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Sometimes Alexandra surprises me - even leaves me speechless.

Some of those moments have been in D/s where she mind-fucks me and I’m kneeling there if I’m about to discover what drinking from the toilet is like. The uncertainty and what may perhaps be relief (I’m too pervy to know) gives me a huge rush.

She startled me the other night by expressing a possible desire to establish a contract (or as she clarifies in an entry today a summary of our shared intent. Read Contract). Wasn’t able to think of anything to say other than “OK.”

Which isn’t to say I object. I need a little time to get my mind around it. And as she says it may be a gift given my inclinations.

It is always wonderful to see someone you love grow and evolve. And when she entertains some new possibilities I see my Goddess extending herself. And I like knowing she’s been thinking about us.

As she observes we’ve been cultivating various styles and level of D/s play. A convent may help spare me uncertainty. (I remember long ago wondering about different collars for different times. Likewise different honorifics.)

And it should be fun. D/s can be ecstatic but for us I hope it is never less than fun (not really a trivial thing in this world).

How much I love and adore her.

If you are interested in D/s contracts you might want to glance at this reference post I made last December: BDSM Voluntary Slavery Contracts.

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i wish that i had had more notice of the D/s contracts and other marriage contracts like the one i signed with my Mrs before I signed it.She informed me at the time of signing that the contract was just symbolic.After i signed it with witnesses, Mrs then claimed it is for real. That is almost 5 years ago. There is one sentence that says it all. Mistress blank can change the contract or add to the contract at any time.blank can not change or ask for a change in the contract. With a little material for blackmail & everything now in her name plus all my finds going to her bank account & no driver’s license it is simple she owns & controls me just as she pleases. I am streiving to make the most of it. When she brags to one of her friends that there is no way that she would ever consider going to back to a normal marriage. My advice is no contracts-not for one day. Yes Iam hers 24/7.

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