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Male slave licking woman's boots
Laurent LeBeau

In response to a prior entry Boot Licker writes:

No question, Richard, licking Her boots whilst they arae adorning Her very feet is the most rewarding way of doing it.

But slaves and submissives that beg to serve cannot always be choosers, can we? So if one’s Owner pleases not to grace our lives with Her actual presence, we must make do with what we can.

If we reach the point of worshipping Her shoes for their own sake, and not because they are sacred by reason of being Hers, then we can begin to worry (She may have cause for concern as well)!

I hope you don’t think that I disagree.

I’ve never been in that kind of distance relationship. By my very nature I never will be.

But that doesn’t mean that I slight the pleasure and fulfillment others get from long distance BDSM relationships.

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As a longtime worshipper of women’s boots, shoes, and feet, I have experience on both sides of this issue. The roots of such a fetish often begin at an early age as a private investigation into the mother’s or sisters closet and dresser drawers.. The fetish exists with or without the wearer of the garment present for some, as it often evolved as a private form of curious, forbidden intimacy through the medium of the object… SHE wore it, it looks interesting… The smell of her, the leather, etc. The direct link to submission isn’t so clear, but it does come rather quickly.. along with the first potential fantasy thrills: getting caught, being forced to smell and lick, the humiliation and degradation from the woman who owns/wears the garment in question. All these acts and fantasies keep empowering the object as a touchstone to these thrilling ‘forbidden’ acts of desire, along with the very real nature of a garment worn by someone, that carries their scent, and may have its own sensuous qualities of fashion (or not).. (her dirty worn keds, her stiletto boots… they are both of her) Where am I going with this.. perhaps there’s no argument. As someone who has practiced pleasuring myself while smelling and licking a pair of women’s shoes or boots without a woman in them, and also worshipped boots worn by a woman, each has their own pleasure and rewards. As my fetishism evolved as a private masturbatory act in the first place, it is very easy to re-engage that sort of ritual, and apply it to a contemporary relationship. The boot becomes the symbol of the women that has worn it, and therefor an erotic symbol of ritual masturbation and worship. It works very powerfully that way for some. Would I rather that SHE was wearing the boots? Of course!

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Long Distance Boot Worship. Please stick to the topic of the entry. Forthright disagreement is fine as long as it is civil.
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