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Tomorrow night my beloved steps off the plane and back into my arms.

My preparations have been mundane: buying light bulbs, stocking up on food, housecleaning. Not very thrilling but with the hope that taking care of quotidian household needs will insure we make the most of our three months together.

Sounds almost like a subhubby. I’ve always liked taking care of what I can for my lovers. The small ways of saying you care are neglected only by the unwise. Romance often prospers or falters in the details.

More sweetly she’ll finally see what I bought her for Christmas. I hope she likes it.

That my almost treacly romantic nature mirrored a desire to surrender was the insight that brought us together; from her friend to her lover, pet and slave.


There used to be a part of that yearned for lifestyle slavery (maybe there still is but let us assume otherwise for now). But no illusion that it was a state that I can emotionally endure.

I greatly enjoy reading the blogs by 24/7 couples. Eventually it hit me: the only reason I know they practice power exchange as a lifestyle is because they’ve said so. Overall their days together are as varied as anyone else’s: minor squabbles, civil disagreement, laughter, play and freedom. Label choice expressing perhaps some sort of desired boundary or aesthetic preference. They are happy; it hardly matters.

The most stringent M/s relationships I’m most aware of are between people who don’t live together.

(Yes I am aware of exceptions.)


Alexandra and I have talked lots about working to enable more BDSM into our time together. Informally, as ambience if you will. I’ve called it a lavender blur.

With good luck this would let us get more out of our time together, enable us to slip more readily into heavier power exchange and simply give us new experiences. Her feelings of dominance are flourishing and my own desires are ever present.

There are risks in going outside clearly defined emotional spaces and roles. We’re all subject to tiredness, depression, irritations: they can’t be planned for. But they can be anticipated. All too few things in life seem to be achieved without setbacks. The real risk would be in not anticipating miscalculations and mishaps.

Heck, that is just the nature of human relationships. People who have terrifyingly binary expectations should opt for lives of celibacy and isolation.

Alexandra and I have talked at length of the challenges. One of the best things about our love is there’s never a lack of communication. We’ve got good will, empathy and are reasonably bright people. We’ll learn and adapt.

Hopefully she and I will have some stories to share of exploring our UnLifestyle.



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Richard, I’m so excited for you… at last She’s coming back and you can spend REAL time together in every sense of the word. Enjoy! Hugs Sky

I know you must both be so excited :) May your time together be as special as the two of you and the love you share.

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