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Another old photograph that I found on an old computer of mine. There’s probably no photo of F/m BDSM that I’ve looked at more often.


Bound slave to be punished

If you know how much bondage excites me then you may suspect it is that his legs are held apart by a spreader bar. I do like that detail. And he seems in the perfect position for punishment. Sigh.


It is a matter of interpretation but I’ve always felt the roguish smile on her face says that she’ll be taking great relish in the punishment she’d about to administer.

I want my fetishes fulfilled, my kinks explored. But when I can sense in Alexandra untrammeled sadistic joy in something she’s doing, or even just something she’d like to do it is always a thrill.

So I’ve looked at the picture so many times because in a sense the most thrilling Domina is the one who is enjoying what she’s doing.

(If you know where this photo is from, leave a comment.)

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I think it’s from a site that was up in the late 90’s, or maybe 2000 that was called “” I remember it being one of the best sites on the net. Anyway, I used to have the entire series, but I’ve experienced at least 3 computer meltdowns since then and have lost most of my old collection.

Anyway, I live in San Francisco now (what I think that the SF in the site name stood for) and am about to go to the local dungeon. Go figure.


While I’m not really looking for photographs anymore I’d be curious to see some if she maintained her smile. Thanks.

I remember dungeons being advertised back when I lived in San Francisco. Had no idea I’d be interested back then so I never went to one.

For the life of me, I can’t remember if she had the same smile in all the pics. It was years ago. But honestly, that smile is better in real life anyway.

I think the woman may be Midori: If so, I met her once.

Also, parts of sfdungeon can be found in the internet archive.

Google “internet archive” and then put in as what you are searching for.

But I couldn’t find most of the good pics that used to be there.


Midori? Never thought of her. But you tend to not connect people you’ve heard of with the anonymous people in photos you find on the web.

I found a few images of Midori with longer hair and can believe it might be her. I’m almost tempted to ask in her Yahoo discussion group.

Thanks, much appreciated.

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