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Do husbands and boyfriends need to be spanked?

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Who better than Jay Em for F/m ‘domestic discipline?’

This entry is to provide a venue for a discussion of sorts that is being closed elsewhere.

My own instant answer is: no. Hard to imagine a spouse or lover who has to be punished to be a good partner. But given the variability of nature and needs it probably supplies some men an balance or orientation I just can’t see.

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I’d feel remiss if I didn’t use one of Eric Stanton’s images of a male under the power of a woman.

As a young man I was strongly intrigued by a Robert Heinlein novel where public flogging was used in lieu of imprisonment. Being publicly shamed and beaten seemed humane compared to being locked in a filthy cell (later I’d spend time in one of those: it reinforced my earlier opinion).

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By this artist’s standard this is very humane.

Anyway if you are man who enjoys or needs spankings, paddlings, whippings or a woman with complementary feelings feel free to write about why your relationship works best that way and what satisfactions the act of corporal punishment gives you.

Bound whipping

What a handy thing to have in the backyard. Bet he built it.

If consensual punishment of another person bothers you please remember there are zillions of other web pages you could be reading and move on.

(A related note from about a month ago: Domestic Discipline?)

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It feels a bit odd replying to my own entry.

I’m a masochist. I enjoy pain. When it is deep and hard enough it strips away everything except the need to obey. I do enjoy the pain itself. Maybe not when I’m experiencing it. But come the morrow I’m a happier man.

As far as I know Alexandra enjoys hurting me because she is a sadist. I assume the power she has over me gives her pleasure. I hope so.

While I may emerge from a whipping a happier man I’m not a more moral one. Nor is Alexandra seeking to transform my overall behavior. How I act as her slave at times to be sure. But not to keep me from being rude in ordinary life. I strive to be a caring and attentive man with her. And treat others civilly with the rare exceptions of people who invite rudeness. Oddly the people I’m consciously rude to never seem to notice. Probably projecting their own response to the world onto everyone else.

The main thrust of my meta-comment: I am an erotic masochist, she is an erotic sadist. I’m not a child that needs correction. And she’s not acting as my mother, governess or school teacher.

But for many of you corporal punishment seems to fill a very different role in your lives.

I am not in a relationship now, but in the past a few times have achieved the real corporal punishment feeling and to me it was rough at the time, but wonderful for a long while afterward, due to relief of guilt primarily. I am an odd mix of extreme independence and strong submissive desires which is complicated to sort out. When things do work out there is nothing better. I also get masochistic and beg for more and more so I need a Dominant who will set limits and adhere to them.

Whenever you have a question that has a term like “need” in it I think you open up the floor for moral or absolute comments.

I beat my men because they have given themselves to me and because we have agreed I have that right. I never, ever do it to punish, only to reward — either myself or him — because I am a dominant sadist. To use pain I enjoy giving as a punishment seems risky, I want my partner to enjoy the pain, not fear it.

Also I believe that effective punishment should reflect two things: the error/crime and the personality of the individuals. To just use one standard form of punishment for anything seems a bit lazy and also a bit ineffective in terms of teaching the correct or better way to do something.

It the spanking is an attitude correction, frankly if that attitude continues for more than a short amount of time, move on to another person. Life gives you enough headaches, why be with a partner who constantly needs “correcting”? Aren’t their more positive and fulfilling ways to spend your time?


Always good to hear from you. The ‘guilt’ kind of threw me but if you are burdened with that I’m glad you have a way to purge it.


I know how busy you are. Thanks for posting such a clear and eloquent response.

It’s all been said. You all beat me to it. Good one :)

Of course, a bit of ‘corrective punishment’ is always in order, and it acts as a kind of spice. You don’t need much of it, but without it, things might get boring.

Mostly, though, I prefer to not have too much of a struggle which is why the desire to please is essential in the sub. I understand there’s a ‘brat’ scene and tops who love them, but it’s not my thing.

Many tops see ‘brats’ as a challenge to their dominance. That’s fair enough but I’m not a competetive person. I don’t go into domme space to feel big. I do it because I love it as an art form and an exotic form of lovemaking.

I am an older male who loves to be spanked. I prefer my partner to use a belt or strap - and expect that my spanking will be long and hard. My reason is supposedly to reduce stress, but to be honest it is simply that I enjoy being spanked. Sometimes she uses a paddle or a plastic or wooden bath brush. I have little control over my spankings.

I have seen a ever increasing interest in strong dominant females using bare bottom spanking along with other means of punishment the last few years. Perhaps more and more women are realizing we dont have to settle for second best and are able to discipline and train a husband or boyfriend to live up to our expectations. This applies to both everyday life and bedroom activities as well. I think that deep down inside most men have a need or desire to be held accountable and past experiences remind them that spanking was one method.

Not to forget that many women find equal satisfaction in the role. I don’t think gender defines the pleasure of spanking. Or role-playing punishment.

I love to be spanked by my wife. The fear before the punishment is really delicious and the feeling when I am nude and exposed is something difficult to explain… but it is so good. It is just an erotic play, but she surely beats me me quite hard: usually I get 50 to 60 warming up hand spanks, then 200 strokes with the hairbrush. I strongly believe that a spanking should really hurt to be good and the sting should last long to bring its full effect. This keeps me excited long enough, a few days, to justify the pain. By the way, for me the spanking is just an exciting prelude to regular sex… … And it has nothing to do (for me) with obeying or humiliation. It is just an enjoyable part of my sexuality that I assume with great pleasure!

my WIFE spanks and punishes me quite frequently, and depending on the offence quite hard. Punishment is punishment and never leads to sex. Sex is sex. We have a seperate room that we use for severe punishment sessions. Spankings can be done anywhere except our bedroom.

My WIFE has set a routine i am to follow every night when i come home. i have to remove all my clothes in the garage and put on whatever SHE has put out for me. Usually it is a large tee shirt, some times it is a thong. Whatever it is it is to make her access to my bottom easy.

My WIFE likes to spank me so i remember it. If i am to be spanked SHE will have me crawl to HER bathroom and retreive HER hairbrush and to take it to her. SHE then has me lay across HER lap and SHE procedes to administer a good hard spanking. Usually SHE starts with a series of quick smacks, about 5-10 at a time, first on one cheek then the other. After 50-100 SHE will rest for a minute before giving one hard stroke after another alternating cheeks until my butt is totally red and sore. SHE will have me stand in a corner so SHE can see HER handy work and decide if i need more. For more severe punishments SHE will tie me to a bench in HER sewing room with pillows under me to raise my ass. SHE has a collection of paddles, straps and dildos SHE likes to use in my punishments. Severe punishments are saved for big transgressions. Usually after a severe punishment SHE will administer a large volume enema so eventhough i have a hard time sitting, i have to. i really enjoy our spanking and punishment sessions, and i also enjoy our sex times. SHE is always in control, i am always either naked or nearly so. i never know when SHE is going to spank me, but sometimes i will do something to provoke HER so SHE spanks me.

My GF and I exchange spankings for fun. She likes a bit of role play (scolding, etc), while I am more interested in pure sensation.

I’d like to see more Jay Em drawings like the one on the top of the page. He’s by far the best artist on spanking images I’ve ever seen. Rick

I’ve noted, as soon as we married, that my husband has got a submissive nature, but it took a few months till we could openly talk about. Next day, he brought a sturdy, large wooden hairbrush to me, and nothing else was necessary to say. Now, I punish him with long, hard spankings on bare with the hairbrush, and that usually happens at least three, four times a month. It’s not a rare occasion when he can’t sit down for a good few days afterwards. I’m now his ‘mommy’, as he calls me, while his real mom, although surprised at first, now is very understanding about. She says she always new his son’s submissive side. Once she took a good look at my fearsome hairbrush and said ‘Id better have used this more often myself!’ She’s never witnessed his son’s spankings, yet in a few occasions she’s stayed next room hearing his piercing cryings and pleadings. So it’s my testimony that it’s always possible to improve things in a marriage when there is free, open talk between husband and wife.

Husband need a weekly spanking on their bare bottoms, over the knee, until they beg for mercy. They, need to be kept under control for their own good on a regular basis, red arsed and naked is a good way to keep any man.

No one needs to be spanked. But some of us enjoy the surrender and the pain.

I think that regardless of if people like to admit it or not, there is a child in each of us that still yearns for guidance and accountability. For some reason it seem to manifest itself more in males than females. Perhaps traditional gender roles and upbringing make them more vulnerable in private, as they are expected to be so stoic in public. Either way, I seem to know many who are regularly taken over a sturdy lap for a long hard bare bottom dicipline spanking.

Sometimes the naughty boy in me comes to the surface. He is lazy, selfish, and thoughtless. When that happens I need for my wife to spank the naughty boy out of me and bring the man and husband back. I have tried to explain this but she is reluctant or just doesn’t realize the rewards she will reap from it. I need her to discipline me whenever I slip up. Anyone….HELP!

Some women do not want to harm another. It is outside their imagination. Even if the harm is only mild and beneficial.

I’d suggest doing a Google search for “domestic disciple f/m.” You’ll find a bunch of junk sites but I think there are some good ones and you can probably find a few thoughtful articles explaining the psychology of it.

I fully apreciate the need for boyfriends and husbands to be spanked, I have been into the spanking scene since i was 15 yeaqrs old, and I have to admit there is nothing more erotic than been put across the female knee and having your bare bottom spanked hard, any strict females who read this i would welcome your input.

I am a disciplined husband. At least weekly my wife paddles, and she is an expert with her large collection of paddles. I am nude and submissively positioned on our paddling bench for long, painful discipline sessions. She generally gives 60-100 swats, slow and hard. Last night it took her 45 minutes to apply her board 60 swats. PURE PAIN. I don’t reccomend strict discipline like ours to all couples, but it works for us! Tony

Spanking for punishment is a fantasy based on spanking for punishment.I am thrilled and get sexual satisfaction from the thought and practice of a good bend over ankle grabbing paddling.I was in school when teachers still used paddles.The thought of the canes used before that Wow!We have this as a regular part of our play.The question of punishment has been discussed in other entries.I am rewarded with a gift when I am spanked and that is wonderful.The real punishment is first my failures or shortcomings.Mistress expects me to keep my pledge which on it’s face is very unfair.However,all of my promises are freely offered so I am responsible for any unfairness.When I fail my heart is broken and shame separates us.The gift of punishment is to give me a means to demonstrate in a real way,my willingness to make amends.Mistress has put much thought into what truely hurts the most.Some of my punishments have been,no bondage,worshiping,or references to them in conversations.We become a vanilla couple for as much as two months.This is the most dreaded true punishment ever invented.However at the end we both know our love is even stronger.This is severe but the rewards are great.I very seldom fail for this reason.It isn’t that I can’t play,it is the space between us and the shame for what I am punished.

I get my ass paddled 3 to 4 times a week. My girlfriend is a real no nonsense woman. After pulling down my pants and underpants right to the floor she’ll take off one of her flat heeled shoes, then bend me over her knee and paddle my poor bare ass with the heel of her shoe until I’m crying real tears. She continues the paddling until my ass is fire red, covered with heel shaped welts and blistered.

I have been thinking about punishment and what it means.This can be corporal ,withdrawl,or anything devised by the punisher.For whatever reason I am punished,it is in my mind a true gift of love.This sounds corny but the strength it takes to deny yourself the pleasure of bondage or sessions is love.Not my denial but the one who has been hurt.She is holding me accountable for my broken promise.Her word is final and unchanging.She can’t be charmed or conned to lessen the time,number,or intensity.This was never my experience with others for I was always able to con my way out completely or lessen the punishment.This is like the security of steel bondage.On my knees abmitting a secret orgasm that she would never have known about was one of the most emotional experiences of my life.She could have said it was no big deal,because it was more of a mistake then willful.She could have rewarded me for my honesty and given a stern warning.She was not angry but hurt.She was however thoughtful and took her time to choose my fate.The punishment was announced and it was no naked at her feet,worship,or refering to her as Mistress.We had vanilla sex, she rubbed my back,cooked some meals,and even cleaned the bathroom.I could not carry her purse or open doors in public.This doesn’t sound like punishment but it tore my heart out.To have a wonderful massage was torture,to watch her cook was awful,then to see her clean the bathroom was painful,and in public I felt useless.I think submissives will understand the dynamics of this punishment.She enforced every minute for the full two weeks.I can’t discribe the love we found as I was permitted to return to her beautiful feet.I am truely loved.

I like to get punished from wife. pls.tell different stories and send different pictures on my mail i.d. given above. Thank you,


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I find that it best for me to have a woman partner who knows and enjoys spanking me. When I inadvertently cause hurt, or do something she finds intolerable she can spank and paddle me hard and then forgive me. The other women seem to hold on to their grudges and resentments. I do not think I am a pain slut, but I am proud when i have willingly stayed in place even when she gives me a severe spanking. It seems more effective when she demands some humiliation, such as in front of her girlfriend, or with the promise to diplay the results shamelessly in the gym or pool changing room at the local Y. Andrew

i like the spanking stories i have read,just wish i had a lady to spank me thank you

Diane has added a new twist to my discipline sessions with her. Last night she invited her friend Shirley over participate and watch while I got my ass tanned. When Shirley arrived Diane told her to prepare me for a good ass blistering. Shirley was more than happy to oblige. First she removed every stitch of my clothing except my underpants. Next she had me sit on the sofa while she stooped down and slipped her pair of red leather spiked heel pumps onto my bare feet. Then she stood up, pulled me up off the sofa, grabbed my ear, and marched me into the bathroom where Diane was sitting on the toilet seat waiting for me with her wooden hairbrush. Shirley pulled me over to Diane’s right side, slipped her fingers into the waistband of my underpants and yanked the down around my ankles. Then Diane hiked up her skirt and pulled me over her knee. As she grabbed my hands and pinned them securely behind my back, Shirley grasped my ankles and held them down to prevent me from kicking my legs. Once the two girls had me held in position, Diane began to paddle me with her brush. Boy, did she give it to me. She smacked first on one cheek and then the other. She smacked my ass severely where my cheeks and thighs meet, then slowly down one thigh and up the other. Then she concentrated the brush smacks right in the center over my butt hole. After the first couple of minutes, she had me screaming ond balling my eyes out. The paddling went on for thirty minutes. Then Diane stopped, had Shirley pull me from her lap, and told her that it was her turn to tan my hide. It seemed like less than a minute before I was again bent over a feminine knee; this time it was Shirley’s, and then after Diane helped Shirley remove one of her shoes and handed it to her, she got behind me to hold my legs in place just as Shirley had done before. Now, pinned securely over another pair of nylon clad legs, the real ass tanning began. Shirley took her flat heel shoe and revisited every inch of my bare ass and thighs that Diane had covered with her hairbrush only moments ago. And in no time Shirley had me balling and sobbing. Shirley’s shoe paddling went on for over thirty minutes, and when she was satisfied I had learned my lesson, she had Diane remove me from her lap. Then she got up from the toilet seat, and both she and Diane pulled me by the ears back to the livingroom where Diane stood me in the corner with my nose to the wall, hands on my head, and my fire red, bruised and blistered bare ass on display; still wearing Shirley’s red leather spiked heel pumps on my bare feet. Diane then joined Shirley on the sofa to admire the thorough job they had just done on my poor ass and started planning another discipline session for me with the two of them this coming weekend.

My wife & I have been married for 30 years and I have been spanked regularly for 25 of them. We have an appointment with each other twice a month starting on Friday night when I get back from a business trip. When I get home she has me shave & shower and change into my panties and she is usually waiting for me in the family room dressed in very tailored, sexy lingerie. She demands that I wear panties all weekend long as part of my attitude adjustment. I am usely spanked several times during the weekend on both my pantied and bare bottom. My spankings consist of mostly erotic but there is always the ones for discipline. She uses her hand and her leather pocket paddle. I am almost always OTK. Once the spankings are finished we have just absolutely great sex. My wife has told me whenever I get tired of this or want to slow down she will accomodate me immediately. I couldn’t ask for a better wife and life long companion.

I’m a 46 year old man who has been married for 20 years. My erotic spankings started about 10 years ago, and those for real discipline began in May, 2002.

My erotic spankings are usually on my jeans, sometimes on my underwear, and very rarely mild ones on my bare butt; usually with a ping pong paddle, sometimes with a switch or my belt. These are very satisfying weather or not they are followed by sex. Probably the best is several spankings of increasing intensity during the day, capped off by a great blow job while being spanked with a hairbrush on the bare. I love a long, but not very hard, belt spanking on my jeans as a reward when I have been especially good.

When I do something bad, however, I get punished with one or more beatings, and a suspension of the playful spankings for a set period of time. I’ve gone as much as a year and a half without an erotic spanking, and missed my 45th birthday spanking. We have several paddles which are used exclusively for discipline, and my belt on my bare butt is also only used for punishment. These are always on my bare butt, usually bent over the end of a small (but sturdy) table, sometimes tied or chained to the table. They usually range from 100 to 200 licks, but have been as few as 25 and as much as 500. The licks are applied uniformly extremely hard from start to finish, sometimes quite fast, others with breaks for scolding. Scolding before and after is always a given. Anything in the range of 100 to 125 or more almost always makes me cry. Afterward I am sometimes left bent over the table (especially if I’m bound), sometimes I’m made to stand in a corner with my jeans and underwear around my ankles for a few minutes up to an hour, and sometimes I’m allowed to pull my pants up and move on right away, especially when the punishment was for being lazy, or not getting a project finished on time. Then I’m expected to get right to work, or else.

All in all, it works out just fine for us, even though my wife absolutely hates to punish me (and consequently doesn’t do it often enough). It has resulted in my “mid-life crisis” being very short lived, and we are even happier together now than ever.

I like and need to be spanked by a woman, I feel it is only right as in my heart I know that a woman is certainly the superior gender and I crossdress in an effort to closely align myself with the feminine experience.

I’m 27 and 2 weeks from getting married my fiance spanks me regularly and on sundays. I’m ordered to go retrieve the brush and stand in the corner until shes ready, when she calls me she puts me over her lap and pulls my pants down. She spanks me red and puts me in the corner with my bottom on display. She is now telling her friends about this and i’m not impressed.

I am 45 years old, married for 13 years and subject to discipline by my wife for the past five years. It started when I kept trying to persuade my wife to behave submissively toward me and accept discipline by me. She resisted this and it caused stress in our marriage. We considered going to a counselor but decided to work on the issue ourselves. We started taking long walks together where we talked about our relationship and our likes and dislikes. She admitted that she did not really like sex and that the nuns at her Catholic school had really drummed the idea that sex was dirty into her mind. I had to admit that my efforts to dominate her were really a cover for my desire to be submissive. Gradually we agreed that she would limit my access to sex. I am not allowed to see her undressed, no fellatio and intercourse only two times a year (she is on top). That might sound terrible but it gives her a real feeling of power and makes me anticipate the few times I get to have sex. She does spank me but does not really like it. Strangely enough, she does not hesitate to rub Ben Gay onto my penis and scrotum. I am forced to wear women’s undergarments when I displease her. If I am rude to her she will put clothespins on my nipples. Our relationship is about 1000 times better now that we are in the open about our true feelings. Finally, about spanking. When I look back over that past couple of years I can see that she is more willing to spank me but certainly not as hard as some of what is described above…

I am a lifelong submissive and have a real need of female discipline and correction. This is something which has been with me all my life from a very early age. I have had two live in relationships with dominant females. The first was a straight boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, with normal work, social, and sex lives, but my partner was in control at all times. Whilst in the flat my girlfriend would dress as she liked, but I was always at least stripped to a pair of trunks, and was normally naked with just a pair of trunks kept by the door in case I had to answer it. I would be told whether I was to be naked or not. I was spanked, strapped, or caned on a regular basis, for any misdemeanour or failing on my part. My girlfriend would often go through a ritual of wearing certain clothes (her ‘punishment outfit’) whereby I knew in advance of any impending spanking or thrashing. Sometimes, I would be kept waiting for many hours before being ordered to the place of punishment. The discipline was loving and fair, and worked well for us both, but the relationship ended after about four years. The second live in lover was with a woman much older than myself, and whilst we again had a very full and active sex life, it was much more of a dominant-submissive relationship. Again, my partner had a ‘naked in the house’ rule, and her punishments, using straps, canes, hairbrushes, backbrushes, or whips, were severe and cold, but suited the overall situation. After about two years she returned to her husband from whom she had been separated. I am now married to a fantastic woman whom I love. Early in our relationship she would discipline me, although it was something new to her. Since marrying however, she has gardually stopped the discipline as she feels uncomfortable about it. I miss it and need it, and have tried to show her that when I am in the wrong I need correction, not an argument. I do not think she will agree, so I may have to live with my frustrations, as I would not force my wife into anything, but I know that a few sound spankings would make me a much better husband and lover.

I have been rereading the list and many of the entries give me the sense that the desire to be subject to female discipline is very deep inside some of us. I know from knocking around the web that there are many fetishes and sexual practices that I find unappealing. I also realize that are plenty of men who would find being spanked by a woman distasteful. The secret to happiness in our case is finding a partner who is willing and eager to participate. A wife or girlfriend who just goes through the motions because they think it will please us is very different from a woman who delivers a spanking because it means something to her. It took a long time for my wife to understand this. There is an added dimension to the experience of being disciplined by a woman who simply will not allow misbehavior to go unchecked. There is a thrill that comes into everyday life when a husband KNOWS that there are real consequences for misbehavior. I love that feeling. I find it comforting and it makes it worth the discomfort and humiliation that I must accept at her hand

I am a spanked husband. Last week I performed oral sex (front and back) on my wife as soon as she came out from her morning shower. I must have done a really good job because later on in the day she took me to our bedroom and ordered me to strip. I was restrained face down on the bed and given about 3 dozen whacks on my bare hiney with her paddle hairbrush. She released me from restraint, made me lie on my back inspite of my sore behind, and rode me like a wild woman. I love it!

I would love more than anything to find a girlfriend who would spank me. It’s a turn on and would also keep me in line and focused on her needs. Any ladies in North Texas give me a hollar.

A previous poster, a dominant wife, observed that “red arsed and naked is the way to keep ‘em.”

OH, hear, hear Madame! After many years of relatively happy marriage and a relatively contented sex life, my lady wife and I have recently discovered erotic submission. It is pure BLISS for me and has made me a much more considerate, not to mention, inspired lover. As my loving, and newly attentive, wife has become more comfortable in her new role, my joy has increased. As another poster observed, not so much during the actual process of being “licked” but during the long, languid, “tenderized” minutes and hours afterwards.

My only regret is that my special lady didn’t begin “initiating” me gently on our wedding night. She has solemnly promised me to make up for those lost years in the future.

Call me “Bare arsed, naked and loving it!”

Do you think you are more considerate because you are being punished or because your needs are now better met?

I haven’t had the privelege of having a partner who would spank me, but I went to this club once and the girl read out the options and one was getting SPANKED! I was 30 at the time and have always wanted to be spanked by a woman. It was great I got an hour’s worth of spanking on my bare ass, with a paddle and a strap and her bare hand. I have been back twice and ordered the same thing. It’s great cause the girls are naked and I am naked and getting my ass tanned. Now if I could only meet a woman to have a spanking relationship with it would save me some money!

I am a slave, yet a Domme. I absolutely love being spanked, but find that spanking a man can be an intense turn on. My Master had me develop my Dominant side so that I can beat His ass occasionally. He and I both enjoy it, and so do my submissives!

My wife sometimes spanks me for being ‘naughty’ or insubordinate, but only with her hands and only a few times. I thoroughly enjoy this, and dream of the day she bends me over her knee properly and gives me a long rhythmical spanking with a paddle on my bare bottom. It’s not easy to discuss with her,as I think that her intentions are merely playful.

I am happily married to a wonderful woman who has put up with my childish behavior for 30 years. Allthough I am 10 years older than her, I behave like someone younger most of the time. About 5 years ago we had a big row over something that was due to my sillyness and I sarcastically said to her, “so what are you going to do about it, spank me?” To which she replied, “don’t tempt me, cos that’s just what you deserve, you are just like a naughty little boy at times and I think a good spanking would do you the world of good, I’d certainly feel better after it.” I laughed good-naturedly at her and the tension was gone between us as she laughed too. After a big kiss I said to her I was sorry I’d upset her and her comments were well founded, and that if I had a mother who loved me as much as my wife did, she should have spanked me often long ago. She looked at me strangely for a moment and then said “well you better sharpen your ideas up or I might well decide to do just what your mother should have done years ago.” and laughed. I just grinned at her for a couple of seconds and then laughed. “what?” she asked smiling. “Go on then, I dare you.” She looked at me and with a twinkle in her eye and a chuckle said, “Well if my naughty husband wants a spanking then that is what he shall have, now give me 5 minutes alone upstairs then come on up and I will give you what you want and deserve.” she giggled and blew me a kiss as she went laughingly upstairs. well 5 minutes later I joined her in our bedroom to find her seated on the edge of our bed in a long red seethrough nightie and matching panties. Strip cmpletely, she said to me with a grin. I took very little time to do as she asked I can tell you. “Now come and place yourself over my knee you naughty boy.” she said mock sternly but with a grin. I hurried to obey, I was up for this in more ways than one if you follow my drift. Once I was over her knee she adjusted me to her satisfaction and then put her other leg over my two calfes and asked me to put my arm that was farest from her behind me, the other was trapped on the inside. When I did, she grabbed it in her hand and held it up my back securely and to my astonishment I found myself held completely and securely. “So my husband wants a spanking does he?” she asked me with a chuckle. “Yes my dear.” I replied with a chuckle myself.”Well you shall have one my darling, but with a differance.” she said, but I noticed that there was no laughter in her voice and I was a little bit worried now. “What do you mean?” I asked warily. “What I mean dear husband of mine is that I have you totally helpless and naked across my knee just as you and I both wanted awaiting a spanking, but there our goals change, you were expecting a spanking that would get you all fruity so you could have some good old rumpy-pumpy with me, but I am going to give you a spanking that you will remember for a long time to come making up for all the spankings you should have had from your mother long ago, and also for all the times you have worried, angered or annoyed me, and what all that amounts to is this, you are going to be spanked for a solid hour, 15 minutes with my hand to warm you up and then 45 minutes with my hard-backed wooden hairbrush. And before you say anything, yes, I know this was not what you had in mind but you also forgot that there are two people involved here, me being the other one, and you are going to find out what a proper spanking is like, you will beg, plead sob and cry buckets of tears but to no avail, I will turn deaf to all your entreaties until your naughty bottom has been thoroughly and soundly spanked in one hour from now.” And I can tell you she kept to her word and spanked me hard and long till I was abolutely sobbing my heart out and my backside was so bruised I could not sit down with any degree of comfort for two weeks after. and sex was definately the last thing on my mind. But after all that I knew I had got exactly what I had deserved for years and by someone who loved me enough to deal with me, I have had many spankings since, but they have always been of the erotic kind but I know if I step out of line again I know what to expect from my loving and caring wife.

It is always great fun to get a barn burning bare bottomed spanking across a lovely lady’s knee.

i note that all the other e-mails are from husbands or boyfriends. The person who punishes me is my mother. i am now 24 years old but am still controlled as if i was still 4. She dresses me as little boy in the house and she treats me in every way (bathtime, bedtime, wallopings, nose in the corner and so on) as if i was still a boy. i love her dearly and know that i must obey her but sometimes i wish she would allow me to grow up a bit. But everbody says what a good boy i am and congratulate my mother on my behavour so i don’t suppose i should complain steven

Mistress has learned that a toy needs to be spanked,humilated, and guided thru disipline is indeed love …..the idea being that fear is a awsome motivator…the beautiful combonation of pain/pleasure is a loving caring one….my treasured toy knows he can relax that everything is ok …Mistress is here and she will take care of everything … enough said

This is a fantastic site. My own reaction is simply to say that I like it best when I am made to wear female undies, bra, panties, suspender belt and stockings, then to stand in the corner for however long it pleases my wife to leave me there. When she has decided that it is time for my punishment I have to kneel in front of and ask for punishment for my errors. I am then told to lie over a padded stool which leaves my panty clad buttocks up in the air and it is to these that my wife’s hair brush back is applied for however many strokes she feels I merit. The punishment is doubled if, at the end, when I have to get to my knees in front of her to thank her for the chastisement, I have an erection.

Plain sex isn’t enough stimulation. Spanking is dramatic both physically and emotionally. The buttocks also no doubt have many erotic nerve-connections even if merely by being along the way to the genitals. Thus, the simple pain of the hitting combines with sexual stimulation. And, these two combine with the endorphins released as a result of the pain and psychological excitement. All these make for a very exciting and fun event leading to sexual euphoria. The ‘sternness’ and ‘violence’ of the event add to the drama of it. For the spanker, watching the buttocks redden and shake with the hits, along with the enlivened and stimulated look of the spankee, are sexually exciting, probably because they naturally signal energetic ‘youthful vigour’. Getting spanked and spanking in a loving relationship are amazing!






I was surfing the net when I saw your site, by the way, the drawing of the bare-bottomed man getting spanked with the hairbush is great and is the reason I’m adding my own story. Two years ago I married a wonderful man called Peter who is now 56. I am Carla and I am 52. I am also a big woman, 5ft 11in and very broad. Peter on the other hand is 5ft 6in and average build. Anyway, we had both been married before unhappily for both and got our divorces all dealt with and out of the way, and met thru a couple that had made friends with us at our respective workplaces. Needless to say, we hit it off and 6 months later were married. Well one day we were skylarking about in the lounge and he picked up a glass with a bit of water in it and started to walk towards me as I was sitting on the couch. “Don’t even think about it Peter if you know what’s good for you.” I said laughing. “What?” He smiled, trying to look all sweet and innocent, which in fact made him look like a mischievous little boy. “You look like a naughty little boy Peter, and that’s just how I’ll treat you if you don’t put that water down, you’ll be over my knee getting a spanking.” I laughed with mock stern finger wagging. He put the water down on the coffee table, and then with that little boy look on his face again said, “There it’s down, but can I still have my spanking?” “Oh like that is it? get yourself across my knees now you naughty boy Peter.” I laughed pointing to my lap. He grinned at me and did just that, oh by the way, I was just in my bra pantie and nightie outfit and he was just wearing his boxer shorts. Once he got himself comfortable, I patted his bottom. “So my Peter wants his bottom smacked does he?” I asked giggling and patting. He looked round and up at me and grinned, “Yes please.” “All right Peter, how many would you like?” I asked having never spanked anyone before. “I don’t know, shall we try 50 for a start?” he said, looking up at me. I nodded and started slapping his bottom slowly. When I had got to 25, he’d given a couple of wiggles and he was definately getting a bit harder down below and I could feel it. So I stopped. “I can see you like this Peter, shall I take your pants down for the rest of it?” I asked with a giggle. “Mmm, yes please darling.” he murmered happily. So I pulled his shorts down to his knees and seeing his bare bottom was only slightly pink began spanking again a bit harder. At the end of the 50, his bottom was a bit redder now and he was very definately harder below. “I can feel you liked that more on the bare Peter would you like some more?” I giggled with glee and suprise that I’d even thought of that and even more suprised that I was enjoying it. If I was shocked at my feelings, I was totally blown away by his reply. “Yes oh yes dear, but can you do it like my mum did when I was naughty?” he pleaded looking at me in shame. “Er how was that Peter?” I asked quietly. “Well, she used to spank me with her hand until my bottom was very red and then she would hold me tighter still so I could’t escape, then pick up her hairbrush and spank me for ages with it until she thought I’d learnt my lesson and I was crying like a baby over her lap.” He managed to gasp out in embarasment. I sat there stunned for a minute.Then I told him to look up at me. “Peter is that what you really want?” He turned his face and nodded sheepishly at me with a little bit of a grin probably thinking I thought him a wierdo. With a big smile I told him to go and relieve himself of his erection, and when he had done that, to collect my hairbrush from the bedroom and give it to me before going over my knees again. The joy on his face was something to behold I can tell you, it was as if he’d just won the lottery. As for me well, what can I say? what had started out as a bit of fun had now turned into something else, as had my feelings. I still loved Peter dearly, but now I wanted to do to him just what he wanted me to do and I was looking forward to giving him exactly what he wanted even if he changed his mind hafway through. When he returned, I asked him once more if he sure this is what he wanted as once I’d started I would pay no attention to his pleas or tears until I thought he’d been thoroughly spanked. And my darling Peter just nodded. So gripping my husband tightly round the waist, I began spanking his bare bottom with my hand steadily increasing the strength and tempo until his bottom was a very angry red and he was wriggling about to escape my hand. He put his outside hand back to protect his bottom and I decided that now was time for phase 2. Gripping his hand, I pulled it up his back and pinned it there out of the way, and then moving him forward over one knee, I trapped his two legs with my leg and he was completely helpless and at my mercy. I picked up my wooden hairbrush and began spanking him slow and hard. soon he began begging me, I spanked on harder and faster, then he began pleading me thru tears, I spanked even harder, then he was sobbing like a baby and I finnished of with 25 very slow and hardest of all ones. It took him half an hour to calm down from it and a lot of soothing oil on his bottom. That night we made wonderful love like we’d never before, and he asked me to do the same again anytime I felt he displeased me or I thought he needed it. So far it’s been 9 times but who knows what’s ahead, all I do know is that we are very much in love with each other.

Love the site! Anyway, I believe in only one way when it comes to discipline and that’s F/m. Period. I can remember back several years ago before I had internet access of my own, I would go to adult book stores to look for material on F/m spanking. But, man was it difficult to find! All I would see was females whipping other females and males punishing (pains me to say it!) females. UUUGGGHH!! I even saw males punishing other males! But, F/m seemed to be non existant! Finally, one store got in a pretty good selection of Females dominating males. It was great to see it too! I mean, for me, it just does not fit any other way! Men are NOT to spank women for any reason at all! Women are NOT to spank other women. That underminds the Female authority, in my view. Females spank men’s butts! Period. Well, as the internet has grown over the last seven years, F/m has really burst onto the scene! And it is great! There are lots of great sites that feature women punishing men only! With no criss-crossing. Basically, if all you want to see is F/m, then that’s all you will see. In other words, the sites don’t have pictures of the other stuff. Just the Female paddling the male butt! The way it should be! Well, it is kind of difficult to just get a Female into punishing you if she’s not predisposed to it. So, I just found me a dominatrix. I have to pay for the sessions, but it’s cool! I go like two-three times a year. She does the bondage thing, but also does the domestic discipline thing. That’s what sparked my interest in her. Her site listed domestic discipline as one of the things she specialized in. So, I contacted her and have been going to see her ever since. She wears like a spandex type dress with nylons when she spanks me. She’ll bend me over her knees and hold me firmly in place with her left hand and tear my butt up with her right hand. She scolds during the spankings. Sometimes she turns the chair towards a mirror so I can see my self getting my bottom blistered as I’m lying across those awesome nylon knees! She’s stronger than me as well, so that really adds to it. After a session with her, I just can’t ever imagine it any other way!

My wife also uses corporal discipline in our marriage (of nearly 33 years). I am not a masochist and I do NOT enjoy pain, this is why it is so effective in enforcing Her way. From the beginning, She has ruled our house according to three basic rules: 1. If I misbehave (don’t do what I’m told to do/do what I’m told not to do)or show improper attitude - I will be punished. 2. It WILL hurt sufficiently to ensure I change my ways/attitude. 3. I will not get out of it by simple repenting (I am ALWAYS put into secure restraint for punishment); punishment severity and duration is completely at Her decision.

Bottom line - It works.

I’m a male 46 years old. We’ve been married for 15 years. I keep asking my wife to spank me. The feeling of standing in front of her as she is sitting in a chair an having to pull down my pants and underware while she she just sits there and waits and knowing in a minute I will be over her knees is the best. After standing in front of her for a minute or two she will tap her lap and I must get over it quick or it will be worse. She starts out with her bare hand for about 10 - 15 minutes and when I’ve started to turn a light shade of red she will the switch to the hairbrush for at lest another 1/2 hour. Then depending on whether I have cleaned the kitchen or not it will be either to the sink to wash the dishes, pants still around ankles or straight into the corner while she reads. She ussaully spanks me once ever 2 weeks. About a year ago she had me go buy a bamboo cane for when she said I had been really bratty that week. For that I must strip completey naked and bend over the back of a chair in the middle of the room. She will usaully give me 20 with the cane but no warm ups. If I had my way I would be over her knees a lot more but at least she does this for me every other week. What is it about being spanked that I like, I don’t know but I love it

I have enjoyed my fantasy for real in many U.K. towns where dominant ladies are prepared to dress as head girl or a girl prefect. I am then lectured, made to bend over and touch my toes and given 6 of the best with a thin wippy cane over my trousers. I usually say “that didnt hurt” so then I am forced (sometimes with another girl prefect to help) to remove my trousers and submit to an OTK hand spanking on my pants before other implements are used by both the girls before finally another bare bottom session over a chair with the cane. Most of the ladies really do enjoy the role play and giving the punishment. P.S. So do I, very much, so are there any other ‘girls’ want to try and see if they enjoy caning me?

I am a married man who also is spanked by his wife. I have mixed feelings about this as I do NOT like extreme physical pain. But, at the same time, I do need to be disciplined. My wife firmly believes in real discipline. This is why it such an effective tool for her in molding me. I am always restrained while being spanked to prevent my being able to interfere in any way with whatever she has in mind. She never mixes disciplinary punishment with more mild erotic BDSM “light”. For her, real discipline is punishment for bad performance and attitudes, and an encouragement for me to improve my behavior. This means a spanking must be severe enough to cause me real pain, enough pain that I will change my ways in order to avoid a repeat performance. This is why I am restrained; so I cannot avoid her will in this matter.

To “Submissive” on the “women spanking men” forum:

I almost had your fantasy play out! I was having sex with a tall blonde girl named Stephanie. She had her hair tied up, and had her top stripped off, and only had her g-string on. I asked if she would spank me. I told her that I was her little boy, and talked back to her. Stephanie put me over her knee, and started spanking me, fast. She said, “you’re a bad bad bad bad bad boy!” Every word she said, she gave me a hard spanking. I get so turned on right now, thinking about it!

i was instructed to write this by my Mistress/wife. i was bad the other day, shecalled my best friend up, telling him of my misdeed. he has punished me with her in the past. he arrived finding me in corner with just panties on. they had me come out of the corner, kneel and she told him why he was here and what i did.. they had me go over her knee, she spanked me with her hands over the panties, he then took his turn, pulling the panties down to spank me on my bare ass, i then was tied spread eagle on bed, when i was spanked with a brush, belt and switch till i cried like a baby, my wife always corrects me and says like a little girl. after the spanking, she made me thank my friend in a way i did not expect, she made me suck him till he came, i had to swallow it all. she says this will make me a better pantyslave, i was then sent to corner. for 1/2 hr. with panties down..i will try and behave better in future

It is really interesting to be spanked by females. My story is different than others. As above every body has written that they have been spanked by their wife but I am being spanked from last 25 years from my aunty’s family i.e aunty, cousin sister (her daughter) and sister in law ( her daughter in law). I am 42 years old man . I remember my first spanking when my cousin sister order me to wash her panties and I said no. My aunty was sitting their she simply pick my mouth and slapped me first. She order her daughter to open my jeans . I pleaded but all was in vain. My cousin sister which is 3 years younger then me.At that time she was 15 but she looked enough younger as big woman.She started spanking me with very big brush for 15-20 minutes. After my cousin sister spanked me my 32 years aunty spanked me more severely and except sobbing I could not do it. Then my aunty ordered me to sign a agreement that i have to do What they like.From that I have been serving my aunty , my cousin sister as they wish. My cousin sister which is 3 years younger than me treats me his as slave boy. from last 12 years one more respectable lady has joined the forum.She is honorable my cousin brother’s wife i.e Sister in law.It was my cousin who has taken all the charge. All the three ladies spanks me one by one as and when their mood fits. I am working as Manager in a company and I get handsom salary but only very little amount is to be given to me. All the household work is done by me and my uncle. My cousin brother whose wife demands more from me . She takes meal by making stool of me. Whenever she put her leg on ground her leg first put on my mouth.I sleep near her bed and many times she piss in my mouth and I am spanked by her. I am not allowed to marry and only serve to these Queens. I am really glad to have such a beautiful cousin sister which has tamed as a slave of her and treats me like a dog. Whenever she is happy she allows me to have sex with our maid servant and also tell our maid servant to spank me in front of them.Also instruct me me that your existence is less than maid servant. I have to give all my salary to my sister in law as she is in charge of house. I have to lick her cunt as and when she desires.

I am Professor of the age of 56 years in reputed University of U.S.A and I am living in USA from last 35 years.I went their when I was 21 years old for doing Masters degree and I was very much educationalists so I did my Ph.d and finally I got the Job at university. I never thought of marriage but when I was 35 years old I came in to touch of a girl of the age of 21 years old who was divorcee and having a girl of 3 years old she was running her boutique.I am small in height 5 foot 5 inch but she was 6 feet but she was very beautiful and gregarious girl and I fall in love. Within six months of dating we got married. Soon in 4 years we got 2 more girls children and her business started running very fast then demand of house hold work started. I have never got the love of

My wife works night shift and if she comes home and I didn’t clean up after the kids and do the dishes she spanks me with a wooden paddle. If she finds out I looked at porn or masturbated then I get the real bad spanking with a computer power cord that I taped to a 3/4 PVC pipe for a handle, the cord is looped and with the handle and loop its about 22 inches long. 4 hits with it and you don’t want any more. I get around 20. it leaves bruises instantly. Anything less and its like its not a punishment.

My wife is 10 years older and bigger and stronger than me. She is 60 6’2” and 190 lbs., I am 50 5’10” and 165 lbs.. She doesn’t have any trouble holding me down over her knee and lets me up only when she thinks I have had enough. She usually will the put me on my back on our bed and ride me to our mutual release. Some times after a spanking she will use some hand cream both front and back and sometimes slip a finger in to massage my prostate just before I lose control.

My wife spanks me on a regular basis over my punishment girdle which I then have to pull down. I am then spanked over my tights and panties.

For light infractions I am spanked over her knee or bent over the couch.

If I am really bad she will have me kneel on the floor with my chest, arms, and head on the bed. She will then sit on my back and paddle me with a paddle about 500 times.

Last night I insulted a couple at a dinner party. My wife slapped me in the face, dragged me to the sink and washed my mouth out with soap. She then dragged me to the couch, pulled down my pants, and proceeded to spank me over my girdle with a paddle that she had in her purse. I was laughed at for being spanked and wearing a girdle, tights, and panties.

When she finished spanking me, she bent me over the couch and had booth of the insulted people spank me with my own belt and with the paddle.

I was then made to stand in the corner for 30 minutes. I got another spanking when I got home.

I was the talk of the community.

I do not like being spanked but it has made a difference in my behavior and has kept our marriage together.

My dominant Asian wife Stephanie has spanked me for the 10yrs we’ve been married.Her technique is to order me to strip naked across her lap. Stephanie uses just her hand but she does it so hard and fast it could be a pattle.I’ve learned to be a better partner to Stephanie over the 10yrs so I don’t get spanked as much anymore. One nice thing Stephanie does after spanking me is she always tells me she still loves me and gives me a kiss.

There is nothing sexier to me than an attractive strong charactered woman giving me a smart spanking over her knees with her hand. I would imagine her in very sexy clothes, barefoot with nail polish on her finger and toe nails, dragging me by my arm to our room, then with authority yanking me over her knees for the bare bottom spanking that would turn me on. This is something purely sexual soemtimes in men and can be stimulating in a relationship if done properely by a woman without hurting her man’s feelings about it.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Females spanking males. Please stick to the topic of the entry. Forthright disagreement is fine as long as it is civil.
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