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The refinement of having my buttocks worked over with sandpaper prior to a beating may be something I read about rather than dreamed up on my own.

Being masturbated with sandpaper seems very typical of my fantasy life. (I’m uncircumcised so it wouldn’t be quite like it would for the foreskin free.)

Thanks to Alexandra I have a much keener awareness of how sensitive my nipples are. But their tender responsiveness isn’t such that they’d respond to hot peppers or Icy Hot. Would they if rubbed with sandpaper before hand? I don’t know: would make an interesting experiment.

Sometimes when chatting with her about my possible future sufferings it is almost as if I’m talking about a third party. Happily it wouldn’t feel like that in the doing.

Curious, I thought I’d dig around for sadomasochistic sandpaper lore. Not much luck. I did read of a man who thought that toughening his scrotal sac with sandpaper would enable him to handle more. Skin isn’t the sensitive part of my testicles. (Though I did find myself thinking that were I a sadist stretching and twisting the scrotal foreskin flesh would be irresistible.)

But I did find this from Master of Delight:

If you are looking for sting and burn, there is simple solution you can make at home. Use vinegar or lemon juice, salt, and ground cayenne pepper. Heat the solution on a stove to help release the “oils” from the cayenne pepper, and then allow it to cool to a temperature about that of a baby’s bottle. I have used it on roughened skin (e.g., slightly abraded with sandpaper or pumice stone) and it will produce a nice sting and burn feeling that will last for about twenty minutes and cannot be washed away. It can be reapplied if desired. I cannot vouch for its use on any open cut or sore, so you would be experimenting on your own in such an application. For the ultimate sadists and masochists, there is always the use a habanero pepper based hot sauce (like Dave’s Insanity, Blair’s After Death, Endorphin Rush, etc) on the victim’s naughty bits —- but be warned that just a single drop of the stuff can be very painful and is not easily quenched if it becomes too much.

(See Chemical CBT.)

This was in response to someone asking about using salt water on an open wound to create more pain. Hopefully a not very open wound.

Having diluted vinegar or lemon juice sprayed over the skin after a really intense whipping would very satisfactory stinging sensation. I used to picture the most elaborate and complex whipping scenarios.

Anyway I guess I’ll make a point of buying some sandpaper for future research.

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sandpaper is a fun toy, at least from my perspective. I’ve used it on nipples as well as on a freshly whipped behind.

a little alcohol in a spray bottle produces a nice sting on sandpapered skin, and disinfects at the same time.

I still think an electric sander is the way to go ;)

lol! Alexandra, you’re my hero!

A percussive orbital sander… I can tell right now that I’m going to have to be restrained on my next trip to Domme Depot.

Oh my poor nipples.

Between Myles and Alexandra I’m beginning to think my body is merely the end product of some industrial process that they gleefully co-create.

Add that to Alexandra saying it might be fun to coat my penis with some painful chemical to give her something to watch while she bathes and I may yet faint from blissful terror.

What kind of - which grain? - of sandpaper should I get?

a high-number grit. I’ve used 220 and 240. the higher the number, the finer and less abrasive the particles. you want to roughen the skin, not tear gouges in it.

I would suggest a trip to your local hardware store, and run the different grits across the back of your hand or inside of your elbow to get an idea of the feeling.

A fine emery board works well also.

That was my guess but sometimes those kind of assumptions get you in trouble.


I still stand by my trusty sanding wire brushes, used for smoothing down car scratches before touch-up. They are a little larger than your average toothbrush, made of brass or steel hairs. The steel is tougher. You can do it by yourself but its best achieved when you have a partner to do it.I find the brass works best used by a partner stroking them from various angles, drawing the brush fairly gently across the nipple,just enough to remove the top skin after a dozen or so passes. Take it slow and apply some but not too much pressure. Its the little brush tips, hundreds of them, flicking the nerves ends as they pass thru. Too heavy and you don’t get that feeling. Its a real turn on for both if you do it right! Once the top layer of skin is removed, you can apply rubbing alchol to the brush and continue the slow and methodical brushing. This ups the excitement pain level but disinfects at the same time. If you are into NT,without much damage and easy healing this is the best way. I get the highest kick from it rather than anything else -and really I have tried EVERYTHING over 30 years- Try it and see if you agree ! i DON’T HOLD THE PATENT, SO ITS FREE!!!


Thanks for sharing that.


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