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I forget where I first saw Franco’s artwork featuring matrons who are firm believers in discipline. Or as he puts it:

… my interest centers around lenghty bare bottom over the knee spankings…with a larger than usual age difference between the male and female. In fact, the more startched, matronly, severe looking harridian the better, especially if she gets her secret jollies out of slapping a muscular ass. And then the mortification of the male who gets aroused from the spanking itself … Yes I know I’m wierd …

Nothing weird about that, especially given some of the acts I’ve confessed craving. Uncommon, yes, but that should be a source of pride.

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Lesson in domestic discipline
Mature lady spanking male
Nurse spanks man
Guy spanked with slipper
Spanking in matron's study

Franco has a Yahoo Group:

This group features fictional illustrations that depict the spanking of males by older, mature, harridian, matrons in the time honored domestic fashion, featuring art work by Franco as well as other contributors.



These images represent total male to female submission, truly a vision of mind over muscle. The matron has clear power control - the exchange is complete.

when i am told by my wife that my bottom is going to be spanked and to bring her hairbrush to the bathroom, i really get excited. knowing whats coming, turns me on. the door is closed and i am told to get bare from the waist down and get over her knees. after telling her why she starts to whip me and although it stings, i enjoy having my bottom tanned. eventually the pain becomes severe and i beg her to stop. tears flow but she continues until she decides i have learned a lesson,

I feel Franco is one of the great artists who really shows us males in otk positions. I think seeing a teenage boy and also the muscle bound boys laying across a mans lap with his trousers down around there knees and there white briefs pulled down around the bottom of there butts is the biggest turn on. I would love to see a man spanking another one with a belt. Franco`s drawings are the best. Locker room spankings such as boys spanking another boy for his birthday bending over the work out horse in gym either on the bare butt or on his white briefs that would bring back some fond memories.

I love it when my wife is cross with me and promises me a good thrashing. I get so excited; my tummy muscles go all tight. Last Friday we had guests and I got home late; our guests were already there. Debbie was furious with me and when we were alone in the kitchen she told me i was for it when the guests have gone. I spent the evening anticipating the beating I was going to get. When our guests had gone we went back into the dining room and she said she was going to get the cane and that I was to drop my trousers and underpants and bend over the back of one of the dining room chairs. “Now I want no nonsense.” she said as she left the room, “Be in position when I get back.” I did what I was told and when she returned with the cane I was bent over the back of the chair with my bare bum stuck out for a severe caning.

my fantasy is for an elderly woman who is dressed in a very prim and proper way to walk into the room and catch me fully naked and masturbating, she would stand over me looking at my erect cock chastising me and calling me a naughty and filthy boy before putting me across her knee ad giving me a good spanking after giving me a thorough spanking she would then masturbate me herself

Franco is one of my two Favs in spanking art. I wish some of his matriarchs were just a bit younger(less gray). I also wish I could join his yahoo group,but can’t seem to find a way there.

I am interested in Franco’s drawings, especially his drawings of spanking machines. I can’t seem to locate them now, although I saw them a couple of years age. Hafnium has a small gallery, but thumbs only. The yahoo group, francospankingthree, just says it’s members only, but doesn’t say how to become a member. Do you have any ideas?

Please could somebody tell me how to become a member of francospankingthree? I am a great fan of fronco art and would love to join this group. I have tried many times but it keeps coming back telling me there is no such group. Thanks Luke

Yahoo often removes sexually themed groups.

I have always loved Franco’s work ever since I discovered it about a year ago. It’s a huge fantasy for me to see a big muscular teen boy obediently bent over an elderly lap, enduring the pain he is receiving on his perfect bottom. The only thing I would want see him draw that I havent seen yet is a matron pulling a big tough boy by his ear. There is nothing more humiliating for a boy, especially a big strong boy, to be taken firmly by his ear, have it twisted, and marched to wherever his spanking will take place. How I would love to follow closely behind a boy while he is undergoing this form of guidance, prodding and pinching the scruff of his neck and the back of his thighs..

This kind of domestic discipline isn’t my kink.

But I did see a drawing somewhere last week of a guy being led by his ear and found it more tantalizing than I’d expect.

I love Mr.Franco’s art,would love to see more fathers paddling their naked sons,like my father did me,wish the spankees could look a little younger. I was paddled till I was 30 but never looked as old as his spankees, they all have grey hair.

moi c’est ma mère qui préfère que je reste toujours tout nu elle aime bien me montrer tout nu à tout le monde ça arrive qu’elle me donne la fessée tout nu devant tout le monde quand j’ai la bite toute raide décalotée dressée en l’air souvent y’a ses doigts qui tapent dans les testicules par derrière quand je reste penché en avant ça fait mal après y’a mon petit jus qui gicle tout seul par petits jets saccadés je suis géné devant tout le monde qui regarde mon petit jus gicler tout seul par petites saccades

On my 50th b’day my wife was giving me a spanking and in walked my mother-in-law who wanted to wish me a happy b’day as well and over her knee I went. It was the most embarrassing spanking to date as a 75 year old woman was able to spank me to tears with just her hand.

i love francos art

His drawings are great but what i find a turn on is the older female who administers the punishment across her knee.

Thank you, could you tell me how to get ALL pencil Old FM older ladies Drawing from Franco i think I have all of them, but untill i see some I dont. I keep thinking there are More Older auntys or Older nurses younger men drawing I dont have thanks

I’m a 70+ woman and find franco’s art so wonderful. I would love to spank my electrician’s big bottom! He always tracks dirt into my house and dream that I scold and then spank him good!

Cora, I want a spanking from an older woman like you, its serious.

Maximo I’m sure you need one!

When I told my wife that a smacked bottom was what I deserved, she replied, “Oh no, I’m not starting that!” Ah well, on with the fantasy.

Where can I find an older women to put me over her knee a paddle my bare bottom?

Hello Cora,I would love for you to put me over your knee and paddle my bare bottom.

The older woman has always attracted me when it comes to spanking and Cora sounds absolutely ideal.Does one have to be an electrician to go across your knee Cora? Or can I just be your naughty boy?

looking for a site which has mature women who spank especially black women

I love my wife putting me over her knee and giving me a long hard spanking to tears with her hairbrush. My fantasy is for an older woman coming into the room as my bottom is blazing and the tears pouring and saying to my wife if he was mine I wouldn’t be stopping for a long while yet, and my wife handing her the brush, helping me off her knee and over the older woman’s knee, smiling at her and saying help yourself, he needs it.

My mother in law is a very stern old fashioned women. She spanked me for being disrespectful. I had trouble sitting for days after. I don’t want another spanking but I get weak kneed when she talks to me. I found the spanking humiliating but in some way this image is really exciting

My mother in law is a very stern old fashioned women. She spanked me for being disrespectful. I had trouble sitting for days after. I don’t want another spanking but I get weak kneed when she talks to me. I found the spanking humiliating but in some way this image is really exciting

Franco’s art reminds me of the time when I was a paperboy peeping in the window of a 70 year old lady getting dressed. all se had on was a corselette and gray tights. She caught me and dragged me in pulled down my jeans and underpants put me over her knee and spanked me hard. My erect cock was rubbing against her tights and made me cum.

I’m a 75 year old widow and love Franco’s artwork as I imagine I’m the lady in the drawing spanking young boys bare arses. I had the neighbour boy next door in to fix my shower and caught him redhanded going through my knicker drawer. I hauled him over my knee after pulling down his jeans and pants to give him a thrashing. His respone was he ejaculated over my stockings. The dirty boy. I was just wearing a girdle and stockings at the time and it was the sight of this and my big bare boobs the made him cum. My pussy was soaking wet. I look forward to him and his friend coming round next week to fix my washing machine.

I often dream about an older woman catching me doing something naughty and then spanking me. This would give me an erection and when she sees it would start to jerk me off and spank me at the same time. Ending up shooting my load all over her stockinged lap. She would then force me to lick it up all the way to her wet pussy.

The drawings are nice, but hey! I regret there are no videos. Just think how exciting it would be to see naked young men, teens or twenties, sprawled across an elderly woman’s thighs, kicking and squirming, begging piteously and loudly as the elderly matron paddles or, better yet, uses a supple, pliant switch on his well-striped bare bottom.

I had a real life experience at 20 being turned over the knee and spanked to tears by my mother in law who is a very stern older woman who can really swing a hair brush. That was a long time ago but the experience was so intense that I can’t get it out of my mind. There were no sexual overtones. She didn’t seem to notice my genitals as she dragged me over her knee. All thoughts of modesty left when the full impact of the naïf brush was felt. When she let me up my hands went instantly to the fire in my behind and I stood fully exposed. All she said was that she would do it again in an instant.

I would strap any young man who would like a good spanking if he would give me one up the pussy after the spanking. I’m 72 years old by the way.

Jean, their is nothing like making love after a nice spanking. It really gets the blood flowing for both partners. People are living longer healthier lives today and wouldn’t be surprised if their weren’t women in their 80’s still giving good spankings out their.

Im a man whowants to be spanked by an olderwoman. How canI mae this hapen. ai want to be handcifed and spanked 100qwats with a belt an paddle. Is there anyone willing. I want to cru in your arms I live near fresno

Hi Jean

A spanking then “give you one up your pussy” I would gladly take you up on your offer. I am in my 50’s.

I love all his f/m spanking drawings. Such a sexual turn on with the more mature female.Just like my mother in law who gave me a severe thrashing across her knee for being rude to her.I was in my 50’s and it was gorgeous.I have loved her ever since !!

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