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(Alexandra has written her own account.)

I have a small blister on my lip but it only makes me smile. Call it a small badge or honor if you will.

I’d asked Alexandra help me explore a few of my bondage fantasies.

Very early I dreamt of having my testicles and neck collared and connected. There’d be just enough tension so that some movements would give the former a tug reminding me of my status.

This required me to put on my collar.

After a few minutes she invoked protocol. I didn’t realize that at first but she had no problem making it clear. So ‘I,’ ‘me,’ ‘mine,’ vanished for the first time.

She did the first timed use of me as her footstool. I’ve served her that way before but only for a couple of minutes. She told me I’d stay in position for five minutes. Later she told me it was seven. I rather liked this little white lie.

Seven minutes doesn’t sound like much. We’re just being careful to make sure the stress on my joints doesn’t evoke too much soreness the next day. She’ll increment the duration until I’m down however long she wants.

This is one of those practices where I can’t really appreciate the dominant’s perspective. It seems boring to me to just be sitting with your legs on someone’s back for more than a few minutes. But as I’ve said it feels very calming when she uses me this way.

Bootlicking she took to a new depth. She instructed me to clean he soles, leaving not a particle remaining or I’d be punished. I worked in earnest. It wasn’t the threat of punishment. I fall naturally into an obedient state and want to comply: to do as I’ve been ordered.

I’ve never shoved my tongue and lips against her boots as hard as I did that night. Desperately trying to lick or suck off every speck. This is how I got the blister on my lip.

She forgave the bits that remained in the narrow tread. It would be impossible for me to remove them. Though she might choose to be less accepting another night. Or have me find a tool - toothpicks? - for working in the tread. Having to lick the mud off an implement sounds as delicious as nasty.

Eventually I started fumbling with the pronoun protocol. Noticing my errors left me confused causing more mistakes. She said it was time for me to be punished. To spend time in the closet.

Crawling to the closet I saw it was littered with, well, I don’t know what. I panicked. We don’t have a safeword: I’ve never wanted one. So I simply said “safeword!” The scene stopped. (You have no idea how I hating doing that.)

Cleaning the closet yesterday I found three small bits of wood with nails sticking out.

Alexandra felt something that the yes men of voluntary slavery easily forget: dominant’s guilt. Good dominant’s hold themselves to a rigid code of perfection. A failing on their part they feel is more damning than anything a slave might do.

I’ve done my best to reassure her. We were just having a good time. An experience to learn from. And I cherish my blister.

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Dirt in the treads? That just requires copious amounts of saliva. ;)

Oh, I tried, I really did :-)

Maybe fingernails. Her call.

Nope no fingernails, toothpick held between the teeth and moved aside when you get it out and are cleaning up. It would take a while even so… but slaves desires are to serve, not to question. ;) (Again this is all up to your ‘Goddess’ of course.)

Miss Silver Vancouver BC

I realize that licking your Dominant’s shoe clean can be a thrilling act of submissiveness for the slave and an exciting power trip for the Domme, but what you describe (all that dirt!) sounds quite unhealthy and hazardous to me. You could get worse than a blister! Personally I wouldn’t order my slave to do such a thing, or allow him to do it, unless perhaps the boot was brand new and absolutely clean.


Thanks for the concern.

While I know the theoretical dangers nothing Ive encountered in discussions with other kinky folks seems to indicate theres any real danger. In respectable restaurants Ive eaten tainted food that made me ill. Or weve bought milk that left Alexandra nauseous for hours.

Alexandra does have me gargle after boot licking.

To be honest Id have to know there was danger before Id give it up. That particular act of worship is dear to me.

Many thanks for the comment.


Your concern is entirely valid, of course. When I first got web access in ‘98 or so, I began typing naughty words into search engines and eventually came across shoe fetish and trample sites. One of my first comments was that I found shoe lickers disgusting.

But I’ve spent an awful lot of time on the internet in kinky communities and speaking to shoe lickers or their S.O’s, reading boards dedicated to the act and not once have I found someone becoming ill by licking a shoe sole.

Of course, I still wonder, do I want to put the man I love through this risk? But he loves it so much, it seems almost cruel to take this pleasure away from him.

Mostly he licks footwear which has not been in the street, since it’s outrageous fetish stuff, but occasionally I like the trip of making him lick the shoes I’m wearing after we’ve, say, gone shopping or something.

Like Richard said one of the first unwritten protocols I enforced was the immediate gargling with strong disinfecant, though I realise that some germs escape by being swallowed.

Some fetish mistresses boast on forums how they would make their slave even lick dog shit off of their shoes - that is something I would never do. I make sure there’s only really mud on them and nothing else.

This is a very interesting topic and one I was planning on making an entry on in the near future - I just wanted to wait since I am always talking about refitisim and I wanted to vary it up a bit :)

Richard’s never got ill from the copious dirt he has consumed from my footwear. The moment he does (if that ever happens, and I pray it never does), it will somewhat shatter a part of our world as I would have to radically change how we do shoe worship.

Thanks for the comment!


Well,i’m 42 and have been licking runners and boot soles for 36 years,i have never gotten sick at all,on the contrary,i would say i have an immunity probably to a lot .Love it and will never stop.I love both woman’s and men’s shoes to clean,men’s shoes are much dirtier.

One solution is that Mistress has slick-soled boots reserved just for the humiliiation of Her slave’s bootlicking. She steps in food, including smelly cheese, perhaps mixed with peanut butter, so that Her slave gets the sense of licking shit from them without the health hazard. On the other hand, there are clays that some people do eat, to furnish certain trace minerals in the diet, so Brad may be on to something after all.

I knew a girl who liked to eat red Georgia clay: she liked the taste. While she didn’t eat that much the quantity more than the amount of mud on Alexandra’s boots.

Food play? She’s had me lick crushed banana and boiled egg yolk from the soles of her boots. Disgusting but delerious degredation.

It’s best to lick brand new shoes / boots where nothing has damaged or infected them. They are so much sexier when new.
Dried peanut butter or chocolate or even vanila pudding certainly looks distasteful and achieves desired levels of humiliation. While sucking the boot toe or high heel can be entertaining, there is nothing like licking a squeshed banana from between a woman’s toes while she wears high heeled sandals. I wish every woman demanded the deed.

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