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Cameron writes:

Nipple Torture, where do you start? I guess that I started it fairly late, in that I had been doing CBT since I was an early teenager. Though of course I didn’t know that it even had a name and I thought that I was the only one who did it. Anyway, I was so used to CBT in auto erotica that I was having trouble reaching orgasm during ‘normal’ straight vaginal intercourse. The spin off was double edged, on one hand I just kept going and most women had multiple orgasms and often we had to stop due to chaffing. (True story, I’m only about 8 ½ inches long but very thick, thicker than the wrist of most women). On the other side, they felt bad because they had not been able to make me cum. And at that stage on my life I was not secure enough to let them know my preferences. I was ashamed of my “Kink” as I saw it. So, for a long time if there was no CBT or exhibitionism, there was no orgasm.

Young Partner

Then I came across a young woman; let’s call her Karen, who was just this side of legal age. Karen took my difficulty in cuming inside her as a personal challenge. I hadn’t told her about my dependence on CBT for orgasm.

So to cut a long story short, I still remember the first time she grabbed my nipples. We were on her bed and had been going for it for quite a while with her coaxing me, telling me to relax, etcetera. I was on top, pumping away rather mechanically at that point. Then she took hold of my nipples and squeezed……… Oh My God! The effect that had. She felt it immediately. I went form being 4/5 hard to full blown granite in a nano-second. The pain just shot through me like an electric jolt. Then Karen dug her fingernails in and I couldn’t control my self and blew into her young chubby little body so hard it hurt her. I had never cum so hard in a woman before. I still think back and a tiny shudder runs through me.

Needless to say, that we had found a winning formula and set about improving on it. I still hadn’t confessed about the kinky autoerotica I so enjoyed, but her hurting my nipples was amazing. We went from gentle (it now seems) squeezing to biting and digging fingernails in until blood seeped out. We soon developed the ritual that I would take my clothes off as soon as I arrived at her place and she would play/hurt my nipples so that she could see the way is made my penis grow. With out our realising it we had developed dominant / submissive sexual roles. Which opened interesting doors in the future.

It was not long before we started to explore using clothes pegs/pins. At the time they hurt like hell. Now as my nipples have lost some sensitivity or just increased the pain tolerance, they are ‘Ho Hum’.

A very good side affect of this discovery is that when I am having sex with a woman who knows about my nipples she can virtually make me come on demand, so simultaneous orgasms are a common occurrence. Despite all this, I hadn’t shared my CBT tendency with Karen.

Any way, as our relationship was pure sex, it was bound not to last. And it didn’t, after awhile we separated. Then I started experimenting seriously on my self.

But that is for another day. If you like I’ll go into details of what I use and how. Just let me know.

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i am trying out nipple torture and cbt on myself but running out of ideas, need some real pain, its my only way of pleasure.

The most exquisite nipple torture I’ve experienced involved clothespins. I place on on each nipple as far back on the nipple as possible with the clothpins pointing parallel to my chest (left and right vs. straight out.) Then after a while, take a 3rd clothepin and clamp the very tip of the nipple sticking out. This is such an extreme sensation I can only stand it for a few seconds (since I’m not tied down.) But I do repeat over and over. :)

last night I asked my girl to play with my nipples while I was fucking her. As I became more excited I kept asking her for pressure. I wanted to feel pain. When I reached orgasm her nails were dig so deep in my nipples, I could barely breath and I was screaming for more. It was just great! I can still feel the pain… I recommend it to everyone.

Hello Again,

As promised now I have some time and have compiled a brief list of some of my favorite techniques for inflicting nipple pain, both autoerotic and administered by some one else. I have had all these techniques applied to my own nipples.

  1. Pressure/Clamping (inc. weights and tying)

  2. Abrasion

  3. Heat

  4. Chemical

  5. Cutting/inserting

  6. Electric

  7. Impact

  8. Pressure/Clamping (inc. weights and tying)

Clothes Pegs/Pins

I’ll start with Pressure and clamping as this was and still is I guess my favorite. As mentioned by one of the other correspondents to this site, clothes pegs are a perennial favorite. They are cheap and easy to use. The pain can be easily controlled from a back ground ache to reasonably intense. They can be worn unnoticed under loose clothing and importantly, if you have a squeamish partner they are a benign way to introduce her into this delightful realm of nipple pain/torture.

I’ve found that the secret is the closer you get to the tip of the nipple the more pain is produced and for me the more excitement and arousal. Plus you can use more than one on a nipple, one at the base on one on the tip. Mmmmmm that’s good and it’s simple!

Of course there are many different types of clothes pegs/pins on the market. I have a range of different types in my collection

An interesting variation is to have an 18 inch piece of string tied/taped to the peg and attached to a weight (shoe, pliers, anything in fact) clamp the peg to you nipple, holding the weight in your hand close to your chest. Bend over and then drop the weight. Oh boy, if the pain you get doesn’t make you even harder – ask for your money back. If you have a willing partner the variations are endless, aren’t they?

Alligator/Crocodile Clips

These are available at any electronics or electrical store and come in various sizes. They can be used in similar ways to the clothes pegs and can be easily modified with a pair of long nose pliers to suit all sorts of tolerances.

Two of my favorite techniques are to have a pair joined by 12 to 15 inches of electrical cable and so that one goes on each nipple with the cable strung between. This allows the application of weights and other types of pulling devices.

One I like is to have the ‘harness’ attached while I’m driving and have a weight on a chain of rubber bands thread through the steering wheel so that it pulls while I drive. Very stimulating, but potentially distracting.

The other is to have a weight on a long string looped over a door handle and attached to the centre of the ‘harness’ pulling your nipples out from your body. You can pull against it or just let gravity do the work for you. Either is good. A bonus is that it leaves both your hands free for other activities.

The other is simply just to have one clip per nipple and have fishing weights attached. I’ve walked around shopping centers like this (Loose Shirts a must) for 20 plus minutes. The tugging and swaying on my nipples from the walking hurts like hell and turns me on so much I just have to get to the car ASAP.

I will say that at first these clips on virgin nipples are YEOW!! Then I started to count to 10 before removing them, then 50, 100 etc. until I had them on for over 40 minutes. That was usually driving the car or doing house work. Removing them was an experience the blood flowing into the crushed flesh burned all over again. I get tingles just thinking about it.

Oh, I like to have them attached longitudinally, i.e. straight out along my nipple. And if you’re wearing them under a shirt it applies and additional interesting pressure.

Tying Up.

I love having my nipples tied up with some strong thin string at the base. Turning them into little balloons. This then allows you to use other weights etc. Personally I love them being tight like this when I “abrade” them or stick pins into them. The skin is tighter and it just feels so much more positive.
My tied nipples don’t have the ‘give’ a loose one has. So the feeling is great.

Other Things.

As I said your imagination is your only limit. A random list of things you can use to clamp your nipples are – vice grip pliers – G-clamps – wood and rubber bands – freezer bag sealing clips – medical clamps etc, the list is endless.

In the next few days I’ll add info on number 2 Abrasion. Another easy and effective technique though it can get a little bloody

Thanks for this, looking forward to the rest.


I have been using up to 4 heavy duty Radio Shack bare alligator clips on each nipple with up to 2 lbs on nipple while doing 40 vigorous push-ups. Anyone able to beat this ?

pictures upon request.

My master uses crocodile clips and electro stimulation from a PES or TENS machine. He used clothes pegs in the beginning but then gradually introduced clips and at first they were unbearable but he made me keep them on for longer and longer each session until I can have them on for over 30 minutes, maybe longer. He will attach the clips and then set the PES to a pulse and then just leave me. He will also attach clips to my ball sack which is also unbearable but I love it!

I love nipple torture and got into it when I was very young around age 13. I started with close pins but eventually I found these really cool small clamps at Home Depot that work so great. They are tight but have a rubber coating on the tip so they hurt but not too much. At first there is hardly any real pain but after 30 seconds or so they start to really hurt and the pain is SO AROUSING I cannot describe it. It’s pure heaven to me. I take my clothes off and lye on my bed and put the clamps on my nipples, within a few seconds I would be so aroused my dick would be dripping pre-cum like crazy all over my stomach. After about 3-5 minutes I would be so aroused I would pull the clamps off my nipples, flip over on my stomach and press my nipples against my pillow, this would drive me WILD and I would hump my pillow and blow my load in a mind blowing orgasm. To this day it’s still the best sex I have ever felt and is far better than regular sex with my wife. She has no idea I like this sort of thing and I would never hear the end of it if I told her. Being married sucks… I wish I was single so I could enjoy myself!

Hello. And Bye. :)

I got into NT when I was 13. Now I have had more than 40 years at it and still finding new ways to excite myself. My favorite is lifting a full bucket of water with special hooks inserted just behind the nipples. These leaves the tips exposed where I subject them to abrasion using two small brass brushes (normally used to wire brush car scratches!!). There is NO feeling which compares!!I have also used suction cups with hobby blades taped inside. As the nipple rises inside the cup, the blades descend and … whoopee, the sensation is wild and excruciatingly beautiful.. I will never give up this form of pleasure. The only thing I regret is not finding an equal partner to play with. Male or female..I’m not gay, but all nipples excite me both male and female. I’d love to see how much weight to of us can raise together!

I didn’t discover my nipples until I was 20 A fuck buddy started working them, I liked it and have quickly moved to clamps. I now regularly use a nipple tower with at least 3 bare teeth nipple clamps on each. I sometimes stick neddles through the abused flesh. I prefer not to cum unless my nipples are in pain.

i was lucky enough to meet a Dominant Woman when i was nineteen. This Lady was 36 and trained me in all aspects of male slavery. The best part was that She would put very painful nipple clamps on my nipples and then stroked me and got me hard. She would keep me hard for about an hour. She did this to me every day for like 2 years. my nipples always hurt for that 2 years. The effect was, that eventually, i could not get hard without severe nipple pain. To this day 25 years later i still have to have severe nipple clamps attatched to my nipples in order to get hard. i am still a virgin as my mind and penis became trained to respond only to NT.i never could get hard for intercourse with dates that i had when our relationship ended after 4 years. When i met my Wife, i was lucky enough to find out She too was kinky and so i layed it all on the table when we started dating. Lisa was happy to put clamps on my nipples as she liked Her nipples clamped too. Lisa taught me to be Her total slave and i have only cum through masturbation. i have never penetrated a Woman. Needless to say, i am very happy with my life as a slave and my Wife knows that it would be difficult to cheat on Her, even though i never would.

I love nipple clamps, but one day I wanted the ultimat.I sterilized a sewinging needle and put it all the way through my nipple,,,, And by the way I have huge nipples,,,,The pain was awesome..actually not a lot, but I enjoyed it very much.Try it sometime and make sure the needle goes all the way through, it’s so gratifiying

I was introduced to TT by a fuck buddy while in my 20s. He started by just tugging them but within a few weeks was pincing using his nails. In the decades since, I have moved on to severe clamps, weights, pumping and stretching. I often stretch out my nipples and apply as many painful clamps as I can. I generally get 6 on each nipple. I sometimes then use needles in the available open nipple flesh. I am in heaven.

NT is my center of my sex life. I like other things but require NT to cum. In fact NT is much more important than cumming.

I started 2 play with my nips about 10 years ago. i am so addicted2 it i can’t go a day before i need 2 play. i am very hairy

I discovered my nipple fetish over 15 years ago. My left nipple is much bigger because of all the abuse it takes. My wife sucks and bites on my nipples for a good 1/2 hour before I blow my load. Two on my favorite Tit torture ideas are this, use a coat hanger with the clothes pins on it the kind you use to hang up your pants. I attach the hanger to my nipples standing on my tip toes. I then attach the hanger to a nail where i am completely extended on my tip toes.Then I let my feet try to touch the floor, which results in pulling on my nipples severely. Second, I use waxed string about 1/16 in diameter. I make a noose knot and put the knot around each nipple. Then I attach the string to somthing and try to let all my weight on my nipples. I can only last about a minute doing this. It just about rips the nipples off your body. Have fun!!!

I have only started nipple torture and I am a senior senior citizen. I was curious about it as I have always liked to rub my nipples and pinch them while JO. Partner is into bdsm and has a play partner that she subs for. I took the Japanese clamps one day while alone and sitting naked in front of long mirror started to apply them to my nipples. At first I could not even stand the half closed but gradually worked up to letting them close all the way down gently. OMG the extreme pain that shot right down to the base of my penis beneath my ball sac. I let them clamp, hold a few seconds and then release and each time the pain would shoot down there. On each shot my cock would get a little more erect, which by the way it doesn’t do very often.

I have now progressed to being able to leave them on for more than a few minutes at a time. Have ordered a set so I don’t have to sneak the ones from play room. I also have a slightly altered set of spring clothespins that I use on occasions. The close down to about an 1/16 of an inch apart. I can also use a full clothes pin for short periods of time.

I only wish I had started this much sooner in life as JO with the clamps in place when you shoot is an experience and a half.

After reading all the post on this site, I really got encouraged. I have been using my new buterfly clamps everyday at least 2 or 3 times a day. Occasionally I’ll use the clothspins but they do not satisfy me as much as the butterflys. I have purchases sinkers to add to the clamps. I massage my nipples several times a day. As one of the other fellows said, my nipples maintain a pleasant hurt all day long.

Looking for a partner, male or female to play with.

I only started with nipple clamping on May 10th or so and have graduated from clothspins to Japanese butterflys and have no started using a thing called the Everything Clip. They are bent wire spring clips, coated in vinyl. You buy them from stationary stores like Staples.

These things are vicious! They come 12 to a package and you can adjust them with a pair of pliers or by springing them on something over night.

The first set I sprung so they are about 1/32 space when closed. I have since moved on to an unaltered set which I have not yet been able to take for a whole minute.

I usually put them on gradually to let the pain build but have also subjected my nipples, both at the same time, to letting the clips snap shut. Ahhhhhh! the pain and the pleasure.

I saw a video of a guy with bull dog clips and might eventually try those when I get so I can take these for at least 3 minutes.

Anybody ever try the bull dogs? Would like to hear from others re: nipple clamping.

while writing this i have a clothes peg on each nipple feels so good! Im trying to make mine longer any suggestions? Any guy or gal who wants to play with em just say hi!

For those of you that may have erectile dysfunction, you really must explore pain. Pain stimulates the blood flow;and I mean rock hard. I too started out slow,then worked up to more extremes. Once the mind adjusts,a person could handle just about anything. Pinching, pulling,twisting and just general yanking on them will soon bring you many delights. The clothespin training takes me to 2/3 hrs. I am yanking on them of course. I then went to various clamps; certain clamp pliers;cable clamps,which are stronger[1/2 hrs at a time. Some time ago a girlfriend discovered my passion, and really worked them over good. She chewed them up until nice and sore;smacked them with a ruler;and then directed her attention to my rock hard cock,by smacking the shaft.We would have a heated sex session before bed;in the middle of the night; and again in the morning. Now married, both the girlfriend and the wife would give my ass a good tanning;and then each one choose a nipple and chewed at the same time. We never did anything that was not agreed upon;and I got to fuck the two of them. It doesn’t matter what the gender is. A mouth is a mouth. The same for two men,which I have done;or two women,which I love to watch. I can deep throat a man for an hour or so;and its not polite not to swallow. Any interested parties may contact me.

bull dog clips work great so do snake bite kits. Also clothes hangers, the kind you hang pants with graduate from the rubber coated to the metal with rubber tips. Use the hangers not only to clamp but stretch the nipples closer or as far apart as they will go. If the nipples come out of the clips do it again until the skin dries up and becomes less slippery. You can also try barrettes, the kind girls wear, smash your nips between the barrettes then use rubber bands to draw them together until they almost touch. Get a rough brush with sharp bristles to rub against the tips or something cold. A magazine works well too. Afterwards rub them on the floor and get them dirty. Soooo fun.

Well I’m now up to owning several different type of clips and clamps. Bought a set of adjustable ones which are not to bad. Best still is the Everything clips which you can doa lot of things with. I like to put them on deep, push straight back in order to get more nipple in. I run a piece of clothes line through them and then saw it back and forth which causes the clips to vibrate. Also like to put 35 mm film canisters on them filled with pennies. Tie them together, pulling as close as possible and then stand up straight, forcing shoulders back. Still looking for someone to play with, torture similar to described. Prefer male but would play with female. harvy.birch@gmail,com

I have been into nipple torture on myself since i was 12 I use vise grips they are always tight and heavy enough to constantly pull but want a man or women to really hurt me

Gawd my ex dug into my nipples till they bled she used to take sewing needle and run thread between them and twist pull rip my cock would explode especially when she would run her fingers in my ass or a dildo. My gf after that would fuck my ass with a strapon and clamp my nipples wwowoow….but i loved self torture of my nips put drywall screws thru wood clothespins and twisted em tighter (if u have ever seen drywall screws they have a sharp assed end) sometimes cum to my face sometime blood and cum that far. WOW..the greatest orgasms ever speciallly when i got twine to pull on em with.

If there are any men/women who would love to extreme torture my nipples, more extreme CBT (whipping needles in nipples and cock) and lash my chest, cock and back and ass with a leatheer strap, horsewhip, bullwhip, and string me up on a cross or spread eagle so you can work over my body, and then fill my mouth with cum….men and women or groups of men………talk to me……just put more scars on my back my chest my nipples, cock, open my ass fill my throat with more cum than my ass. Talk to me. I have been there. Have YOU?

started on nipple torture a few years ago and find it terrific and the pain is awesome and ecstatic. I started with clamps, clothes pegs, but have also used hangers for trousers and tied elastic to the hangar and then attached to some fixed object then pulled away till my nipples really stretched. You can also get some small rubber rings which are for taking the balls of lambs. It comes with a metal tool which stretches the ring so you can put it right down low on the nipple and then remove the tool the nipple swells a little and also over 30 minutes will go blue but the pain is real good. You can remove the ring with vaseline or something similar. Whilst the rings are on you can also put on clamps as well. Also bought a small adjustable clamp from a local large hardware store and fixed some of the small sharp metal pieces with which you join wood together once you have glued these on the clamp all the have to do is slowly ratch up the clamp till the sharp bits start pressing into to the nipple Wow its terrific. Sterilized hypodermic needles are good as well I have only got down to a 23 gauge needle but putting a needle through your nipples get the endorphins working. Has any one else got other ideas

A hooker gotme started with nipple torture, I am now 74 and will have sex with male or female if they torture my nipples. The pain gets me hard even with an enlarged prostate. I can’t get enough, I love it so much.

I don’t know how it works, but there is a direct connection from my nipples to my cock. pain to my nipples just makes me rock-hard and I am older. Would like to share experiences and more with others of a like mind

I had to do a Google image search for “bulldog clips” to realize they are what i term “binder clips” and with them i am quite experienced. I also refer to them as “butterfly clips” as the two “wings” remind me of butterflies. In any case find them to be most “effective” when i (who has large nipples for a male) use ones about 1/2 inch in “width” and apply then “edge wise” (using only one corner edge) onto one side of one nipple and a second one applied in the same manner to the other side of the nipple. i do this to both nipples. It is a learning experience but the pain in very nice and piercing and does wonders for me when i masturbate.

warren, sub and slave to Mistress and Master

Nipples are second only to the male cock as sensitive spots susceptible to sensation.

When my Owner lays me on the bed, face up, and straddles me, She loves to flick my nipples with a fingernail. It’s much the same motion as kids use to shoot marbles on the playground (do kids still do that any more?). It makes the cock jump, and eventually drive it to orgasm. She will flick one, and i will beg Her to let me cum. “No,” She will say sternly — then flick the other one! Sometimes She will lean forward (my arms are immobilized) and tantalize me with Her own beautiful nipples: i must lick them ever so gently, until She grants permission to suck them softly. When She is ready (or has already had a climax or two!), She flicks both at once with a command, and my cock surrenders to Her delight. (Then, of course, She moves north and my tongue cleans Her while providing a few more for Her enjoyment.)

She has not tried clips yet, but i have discovered what should be an excellent implement. Small wooden clothespins/pegs, only about an inch long, are just the right size to fit my smallish male nipples. Inexpensive at, of all places, a stationers. I have also seen them in gleaming metal on line for a lot more. Metal “crocodiile” electrical clips look like they will tear the flesh, and they are quite strong. Perhaps a 3/16” drill from side to side — forming a rounded hole in the toothy surface — would give a wicked appearance but not cut and bleed.

Another possibility, based on an advertised custom item: medium-size cotter pis, spread with a sliding collar to tighten the tips. The “ring” at the end can be fitted with a Christmas-style “jingle bell” for added effect.

Speaking of bells… at Christmastime, stores sell leatherette straps with half-a-dozen large 1” bells and a ring on one end. These make excellent slave-collars! Feed the tip through the ring, along with one or two of the bells, and that’s all you need to do. Slave-bells, of course, let Mistress keep track of where Her slave is at all times, and the humiliation aspects go without saying.

Thank you, again, Richard, for providing this forum and resource.

I am a pretty heavy nipple player who has written before in this forum. I have received so many deep piercings l now have quite a bit of scar tissue behind my nipples. Despite what the experts say that you should not penetrate more than skin deep l have done so safely many times obviously ensuring all equipment is spotlessly clean. Recently I discovered a new torture. I have a commercial stapler which I have put to good use on my nipples. It has a very powerful spring and shoots staples straight in.Its best to use 1/4” staples only, no longer otherwise they would go too deep. I usually shoot about 20 into each nipple and then I place more all over my breasts. Looks really good in the mirror and the pain shock of each entry is magnificent. The rack of staples must be preheated and washed in alcohol as must the stapler itself in order to avoid infections. I shoot at least 50 in each session. Never had a problem yet. Its best if your domme or partner does it you can push out your chest to receive the pain better. Its a good idea to work out those chest muscles if you get into heavier play. Its amazing how much extra weights they can hold. I am now up to 50 lbs.

I have been extremely masochistic for most of my life. As a kid, I played games with the other kids, where we’d tie each other up and I’d always volunteer to be the one they tied up. When I got into my teens, I met a buddy who loved inflicting pain as much as I loved getting it. His favorite was nipple torture, He’s tie me up and work on my nips until I shot a load, then he’d make me suck his cock.

You can’t tickle yourself … remember that one? The principle applies to most BDSM. What makes it work is (surprise!) giving up control. That’s where it starts and where it ends.

Anyone who thinks he can really do much except beat his meat and do gross physical stuff is dreaming. Besides, it’s more fun when you have a real Mistress to suffer for!

i have been torturing my nipples for about 15yrs i use clips and hang weight s from them i also have used a hot curling iron on them such pleasure it gives to burn them also hot wax i then have a good cum

My nips have been erogenous centres for as long as I can remember. They have always been large, but now larger with the use and abuse over the years. I’ve found that once a gal found out my nips were wired directly to my crotch, they worked them long and hard, getting almost as much enjoyment from them as I do. Privately and with them I most often use nipple clamps and weights to add to the intensity. like all manner of nipple play, from gentle sucking to intense torture, even to the point of bleeding. The feeling of my nipples being stretched and clamped while I edge or while I fuck, increases my enjoyment and my hardness considerable. In fact, I find it difficult to truly enjoy play without them directly involved. Thanks,~B~

I have craved men hard nipple sucking, biting, twisting, and other pain pleasures.
I do not have a man so I use clotheclips/hand.

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