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Woman trampling man in floor.

I’m pervy enough to find this exciting. Wish I had noted where I got this and the name of the artist.

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Have you ever imagined yourself lying stretched out across the floor while a woman walks across your body?

I hadn’t.

Trample fetish - as it is inaptly named - is one of the least-known fetishes. Alexandra told me about it when we started talking about BDSM. That it is an act in which she takes the keenest enjoyment.

I was greatly taken aback.

The word trample put me off. It conjured images of rampaging herds of cows crushing all within their path. Beyond even my nuttiest sadomasochistic fantasies.

Given my beloved’s enthusiasm for trample there was only one thing to do: research it.

Matisse had long linked to and sometimes cited one of my other sites so I felt free to ask her advice. She suggested using ropes anchored in the ceiling to offset some of Alexandra’s weight. Or that she apply the pressure while sitting in a chair.

Off on soc.subculture.bondage.bdsm I heard from a fellow who liked to have two or three women trample him at the time. And he shared the story of a guy who liked to have spiked heels pressed against his eyeballs.

I read the words of a crush giantess’ fans and crush forum participants: they took pride in their cracked ribs.

Downloading trampling clips was no help. The lighting and appearance of the models made it clear they were professionally made. Many of the scenes showed the women enthusiastically stomping on something. Very possibly the floor. Editing video clips is easy.

None of that was what you’d call encouraging. It was easy to imagine myself burst, punctured with stiletto heels.

Eventually in talking with Alexandra I came to realize that trampling meant walking across a man. Not using him as a trampoline.

And bare feet, flat shoes could be used as well as sharp heels.

And looking closely at some of the trample images I could tell the women were offsetting part of their body weight by holding on to a wall or furniture.

My fears diminished greatly. I even wrote a few sketches (they tended to blur crush and trample).

Eventually Alexandra was here. I can’t pretend that I wasn’t nervous. But I could tell that she was being scrupulously careful. So my response was mixed. And a little overwhelmed. But never injured.

Then came the night I asked her to walk on me.

Given good will and care you can even acquire your lover’s kinks.


When you asked me to walk on you the first time it was a very special moment for me. I have to be honest, though - I haven’t been able to completely enjoy walking on you as much as I’ve hoped because at present for some reason I’m finding it hard to relax. It’s a combination of how you feel underfoot and the noises you sometimes make. A short-term solution may be to learn to ignore it, if we aggree that you can take it.

Making some kind of device, be it a rail to hold on to or a plaform to make you level with something, would make it easier to relax into it and make more of a scene out of it as opposed to a quick intermission. Likewise simple practice and training will help.

As you start weight training again it will also improve the quality of my walks. Hint hint ;)

Being walked on is still kind of spooky and overawing. I guess that is why I’m making noises (something I’m not even conscious of). Ignore me, gag me. If I really hurt I’m sure you’ll know.

Think about what you might want in the way of a platform. Or is this the earlier idea of something like wooden slats that I’m under?

And I’ll see what can be done to give you something to hold on to.

i love to be walked on all over my body with boots and shoes even my face full weight with no poles or ropes

A narrow hallway makes a good place to walk on a guy. The Lady can walk down the middle of the hallway with just Her fingertips touching the walls on each side; it doesn’t take much pressure against the wall to keep Her body upright, directly over the guy’s body.


wow i have had this fetish since i was about 5 in someway or a kid i had regular dreams of being crushed by a giantess,smelling the feet of one of my mums frinds or being eaten by a i got older i use to smell girls shoes and whenever i went to someones house if ifound myself left alone with a pair of womens shos near me i would smell them.then one day i saw an episode of charlies angels(first time round i am 41 now) where charlie was having a back massage by a bare foot beautie walking on his back.ever since i have had a trample fetish.i have trampled by quite a number of women. i have been trampled by 2 wifes,girlfriends,friends and prostitutes. i have been trampled barefoot,boots heeled and flat,mules,sandles,courtshoes,pumps,trainers and stillettoes,with a manner of different stokings and tights.i still have a foot fetish and a crush fetish and i enjoy them all the same.when i go to prostitutes i never have sex with them becuase i now i am doing wrong by going to them but would never let them fondle my privates becuase they are only for my girlfrind to touch like that.the last one i went to was great she was about 30 ish and very pretty she made me lick her shoes clean and kiss her feet and when i had licked one of her strappy high heeled sansles clean for about 10 mins she checked it and said thats not clean enough and made me lay down she then walked all over my back and it hurt but felt great.she then made me take of her shoe and worrship her foot i kissed it and licked it and sucked her toes until they where clean and then the same performance again on the other shoe.she eventually stood on my face bare foot for about 15 mins lightly at first then harder untill finally ran on the spot for about 5 seconds which really hurt but was great she aventually tie and gaged me and spanked me untill icried and the caned me with 15 strokes.fantastic.hope this helps a bit.also if she likes trample why not advertise for a male for her to trample however she likes while all the time she is staring at you then he could leave and you could make beautifull music together

ihave a trample fetish i love walked on by men and women altho can never find some one who wants to do it im 21 and it seem non exitent in my age group so if any one knows any sites that tramplers advertise on then please let me know

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