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My response to the small clothespins shocked me: is it possible that I’m not as masochistic as I’ve long felt?

It is a truism of S&M that masochism changes like the weather: adjusting itself to your inner state and physical environment. The latter being on reason dominants are often charged to tend to details like making sure the session space is warm enough. *

Indeed the dominant has to be attuned to the bottom’s capacity during a scene’s play.

A worried speculative dance about my masochism was to follow for several paragraphs.

But understanding came to me as she was whacking my nipples and phallus with her riding crop: my nipples are just sensitive. Probably almost everybody’s are.

Women’s nipples respond easily to sensation by evolutionary purpose. Men’s because ours are just vestigial version of theirs.

Penises nerve endings are designed for pleasure. Were they as sensitive as nipples men would be wearing codpieces.

So I can rest confident that I’m just as much of a pain whore as ever.

* Unless of course chill is a desired part of the ambience.

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I had a wonderful time last Sunday abusing my pet.

A large part of this involved working on his nipples with groups of bamboos skewers; a Wartenberg pinwheel, and two different riding crops. (I’ve used the rubber slapper on his nipples; he hates that too.)

I really liked it but I wonder if it was too intense for him; he said his nipples still hurt the next day.

I will be spending more time doing “light” stuff with my pet for a while. He started crying last weekend (it was a fairly heavy session; I wanted to mark him, and he took probably a good 30 cane strokes on his inner thighs and ass), and while that sounds sexy in print (I would have given a lot to make my last pet cry), he was genuinely upset. I felt like a cad.

Then I had to explain to him that it wasn’t a failing and yes, I really meant it.


Nipples are confusing. The first woman who gave me a BDSM session worked them and they hurt for the next couple of days. Alexandra inflicted more pain but the afterpain wasn’t nearly as strong.

Cad? Not you. Had he overestimated what he could take?

I think a lot of this ties into safewords.

I have met a couple of men who seem to make it a point of pride not to safeword unless they are really in extremis.

While I realize this is intended as a gift (“you can do almost anything you want to me”), it essentially puts the top in the situation of knowing she’ll have to watch the bottom closely because he won’t safeword until he’s actually over his limit.

I’d be watching closely anyway; I have backed off before when I thought the person I was playing with really couldn’t take more, though a safeword was nowehere in sight.

But it would be nice to know that the person I’m playing with would also be watching out for his own emotional welfare. (My experience, at least recently, is that it’s not so much the pain you have to watch for as the bottom’s emtional response to it.) Trying to take more than you really can to please me, or to show yourself you’re a Big Buff Macho Dude, is not doing me any favors.

I’ll be talking this over with my pet. I don’t expect he’ll get it. (He is, bless him, very focused on making me happy, whether or not it is good for him.) But taking my pet to the point of real distress hits one of my limits.

My last pet wanted to be broken. I do not know if I have it in me to break a man. When bottoms fantasize about this, I don’t think they consider that the top has to try to put them back together again afterwards. There’s a considerable amount of emotional resilience required on both sides.

I’m relieved to hear that pain the next day in the nipples is not necessarily unusual. It’s not an area I’ve played hard with before, though it seems like recent scenes have focused on nipple and genital torture.

I’d meant to note that I’ve recanted and asked Alexandra for a safe word. It will be better for both of us and spare her possible confusion. Maybe I’m maturing :-)

Nipple play almost ALWAYS will leave tender nipples the next day or so. Well, depending on the amount of play of course. It can me more, or less. Atleast that’s been my experience. My Fiance, and dominant, loves to abuse my nipples and penis. And she has nails too ;) And like anything, the more play you have, the more you’ll get used to the pain ;)

You prompted me to write an entry on safewords.

“Being broken” – I know that desire. If sane dominant woman actually broke a man – made him like someone who’d been in a POW camp she’d feel horribly guilty. And maybe wind up in jail.

Thankfully given the right circumstances you can get this foolish clutter out of your mind.

I am in the midst of “breaking” a new sub. when done correctly nipple play is a very useful and extreemly effective manner of cultvating a new sub or even bringing a slave back into perspective if needed. yes the nipples will be sensitive and depending on the manner in which the scene has escalated the nipples may remain sensitive for a few days. as with all in the BDSM world “keep in mind, it’s all in the mind” and the body is only your extention of entering your subs mind. Hereyeam

I too love to have my nipples hurt during sex and during the lead up to sex. One of my fave games my wife and I play is where she ties me to the bed then systematically hurts my nipples first one then the other. It usually starts with nipple pinching and squeezing, then intensifies into nipple biting, and then on to biting the areola and all around the nipple too as well as the actual erect nipple. She will move out also and bite my chest all around the nipples, leaving my chest totally bruised from the intensity of the painful bites, and she will always go back time and again to the nipples and bite them some more. The pain is excruciating and the erotic effect on me is huge.

When she thinks I have had enough of that pain she will sit on me and ride me while she continues either by leaning forward and biting my nipples until I climax, or if she is feeling particularly cruel she will have a small pot of cooking salt or salt crystals and she will grab some salt and crush it between her fingers, around my nipples. The rough surface of the salt crystals hurts like hell and the painful sting it leaves lasts for an hour or more, long after the orgasm has left me.

I thoroughly recommend this treatment.

I’ve been abusing my nipples for years. I’ve clamped them, pushed many needles through them and even nailed them to a board. I’ve electrified them with small voltages and watched them harden instantly. They are so sensitive that I can orgasm just from pinching them, which I love to do with my long fingernails. I also love to pump them, which I do daily. I’m a 36b and my nipples are my best feature. They stick out almost an inch when they’re erect and I just really enjoy hurting them.

I am a older sub and enjoy extreme nipple torture by my mistress.She starts out by gently pulling them and you think ” oh boy not to much pain tonite” Then…. she digs her nails into them and pulls I scream and squirm. she then starts with a small flogger to administer enough strokes to make them all red. then the clamps.The pain is terrible,she continues on with the other punishment till she is tired. Out comes the leads. the are attached beside each nipple, the clamps are still on. She gives me 2, 3 jolts of juice. That makes me cum instantly,then 1,2 more jolts,this will make the hardest sub almost pass out from pain. she will ask ‘enough’ if you don’t answer it goes on till your tell her “enough’

We’ve never done clamps, weights, pulling or even biting as far as I can recall.

One night while in “bitch goddess” mode she really worked them with a cane. I was very worried that I was going to jump up and take the cane out of her hand (we’d yet to do any bondage back then). I just hated it while it was happening. But I’ve always loved the memory of her wrath and power.

Often she hits my nipples with thing like canes or wooden spoons. This isn’t very erotic for me so I’m forcing myself to cope with it because she enjoys it. Not that I’m complaining.

i am a slave of M.TK. she loves to work on my nipples as part of my training to be her loyal slave,she will often start by giving both nipples a hard sqeeze for 20 seconds and twisting and pulling at the same time. next she put on clover clamps and continues to pull so the jaws bite into the flesh,if she is feeling really happy she has a second pair where the rubber protecting the metal teeth is removed so i am given the full force of the teeth sinking into my now aching nodules,she will use two tens units and attatch two leads from eac terminal 8 in total to each of the two nipples and the other to the metal clover clamps. if your familar with this device she loves the c setting and put the dials up to 5 with fresh batteries,when she is sadistic and that is a lot she will briefly put them to 8 sending deep pulsating shots of electricy into my chest via each nipple.she has been doing this freqently to me for over two years on a regular basis,she will only stop when she feels i will pass out with the pain,she then removes the clamps and the electro leads and proccedes to fed on each nipple biting and nibbling,my nipples are very sensitive and sting like hell,i am surprise they have not fallen off.the ritual continues with biting and squeezing.Mistress then put a rubber gas mask on my head to curtail my submitting moans and feeds me with poppers through the rubber tube connected to a metal filtering device,She give genorous portions of poppers by soaking two cotton balls with her favorite brand for 3-4 mins and then tortures my nipples again,she will bite them hard,squeezing them with pliers and finally she will use her violet wand on my right one leaving the arc to play on it,the ritual ends with me worshiping her back passage with eager tongue to thank her for using me the way she enjoys..Thank you Mistress xx

Regarding the slave on M.Tk. nice artical and very true,though the bit about worshiping her back passage is not true as she does not allow her slaves intimate worship..

My nipples are very sensitive and I love sessions with another guy where we mirror one another while we work both our nipples non-stop, two at a time while we deny our bouncing cocks. After a while we begin batting our cocks together lightly, never stopping the nipples play. When we begin sensual mouth kissing the combination of pleasures is so great that we ultimately cum with amazing full body orgasms, our cocks jizzing readily and hands free - Ahhhhhh! When I don’t have a partner I still love to watch and see how long I can engage in a nippleplay session by watching the hot guys in nippleplay videos Damn, I feel like I need a session right now!

Has anyone tried any serious nipple/breast stapling?? I have seen a few pathetic YouTube efforts with just one staple. I was curious to do this after I had a stomach operation and I saw they stapled me up instead of stitching. It is actually easier and much less painful removing them than stitches.

So I thought gotta try this on the nips! Since then, I have inserted at least 50 into each breast in one session, mainly concentrated around the nipples..The feeling is awesome as is the visual. I use no more than 1/4” staples so as not to cause any structural damage! And the whole equipment gets a good soaking in rubbing alcohol before we even start. Taking them out again is easy and great fun. The holes are small, non-permanent and heal up quickly…Recommend!

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