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Last night was joyous. Having had only two hours sleep (we went to bed at 7:00 a.m.) I can only recount the highlights.

The materialistic side:

Alexandra put the prickly penis sheath on me. Not sure why but I never had an erection so the full power of the sheath was never tested. But when she kicked my cock the pricks pushed into my foreskin.

And the genital stock. Nothing more than seeing how to best fix it in place. Unlike most genital toys it is too large. Some nylon rope fixed that.

Last night’s beating was special. Alexandra told me how many blows I’d be getting: 10 was the purple Lexan cane, 100 from the light flogger, ending with 30 lashes of the single tail. I counted each aloud thanking her. Except for the flogger where the blows came too fast. I just spoke the number. She told me I undercounted earning myself extra strokes.

Mercifully she cut the cane to 8. Then at the end she gave me 6 more stiff strokes. I remember trying to push myself through the couch and uttering words you’ll never see in the dictionary.

She’s given me rougher beatings but structure brought a better quality to the experience.

By a leash she led me for a walk in the back yard. On the way out she stopped for what was probably the best moment.

Alexandra held out her hand filled with dog food for me to eat. In my fantasies I’d imagined having to live off pet food. Eating it from her hand was sweetly humbling.

Then I crawled the 100 feet to the bench. She did many things.

Naked I lay on the grass for her final torture. She dug into and scraped across my right nipple with her heel. Alternately she’d yank and pinch it. I don’t know how long she worked the nipple.

Alexandra’s goal was to finally make me beg her to stop. A small bump of flesh being steadily worked there were times I wondered if I might. Momentarily I had that ecstatic experience where pain becomes pure pleasure. Then the nipple returned to merely hurting. I could connect to her genuine happiness in making me suffer. This is more important than the pain itself.

Finally she decided I’d had enough and we stopped. Hours later my right nipple is still larger and pinker than the left.

Alexandra has written a much fuller account in Slave of Many Guises - I - The Dog, The Floor and The Masochist and II.

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At the time of writing, poor Richard’s nipple still hurts when lightly tweaked :)

you are a lucky man it has been 16 yrs sense i have had a woman hurt my nipples with heels i have big breast with huge nipples for a man and they are very sensitive to female feet and shoes ,i have 2000 pairs but that is as close as i can get wrong color wrong part of the country Puget sound area,i have had a shoe fetish ever sense i was four i am 44 yrs now i will probably not experience shoe worship with a woman again thank god for eBay i am envy you Reginald

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