

Genitorture is common in BDSM regardless of sexual orientation or gender role.

Penis wheel

Reading the Nifty Archive's gay male authoritarian section and made me much more aware of cock and ball torture as a specialty of great popularity.

Myself I just flinched when I read about weight after weight being added to a man's scrotal sac. It wasn't anything I could imagine wanting to endure. Some of it was terrifying. I remember one in which a man had his penis destroyed with a blowtorch.

Time passes and while in a bad relationship my S&M fantasies increase and deepen. Wearying myself of all my favorite scenarios, even being whipped with myriad devices in every possible position I finally come to cbt fantasies.

Partly they were sparked by a of series photos I saw of a cute redheaded Domme in a nurse's outfit performing genitorture. I don't have nurse fantasies (and often wonder what those wicked women in the Rubex drawings are about to do to those poor bound men). But I do have a thing for redheads. That she was short and cute added potency to the idea of her being cruel.

Shoes crushing a man's penis

Japanese 'Femdom' art is so cute.

There's a series of photos from either the late 70s or early 80s of women twisting and pulling on men's penises. The penis is a pretty sturdy organ, I doubt it really hurt that much. For me the arousal was in the idea of having my cock roughly handled.

After making chili once I inadvertently touched my cock. There was a residue of a habaneros pepper on my fingers. A fairly intense ten or so minutes followed. (When I was eighteen I put some wintergreen oil on my penis thinking it might make things livelier. It did but not in the way I hoped.)

Later I discovered capsaicin ointment as help for joint pain. Capsaicin is the very essence of hot red peppers and has quite a bite. In my first genitorture fantasy capsaicin was smeared on my genitals. And I was brutally whipped to take my mind of my genital pain. (Ah, the masochistic mind!)

Anyway as I said a truly screwed up relationship left me depressed, taking my fantasies to an ever more violent level. Eventually I had to fantasize about something like cbt to achieve orgasm.

Naturally clothespins came to mind. (From my experiences with Alexandra the clothespins sold by Dollar General are weak: good or bad depending on your goals.) Especially having the clothespins slapped and yanked.

Testicle torture had been something I couldn't dream of. Odd given the extravagance of many of my fantasies. But if you have testicles you know the agony of accidentally having them bump into something.

Penis stretching

Finally my mind turned to images of my balls being repeatedly kicked. Or being painfully massaged by a boot.

And at last a testicle press: slowly tightened increment by increment squeezing out every last bit of soul blasting pain. (NB: actually the press can be tightened, then loosed and tightened again. No real need to go as far as possible.)

Electrotorture excites me to no end. Not that I've ever experienced it. But I added the idea of steadily increased voltage being applied to my penis to my inventory of cbt fantasies.

Like most frustrated masochists I took my imagined genitorture to the nuttiest extreme. Clothespins, capsaicin, tens unit, testicle squeezing and slapping all applied at once.

So for sure this masochist had discovered the at least imaginary joys of cock and ball torture.

Alexandra and I have played with genitorture only lightly. Having my penis gently caned or touched by a boot always brings a strong erection.

How far we may go only time will tell. Genital leashing always takes me deep into the slave space. While I'll confess to fear about cbt I know it will reduce me to nothing more than her helpless plaything. I did make a board with a hole just big enough for my penis to fit through for her. Isolated she can kick and crush it as she pleases.

Penis punishment

My intent when I started typing this was to talk some about how Femdom often seems to focus on the abuse of male genitals. Orgasm denial, sissyfication, and cbt seem to be among the most consistent images I've run across. But as I think of it cbt is at least as popular among gay men who practice S&M.

Really it would probably be odd if D/s did not focus on a male's most vulnerable and sensitive body part.

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I’m interested in comments about domination, but while I enjoy “doing things” with my cock, it’s mostly by myself. During sex with my wife I like her to bite my cock (not the head, that’s too tender), and whip it with a plastic tube, but that’s about it. My real pleasure is in doing things that lead up to masturbation.
One thing is tying a soft rope around the head of my cock, then, using a bungy cord, attach high on a shelf in the garage, leaning back as far as I can without pulling the head of my cock off! Delicious. A variation in the house is again with the rope and bungy cord, lean back, but then, using my wife’s vibrator, place it on the sensitive part of the ridge of the head of my cock. The feeling is hard to describe, but it lurches spasmodically and I have a quick, huge orgasm. I also like tying up my balls and cock with rubber band, then, using a short 1/4 inch length of dowell, tighten the rubber bands until I can hardly stand it, slip it back under the rubber band so that it won’t come loose, go about my business. After about a half hour everything becomes numb and turns blue. Very satisfactory. Finally I like to push pins, needles, anything sharp, through my cock. When I want a mild stimulus, just through the outer skin, but when I’m feeling very daring, through the meat. The pain isn’t bad, sometimes exquisite, and it doesn’t bleed much. While in this mood I stay away from razor blades, because I cut myself quite badly once and was hard to explain to my wife.


I to am very interested in CBT and Nipple torture. I love having my cock and balls bound up, with either rubber bands or thing rope. Waiting until they and hard and numb then cumming. Often waiting until the band or rope has been removed before the bulk of the semen is expelled. Having them slapped around in this state is most enjoyable and makes them so much harder.

But my personal favourite is to have objects inserted down my cock. Things like chopsticks (though painful experience has taught that the lacquered ones are best) pencils, knitting needles, philips (star) screwdrivers, even wire bent into different shapes. In fact any thing that is the right shape and size has been tried. I’ve found that cooking oil is the best lubricant, only use a little on the object.

I often fashion a harness to keep these objects in place and go about my housework etc enjoying the stimulation of the extra weight. But it is important to put the rubber band on after the cock has been filled.

Some thing else that I enjoy, though this is, to date, a ‘solo’ activity, is to insert a AAA battery and hold it in place with a home made harness and when I cum no semen escapes. Obviously when the battery is removed it gushes out. A warning note though is that I once had a problem with back pressure. The benefit to this trick is that you can be fully clothed while the insert is in place.

Additionally, if time permits, I like to tie weights to my balls and the head of my penis. I’m to be mobile, a short (18 inch) piece of heavy chain tied to the head of my cock feels fantastic. I can even wear long pants with every thing hanging down one leg. Of course, sometimes I even tie the other end to my balls, but I prefer the swinging feeling.

I have done all the above, sans the battery, with others , group or single, and of course by myself. I conjunction with the nipple torture it can lead to the hugest orgasm. Inserting objects down my penis is a rare activity is seems and so it is an interesting ‘party-trick’, girls are fascinated by it.

Nipple torture is another story, though to touch ever so briefly on it, I like to use/have used every thing from clothes pegs/pins to unmodified electrical alligator pins to vice grips and weights to apply pressure and if the mood is right, to insert sewing pins into them.

I have tried electric shocks to my penis many years ago and found the experience awesome. The pain made me go soft for a second then I would get hard so hard that the skin on my cock felt that it would burst. I am interested in getting more information about this CBT.

Sounds like you are the one with information to share. I’d love to hear what interesting things you’ve had done to your nipples.

I don’t think this is funny. My mom used to whip my bare penis with a belt when I was a kid. It hurt a lot and permanently messed me up towards women.

I am very sorry that happened Bill. I don’t believe in any form of corporal punishment. It seems that parents sometimes don’t realize or just plain don’t care about the out come of how they raise children. My mom NEVER could understand what boundaries or my personal privacy was. She used to burst in on me at any time she pleased, even if I was in my bedroom or the bathroom with the door closed. I could have been naked, dressing or masturbating, no matter to her. “It was her house”. She used to beat me with a belt at such times on my bare bottom and genitals. She didn’t care what she hit or that I was naked and embarrassed beyond her comprehension. She didn’t care. She had her way and she was happy. Messed me up but good to. I’ interested in you and other men out there feel about these things. Write, O K ?

Richard, I just left a comment to Bill on how parental treatment can mess with us when we become adults. If he wants to contact me for more comments please give him my email address ( I don’t want to place you in an embarrassing or bad spot & know I have no right to ask you to do this, but would appreciate it. I know you edit out private info., so I believe I can place my trust in you. Thank You Very Much, billy1

My cock must be punished. It keeps bothering me with constant erections, so it deserves to be beaten. So I just hit it. Sticking straight out, my cock is a perfect target, so I make a tight fist, and punch down on it. It bounces down, then bounces back up quickly, just asking for more. So I hit it harder, again and again … soon it get super hard and reddish, angry and defiant. As I continue beating it, it streams shiny threads of pre-cum, but it can’t use that trick to make me stop. The cock hurts, but it’s not enough. So I decide the cock must be punished more severely, to make it feel that deep down pain that glows from the inside, and leaves a warm satisfied feeling that should last for days. How should this cock be punished?

this stuff really intersts me, i love reading about it and getting tourtured scares the hell out of me.

I was introduced by a wonderful woman I met while travelling. We had evening sex and I was ready for more play a little later when she asked if I had ever had my balls bound. I laughed and told he no, but to go ahead as long as it didn’t leave any scars. She had about 6’ of silky twine and took about four wraps around the base of my cock including the sack, then gently took each ball, pulled it and wrapped close to the bottom… one by one until she had them how she liked them. Then, pulling both steadily, found room to wrap around each one again until she had used all the twine. She got up and came back with about 3’ more and told me she didn’t get to use the extra twine very often. Once her supply was used up, she put on a cock ring and asked if I felt OK - I did, she smiled, and produced some tiny clothespins in different colors and decorated my cock from the top down. Pain led to me enjoying but when some precum appeared, she used a silver paddle to slap the head with and left me for a minute or two, coming back with a warm cloth to wrap my balls with as she pulled them further… an hour later I came harder and longer than ever before. Now I just need to get wife into it.

What did all that twine feel like? Did she make it very tight or was it just sort of decoration?

I found a photo on the net of a guy who had modified a penis pump by putting several hypodermic needles sticking straight down from the far end. When vacuum was applied it would suck the engorged penis toward the needles and penetrate the glans with multiple needles. What a turn on. it was to just see the photo with the end of his cock approaching the needles helpless to do anything about it. I have done some needle play but never had the nerve to stick one in the head of my cock.

My experience in this area is mostly elecltrical. My Mistress tightly straps up my erect cock and balls and then puts on the electrical connections - one on the head of my cock and the other under my balls. I’m usually tied hard back against the wall in an ‘X’ and when she applies the current I know I scream and my contortions mean I hang purely on the wall tie points. Sometimes I wonder if she is ever going to turn off the current….but when it stops I find myself panting, sweating and totally exhausted…and feeling great because I handled it. Sometimes, just at that moment she’ll hit the switch again. Once she actually left the room while the current was on…only for a few seconds but seeing her go out was devastating. I love it!

I am looking for any information I can get on the electrical torture of the cock, balls and dnipples using a stereo system. I have heard that it can be done using the amplifyer output to the speakers. Anyone wknow where I can get this information? Thanks, Dave

i have to gals that like to tie me up on a rotating x rack, they put heated clips on my nipples and then put full size visegrips onboth nipple they take hands to close i never felt so much pain they also do the same to both ball and cock they put a lager grip on the end of mu gland it hurts so bad then the turn the x rack with me facing the ground with 5 grips hanging with all there weight its some kind of pain it gets worst after about 30 mins. and about 45mins later they take them off now the pain is all most to much to handle they take a can and whip my balls and nipples right after more pain but when its over it a great feeling my nipples take a week to recover.

I enjoy the erotic senses which cbt can infuse to the mind, especially when a hot mistress inflicts it. There was a time when one domina rubbed icy hot over my tied balls, then poured candle wax on it. Now doesn’t that hurt ? lol. Another lady had me strapped down on a medical table and slowly inserted a small sound into my penis. It felt like an urge to cum and urinate. But, nothing comes out, lol. For some reason, my penis does not erect, too. I had weights, clothespins, violet wands attached to the nether regions. As long as it is safe & sane, why not ? :)

my dad nevr gave me privacy. if we went to an amusemnt park and went swimming, he would make me dress in the same room. he would barge into my bedroom. if i was caught mastrubating or if i did anything else wrong, he would make me undress. then he would undress and make me suck or rub his cock and balls. after that he would suck my cock and balls and then punch my balls. he would bite my dick, or do somthing else to my dick or balls. he would somtime put his dick in my ass! now i stick to turturing myself. (candelwax works great.)

I have been into CBT for a long time, and only recently started sharing it with my wife. But am better for doing it as I found out she enjoye’s doing it to me.

I like her slapping and hitting my cock and balls. And she enjoyes slapping my cock a lot. I’ve fashioned a rope harness which which ties down the length of my shaft, around the base of my cock, and isolates my balls. My girl can put a condom over me and fuck me with this on, and slap my tied up balls at the same time.

I also love putting things inside my cock, and was reluctant to share this with her, but when i did she was fasinated by it, and wanted to take over doing it to me.

I love the feelings of pain on my cock and balls, and cant get enough.

j’aimerais savoir si y a des hommes passionnés par la stimulation éléctrique de la verge et des testicules. Je pratique de tant en tant. Avec du matériel de bricolage.

I enjoy inserting glass thermometers in my urethra. So far, I have managed to get 4 in at one time. I have a 5th one, but I have not tried to insert it yet. I also like to insert hat pins into my testicles. I have managed to insert 4 into one testicle. Occasionally, I run the hat pin completely through the testicle and out the other side of my scrotum. Usually there are two points where some pain is encountered. One occurs when the pin first enters the scrotum. The second occurs when the pin enters the connective tissue surrounding the testicle. The connective tissue is very tough and requires extra pressure to cause the pin to penetrate it and enter the testicle itself.

we made a timber device hinging around the penis base & padlocked. The penis is stretched upwards and compressed between 2 half hollows, the outer piece compressing with wing-nuts.There is also a strap pulling between the balls (internal spikes) from which weights are attached,causing blood spots to apear on the balls from the pressure. Enjoying the post Dave.

I had my cock tortured by a bully school “friend” as a boy of 13. What got me going was when he told me “this cock is mine now and I will do what I want with it” This turned me on though I felt a pervert for feeling it.He slapped it tied it tight and even wrote his name on it with a felt tip pen.

I enjoy doing CBT myself. I like to melt a mixture of red colored cosmetics together then pour it into a container that I have my stretched out boy clit in. As the hot liquid slowly goes up the clit it feels ohhh sooo great to me. My 2 Mistresses enjoy doing this to me a lot. I can no longer enjoy CBT because my Mistress removed those useless testicles of mine almost 5 years ago. I’m a sissy/transexual & they were right, only men have balls not sissys like me.

When I was a kid, my dad would whip my bare as with a belt. That must have brrn ehat brought out my masochism, by the time, I was about 13, I shot a big load on his jeans, He made me lick it off and I loved it

i enjoy self genitorture before my mistress but cannot let her do it to me yet im scared i love being trampled i crave the humiliation of cbt before her friends it really turns me on but there’s something about needles, blades & fire that i just cant get to yet can anyone help

I cannot remember where I first came across using “irritants” on my cock but what I tried (and liked) is the regular Tobasco brand hot sauce. I have tried others and they were either too mild or too dammed hot!

The trick with using them (Tobasco at least)is not so much the volume used (only a small amount is needed) but the amount of rubbing of the sauce into the skin of the scrotum and over the penis. The more the “better” the effect! :-(

What I like about Tobasco is it takes about 15 minutes to complete an application from start to finish and the pain is rather exquisite.

Play Dom via phone I was had a female apply some to the opening of her vagina. :-) She got rather upset with me!

I have reformed and not am a straight sub and prefer to have things done to me.


I have liked cbt since age 7 and I didn’t know what it was. I learned I liked it after spanking myself for “letting” a 14 year old boy suck me. I accidentally hit my balls and liked it. I now wish I could have my scrotum openned and each testicle pierced, if possible. I think of a constant throb. I try to find areas for instructions. For example, one guy snd I chatted and he told me not to cum for a year, I followed the imstructions

I have been doing cbt to myslef for about 10 years. It gets more intense with time. I start like everyone else by binding the cock and balls. It usually gets better after a few sessions as the cock gets a little more swollen over time and I get more psyched and daring and wanting for pain. The cock only likes to be bound tightly for maybe 10 minutes. After that it gets numb and that takes away the pain, which I love. I like needles in the head and the shaft. I like it to hurt and it is great with poppers, which seem to take me into a short trans state and to go more amok. I also use a knife for knife play and that causes a lot of bleeding and is pretty intense. I am always intrigued at how much my cock can take and still heal up nicely. Sometimes I stick needles all the way through but mostly I like the torture of multiple penetrations in short sequence (rapid fire!). Strangely, I usually don’t have any pain later unless the session and tissue damage is very extreme. I usually graduate to hard penetration with the needle into the pee hole. The underside of the shaft gets a lot of abuse as the top seems to be too hard. The sessions are often a few hours. Sometimes it is fun to go amok on my cock with a knife or needle while blindfolded. It is very erotic and obviously impossible to steer clear of more delicate cock structures. So the bleeding afterward can be more but it is the most fun.

I have fantasies of cutting through the whole shaft or doing a meatotomy or opening my ballsack but would only want the pain/pleasure/excitement of doing it and would not like any permanent effects. I would love to pierce the urethra just a little for play and I would love to see my testicles exposed and then sew them up again.

I love cbt being doing it for 20 years.I go all the way,i bind my cock and balls as tight as i can and for up to 40 min at a time then i get someone to cick the crap out of them and to twist and squeeze them.I even do this at the beach plus i take a rope with slip knot and put the slip knot around the bound testices.Then i pull the rope between my legs behind me and knot it to a branch which i have to pull a bit forward.So when i let go of the branch it pulls my testicles down and backwards,but the branch is still bending a bit caussing pulling tension on my nuts.Then i get someone to cick me in the balls over and over.I love it.I also sit on the sand with a rock under by bound testicles while someone stands on my balls.Sqeezing them between the rock and his or her feet pushing more and more weight on them all the time.They also stick needles right threw my balls and cock while it is as hard as a rock.When i am extremly horny and my cock and balls are bound my cock gets really hard and that is when i enjoy having pins stuck right threw it.At a time i have had up to 12 pins stuck right threw my cock head,5 threw the neck of my cock and 44 threw the shaft.Thats 3 rows of 13 pins runing from the cock head to the base of the shaft.When the pins are pulled out the still stiff cock blood squits out really far.Then i usually untie my cock and let the blood circulate.Then i bind the testicles again and they stick pins threw my balls.I have had up to 50 pins stuck threw each testicle.Not just threw the skin but right threw the testicles and by the way my testicles are really large and i love it when people crush and stick pins threw them.When they are finished doing that and have taken the pins out and untie my balls for about 2 min before rebounding my cock and balls again making my cock hrd all over again.They then take either broken glss or a blade and make light cuts all over my testicles.Not deep,very light .Just enuf to draw bloodand after that they do light cuts all over my cock,first the head and then the shaft.When they are inished i like it when they make a couple of deeper cuts on the cock head.That blees like crazy and you have to be fast as once you make the first deep cut in the cock head it goes slopy as the blood isn’t hitting the head and staying there it’s gashing out.Normally by this time you can’t even see my genitals,all you see is blood.I have already filled up half a 2 litre bottle with the blood that pours out my cock.I have also had my testicles bound and each one crushed with a vice grips and while the 2 vice grips are crushing my testicles they take one of those self threading bolts and turnit in the cock hole which when pulled out causes extreme bleeding.I have had a pair of sharpend scissors pushed a third of the way down my cock and then you open it so that one point goes into each side when you cont pushing it in.But not to much futher in.I have also had long spikes pushed all the way down the hole untill almost to the base of my cock then they bend my cock and keep pushing untill the spike comes out the side of my cock an then they keep pudhing it down untill it touches against one of my testicles which they then push it threw as well.Now it’s all the way down my cock and threw one of my testicles.Then they take it by the point and pull it all the way threw.At one time i have had up to 6 hours of continuess binding torturing and loosening and so on and so on.Every time i have genitall torture performed on me by a woman or a male or by myself i have everything that i told you above done and when it gets done i get extremly horny.In fact sometimes i scare myself as the more my testicles and penis get tortured the hornier i get and the hornier i get the more extreme the level of torture gets.When it gets that extreme ihave to have an orgasm or i might completly destroy my genitalls and by the way after that kind of torture it takes about a week to heal.Sometimes the torture was so hash that i get sick that night puking like crazy.But it’s still worth it,i just love it to much to stop.One more thing if you do deeper cuts on your cock head be very carefull as the last time i did it it took 4 months to heal.You have to think of other things as even a month later a powerfull erection will make it bleed gain by the deep cuts,so no sex and no erections for a minamum of 3 months to be safe.It took me a month got erection ,played with it and that is why it ended uip taking me 4 months all in all.So don’t go too deep or don’t go deep at all unless you have the balls for it.But i can tell you 4 months with out being inside a woman is extremly bad.Painfully bad.

Wow. That is hot. hard extreme cut is such a kick!


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