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When I’m roving the web looking for pages of D/s interest much of what I find involves 24/7 lifestyle couples or people who have scenes with strangers. Naturally I’m most pleased by reading about other couples like Alexandra and myself.

One Domme shares a bit about her arrangements with her partner.

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… I have had to work at being Domme, sometimes it does seem hard, but I have come to realise that it’s only right if I am having fun too. At first I was being led by Paul and what he wanted to do, he seems to have the more fertile imagination. …

… However, these days we ‘play’, usually for a set period of time (anything from a couple of weeks to a couple of months). I think when you start out you need to think of it as a game, the lifestyle will grow out of that if you want it to, and you will need to experiment with what suits you as a couple. We find it very useful to write down our ideas and then share them, discuss them and combine them. Many couples in this sort of relationship write ‘contracts’, listing what is expected of each other and setting out the ‘game plan’; this may help you. …

If I want Paul to be very submissive I say the word ‘spot’ very clearly (hopefully when he is least expecting it!). He then has 30 seconds to remove his clothes and be on his hands and knees in one of 2 specific places in our house (one downstairs, one upstairs). Once he is on his spot he is to remain silent unless I tell him he can speak, and he must remain still. Depending on the reason for calling spot I may tell him to fetch his collar, he crawls away on hands and knees, and I lock the collar on when he returns. Then I can do anything with him, play with him, punish him, or just leave him on his spot. When I have finished I take his collar off and tell him spot time is over. Spot can last for a few minutes or a few hours …

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