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I was dreaming that I was making out with Madonna but really she was 1940s actress Rita Hayworth who had somehow become US President Dwight Eisenhower’s daughter.

Oh wrong blog!

That my mind is sometimes such a jumble may be as good an explanation as anything.

Every month or two somebody has asked me why I don’t start a forum. I guess if I’m crazy enough to keep so many websites going there’s no limit to my foolishness.

I guess not. The forum just went up.

If you’ve visited here for any length of time you have some notion of the kind of visitors I hope to attract. Folks for whom fetish and kinky play are about self-expression, passion and having fun. No stuffy moralizers needed.

There’s also a forum devoted to women and men who may be just beginning to explore power exchange. Maybe it can serve in a tiny way as an antidote to the effects of propagandists (for the One True Way) and pornographers (nothing wrong with porn but it can lead to impossible expectations).

And most strongly for people who are willing to click on the New Topic button.

Take a look at Fetish Lore.

Erotic, Filthy, Sexy Fun for Submissive and Masochistic Men

Femdom Stories and Artwork


Female Domination and Male Slavery. 100% Femdom


No popups. Nothing to pay. I do this for fun. Think of me as a one-man F/m Tumblr site.


It’s going very well so far, I think :)

Lots of great people and we will make sure that there are no dogmatic people trying to dominate (ho ho) the forum!


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