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Term captures my lover's current goal better than polyamory.


Nonmonogamy vs. monogamy and self-pity.


My lover and I talk about the possible effect of seeing other people would have on our relationship.

On Not Chatting

There are times when less immeadiate and direct forms of communication are best.


Is it possible for a monogamous person to adapt to polyamory?

The Problem of Romantic Monogamy

Is it possible for a monogamous person to change their affectional orientation?

Hypothetical Partners

Theoretical consideration of BDSM experiences outside of my current romance.

Feeling Nonsexual

How the mere prospect of polyamory seems to have shut me down sexually.


Uncertainty and doubt in thinking about the prospect of seeing other people for BDSM or erotic play.

On Romantic Paranoia

Seeking emotional integration and clarity during a time of internal confusion and conflict.

On Seeing Other People

As a monogamous man I have to accept that the polyamorous desires of my lover may spell the end of our BDSM romance.

My Monogamy : Afterword

What should a monogamous man do if he discovers the woman he loves is interested in exploring polyamory?

My Monogamy

Why though I'm a pansexual polyfetishist I don't have the emotional qualities - call it maturity - for polyamorous relationships.


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