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It was by accident on another site that I discovered what a popular topic men being paddled, birched, caned and whipped by women is. People are delighted to share experiences or - at least - what they claim to have experienced.

Female accepts cane with which to spank submissive male.

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The words that follow aren’t mine. “Spanker Girl” left them as a comment on another entry. Since it was longer and more developed than most I thought I’d use it to begin this page.

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I started spanking my boyfriend about a month ago and I am happy but he is not so happy.

We were in our house watching t.v. and both of us were bored. I was in my babydoll nightie and matching bra and panties and Paul was just in his boxer shorts. He turned the telly off and started tickling me, of course I started sqealing and wriggling about and somehow I ended up across his knees. “Oh well I can’t let an opportunity like this go by can I?” He laughed, and before I knew it he’d stopped tickling me and was spanking me instead. I yelped and sqealed and tried to get free but he held me tight and gave me about 30 good smacks laughing all the time.

When he let me up I stood there glaring at him and rubbing my bottom. “You beast Paul, that stung.” and then seeing him rolled up and it not really hurting at all as he had’t slapped hard, I began to laugh too.

He was still laughing about 5 minutes later.

“You wouldn’t be laughing if I did it to you.” I said with a giggle.

“Ha, come on then, fairs fair.” He chuckled, and getting up off the couch he told me to sit down and layed himself across my lap.
Giggling still, I began slapping his bottom and soon he was going oooh and aah at each slap and then he looked over his shoulder at me and was laughing again, so I stopped.

“Oh why have you stopped? I was enjoying that.” he grinned up at me. Maybe it was the way he was laughing at me or wether it was because he was so macho about it I don’t know, but I got angry.

“You wouldn’t be saying you were enjoying it if you got it for real Paul, now get up.” I said giving him a last slap.

He took the hint that I was upset and got up. We were very quiet towards each other until bedtime, each waiting for the other to break the ice.

When he went for a shower I sat brushing my hair with the ebony hairbrush my mother had given me when I left home, she’d used the same brush on me when I did things wrong and boy did she make me sorry.
When Paul came into the room and saw me brushing my hair, he came over and nuzzled me and said he was sorry he’d upset me earlier and kissed me.

I smiled back at his reflection in the mirror and said it was alright.
“I had a thought while I was in the shower, what did you mean when you said I wouldn’t have enjoyed it if it was real?” he asked me.
I laughed at him, “Don’t mind me Paul, I was just annoyed at you attitude which was silly of me anyway so just forget it.” I said.
He finnished drying himself with the towel he had around him and dropped it on the floor.

“Honey?” he said nuzzling my neck again as I was still brushing my hair.

I stopped brushing and looked at him in the mirror. And to my suprise he was blushing. “What is it Paul?” I asked him.

“Er would you, could you, er, oh heck.” he stammered blushing even more.

It was if someone had switched a light on in my brain.

“Paul, are you trying to ask me to spank you?”. I said slowly and carefully looking at him.

He just nodded. I had one question, “Why?” I asked.

“I, I, I’ve never had one and allways wanted to try one.” He said sheepishly.

I looked at him in amazement.

“What never, Mum, Dad, Aunt, no-one?”

He just shook his head.

Lots of different thoughts went careering through my head in a matter of seconds but one thing did become clear, I actually wanted to spank him, but for real this time, but I must tread carefully.

“Paul, let me get this straight, you want me to put you over my knee and spank you as if you were a naughty little boy because youv’e never had it done to you but you have allways wanted to try it, is that right?”

“Er, yes please.” He nodded, blushing again.

“You know if I do you’ll be very sore and crying by the time I’ve finnished don’t you?” I said, hopping for the answer I wanted. I saw him strugling with his feelings and then he nodded.

“Come on then.” I said smiling at him and still carrying the hairbrush in one hand while leading him to the bed with the other.

I sat down on the bed and told him to lie across my knee and clamped my other one across the back of his two legs. “Last chance to change your mind Paul, do you still want me to continue?” “Yes please.” was all he said, my heart and brain did somersults at this and I told him to give me his outer arm as his other was tucked in at his side. he comlied and I held it firmly up his back out of the way.

“Well Paul, here you are, bare-bottomed over my knee just like you wanted awaiting your first ever proper
spanking,and I am going to give it to you, I’m going to spank you with my hand until your bottom is nice and red and you are getting a bit sore and then I’m going to switch to the hairbrush and continue until I and only I have decided you’ve been spanked thoroughly, your bottom will be very sore and you will be crying very much but I’ll tell you now, I won’t be stopping no matter how many times you beg me until I’ve decided to stop which won’t be for a long time yet.” I said and I raised my hand just as he groaned.

One hour and about 5-600 spanks later I stopped and looked at his purple bottom as he lay sobbing and exhausted over my knee, and I congratulated myself on a job well done.

He’s had two more since then, nowhere near or long or hard as that first, and he is not happy as he thought he would be, but he is more loving and considerate of me and now wants to tie the knot. Who knows what the future will bring?


While I have never been spanked by a woman as an adult man..I had the experience as a boy. My fascination with F/M spanking has a different take. I have a fascination with the male body and seeing an older, matronly woman spank a young man. Seeing a guy 18 Plus into his thirties spanked by a startched looking governess type is a real turn on for me…next to that is spanking the young guy myself. In my life I have known two different couples, both in their early 20’s where they’re wives spanked the men. While I knew both guys, they’re wives would actually send them to me to get their bottoms heated up, then I’d send them off home to them for inspection.

I think my taste is different because I think a lot of guys get spanked while in a romantic relationship with a woman..I often wish that commerical spanking video companies would use older matrons with younger men…It would be a twist.

I think the above account by Spanker Wife is great, now two questions for everyone out there, what is the longest spanking you have had or given, and how many spanks delivered. Mine is one hour and 200 spanks, and boy did I cry as it was with hairbrush, do you cry too?

Whenever I can find an excuse to humiliate and discipline my husband I always do a first rate job. I have found that the most effective and most humiliating act is when I berate him for not completing a task. This is immediately accompanied by a sharp slap across the mouth. He must say he is sorry and beg my forgiveness or I get out my small whip. Husbands must be disciplined and punished to keep them in their place.

I am 12 years older than my current b/f, Ian’s 27 and I am 39. Last year on Valentine’s day he asked what I would like to do to celebrate. I was still annoyed at him for the previous day’s escapade from him which I won’t go into now, suffice to say I was still livid with him. ” You don’t want to know Ian believe me, I am still fuming over yesterday.” I told him curtly. He looked at me sheepishly for a moment and then he took my hand in his and looking into my eyes told me he was sorry. ” Sorry dosn’t cut it with me Ian, you asked me what I’d like to do today well I’ll tell you, I have this urge to put you over my knee and give you the spanking of your life that you both deserve and need for your behaviour and attitude yesterday, satisfied?” I told him sharply. He could tell by my tone and look that I meant it, and I thought he would go and vanish until I’d calmed down in a couple of hours or so, but he didn’t. ” You are right darling, I was way out of order and I am truly sorry for upsetting you the way I did, and to prove it I will take the spanking you want to give me.” He said hanging his head. I looked at him for a moment to see if he was joking or serious and then when I saw it was the latter I decided to act before he changed his mind or I cooled down, as you can tell, I wanted to do this very much. ” O.K. Ian follow me into the bedroom.” I ordered. I went and sat down at my dressing table and waited. Shortly after he came in and stood waiting. ” Take everything off apart from your underpants and get yourself across my knees.” I told him firmly. He did as I commanded and I was pleased as punch to have him where I wanted him, over my knees ready to be spanked, and oh what a spanking he was going to get. Without any more words I pulled him in tightly and began. I spanked evenly over his pants for about ten minutes not to hard yet because he was going to be there for quite awhile yet. In saying that, towards the end he was squiming quite a bit. ” Now you have been warmed up it’s time for your proper spanking to begin.” I said. And inserting my hand in his waistband, I pulled his pants down and off, Ian complied by lifting his bottom so I could ease them down, and when he lowered himself back into position I could feel why, he was getting aroused, was he in for a suprise. I began spanking again but harder this time and it wasn’t very long after that he started yelping and moaning, it must have been about 7 minutes into this session that he put his hand back to protect his bottom and I easily grabbed his hand and held it up his back as I continued with spank after spank on his very red behind and he had actually started pleading with me to stop which I ignored until I finnished the session of 15 minutes. “Oh my bottom feels on fire.” He moaned. “Good, and it’s very red indeed.” I said to him calmly. “Allright darling can you let me up so I can rub it better now?” He asked me. “When I have finnished you can, but not before.” I answered firmly. “What? no more please, I can’t take any more.” He begged me trying to get up. I just pushed him down again whilst still holding his hand up his back, and then moving him forward until he was over one knee, I got my other leg free and laid it across the back of both his legs which caused him to be bottom raised and completly trapped and at my mercy, of which I had none. With my spanking hand I picked up my black ebony hairbrush, he saw what I was doing in the mirror and begged me not to use it, no chance, my mind was set and I was primed. I began spanking with that brush a mixture of quick rapid strokes to slow and hard ones, his bottom went from dark red to black and blue onto white and onto red and purple again. He yelled, squealed, sobbed all to no avail, I just kept telling him why he was getting it as I spanked away for a solid 30 minutes and in the end all the anger had drained out of me and I was looking down at a thoroughly well-spanked bottom that belonged to a man crying like a baby over my knee. It took a lot of soothing oil to get him calm again and plenty of promises from Ian never to upset me again before I let him up. And he never has.

I am still looking for my first real spanking and it sounds like some have found someone to do this for them. It is not easy to find a woman who want’s to spank a man. and in my case it is eaven harder as I want to be dressed in panties and a short skirt and to be spanked with skirt up and panties up I also would like red panties and have the spanker make my bottom as red as the panties Thanks for listening

Women who enjoy spanking men usually want to feel in control. The more you ‘demand’ up front the less likely they are to feel that control.

You might consider just trying to find a woman who would enjoy spanking you without worrying about the red panties. If she enjoys spanking you she’ll probably be happy to help you live your fantasy.

Or consider hiring a professional dominatrix.

In about 5 hours I’m going to get my first proper, discipilinary hairbrush spanking! My wife and I have been into gentle, senuous spanking for some time, but a couple of weeks ago I did and said something stupid. It’s been festering for a while now and we just cant get away from it so last night we agreed that the only answer was a full blown, discipline spanking.

My wife is not the largest of woman so she said that she was going to go into the chemist after work and pick up a wooden paddle hairbrush - I agreed with that and now wait with a mixture of anticipation and dread. The last person to spank me for a punishment was my mother and although I was no stranger to her lap she always just used her (big) hands, which were sore enough.

My wife has said she might punish me as soon as she gets home or she might wait until after dinner - either way I’ve to be naked when she arrives home, with just my dressing gown on. As a wee finishing touch she moved one of the dining table chairs into the middle of the room, just waiting for her.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


She discovered my first post and told me I would wait another 24 hours before she took the hairbrush to my backside. What a wait that was!

Anyway, if anything that made her a wee bit more determined and, after a light warm-up hand spanking, she fairly tore into it with the hairbrush. Now, I’ve had a few ‘hot’ spankings over the years, but always they were sensuous and play more than punishment. After a few minutes I noticed that there was an increasing heat appearing in my rear and as she continued, very regular, very carefully covering my bum up, down, across then back again, I started to experience my first real discomfort in spanking. It WAS sore, it stung like hell and a few minutes later I was hanging on for all I was worth to stop begging for it to stop. I have to admit I was wriggling around like mad as she tried to hold me still while still keeping up the steady beat of the hairbrush against my bare bottom.

Then she asked that daft question they all ask - ‘Have you had enough yet?’ Frankly I had and I told her so. My backside was absolutely scarlet and it was sooooo hot to touch!

So, that was MY first experience with the hairbrush. It’s not one I’ll willingly volunteer for in the near future (but it won’t probably be the last time, if I’m honest).

Anyway, afterwards we ‘made-up’ in the time-honoured way!, so that made it all right!?

Always glad to hear of couples who’ve managed to enjoy kinky play and keep the romance going.

Thanks for sharing.

This is how my husband and I got started. It was a severe spanking. I know he didnt like it. But, he is so much happier and so am I.

My longest spanking was a little over an hour. That was by an old girlfiend. I’ve tried to get my wife to spank me but she is just not into it. I’ve tried to tell her that I like to be put over her knee and spanked with a hairbrush, which I have given her, but when she tells me I’m going to get a spanking I just lay on the bed and she taps my bottom for about 20 and that’s it. Anybody have any suggestions to try to get her more interested or do you think she just won’t

The longest spanking I have given my husband is 1.5 hours. We did have a break in the corner. His black and blue bottom was beautiful! I do love my husband, and he loves me…except the spankings.

i want to be similarly dressed as “Spanked Panties” Trouble is i am 74 and have trouble finding someone who is willing to dress and spank me as a naughty school girl. Enjoy reading your site. Good luck and thaqnk you

What a load of softies. Give her a paddle, canes, horsewhips whatever you like. Then comes the brave bit. Decide how many of each she is going to give you and then let her tie you down over the heaviest table you’ve got.Gags help. Allow a whole evening. Half way through it, tell her that her sister’s a better fuck than she is!

I’ve had my weekly and very thorough waxing and stand now, all 5’7” of me, in the kitchen, wearing a very short kilt, blue knee socks, patent leather buckled shoes, starched blouse with long flouncy sleeves, knowing that I will shortly be summoned to the large back porch of my wife’s house. Who will do the summoning I am not sure, since my mother, mother-and-law and wife are out there, sipping tea and discussing their new project: a school for wayward husbands.

I was picked from the ranks of my mother-in-law’s law firm because of my submissive manner, my appearance and build. I am slim, but well toned, with a rounded, cheer leader’s bottom that my mother told me was made primarily for the purpose of spanking.

I am just 22, and have been Jessica’s husband for nearly a year. I am a stay-at-home hubby nowadays, except for two days a week when I am driven to work at the all-female law firm of Winston & Ware. My responsibilties at the firm are to be of use in any way that is deemed necessary.

My uniform for work is what I am now wearing. I have just returned from the office, and have not had a chance to change. I am quite upset at the moment, because I was rudely molested today by one of my mother’s top attorneys.

My wife’s voice bring me to attention, back arched, hands folded behind me, hands embracing elbows in such a way that my bottom jutts out even more provocatively than usual, and, with my little chest puffed out against the starched material of my blouse, I answer in the high pitched, lisping way I have come to speak since that wedding day when I was stripped bare and spanked by my bride at the reception.

“Yeth, Ma’am?”

(should I continue with this true, and only slightly embellised, tale of my life under the control of women?)

yess..! hmm.. i’m am a female who wished that guys were more exertive and violent! why no accounts just woman spanking guys.. how about stuff like being tied to the bed post etc..

I love a good spanking with a hairbrush on my bare bottom. now that my wife is gone, she used to spank me when i asked her, i try to spank myself but it is never as good, when the pain starts i always stop, but when she did me she decided when i had enough and by that time i was bawling like a little kid

my story is about my wife. we always enjoyed sex and one day, i was on top on our bed and she playfully smacked my bottom. i laughed and told her it felt good. she asked if i really ever was spanked as a child and i told her i was brought up with a hairbrush. when my sister and i misbehaved, it meant a trip to the bathroom where father waited for us to bare our bottoms, go across his knees and tell why there was a spanking coming. he then proceeded to whip the backside really hard. when it ended we both never repeated our misdoings’ my wife admitted she was never spanked as a child and i responded she would find out what a whipping was like if she ever did something that upset me. about a month later she neglected to send a check to the power company and then came a notice that our power would be turned off if the bill was not paid in ten days. I sent her off to pay the bill and told her to go to our bedroom when she returned. i let her wait about 30 minutes and appeared at the bedroom holding the hairbrush which i kept when i left home. sitting on the side of the bed she was told to get over my knees. i lowered her shorts and panties and told her she was going to be spanked by me and i was certain she would never repeat the incident of neglect again. the spanking was severe and she cried like a kid, begging me to stop. i then told her this household would use spanking for her as well as her and if i ever did something she would have the right to tan my bottom. several months later i went too far at a party with a woman and my wife found out about it. i was told what i was going to get and she proceeded to spank my bottom which was given so hard i couldnd sit down for the next 24 hours.

My wife spanks me a couple of times a year, when I have the honesty to confess that it’s time I was taken down a few pegs.

We have a special spanking outfit for me. It’s a short women’s nighty trimmed with ruffles, and now it even has a matching bonnet.

I get dressed and go down to the living room at 8:00 sharp, and wait for her to come get me. I sit in an unpadded chair and contemplate the lace on my panties and how silly I look.

After a while she comes for me and leads me to the den, She is usually watching TV, and puts me in a corner with my nose pressed into it. Because of the bonnet I can’t see anything. She is constantly observing me to make sure I have my hands at my side. Playing with myself is a major infraction and has earned me a post spanking mouth-soaping more than once.

Eventually her show ends and she turns off the TV. This used to be the moment of truth, but lately she’s been letting me suffer longer and longer. Sometimes I start to tremble, and I’ve heard her laugh at the sight.

When the time comes I have to stand in front of her and offer confession and then apology. I then have to sentence myself. If I guess less than the number she has in mind, the number of strokes rises. Only when I have asked for an excessive punishment will we get down to business.

Spankings are panties down and over the knee. Lately she has preferred a hair brush for warm-up with stinging hand spanks later on. She says the sight of a “man” dressed so sissyishly blubbering under “his” bonnet is very pleasing to her after a hard day.

All spankings end in forgiveness, so I am taken upstairs abd cuddled in my nighty, her hand pressing the back of my bonnet so I can stop sobbing while enjoying the comfort of one of her nipples.

i fully agree with the comments Posted by: Mary on February 4, 2006.I find it even more humilating to slap him across his face when I have other women present.I do intend soon to have some women present when I have him across my knee. I alway use my hand. I find it very good and I always make him cry

I asked my wife to spank me and she too looked stunned but has taken to it like a duck to water I get spanked now every Saturday night and in between If i do something stupid, I wish I’d never suggested it but I love her and that’s what matters

Yes i would like to be spanked very hard by a nice looking woman. I am very strong am can take a lot. I have been spanked by a 70 year old woman and I loved it. I would love to do it somemore. I think I can take anything they want to deal me. I am not a whiner. Just do me very hard, I will take it. Thanks I love you

I am caned by my Mistress every Sunday for my transgressions over the week. My Mistress will also use a cane, belt and riding crope as pleases her and what I have done wrong. She has a heavy long rod made of PVC pipe when I really piss her off. I am naked and she is clothed and I must assume the position of her choosing and accept her punishment. Thne I must thank her and kiss her feet.

I have enjoyed my fantasy for real in many U.K. towns where dominant ladies are prepared to dress as head girl or a girl prefect. I am then lectured, made to bend over and touch my toes and given 6 of the best with a thin wippy cane over my trousers. I usually say that didnt hurt so then I am forced (sometimes with another girl prefect to help) to remove my trousers and submit to an OTK hand spanking on my pants before other implements are used and finally another bare bottom session over a chair with the cane. Most of the ladies really do enjoy the role play and giving the punishment. P.S. so do I !

My wife used to quit when my bare bottom strted gettin pink. I asked her to give me a real spanking but she wouldn,. then one day I did something that really made her mad. She took me over her knee and got a belt wit hoes in it and man did it hurt, she gave me about 75 straps. i was crying before we got to the end. I love her even more after this spanking when she didn,t worry how my bottom would look. PS: iI love your web sight

getting spanked by my wife was like when my dad whipped me for misbehaving she told me a good hairbrushing was what i was going to get after i continued annoy her and getting her upset. over her knees i went and she tanned my bottom until i was crying like a kid. it really hurt and i began to realize whippings by her felt like old times. since then i soon found out she meant business and it only took a few more spankings to get wise. she received a spanking from me and we both agreed consentual spankings when necessary beat long arguments and periods of silence. one look at that hairbrush of hers keeps me in line.

my wife was spanked as a child and she well knew how much a good hairbrushing hurt. i misbehaved so she told me i was going to get spanked hard with her brush. i confessed my wrongdoing and agreed a whipping would convince me not to do it again. over her lap i went bare bottom, wow did that hurt, it brought back memories of what my dad did to me, with a red hot backside, i thanked her for my spanking and assured her it would not happen again.

I desperetely want to find a muscle ridden male to turn me across his knee and spank me silly….of course I would like to do the same to him. I then want to straddle his knee and be chastised, put over his knee again and spanked some more!

I began spanking my current boyfriend about a year ago because he cheated on me and I found out. He begged me to take him back and at first I ignored him. But, I accidentally discovered this site and based on the postings, decided to give him another chance if he submitted to being punished.

He wanted to know what the punishement was going to be, but I wouldn’t tell him - only that I would not injure him or hit him with a closed fist. For reference, I showed him this site and told him I was going to do these types of things to him to remind him that he had been very bad. I also told him the length of time he was in “detention” was up to me.

He finally agreed and I told him to be at my house at 5:30 pm on Friday and to expect to spend the weekend and to bring clothes to go to work on Monday morning.

He was, of course late - big mistake!

I started by making him strip completely naked and told him he was going to spend the weekend that way.

At the time I didn’t own any real implements, all I had to administer a spanking was my hand, a hairbrush, a wooden spoon, a heavy belt and switches cut from my back yard (I’ve since cured that little problem!). To get things moving, I made him fetch my hairbrush, made him bend over and grab his anckles and gave him about 30 licks that had him yelping (about 10 of them were on his upper thighs). After that, as punishment for being late, I made him shave his privates, then stand in corner on tip-toes and think about his cool privates and warm butt.

There is too much detail about that weekend to go into, but the highlights are that I used the belt, hairbrush and wooden spoon on him repeatedly. I also made him cut several switches and used them on the backs of his thighs and butt until he was sobbing and begging my forgiveness. Any time he used profanity he got to spend time in the corner with a bar of soap in his mouth (and I got very good at getting him to utter just the right words to earn a good soaping) and a freshly reddened butt. He also had to count all of his licks/strokes and thank me for each one. I also learned that a belt on the open hands is a good deterent to doing things with his hands he wasn’t allowed to do. He also slept on the floor at the end of my bed after he serviced me.

Since that weekend I have learned a great deal and made him purchase a number of new toys to keep him in line. He’s actually quite good these days, and I sometimes have to create situations where he misbehaves - my favorite is to take him to the mall and catch him looking at other women. He usually gets the cane for that one.

If anyone would like to discuss anything please post an address - I check frequently.

I would really love to get spanked by a woman. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m sure I will sometime.

My wife spanks and dominates me regularly, and I love it! I, too, like Franco, dream of having an older, matronly woman strip me down and spank my firm ass really hard for a good long while. I want to be made to squirm, squeal, plead and cry! Corner time afterwards is a big fantasy of mine also! Any matrons out there on the west coast of FL (Fort Myers-North Port area) looking to punish a younger man?

Warmly, SpankedBottom40

I truely enjoy being spanked by a woman. I have never tried by a man. I am straight, but am willing to try a male spanking as long as a woman is present. A spanking is erotic, sensual, and exilerating. The sting an sound of impact is fabulous.

I agree with women spanking men’s bare bottoms provided they spank moderately and use their palm of their hands most of the time. I would be okay if a young women (aged 18-40) used the back of a hairbrush to make my bare bottom sting a little more as long as no bruises are left afterwards.

My wife spanks me very regularly whether I am naughty or not. I love it!!

Wow! These are hot stories & I’d love to be on the recieving end of them all! Women in controll is awesome & the severe spankings make it all the better. I’m sure all you gentlemen who wrote these stories would agree, for the woman really is the better 1/2.

This turns me on: The girl ties up her hair, strips off her top, but keeps her g-string on, and either tells me to bend over and grab my ankles, or puts me over her knee. The thinking is that it’s easier to spank me without her top on.

Also, sometimes when making love to a girl, she looks sexy, and I say, “Does Mommy want to give me a spanking?”

Has anyone been apanked or caned by his wifes friend while his wife watches?

That sounds rather hot

hi, i am a pantyslave to wife and my friend, she decided one day i needed to be spanked by a man to make me more embrassed, she picked my friend, she took me to his house, made me strip down to my panties, and kneel in front of them. she told him that i needed to be spanked real good and made to cry in front of them. he then took me over his knee and spanked me for 5 min over my panties, then took me and tied me over a spanking horse he hAD MADE JUST FOR THIS DAY, HE WHIPPED ME WITH BELT , PADDLE AND SWITCH TILL I CRIED LIKE A LITTLE GIRL, HE AND MY WIFE JUST LAUGH ABOUT IT, NOW I AM SPANKED BY BOTH ALOT…….RICH

I am a big fan of Darva Conger. She is so sexy! Her pictures in Playboy turned me on so much. My fantasy is to have her play my mommy or wife, and I behave badly, Darva slaps me in the face, and puts me over her knee. This hot athletic blonde babe can give a HARD FIRM spanking, I bet!

I was introduced to spanking by my girlfriend when I was 18 Back in the 70’s). I saw her spank a kid she was babysitting. She paddled his bare behind. We talked about it afterward for days until she agreed to spank me. She was hooked after the first time. After that, we would skip school and go to her home for the day. She would be the strict mama and I would be her bad little boy. She always wore cut-off jean shorts and flip-flops when she spanked.She would hold me over her lap and spank my naked bottom all day with her hand and a wooden paddle. Before long she even included whipping my bare butt with a belt. Trust me, back in the day black women know how to whip butt. We would talk about our future family and we both agreed that we only wanted boys and they would be well spanked little boys. Her name was Linda. We didn’t last and I have neve found a woman like her again thugh Lord knows I have tied.

Yuck, raising children so you can abuse them for sexual thrills? That’s just not cool. I hope this ‘family’ was just a little fantasy and not something you intended to carry out.

When I worked at my pool as a lifeguard, there were MANY hot girls in there!! There were pretty girls with nice big boobs, but also a couple of hot blondes who were tall, athletic, and had B-cup boobs. During training, I was one who was to act like a “dificult kid patron.” Hot small-breasted, tall athletic blonde Megan was a lifeguard. My “act” was to go take the ring bouy off the guard chair. Meg and the others didn’t know the scenario, and it was up to them to react. As I tried to pull the ring bouy from Megan, and said “gimme that ring,” she tried to hold me off, and had be by the wrists!! My penis got so hard right there, and even during the act, I had other ideas. After the act ended, Megan playfully slapped me on the butt, and said, “you were doing a great job of being the hellish patron!” My penis got harder than you could imagine!! Of course, this would never go beyond the training, but, oh!! To have Megan spank me on the butt, and if I could only have had her in the privacy of my apartment….this tall sexy athletic thin small-breasted blonde Megan…If she gave me a REAL spanking, my butt would be RED, and my semen would have just ejaculated on its own!!! Needless to say, as SOON as I got home that day, I masturbated, dreaming about Megan, and came in less than 30 seconds.

It didn’t end there…well, at least the second part didn’t occur on that very day. Cindy, a tall, more full-figured busty blonde girl, who’s VERY sexy, I got to work with a lot. One time, I forgot to, at early morning lap swim (with only two guards) come out on time, and Cindy said, “that’s bad,” and playfully spanked me on the butt. I said, “that wasn’t hard enough,” and Cindy took her hand WAY back, and gave me an English spanking! My butt was warm, my penis was hard. Like with Megan, I just imagined what a hard spanking Cindy could give me, if we were at my apartment, all alone. Like with Megan’s “making my dream come true,” I went home, masturbated thinking about Cindy, and came within one minute.

I never got as lucky with a hot redhead, busty, athletic, and pretty, named Amanda. If I could only have three girls in the world EVER spank me, and they were Megan, Cindy, and Amanda, as long as I got “all you can take,” I’d take it!! Wow!! I HONESTLY never thought that I’d get THIS as a lifeguard!! Seeing girls in bathing suits, yes. Sexy spankings? Only in my dreams, but this dream came semi-true!!

Thank you, Meg and Cindy!! Wish we could have gone “farther!!”

I’m a Korean-American. My parents immigrated from South Korea. Growing up in Seattle, I’m very Americanized. Yes, I love Asian girls, but being a man of color, having sex with white and black girls is especially sexy. And, for them, it gives them an experience that they admittedly don’t normally get. I love redheads, when they look sexy. My friend Carl is Irish-American. He has a cousin named Katie, who has curly red hair and large breasts. I just get turned on by thinking about having Katie pull down my pants, and spank my butt, hard.

I also admit, I call escorts all the time. I ask the girls if they’re willing to spank me, and surprisingly, most of them seem to enjoy doing it! Only problem is, I can’t seem to find too many redhead escorts who are sexy (not necessarily pretty, but more sexy) who can fulfill my “Katie fantasy.”

And yes, I’ve had Korean women spank me. It’s kind of boom or bust with them: either they’re happy to do it, or they’ll think that I’m just plain wierd, so I have to be careful.

Blondes (especially with wavy or curly hair) and redheads are my favorite type of women to get a hard OTK by.

I have always felt that I am still a little boy on occasions. In England smart grey flannel short trousers were used as a sort of badge of status. The shorter the trousers , the more junior the boy. I feel I ought to be wearing the shorter ones & of course punished by ladies as juniors should be. With out doubt a good caning or spanking would be beneficial. Your obedient boy Cyril

i guess i got started at an early age. it began when my mother and father both used to spank my bare bottom as punishments, sometimes in front of my older sister. She was 2 years older than mem and i always got a bit of a secret thrill out of her seeing me being spanked. Spankings were always followed by a few minutes of corner time, bottom still bare. Then when she was 13 and considered old enough to babysit, she decided that bare bottom spankings were acceptable punishments, and she carried on the tradition, and i never objected too much. Even when my parents stopped the practice when i was about 13 she carried it on. Whenever we were alone in the house, she seemed to find an excuse, or i would give her one. This continued until she moved out at 18.

When i was 15 and she was 17, she brought a school friend home for the night, and my parents went out for the evening. i assumed she would not spank me in front of her friend, so i guess i was a bit cheeky to her, and found out that she was just looking for an excuse. She told me to pull down my trousers and underpants and bend over her knee. When i refused she asked her friend to help her, and i was humiliated when she not only spanked me herself, but let her friend spank me too. It was really embarassing seeing that friend at school the next day.

When i started dating, my girlfriend was fairly dominant (no surprise there), but i was shocked when my sister told her about my spankings, and the girlfriend asked to watch. She then carried on the tradition after my sister moved out, moving it up a notch so that i was always completely naked, and the pattern was set. i have been spanked naked by every woman i have had a relationship with, and have also managed to get myself spanked by a few men along the way.

i find it both humiliating and sexually arousing to be ordered to strip and bend over, and to accept whatever punishment is given, and i actively seek opportunities to be spanked by anyone who is willing.

My first spanking took place when I was 17 and visiting Brussels where I was to live with this family for three months. I was there only about 10 days when I had drank to much at a nearby bar and came back to their place and in my drucken confusion I fell asleep naked in their bed. When my host got home they were upset and said that I needed to be punished and therefore spanked. And if I did not agree, I would then need to pack up and move that night. I was still drunk and scared about finding a new place.
I felt I had no choice so I said yes and that I knew I deserved it. The wife took all four pillows from the bed and stacked them on top of each other. She told me to bend over the pillows so my butt was sticking up. I was so embarrased because of being so exposed and with my penis hardening I felt even more vunerable, especially with the husband looking on. The husband came back into the room with a wooden spoon and gave it to his wife. She started on my butt like she was trying to stamp out a fire. It really hurt and can I remember moaning and crying out after several minutes. Then she ordered my to get up and get over her knees where she was sitting on the bed. She raised her skirt and I bent over her legs with my penis between her legs. She started rubbing my butt and her hand slightly touched by balls. I immediately came all over her thigh. I just could not have stopped it. She seemed somewhat shocked and said to me to get up. I looked over at the husband wondering what he was going to do knowing that my cum was all over her thigh, but he said nothing. I was never spanked again by them. But I still think about that day long ago wish that I could have it done again. I still wonder why the husband did not spank me after my cumming on his wife’s thigh. I think I would.

I was only ever spanked once, although several have commented that I need to have it done again.

I had just turned 30 and a former co-worker stopped at my apartment to exchange Christmas gifts. One gift from her was a three pack of men’s G-strings, which I modeled for her and we both laughed. I modeled some other items and she was getting frisky. Marty was in her 40’s or early 50’s.

The final item was a navy blue men’s nylon/lycra bikini brief, with velcro tabs on both sides. The fit was good and she liked what she saw. Then, as I turned to walk back to change, she came up from behind and tugged, ripping the bikini right off!

With me still in the buff and hard, she has me model for her, dance around, etc. Then, before I could react, she went over and sat on a chair and called her ‘little baby’ over.

When I walked over, she quickly set me over her lap and used her bare hand. A she put it later, she gave me a “fair, yet firm” bare hand spanking on my “tiny bare hiney”.

At first, I winced, but she kept spanking me for a couple minutes, but it seemed like forever. I was in pain, but more from the shock of her doing so than physical.

When she finished, she said something before letting me up that made me become hard again, causing her to laugh and me to blush.

“Had I known ahead of time, I would have brought my PADDLE (slap!) along!!!”

It was to remain between us, but I overheard her telling some women one day and confronted her. Without giving it a second thought, she said I was to turn around so that the women could check me out. The women liked the sight of me in my well-fitting jeans and teased that they’d spank me right then and there. We all laughed.

Most that tease me say if I needed disciplined, I would be over their lap in my birthday suit and would get a bare hand, paddle, hair brush, etc. They have yet to do so, although I would certainly submit to *most of) them. One woman even said she has a riding crop. She even showed it to me - “So WATCH IT!” I made herblush - “You can use that on my bare hiney ANY TIME, sweetie.”

On our honeymoon my new wife caught me looking at some women down by the pool, she came up behind me on the balcony pulled my swim suit down grabbed me by my penis and pulled me back into our room. She left the sliders open as she (6’2” 190 lbs.) but me (5’10” 165 lbs.) over her knee for my first bare bottomed spanking. I’m sure all poolside could hear me being spanked. A few noticed me wincing as I sat at dinner.

I was always getting spanked when I was young, as far back as I can remember. My mom had no problem baring me and putting me over the knee for a good “adjustment”. Most of the time it was my big mouth that got me into trouble. It was almost like sneezing in that I couldn’t control it. From about 5 years is the earliest I can remember. My sister was 4 years older tham me and she was usually there to see. Mom really didn’t care if anyone saw me getting it. Mom had two sisters, aunts to me, and her aunt, my great aunt who saw me get it plenty.

When I was 14 I was repeatedly told by the girls phy-ed teacher Ms. Riege to keep out of the girl’s shower area.The 3rd time she caught me, her & 2 girls dragged me in her office & locked the door. They were really mad & I thaught the’d just yell but instead they started yanking my clothes off till I was naked! The 2 girls put me over Ms. Riege’s lap & she started spanking me really hard for about 10 minutes. Just then Carmen, a girl I had a crush on was walking past the office with her digital camera. They all yelled for her to come & take some naked pictures of me. When they let her in I tried to escape but Ms. Riege twisted my arm & started spanking me again. By then I was so embarrassed I started to cry and said I was sorry. My face was blushing furiously and they were all laughing and whisling at me. Ms. Riege said if I kept my mouth shut about this they would too. If I tried to make trouble everyone would see the pictures. Since I had no choice I agreed. This had to be the most humiliating thing to ever happen to me. I really learned a lesson that day. An interesting adendum to this story is that about a month ago, I changed jobs and guess who was the lead person? Debby, one of the girls that punished me!

Hi! As a dominant woman I would like to concur with Mary2/4/06. Spanking seems the best way to keep men in line. I’ve spanked my husband Joe since before we were married and it helps him to know his place. The thing to remember is always be fare and tell him you still love him afterward. I don’t use a whip like Mary, but I do slap his face. Another thing I’ve discovered is that men are especially embarrassed to be naked in front of women,so I always require Joe to be stark naked for his OTK spankings. May I also add I am Asian & only 5’2” so most dominant woman can have thir guys toe the line.

I’ve discovered is that men are especially embarrassed to be naked in front of women

You mean that your husband wears clothes when you two have sex?

My wife spanks me all the time, especially when I ge caught lying or surfing the net. I have to wear panties and go over her knee and shee paddles me with her prison matron’s paddle.

Why do you lie?

What is wrong with surfing the internet?

i knew i was in trouble, my wife told me toget into the bathroom, she gave me a good ass rinseing, told me to shower, i was then dress in panties, gater belt and stocking and told to stand in corner,..door bell rang, in comes my friend and another guy, they laugh and told my wife they would really spank me good, i was tied to be, panties pulled down, they used both a belt and paddle, my wife telling them i deserve a really good ass whipping….she then told them to mak me a littlewhore, one put his dick in my mouth and the other in my sissy ass, she made me beg…..after they both came, iwas put in corner and they played with wife

I was spanked once as a boy by an older women very large and strong. She bent me over lowered my pants ans spanked the hell out of me. I di not find it sexy or enjoyable. recently I watched as my mother in law bared my nephews bants dragged him oner her lap and spanked him till he begged her to stop. Thiis is found sexy.my wife saw my reactiom and warned i would face the same. She kept her promisand made made a point of admininsstrating my spanking where her mother could hear, I loved it and my mother in law has promised she will spank me nexr

I am overdue for a spanking, just been too busy with pressure of work. But I have no doubt that it does me good, and my girlfriend believes it too and says she sees positive results. She has often reminded me that I procrastinate less, am more careful to eat properly, and calmer when my buttocks bear the welts left by a caning. I am always nude for canings and sometimes have to shave my genitals as a sign of submission to her requirements.





































This was originally written for the Disciplinary Wives Club: My mother introduced me to this sight, and it has helped me a lot in my relationship with my fiance Tony. I am in my early 20’s, and we had been engaged for four months with everything going wonderful — he is a gentlemen, as my Dad is. That is one of the reasons I picked him. But I knew that before we got married I was going to have to talk to him about spanking him when he is bad or mean to me. I grew up in a spanking house, and my mom was always the one who did the spanking. She was in charge of the house. My Dad worked hard and suported the family. He paid the bills and decided what kind of car to buy and did all the yardwork. But when it came to atitude and to things inside the house — like cleaning up — my mom was definitely in charge. I am the oldest, and I only remember her spanking me ONCE, while my brothers got it a lot. And what she spanked me for was letting my brothers run wild while I was babysiting them! We knew that she spanked my Dad, though she never did it in front of us. But she would say things like, “I will tend to you when we get home…” or “Go up to the bedroom and wait for me.” And she had no problem saying that in front of others. Once during a Thanksgiving meal we were hosting 15 relatives and my Dad started making turkey jokes and she told him to excuse himself from the table and go upstairs. After the main meal was over and people were eating their pie, she excused herself, and when the two of them came back down 10 minutes later his face was very red (as I’m sure his behind was). He didn’t ever get to finish his meal, either. Though our bedrooms were downstairs and she always made us stay downstairs when she sent him up to their bedroom, we still could sometimes hear swats. So … I went to my mom and asked her how to introduce spanking to Tony. I told her that I knew Tony had been spanked as a child, so he did know something about it. She asked me if I had ever spanked him. She already knew we were having sex, so I said a couple of times during foreplay (which definitely made him rock hard, though I did not say that)and also sometimes when he rarely misbehaved I would give him a light tap on the butt. But with all his cloths on. She said that the best way she knew was that if I were angry with him I should refuse to have sex the next time he wanted it and tell him that I did not feel like being sexual with him until he had been punished for his recent behavior. “He will want the sex so badly that he will agree to almost anything,” my mom said. And I soon found she was right! She also told me to read every word at this sight, and to get a large hairbrush, the oldfashion kind. I have now been spanking Tony for two months and we get married in two months more (January) and he accepts me as a disciplinary wife. Even though our relationship has always been great, he now is even more poilte and atentive then before — which I didn’t think was even possible, he is such a great guy. But I am mainly doing this because I know how some men get after marriage, when they start to take the wife for granted, and I want to make sure I have a way to stop that from ever happening. And I believe that spanking is the way!

two months

It has to be the first time I spanked Tony, just two months ago. After talking to my mon and reading through this sight, I waited until he did something I didn’t like — which was picking me up very late to go to a party. He had a pretty good excuse — he had to work late — but he never called and I sat there in my party cloths for almost an hour. So I told hime we would go to the party but we would “deal with this” after. At the party I was very cool to him, talking with my girlfriends and even some other guys. He kept hanging around me hoping for atention, and telling me how pretty I looked. We headed to his place after, which is where we make love, and on the way he asked me what was wrong. I said, “I am upset with you.” He asked why. I said, “You should know,” and didn’t say anymore, though he asked me to explain. We got to his house and it was late and what we usually would do is go to bed. I would go in the bathroom and change into something sexy, and he would strip and get under the covers. I had read here that it is best to have the guiy completely naked and this seemed the best way. So I went in the bathroom and waited about 10 minutes, still in my party dress, and came out holding my hairbrush that I had been keeping in my purse. He was under the covers with his cloths on his dresser. He looked a little surprised when he saw me in my dress and even more surprised when he saw the hairbrush. I went over and pulled back the covers and there he was naked and already hard. “I am not going to have sex with you until after we deal with your behavior,” I said, pointing at him with the hairbrush. “What behavior?” he asked. He tried to pull up the covers but I held them in my other hand. “You tell me,” I said. I then asked him to sit on the edge of the bed and when he hesitated I pulled him into a sitting position, still naked. I went and pulled out the little chair at the dressing table he had bought for me, and I sat on it in the middle of the room. “Do you mean being late from work?” he asked, and he started to explain why he had to be late, but I interrupted and asked him what excuse he had for not calling. He said he had just forgotten. “So is that polite behavior?” I asked. He said no. “Is that any way to treat your future wife?” I asked. He said no. “Then come over hear and take your punishment,” I said. He reluctantly stood up and came my way, saying, “THen can we have sex?” I tried not to laugh and said, “We’ll see how sorry you are.” “You’re not really going to use that, are you?” he asked, pointing at the hairbrush. “Yes, I am,” I said. “I bought it for just this purpose. And if you want any chance of getting what you want, you’ll take it all.” I then told him to bend over my knees. He looked at me with a sorry look, but he did bend over. I could tell that one part of him was very excited, and I hoped to get rid of that. I locked my right leg over his, as I have seen in some of the pictures, and began whapping him with the hairbrush, as hard and fast as I could. He yelled and said, “That’s too hard,” but I kept on going. He started to struggle to get off my lap and I stopped spanking. “You stay where you are or we will not make love until our wedding night,” I said. That was four months away and I knew he would be miserable. “Do we have to do this?” he asked. “Yes,” I said. “You have not even begun to be sorry for what you did to me, but you will be!” I then started spanking again, and while he was moaning and yelling, he did not try to get away. I kept scolding him about being late and not calling and being rude to me, and as I hit him with the hairbrush he started saying he was sorry and he would never be late again but I kept going. “Are you going to be a good boy?” I asked. I had read somewhere here to have us both refer to him as a boy. “Yes!” he shouted but I kept on going until he was sobbing and saying over and over, “I’ll be a good boy. I promise. I’m sorry. I’ll never forget to call again.” First he was shouting it but I kept going and he started crying, then he was saying it in almost a whisper. “Stand up,” I said, and when he did I could see he was no longer aroused. “Go stand in that corner,” I said, “while I change.” He got a look like he was not going to the corner, but I pointed with the hairbrush and he went. He looked so cute in the corner with his bright red butt that I started to get aroused myself! I changed out of my dress and into a see-through robe (and nothing else) and went out and sat on the bed on top of the covers, my back to the headboard. I know he wanted to turn around but he was a good boy and didn’t. I told him to come to the end of the bed. “It pleases me that you took your spanking well,” I said. “Now come please me in another way that you already know how.” And he did!

I cam across a website you “naughty boys and girls” might find interesting. I definately believe “anyone” immature who needs a Good Spanking Over-the-Knee should GET IT!

I forget the exact name of the site, but I just Googled “otk mom” a few minutes ago and discovered it (1st listing i think???), and am compelled to share my lucky find with you nice folks!

They happen use a pretty small younger looking guy volunteer who plays an immature 19 yr old “boy”.

I was reading these posts here and thought it would also be of interest to you all that he’s show getting REALLY NASTY SCREAM/CRY OTK Paddlings and Spankings.

I mean, the punishments seem like truely “BAD” or real-ones and given by very Big Amazon type ladies who tower over him.

He seems immature like a “boy” indeed, and they definately take “full control” of him -easily- over their knees.

I think they’re all over 6’ or so, and the lad appears a mere 5’5 or abouts!

Yes, it is a satisfying delight to see the lad just “hang there” unable to catch the floor much at all with either his hands or feet, and really have no escape from the MATERNAL KNEES!

If anyone knows of any other sites similar to that please let me know??? Yes, naughty girls need spanking too.


When I was 12 years old my two older sisters were in charge when our mom was out, they had complete control over me, if i misbehaved they would strip me naked and paddle me in front of anyone who was there and have me remain naked for the rest of the day, one time there friends came over and when they saw my penis totally exposed they smiled and said, it’s so cute, i thought i would die of shame so thats how i grew up.

I think my cousin is into spanking. She is seventeen years older than me.

She sometimes teases me when I’ve made her mad and she tells me, “she is going to beat my bottom good.” I even told her, “you can where my bottom out”! I don’t mind, I deserve it! Then she just laughs.

How do I know if she is into spanking and if she would like to spank me.

Could somebody tell me how I should ask her to see if she is into it.

My girlfriend has been spanking me for a couple of years now, and boy is she brutal! She is 23 and I’m 29. The whole thing started a couple of years back when we were discussing fantasies. I’ve always had a spanking fantasy, and I told her my favourite, which was to get spanked by a girl wearing a schoolgirl outfit. I explained that I found schoolgirl outfits very sexy and liked the thought of getting spanked hard by a girl wearing one.

Well, I didn’t think much of it, but about a month later she carried out that fantasy. She had never worn a schoolgirl outfit for me before and she looked so hot, but it was that night that I descovered how much she likes to dish out punishment. She spanked me SO much harder than I thought she would, using her hand, a hairbrush and then my own belt. My backside hurt so much, but it was an amazing experience.

Since then she has spanked me regularly and she quickly wanted to spank me harder and harder, she now regularly uses the cane on me, ouch!

She lets me spank her sometimes, and she can take a good spanking herself, but she definately prefers to be dominant.

I received many spankings as a youngster almost always bare. Mom never hesitated to pull down my pants and underpants and give me a spanking if I deserved it. Many of these were witnessed by my sister, aunt and cousins. Occasionally, mom would be dishing out a spanking in front of a neighbor. My embarrassment was never a deterrent. When I complained she always said I should be embarrassed by my behavior not my nakedness. And if I complained about my spanking I was very likely to “get extra”.

I always spanked my young son Enda, it is the way that we were brought up, I never though about it, then one day, he was in his late teens, just back from collage laying at home doing nothing, so i told him that unless he gets work to pay his bills i would treat him like the child had never grown out of being, he laughed me out of the room. I returned five minutes later with the wooden spoon that I used to “keep Law and Order” in our house hold, i then instructed him to lay across me knee, he laughed and pulled his own trousers down, he then lay across me knee, after I was almost happy with the spanking that I had given him he “Cum” all over my dress, I jumped up when I felt it come through my dress, I looked at the dress and then at him in shock, he was laying on the ground laughing.

That was three weeks ago, what do i do, I always spanked to keep them in order, I never suspected that anyone would enjoy it did my spankings of him ever do any good, should i beat it out of him, can I beat it out of him, is there anyway that i can that wil finish it once and for all, please help Rachel

Rachel, What a MESS! If that happens then you have only just begun to discipline him. Best not to stop there as it fosters his insubordination and your servitude! Wait for the water to come from his eyes not elsewhere. IF it was I who lost control like that I would expect to bleed.

I had my first real spanking from my girlfriend not long ago. I was interested in what a real one “over the top” really felt like. I remember being 5 or 6 and being spanked with a paddle. The sensation was totally overwhelming. After my first experience with my girl, I was even more interested. I found myself saying anything, lying, and begging for her to stop. When she was done, I had not really had that overwhelming experience. At this point, I really wanted it. We agreed that she would tie me bent over a pile of pillows over the side of the bed. She used real rope and made it tight and secure so I could not struggle much or move my bare behind to avoid her. She then brought out a ball gag she bought on line. She stuffed her panties in my mouth and secured the gag. Now I could not lie, beg, or talk my way out of anything. I was going to have to take the whole thing. She assured me that I would have my experience. She put on some latin music, lit some candles and began by touching me and being sexual with me. She said if I took my punishment well there would be a reward. She next took out a 3/8” think oak paddle (on line too I guess)and she said “now I want yo to think of all the ways you have been neglecting me, and how you are going to be better in the future”. She began paddling me pretty hard right off the bat. One swat after another before the sting from the first stopped. While she was spanking me I tried to plead etc, but could not. She spoke calmly and said ” that sounds like you are trying to lie to me”. She calmly suggested ways I could be a better boyfriend and kept on spanking. I think she too two short breaks of only a few seconds, throughout the spanking. There were a lot of spanks. It was pretty much way over the top. My bottom was bruised for about two weeks afterward. I hated it when it was happening, but really felt better afterward. We had great sex afterward, although I had to improvise for a while, because I couldn’t get a hard-on for a little while after she was done. She was really turned on. We will be doing more of this.

My husband is an over the road trucker here in the States. We have been married for over thirty years. I started spanking him right after we got married.

When he comes home he is spanked as soon as he comes in the door. This is a maintenance spanking for things he may have done while out on the road like rude comments to women, looking at women in passing cars and flirting.

While he is home I spank him nightly before bed.

The night before he leaves to go back to work he is given a very sound spanking with my favorite paddle to remind him to be good.

I was put across my parents knee many times and spanked.I loved it as it was so sexual for me. I had an orgasm on mothers knee and that created another spanking straight away. The excitement became an obsession with me and has become a major part of my life.To be across a womans knee is the most sexual of all things as far as i am con cerned. I prefer it to the sex act every time.Just the thought of a good spanking from a woman is enough to arouse me.It always has been and will remain so.Whenever I look at a woman it is for that activity only.I never think of wanting sex at all.Looks do not come into it with me. It is what I desire from them.Am i a lucky guy as in 3 marriages I have been fortunate that all my wives enjoyed having me across their knee for regular spankings. My first wife’s father gave me a good hiding across his knee on two occasions.I never even offered resistance when he said what he was going to do. It was most arousing too and my wife witnessed the spanking.It caused me to have fantasies about him when having sex with my wife!!. In my 3rd marriage a spanking across my wifes knee was every week.I imagined it was her mother spanking me as i desperately wanted her to do it.But it never materialised sadly.

I have spanked my husband off and on over the past 13 years. He has been less enthusiastic about it than I am…. until recently. Lately he has been slightly more submissive, less mouthy. He even blushes when I scold him now. I find that having him stand beside me, (I seated on the couch), and unzipping his pants… then pulling his jeans and underwear down myself, adds to his embarressment. I love spanking him until he begs me to stop and he sounds truely repentant! I wish that more women out there would take thier misbehaving men in hand. Daily, I see so many men who could use a sound paddling! My co-workers talk about thier baddly behaved husbands, and I want to shout out “there’s a cure for that!!” :)

After reading many of the story’s all I can say is wow! I never got spanked by my mom or my wife. My dad used the belt on my butt. Never had to drop my pants. Over the years I have thought about getting spanked. My wife would never think of doing that to me. I think I would get sexually… well happy. I however have a thing about wearing panties and a bra. My Wife knows I wear that stuff when she is not around. I think it would be wonderful to get spanked on my bottom while in my panties. Maybe because I maybe was caught in them. But, again my Wife would not do something like that. She never liked me wearing that stuff. Spanked by women? Sounds good. Wish I could for my fetish.

have spanked my husband off and on over the past 13 years. He has been less enthusiastic about it than I am…. until recently. Lately he has been slightly more submissive, less mouthy.

I have been spanked many times by my owner/mistress/wife during the past 15 years. This is done with or without reason(for her pleasure). Public spanking in front of her friends was a ritual, to put me in my place. she even let her friends spank me for being disrespectful to them!!! I was naked, bent over and my leash tied to a post until they all had fun. I enjoyed it being her slave and property and trained dog.


My wife has in the last 6 months took to spanking me. At first it was at my request and she was a little reluctant. Now she is getting used to it she is I think enjoying giving me pain and is getting rather good at the delivery.

I do deserve my punishment and I try to accept it without complaint. I think I am due for another bery soon. I will let you know how it goes!

When I was eight, my parents died in a car crash in Mexico. In their will, they wanted my twenty-one year old sister, Paige, to watch over me as her own. We never did get along, and when she became my legal guardian she took advantage of this. She knew the old ritual of my mom. The ritual, which was also used on my sister, was that she would put on latex rubber gloves, strip us naked, and spank us on bare bottom till we were crying, screaming, and bottom as red as an apple. She wore the gloves to make the spanking harder and more painful. My sister decided to do the same, except she put a tight diaper on me for humiliation. The morning routine was that she would put on her gloves, change my diaper if it was filled(the only way I could use the bathroom) wipe me, remove the gloves(she hates getting dirty, so she wears gloves while doing this) put on a fresh pair, and before she puts a diaper on my exposed bottom, she spanks me with her HUGE hand, and I usually cry after two or three smacks. Then she puts on my fresh diaper on my red bottom. One day when we have been doing this for two and a half years, I was fixing her some tea, I dropped the glass and it broke. She got up out of her chair, got a pair of gloves(which is a sign of a spanking), stomped over to me, ripped my diaper off, and she pulled up her hand, and then SMMAACCKKKKK, she was spanking like crazy and she would not stop for five minutes. I cried when she delivered the first spanking. She then said every Saturday was naked day, and she would spank all day. Nothing but spankings. She eventually spanked everyday for no reason. She says its for discipline. She stopped when I was eighteen.

I was first spanked when my mother babysat other kids. One of them was a 10 year old 4th grade spit fire named Cathy. I was a 12 year old 6th grader who was twice as tall as she was, but that didn’t stop her from putting me in my place. One day I was throwing things at my fence just to be obnoxious. “Your mother wants you to stop throwing things at the fence, “ she scolded me, her beautiful little face gleaming with braces.
“What? Are you gonna spank me too, “ I yelled back. Before I knew my long slender body was stretched across her lap on the backyard grass. I must have struggled and squirmed for a good five to ten minutes before, she got my body stretched out and secured in place. Having ripped my pants down, she started slapping me hard with her bare hand. I screamed in pain and instinctively covered my butt with my free right hand. Suddenly, she caught my wrist and twisted my arm painfully behind my back. She continued to slap my bottom with her bare hand. Struggling and screaming and crying, I tried blocking her spanks with my legs and she quickly and almost naturally hook my legs down with her own leg which was much stronger than then mine. “That is what my mother does, when my brother tries to use his legs,” she taunted. I struggled and squirmed for another short period of time until I just when limp and surrendered. Spanking went on and my only outlet was to cried and ask her to please stop. “ Stop being a little brat do what you are told!” she scolded.
She forced me to admit, she was better than me and that girls are stronger and smarter, which is something I’ve come to never doubt.

oh its a turn on to be slapped by a woman, I’ve been slapped in the face with a hard dick once to and I was drunk, but wow it was amazing.

I posted a few years ago about my mother in law threatening to spank me. She had spanked me more than 20 years ago, and I have been careful to avoid another session. Recently during a heated discussion I made some rude remarks. She told everyone I was going to be taught a lesson and told me to follow her or she would spank me right there. I went with her and she used a hair brush to blister my behind. Everyone looked away as I had trouble sitting for 2days.

Hi I think men should accept being punished by women I myself am regularly tied over a bench and whipped,caned and birched plus I have to kneel and kiss her feet and lick every inch of her shoes before and after each whipping.

i am a latinamerican 24 years old and married to a 21 yéars old woman who spanks me really hard on my bare bottom and i sure love it however lately ive been having this fantasie in which my mother in law spanks me while my wife watches it turns me on just thinking about it i think every woman should spank their man when they misbehave

When i was about 12 i was spanked by an auntie for having pee stains in my underpants i had worn them all day, after all whoes underwear is as clea at the end of the day as when first put on that they where white did’nt help i suppose. So when my wife brought me a dirty pair of white sloggi maxi underpants out of the wash basket and told they were very dirty with yellow stains on the front and that i would be spanked because of the pee stains i was excited. She puled a chir out to the middle of thr room told me to undo my trousers and bend right over the chair, she then pulled mty trousers down to my ankles and hand spanked me on my white underpants she then pulled my underpants down to my knees and had a look at the inside front were there was a yellow stain again i had worn them for 10 hours aaaat that point. She you dirty boy at which point she pulled them off and pulled them over my head she then got one of my belts a thick leather one which she belted my bare bottom with 50 times telling if i got up once she would double it to 100. I really really thuoght she enjoyed it.

both my parents spanked me as a child. both of them also strapped me with a belt. The first time i had felt any sexual feelings was with a school teacher. I was caught smoking, miss reynolds then told me i could accept her punishment or go before the head master.I chose to punish me, before reporting to her office I put some paper down my shorts that I was wearing for sports. Bending over in front of her, the shape of the paper was obvious. Her temper rose and she pulled at my shorts, to my dismay they slipped to the floor. Then she gave me twelve strokes with an old slipper. I then received a very long lecture while I stood naked from the waiste down. Although my penis is small it became aroused, her temper also rose. She pulled me over her lap and proceeded to spank my already sore behind. When I was allowed to rise there was an obvious damp milky stain on her plain blue skirt. i received a stinging slap across my face. To my surprise I was told to sit on the floor, being a rude little boy I was told to mastabate. I came almost immediately what I remember. Miss reynolds spanked me many times after that. I will tell about that another day.

I had a severe spanking from my next door neighbor the other week. She is a big buxom woman of about 65 with massive tits and hips. How it happened was that she asked me over to fix her washing machine one morning while she went out shopping. I have a thing about womens underware especially if they are soiled. Well while she was away I had a chance to rummage through her soiled linen basket next to the washing machine. I pulled out a white panty girdle with dark pantyhose wrapped around them. You should have seen the yellow stains in the gusset. The smell of her pussy was great. You could even smell the sweat from her feet. I had an instant hard on which I got rid of by shooting my load into the gusset. I pulled another pair out that she must have worn for a few days. They had some serious skid marks. Anyway I was so carried away with all these panty girdles that I never heard her coming in. She said she would tell my wife unless I let her punish me so I gave in. She ordered me to go upstairs to her bedroom and strip naked and await a severe spanking. When I went into her room I took everything off but I had a hugh erection so I kept my hand covering it. It was about ten minutes before she came in. When she came in all she was wearing was an open panty corselette with dark stockings. She said she decided to remove her dress when she found my cum stains in the panty girdle I was wanking into. Needless to say when she hauled me over her lap I came over her stockings. She must have felt this but kept on spanking me with her powerful hands. I could even feel her tits rubbing my back through the corselette. They must have been about 50 inch DD. I now had to report to her next week for another spanking and if I cum over her stockings again she said she would make me lick off the cum. I will take advantage of this and save up my cum for a week and make sure I spash it up the open part of the corselette to get my tunge closer to her damp pussy.

Where I would consider a spanking from a matriarch, I would rather give them, under the control of said matriarch.

I caught my nephew masterbating once. He was 20 years old and still stealing my dirty knickers & tights. I’m in my 50’s and got quite turned on when I caught him shooting his load in the gusset of my dirty knickers. I made him strip and bend over my knee. I could feel his erection rubbing my stockings as I thrashed his arse. My skirt was riding up and he must have had a good view up my skirt. As I spanked him I rocked my legs and it must have masterbated him because he came all over my stockings and thighs. I ordered him to lick up his mess. This turned me right on so I ordered him to give my soaking pussy a good licking until I came. We now have kinky sessions every week when hubby goes to work.

I’m interested in older matronly women spanking teenage boys, particularly cute emo type boys. I like when the boy realizes that even though he is almost a man, he is not as strong as a woman. I also like when the woman takes his pants down and plays with his genitals.

I am basically from a conservative eastern country where people still follows old ways of living. When I was in my college, I was very weak in maths and my mother was really upset about that. So she asked a lady who recently moved in our neighbourhood to give me tuitions. Now this was a married woman who used to stay at home while her husband went to work and she met my mother somewhere where my mom learned that she is really good in maths. So my mom asked if she could help me with my studies and she agreed. When I went to her place the next day, I realized that she was really beautiful and quite young too. She said to me that I have to work hard with my studies because if I don’t do it, she will cane me. I being never interested in studies didn’t take this advice seriously and instead spent my time fantasizing about her and her body. As result I couldn’t answer her questions the next day and out came her cane. She asked me to open my palms and she delivered the cane on them. While this caning did hurt me, I enjoyed it. It was not that severe and the idea of her caning me, though humiliating to my manhood, was strangely pleasurable for me. However, I did try to improve in my studies (just to impress upon her) but math was never in my blood. So after every other day she used to cane me on my palms or hands. I think that she also noticed that I enjoyed being caned by her. One day I was carrying a copy of the playboy magazine in my bag just to show off to my friends afterwards. Now being an extremely conservative country, playboy is banned there so I was expecting a lot of praise from my friends for bringing this treasure for them. However, after the tuition session ended that day, I fumbled with my bag and the magazine fall down to the ground with its naked centrefold playmate lying spread eagled. I was horrified because my teacher saw that. She asked me to give the magazine to her which I did. She briefly looked at some pictures and said that this is serious and that she needs to show this to my mother. I was terrified because that would mean huge humiliation (as well as punishment). So literally crying I begged her not to do this. She considered this for sometime and said that then, I have to be punished by caning. I immediately agreed and spread my palms. She smiled and said that I need to take off my trousers and underwear as the punishment would be delivered on my bare bottom. I recoiled and protested because stripping in front of her was not acceptable for me. But she left me with no choice so I had to take off my trousers and my white underwear. She made me stand in front of a full length mirror in her study, spread my legs and bending forward hold a chair while looking straight. By that time my penis was fully erect but she seemed to ignore it. She asked me that after every whip I will loudly count it and remember my crime. I could see her in the mirror as she stepped back, raised her hand and with her full force struck my naked ass with her cane. First there was this swishing sound and after that severe pain as the cane left a welt on my ass. I cried and counted “one”. She went back on her mark and delivered the second cane. My hands left the chair and grabbed my buttocks because the pain was so severe. She said that this cane is cancelled as I was not supposed to remove my hands. So for the rest of the caning, my hands firmly held the chair though I continued to cry out in pain and looked at the roof after every strike. That day she caned me 16 times. After my punishment, I just stood there holding the chair and sobbing like a little kid. She came near me and said that I am a grown up adult and that I need to respect women especially teachers. I nodded my head in agreement. After that she went into her bedroom and brought a cream which she gently applied on my buttocks. The feeling of being caned on bare bottom, fully striped naked, by a beautiful woman and then being healed by her hands was wonderful. Before I dressed and left her house, she reminded me that I should behave otherwise she would have to report the magazine and today’s caning to my other. Of course, reporting of my caning was even more humiliating so I had to keep quite.

Pam’s Boy writes:

She has a heavy long rod made of PVC pipe when I really piss her off. I am naked and she is clothed and I must assume the position of her choosing and accept her punishment. Then I must thank her and kiss her feet.

………What a lucky boy indeed! That last sentence is the key to the whole beautiful relationship: he shows total submissive gratitude for Her willingness to take the time and effort to correct his mistakes and train him to do better … as well as Her kindness (apparently) in allowing his to amuse Her by being Her whipping-boy.

By the way, what diameter is that PVC pipe cane, please?


i sure wish that my wife would take me across her knees,as often as possible.something about that female authority that speaks to me ..

A hairbrush is interesting, but a good hard slipper is even better than that!

e careful what you wish for! Once in a great while—my conduct can get so bad so long my wife(who is great) will paddle my naked butt over her lap and it hurts like crazy. I got it coming so I do not move a muscle—-though I do as many spank pleas as a 5 yr old!—-A spanking hurts alot whether 5 or 45-I got it coming and never try to get out of it!

I was spanked bare bottom by my mom as a child and all up to teenage years. When I met my wife my mom told her to spank me as it kept me in line, she gave her my paddle as a wedding present.My wife is very dominent and after the honeymoon we moved into our new house she took a room as her studyand two weeks later a delivery came, two guys smiling at me as they carried the covered piece to the study and placed it under the window. When my wife got home she called me into the study and told me to unwrap the delivery. My face reddened as I saw my punishment bench, she told me this was what my spanking was going to be given on. She then told me to fetch the paddle and a hook to hang it on, with the paddle in place she said she was going to set my routine so stood in front of her desk she gave me my rules. From her desk drawer she handed me my punishment panties, a pair of plastic A/B that I was to wear every Friday, after my spanking I am allowed to service my wife apart from her monthly week when she makes me stand infront of her and masturbate myself. Every two weeks I was to have my body completely waxed, her friend has a salon and I was to be her first appointment each Friday morning. The first time was so humiliating being made to stand naked in front of my wife, her friend Sally and her young assistant as my wife told Sally what her requirements for me were, the waxing was very painfull the first couple of times and also very embarassing having a woman tell me to hold my penis while she coated it in wax. I do not have any body hair now as Sally has used an epelites treatment on me. My wife spanks me hard bent over the bench, both my mom and mil have witnessed my punishment and my mom really approves of my plastic panties that Linda has bought for me and says she should have used them on me as a boy. My bottom is always well coloured each weekend, my punishment panties keep the heat and colour in. The new ones she has just bought are all pastle colours and rustle a lot more when I move so each Friday I have to be careful that people at work dont discover my humiliating baby panties.

My question is how common is this and what percentage of couples practise this.

No one has reliable statistics.

Millions of men and women enjoy it. It is a matter of finding the right person.




I like very much to get slapped by females, to get really hard and tight slaps from their hand. I wish that my wife gives countless hard and tight slaps in my face without any mercy, each slap leaving her fingermarks on my face till I bow down at her feet. I have already told her that I like getting slapped. However, she refused to slap me saying that I am her sweet hubby. We are married just a few months back. However, I am really craving badly for her nice, tight slaps with full force on my face. Please give serious suggestions how to persuade her for slapping me? Females are encouraged to reply as they know their psychology much better. Thanks

i want to spanking by woman

I was spanked once by a women who was a professinal spanker. It was ok bet I would love to have a women spank me who just likes to do it.

My girlfiend will spank me and then make me sit on a punishment mat (which is like a spiked door mat). I then have to sit and write out lines for an hour as the spikes bite into my sore bottom. The lines typically are related to why I am being punished. For example, if I am being punished for being rude, she might make me write “I will not be rude” a thousand times. She also then grades my lines and any mistakes, I get 5 paddle swats for each mistake.

I was married to a lady by the name of Mary for close to six years & she would spank me if I done wrong & I accepted it & always on the bare. She died of a massive heart attack I remarried about six years later to a lady that don’t like it although I told her my want’s. My wish is to find a lady that will.

Just like Bill, my girlfriend Michelle makes me write lines after a spanking.I have a certain time limit to complete a number of lines.If I’m not done the spanking is repeated! She said this helps me remember my place.

When I’m naughty my wife makes me strip completly naked and uses a paddle on my ass 50 times hard. If I touch my ass after a swat, it didn’t count. After the spanking my wife makes me wear diapers for the whole weekend as a “naughty little boy”. The most esbarrased I was after a good spanking and walking around the house in my diaper, my wife’s friend came over for a ladies night. My wife explains that she needed to stay in because of her “baby”. Keri saw me and commented that her daughter could come over and “baby sit”. my wife agreed and I was really embarrassed listening to my wife give the sitter instructions on how to take care of me - where the diapers were and mentioned I was probley close to needing a change after they left and gave permission to spank me if i deserverd it. After the ladies left Kathy picked up the paddle and smiled “we are going to have fun tonight” as shee came over to check my diaper (which was wet). Kathy took me into the living room where the extra diapers were stacked. As I was laid down by this hot sexy blond 17 year old and she proceeded to pull the tape off my diaper, I was very excited. Kathy pulled the front of the diaper back and i was fully hard. Kathy was sweet as she was very “professional” and I made the mistake of commenting on how she could take care of my hard on before putting on the new diaper. This sent Kathy the other direction, her way of taking care of it was to paddle me for making the comment and would make me sorry. She gave me a choice of 100 hard paddles or I could jack off in front of her and for every second it took to cum would equal one swat. I picked the second option and began humping myself with my right hand. It took over 2 mins before I shot my wad and Kathy just smiled and bent me over her lap with the paddle in hand. She started hitting, pausing after every 10. I was in tears balling my head off. When she was done, she laid me back down and put a fresh diaper on me. When the ladies returned home Kathy told me wife about what happened and she was angry (slightly drunk as well)and proceeded to pull me by the arm and stripped my diaper off infront of her friends and grabbed the paddle. She took me OTK and gave me 50 swats for being bad to Kathy. Each of the lady friend (5) were then allowed to each give me 10 swats before I was rediapered.

i need hard punishment spankings i been very naughty boy wish i could find a female who would love turn me over her knee and give me the punishment spankings i desver but i have no luck finding females to do it. when i see females out in public i want ask them if they into spankings or see them wearing belt i alway want ask if they use belt to whip someone

if any female intrested in spanking me you can e-mail me at mikep27@yahoo.com

I haven’t been spanked sine childhood. I couldn’t get my late wife to although I hinted at it. I think about being spanked by a woman a lot. Would love to have a spanking, bit don’t know anyone around here to do it.

You can always try Alt com or BDSM com.

I have a spanking fetish which started when I was a teenage boy. I did not start satifying this urge until my 20’s. I am now 55. I enjoy playing the submissive role. I cannot do it often but I go to the SM clubs when I can to see professional women when I crave a spanking. Wearing panties or a diaper can be part of the fun and the fantasy. The women are quite attractive and know how to give a good complete spanking. I am allowed to masturbate which is a great stress and tension relief. I have had some wonderfully satisfying experiences. The only thing I would like to do that I can’t at the clubs is service the women orally. That is definitely a fantasy of mine. I would like nothing better that for a dominant woman to paddle my butt and then allow me to lick and kiss her crotch all over!

I caught the electrician stealing my soiled pantygirdle a few weeks ago. I knew I left it on the bathroom floor after my shower that morning. When he arrive he ask if he could use the bathroom. After he used it he went about his job fixing some lights. I went to the bathroom and it was missing. I also looked in my dirty linen hamper and found a pair of my tights covered in cum. I confronted him with the tights and asked him what he had done with my pantygirdle. He could not explain so I told him to drop his jeans for a spanking with my hairbrush over my knee. When he dropped his jeans he was wearing my pantygirdle. I pulled it off him and it was full of his skidmarks and cum wet patches. He had a hugh erection. I spanked him until he came over my lap. I made him lick up his mess and wash my pantygirdle and tights. I was soaking with excitment. What a dirty young man. I was old enough to be his grandmother.

My wife spanked me rather lightly once and when we once again entertained spanking I quite frankly told her she hit like a girl. Big mistake my butt had all the colors of a rainbow. Be careful what you wish for. To me it was what I had always wanted and more but to someone else I realize it could have been devastating.

I was spanked as boy. But I never was spanked without pants on. But a friend of mine was and one time he convinced me to do something bad,he was sure that we would be spanked so he had us put towels in our underwear to dull the pain, he hoped his father would not pull down our pants. As it turned out we were not spanked, but ever since then I imagined what it wold be like to have to be spanked with my pants down by my knees, I liked the idea. I know when I have been bad and I need a good punishment. My wife has given me bare bottom spankings. It is true that it is more embarrassing to be be naked. Even though it is my wife and she has seen me naked many times the fact that she has her clothes on an I don’t makes it embarrassing, this is especially true when I am made to stand in the corner with my pants down by my knees and wait for her. I fell so ashamed as wait there for her, not know when she will come in. Then when she finally comes in she laughs at me standing there with my still white ass waiting to be redden. It really helps clarify what a very bad little boy I have been.

I would lyk 2 get a bare ass spanking in a doggy style position and i would lyk 2 b spanked till i cum


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