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Hoping to offer help and guidance to couples beginning to explore D/s, S&M, B/D. A humane, happy, civil place for discussions.

BDSM Reference

S&M, fetish how-to, do-it-yourself projects, pervertibles, information.

Worst Description of Female Domination Ever?

Man's description of BDSM fetish scene attacks fetish pleasures as patriarchal, anti-feminist and similar bullshit rhetoric.

Age Play

I have no desire to play son to a woman acting as mother or parent in D/s scenes.

What is BDSM?

What a bunch of depraved perverts!

Sublime Sardax

A short appreciation of the most gifted illustration of female domination and sadistm.

10 Quotes About Labels in BDSM

Falsity of standard terms for dominance and submission with in the fetish and kink community.

Female Chauvinism vs. Gynosupremacy

Diversity among women who espouse visions of the female as the natural superior of the male. Did you know that Elise Sutton has a new book out?

Ownership Icons / Flag

Graphical emblem of Master/Mistress - Slave/Submissive relationship, dynamic.

Small Penis Humiliation

A summary of the psychology of this D/s fetish.

From Gyno-Utopians to Gyno-Fascists

Female supremacy ranges from neo-pagan Goddess worship to totalitarian women who would literally enslave men given the political power.

Ugol's Law

Vanity. vanity - there is no new kink or fetish under the sun. Lore from the usenet newsgroup alt.sex.bondage.

Hypnotic Femdom

Experience virtual female domination by listening to the voice of a lifestyle Hypno Domme for free. Never any charge, cost or fee.

Domme Rip-Off Artists on the Web

Talentless phone sex operators, incompetent professional dominatrices. Fine a talented and safe sex-worker to fulfill your fantasies.

Free! Femdom! Stuff!

How to download photographs and stories about female domination - no cost, but maybe you'll have to wade through spam.

Free Female Domination Fiction

Some stories buried with in a ProDomme's website.


Kajirae are lowly male slaves of free women. Femdom meets John Norman's Gorean fantasies.

Bondage for Beginners

How to safely explore BDSM play of restraining your partner.

BDSM & Biofeedback

Peripheral safety and feedback system for practitioners of BDSM

Dominant Women Are Looking For ...

Submissive men who are intelligent, funny, interesting, can hold conversations: guys who are worth meeting, knowing and spending time with.

Mostly Pervertable

Canes made from rose stems and other things that can't be bent into BDSM toys.

Websites for Submissive Men

And dominant women where you can ask questions, talk, overcome guilt. Femdom discussion groups and forums.


Internet discussion groups for masochists, sadists, dominants, submissives seeking advice and information.

Chemical CBT

A reference to cock and ball torment using creams, liniments, ointments and spicy hot peppers.

F/m Fiction

Websites with Femdom S&M stories.

F/m Games

Domme outlines a scenario for long-term D/s play with her huband or boyfriend.

Male Slave Checklist

Femdom checklist for men approaching and trying to meet, date dominant women online.

Dom/mes Rights

A Domme's or Dom's privileges within D/s and BDSM relationships.

What Dominant Women Look For

Many men wanting a Femdom relationship don't understand what most Dommes seek in a man.

D/s: The One True Way

Dominants and slaves who think they know the only right way to conduct BDSM relationships.

BDSM Voluntary Slavery Contracts

Written agreements for D/s couples seeking to define and confirm their ownership and surrender.

Kinky Fiction

Femdom, Maledom fetish and BDSM stories.

Famous Foot Fetishists

Celebrated literary men who worshipped women's boots, shoes and feet.

Online Game Includes BDSM Roles

Roleplaying game incorporating D/s and S&M, masochists and sadists.

Romantic Submission

How F/m relationships embody romance, gallantry and chivalry.

Naïve, Clichéd Look at D/s & S&M in Psychology Today

Academic psychologists don’t really understand power exchange erotics, masochism and sadism.

Early F/m Photography II

Early photo of a male slave under a woman's feet.

Build Your Own Dream (Nightmare?) Dungeon

Review of DIY: The Better Built Bondage Book: A Complete Guide to Making Your Own Sex Toys, Furniture and BDSM Equipment

Chained Nutless Faggette?

Slave boy name generator.

Whips, Fem Supremacy, Slave Routines & Permanent OD

Links of eternal enforced chastity, female superiority and other BDSM odds and ends.

F/m (& BDSM) Forums

Catalog of online forums that specialize in female domination and male submission.

Kink & Fetish Notes Elsewhere

Websites with BDSM, WIITWD and Femdom news and stories.

Femdom Artwork: Intellectual Property Rights

Discerning, locating artists and copyright holders to F/m artwork found online. Requesting notification by artists if your work has been used here.

F/m Forums

Online communities focusing on women dominating men.

Pinned to the floor

Gallery of erotic art.

More Inexpensive D/s Slave Cage Ideas

Plexiglas and PVC tubing are among the options for building an inexpensive cage for BDSM play.

Caging the Human Slave Economically

Can a pet cage be used for BDSM, or with a little inventive DIY maybe you can make your own D/s cage.

Free F/m Fiction

Websites with free Femdom stories.

BDSM Software

Not only is there BDSM hardware there are at least a few D/s software programs available for download around the web.

Cock Ring FAQs

List of websites that off advice on selecting, buying and using a cock ring.

Venus in Furs

Femdom song lyrics about being whipped and worshipping a woman's boots.

How to Beat, Whip, Spank &etc. Your Slave

Guides and how to engage in erotic whippings, BDSM spankings and canings.

Do-it-yourself S&M projects and pervertables

Do it yourself BDSM equipment and converting common items from grocery and drug stores into sex toys for D/s play.

Testicle Tapping

A short testicle torment sketch and pointer to a discussion of safe CBT.

Books About Female Dominance

Claudia Varrin has written two books about being a dominant woman and Mistress Nan has published her memoirs of being a lifestyle Domme.

Spanking & Flogging Books

Joseph Bean's fine guide to whipping and flogging and Lady Green's book on consensual spanking.


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