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There are some men whose most powerful fetish is seeing a woman crush something.

Seeing her heel come down on an empty package, fruit, an insect, a kitten - I have to stop there because with the last item however much I may try to summon empathy I cannot, do not want to go there.

But boxes, foodstuffs and bugs: seeing those crushed doesn’t dismay me.

The guys who enjoy crush project themselves into the crushed object. It is a wholesome, safe fantasy. And some women like Alexandra enjoy crushing the objects.

I can’t identify with lifeless things. And in this I have at times let Alexandra down.

Honestly I’m not sure how strongly she cares for object crushing anymore. The fetish in itself isn’t important.

Certainly in our early days together I’d have given her pleasure if watching her stomp on something aroused me. But I’m dead to it. Even with the sexiest boots in the world all I’m going to see is a woman crushing a box into the floor.

Even love and adoration can’t alter that part of my mind.

When she wanted me to be able to participate in object crushing I felt a lover’s guilt. But she knew that if it were within my power I’d have incorporated it into my kinks.

It has never been a point of strife between us. We care too deeply for each other to let a single fetish interfere with our relationship.

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I think mostly it’s about giving extreme power to the female’s legs and feet which is the core of that fetish. Women’s legs can be described as a powerful asset anyway, this is taking the analagy further by giving them destructive power.

It takes the ‘devastating walk’ and turns it into a completely annihilating one. While it requires suspension of disbelief, the mental groove along which it slides seems to be enforced by enough memes in everyday life to make me suspect that the fetish is more popular than people realize.

But you are proof enough that most people probably don’t have what some call ‘the gift’.

I don’t really miss it, since I get the ‘powerful legs’ scenario in so many other different ways that it now no longer matters. I still enjoy the idea of squishing things from time to time and that’s that.

I don’t think you even remember how much you suggested in terms of ideas to make you learn the fetish. I think when you get to spend some good quality time as a floor (we need to find the way that works the best) I’ll be able to blend the idea of crushing and trampling into one in my head and get the most from the scene for myself that way.

I’m hoping the exposure will eroticize the floorhood experience for you over time which would make it more intense for both of us. To generate just the smallest amount of crush lust inside you in any kind of interpretation or way would be the cherry on the cake.

I guess the object crushing bottoms eroticized something they saw and projected themselves into it. All my earliest stuff was about being bound and me being whipped; verbally mocked and abused.

So it is easy to imagine you crushing /steeping on, say, my toes and fingers.

I do (very dimly) recall trying to suggest ways to condition me into enjoying object crush.

It was easy to get involved in the food crushing because I knew what was going to happen to that food.

You know I’ll do what I humanly can to match my desires to yours.

I like object crush when the item crushed is of significance to me. The more the item means to me, the more i love seeing a powerful woman walk on it. It is part sacrificial too. The damage done to it is permanent. If the item is very important, like a certificate, award, picture or diploma, then i want to film it, since the destruction is a one time occurrance. Watching Her step/stand on my memorabilia shows how powerful and much more important She is to me than the object. It’s a similar feeling to what i have during trampling.


I absolutely love object crushing. I wish you had a site that would show scenes we would like to have reenacted.
I like to be trampled by multiple women, cuz that’s as close to feeling the crush as possible. An alternative is to have a soft boy looking doll crushed to pieces and smashed to the floor. That way I can imagine being smashed to the floor by hot women with beautiful feet. And see, that’s just it, they have to be beautiful, cuz if I’m gonna go out anyway, it has to be a beautiful women that you would do anything for and here she is and wants to crush you to nothing and there is nothing you can do about it. That is just what the crush fantasy is all about.

i agree that the core of the object crush is mostly the fact that we have the feeling that women feet have all the power in the world,so as a result that makes them catastrophic.i also agree that its part sacrificial,but i would say i enjoy it more when “i am in the mood”.of course if i see crushimg on the street sometimes gets me in the mood.the bad thing on the net is that all object crush sites are paysites and except from groups it is difficult to find free clips elsewhere.thanks for listening,i hope this forum grows.

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