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People write me asking for the damnest advice:

How is it feasible to draft a long term, MISTRESS/slave contract of obedience & servitude that is actually legally binding? This is something both parties desire. Thank You !

Another fan of really real slavery.

The short answer: you can’t. Slavery is illegal in the United States. Period. The law will not recognize your slavery; you cannot assume the status of chattel except in your own mind.

I’ve seen slave contracts that acknowledge their lack of legal status. It reads as a sort of whistling in the graveyard as though rejecting the law will somehow stop the criminal justice system. No judge is going to accept your disagreement with a law as an excuse for not obeying it.

A common internet game is for people with the craving - stated desire anyway - to achieve legally binding servitude is to speculate on ways a man can make himself financially dependent on his Mistress.

Going into debt isn’t going to make you a slave. If you willfully ruin yourself financially you might be declared incompetent. But you are more likely to become the ward of a family member or psychiatric institution than anyone else.

Even if you were to become her ward you could go to the court and at anytime and point out you are being treated as a slave.


Pain is pursued for the stringent and sensual beauty that plays across the masochist’s nerve endings. Humiliation to be left supine, damp and sated. Slavery - submission - because it makes you happy.

Offering yourself should be enough. Consenting to become her slave fulfilling in itself. That is ‘real’ slavery: desire and need.

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I once asked Jos, if we were captured by aliens who were going to have us live on their spaceship (or in their zoo), and they gave us a choice - either they would ensure that I had actual power to enslave him, no backing out on his part (or mine), or else we would not be allowed to do d/s at all, which would he choose?

He chose the actual slavery.

But as far as I know it might ruin everything. I certainly don’t want our contract to be legally binding.

Jos’s choice is reasonable. D/s is an important part of your relationship. Not being able to do D/s at all could lead to poisonous frustration.

The question is purely hypothetical, of course. In reality, I think we have an equal right to satisfaction, at least on the meta level, and the unenforcability of the contract helps to guarantee that. Kind of like how people are nicer to their spouses when divorce is possible.


The closest you can come to legal slavery is for the slave owner/mistress to have the slave committed to a mental hospital, either voluntarily or involuntarily, have him declared mentally incompetent, and have the slave owner/mistress declared his legal guardian. This would also give her control over his finances. If he complained or tried to contest it, she would just have him committed again. Anyway, it’s hard for him to contest his status if he’s chained to a wall in the basement. (hee hee) I haven’t tried this myself yet, but I intend to as soon as I find a good mistress.

Laws against slavery cannot generally be negated by a contract. The primary legal value of a contract would be to [attempt to] absolve and release the ‘Mistress’ from prosecution for various crimes such as kidnapping, imprisonment, abuse, etc. should your activities become known to the authorities. The intent would be to show that you consented to the activity, however, even this may not be sufficient legal protection for the ‘Mistress’ as in some State/Federal jurisdictions/cases the State/Fed Attorney assumes the role of prosecutor for some crimes- it is not the ‘victim’ who is pressing charges and the ‘victim’ cannot drop the charges, prosecution may proceed without input or testimony from the ‘victim’.

However likely or unlikely it might be, depending on the charge(s) and the evidence available, a Prosecutor with a stick up his/her ass (and looking to make a reputation) could proceed with the case and obtain a conviction without testimony from the ‘slave’ and despite any protestations from the ‘slave’ that the activity was consensual.

Not much point being chained to a wall as you can’t earn anything. Best to keep your job and pass your earnings on to Mistress when you get home. Then she can attach you to wherever until morning.

Slave contracts may not be legally binding, but employment contracts and prenuptial agreements are, and they’re all the rage these days. Why not draw up a contract with provisions allowing one partner control over the other’s body, to the maximum extent allowed by law? A prenup could stipulate that a wife is entitled to a larger settlement the more obedient she is to her husband, as far as she can prove. Similarly, a professional dominatrix could hire her “slaves” as legal employees, and the terms of their employment could include being chained to their desks (did you see “Secretary”?) Or a model could sign an employment contract agreeing to wear a corset or a chastity belt for an entire year. Then the employer could, in theory, sue the slave for refusing or failing to follow through. That might produce a simulation of slavery acceptable to both parties.

What about Power of Attorney?

While I, myself, have never been in this position, I have known of other dommes who have had their slaves sign such a contract.

While a contract cannot be legally binding, there can be a permanent contract..If it is about say training, never mentioning slavery. The training will have some sort of fee or cost which is re-paid by working/doing all sorts of things for the trainer/educator. Sometimes it is very simple! as in what happened to this male slave. slave wanted to be trained and taught how to serve and be submissive to Ladies. The Lady taught me about submission and discipline. While it was done seriously, it still is a “role” game. By being truthful to the concepts, it becomes reality.Graduation was when (i) slave was given to another Lady. The “contract is Non-Consensual”. No rights or denials.slave absolutely adores M’Lady. Failure has earned varying disciplines including being given to others, for periods of time.

looking to be train for a slave —-ready for 24-7 slavery bye —looking for mistress.

Far better than a “legally enforceable contract” (which cannot exist under U.S. law, though it might elsewhere) is the willing agreement of a slave to serve its Owner. Like a successful sale, this arrangement depends on mutual consent and satisfaction.

The couple can have a set of rules written down, if they wish. But perhaps even better is for the Owner to have full freedom to make the rules, change them at will, and enforce them as She pleases, and for Her slave to trust and accept Her will completely. That is, after all, the true essence of slavery and submission: there is just one rule, Obedience (for the slave) and Command (for the Owner). All the rest is just details.

It’s probably good to have a way to discuss things if necessary. A safeword will trigger a conference: the rules may say that durng this conference, the slave may freely ask or suggest, but the Owner has the final say on what will be done.

It all comes down to trust. If the slave trusts its Owner, then it will accept Her decision — on anything. After all, an Owner wants to keep Her property in good working order and serviceable, or there is no point in the whole business.

In the worst case, if She does cause the death of Her slave, She will eventually be caught up by police and tried for murder … all that is worth avoiding, so She has a motivation to make sure that Her slave stays alive and well.

On the other hand, if both have chosen well, the slave will be motivated to serve as expected, to avoid any more pain than he will certainly endure by the sheer nature of the relationship.

yes she me castrate me if she wants. mabe i wil donate one of my balls if she..wants this to…be just male this black slave boy

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