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Punishment (Again)

Psychology of the masochistic desire to be the object of angry correction, discipline.

Punishment as Education

Is pain or correction really the proper way to ehance the maturity of a submissive person?

Paradox of Punishment

Discipline and correction as BDSM play scenarios rather than an actual need or requirement of D/s relationships.

Spankings : Yes or No?

Is there ancedotal evidence for the benefits of corporal punishment in BDSM relationships? Should spankings ever be more than a form of play?

Women Spanking Men

F/m corporal punishment stories: do you have an experience or fantasy to share?

Franco's Art of Domestic Discipline

Firm older women administering over the knee spankings to naughty younger men.

Females spanking males

The role of pain and punishment in relationships that include female dominance as erotic play.

Domestic Discipline?

My own feelings for woman worship do not include anything as pedestrian as domestic discipline punishment.

Of Hygiene and Canes

She gives me a session with the canes to teach me to be clean and to take care of my health.

Choosing a Hairbrush for Spankings

Femdom: I want my girlfriend to spank me with a hairbrush but how do a choose a good brush for her to use on my butt?

How to Beat, Whip, Spank &etc. Your Slave

Guides and how to engage in erotic whippings, BDSM spankings and canings.

Spanking & Flogging Books

Joseph Bean's fine guide to whipping and flogging and Lady Green's book on consensual spanking.


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