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Legally Binding Mistress / Slave Contract

Submissive man searches for a way for the law to make his enslavement by a woman real.

Long Distance Boot Worship

Some people aren't lucky enough to be able to have an in-person BDSM relationship.

The Paradox of Female Supremacy

If women say they aren't superior how can submissive men promote gynarchy as an ideology?

Is Romance Incompatible with D/s?

Dominant women who don't want to mix BDSM with love or romance.

Play : Time, Mood, Depth, Intensity

Finding more time for D/s play getting in the mood and having more intense BDSM scenes.

A Superior Female's Rule is Like Heroin

Reader submission: an ecstatic prose poem adoring becoming a woman's helpless male slave.

Does Not Equal

Submissiveness doesn't equal masochism or being weak-willed.

Let Me Share Your Opinions, Thoughts, Hopes and Dreams

Let me publish your BDSM writings, free or for promotion on my site: you can even have a link to your kink or fetish website.

When She Doesn't Want to Play

What can a submissive man do to encourage a Domme to feel dominant?

Unable to Stop Masturbating

Do submissive men use chronic overmasturbation as a ploy to get vanilla women to dominate them?

How I Got Started in Nipple Torture

Experiences of a man who cannot orgasm without nipple torment.

When Play Spankings Become Punishment

Women who enjoy spanking men for fun but sometimes turn it into a real punishment and discipline session.

Questions & Observations by Others

Ask for insight, publish your own views of Femdom, sadomasochism, woman worship and BDSM.

Ask a masochist a question

Curious about some aspect of sadomasochism or D/s? Ask a question, suggest a topic.


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