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Being mocked and found insignificant for having a small cock is one of those F/m kinks that surprised me when I first discovered it. Took me a while to grasp how many men want to be demasculinized in some way. Still not sure how many dominant women enjoy this exact kind of play.

It was an even bigger surprise to discover that it is also a part of gay male BDSM.

First off, the one thing we do know about those who seek small penises is that their numbers are few. …

Within a BDSM context, submissives with small cocks help to de-emphasize the sub’s penis, which is often part of the scene.

The article does a good job of summarizing the small penis fetish.

See more on the topic of SPH at Small Penis Humilation at Sex is

Someone wrote to me because their lover is covertly into small penis humiliation. What can - or should - be done. My (hasty) reply:

Help My Man Likes Small Penis Humiliation


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I enjoy small penis humiliation, I enjoy teasing and mocking a male for his penis size, I enjoy it maybe to much.

I guess thats why there are so many different fetishes, there is something for everyone.

Gay men like big dicks, the bottoms that I know do, so they like the humiliation as well.

The older I get, the more pervy I get. Makes life fun I guess LOL

Hope you are well richard Ms V

There was a club track in the early 90’s whose lytics ran: “Don’t want no itsy bitsy teeny weeny short dick man!”

I thought it was the most shallow and repugnant song I had heard up to that point.

But in D/s it’s no different from any other kink. It’s analoguous to race or age play in my eyes.

The situation surely gets more complicated if the man’s small penis does cause a lack of pleasure in the relationship sexually (or in the case of casual relationships, the man has a penis which is ineffective in pleasing women and therefore himself). Surely then such taunts would be slow death.

Nothing turns me on more than my wife telling me that my penis size is dissatisfying to her. I don’t think it humiliates me at all. It just turns me on. I love it. I want her to desire bigger cocks, and look at them. The most important thing is that she tells me every chance she gets some comparative statement that communicates the point that my member doesn’t measure up for her. I fantasize about it endlessly. It is absolutely my biggest turn-on.

As someone with a tiny penis (1.9” soft & 3.25” hard), I was very interested to read people’s comments on small penis humiliation, and thought I would add my 50 cents worth. In spite of having a bit of a hang-up about being underendowed, I can’t deny that I do get secretly turned on when people laugh at my size.

It all started in my school days, when I was dating a girl called Louise, who was a few years younger than me and who was my first proper girlfriend. As a joke, a couple of my so-called friends sent her a love letter, which they pretended was from me. I never saw it myself, so I don’t know exactly what was in it, but I gather it went into explicit detail about my cock size (damn those communal showers).

Louise must have known it wasn’t really from me, but rather than being shocked, it seems she was curious about it. So the next time we were alone together in her bedroom, she began unbuttoning my jeans. I knew nothing about the letter, of course, so I thought she was getting fresh with me, because she wanted to take our relationship to the next level (we had only ever kissed before). This was like a dream come true to me at the time, because I was somewhat wet behind the ears and didn’t realise how truly tiny my cock was.

Louise, it turned out, was not at all wet behind the ears. No sooner had she pulled out my throbbing cock than she burst into laughter and told me that her 7-year old brother was bigger than me. Whereupon, my cock shrivelled up even smaller than normal and I shoved it back in my pants, my face crimson with embarrassment.

She finished with me right then and there. Not only that, but the next day she told all her friends at school, and they told their friends and so on, and so on. The upshot was I spent the rest of my school life being called the Shrimp.

There were various other incidents over the years where my cock ended up being laughed at, which I won’t go into here. The upshot is I ended up being more than a little reluctant to let girls go anywhere near it until I was very comfortable with them. Then, slowly I realised that I had come to like it when people told me I was small… it turned me on.

So, if anyone reading this feels like dishing out a little small penis humiliation, please feel free to contact me.

Yes, lots of people like what is often referred to as SPH.

No biggie (hehe, got it??)

I live in London England. I have found out since being here that there are a disproportionate number of well endowed men here. This place is big-dick central. Not only that but all the women here have a system in which a man’s worth is judged by the size of his penis. Anything under 7 inches is too small. It is like some kind of conspiracy. I knew my penis was not big but I didn’t realize it was relatively small. I was under the assumption that average was adequate. \This is not true. The women here worship the Big One. What is amazing to me is that it doesn’t matter what you look like if you have a big one. I see all sorts of short bald funny looking guys with attractive women. At first I couldn’t figure it out but then i realized it what is in their pants that counts. This realization has been the source of considerable pain and loss of self esteem. I have read that masochism is the infliction of pain to avoid feeling some thing worth. This being the case small penis humiliation has begun to turn me on. I have all sorts of different fantasies in which the central theme is that i will never be able to fully satisfy a women sexually. I feel like a pervert. Part of me doesn’t want to believe i am inadequate do i vacillate between moments of confidence and masochism. I have tried communicating my SPH fantasies to women but they just think I am a pervert.

i have trouble to find girls who wants to tell me i’m too small they dont want to hurt me so i have to pay for prostitutes to doing it i dont fell proud but i love it so much i dont have any other choices

I have a small penis…but it is MY penis…every millimeter. Do I care what other guys think? HELL NO! I do know that I can still satisfy a woman and I am able to urinate. This is my penis and many people collect minatures. So I know I have friends somewhere! Al Kuchinski

More about the psychology

Read this if you do not understand SPH

I have talked to other guys about it via the internet and a few girls too. There is a common theme running in that most men with this fetish experienced an extreme amount of humiliation in relation to this, often at school.

People would never know they liked SPH if they hadn’t been humiliated. The noteworthy thread is that it’s often an extreme exposure to abuse - vast numbers of people being involved or knowing are very common. So are various forms of minor sexual assault such as groping while being insulted and forced disrobing.

Many times there seems to be a girl in the past who has rejected the guy after a previously good relationship often in a not-so-gentle way after finding out the size of his penis often again at a fairly young age.

It would appear from these examples that it is a coping mechanism of some description. The horrible broken feature that brought so much shame and/or lost that amazing girl (no doubt losing more in the future!) becomes a source of PLEASURE. This protects the ego from further damage when being rejected in future by females on this basis and when administered by willing females without rejection re-enforces the extremely negative self image the male has internalized in the situation of acceptance and artfully done I have come across numerous reports of it being healing to the male as it acknowledges that they have a small penis in the context of receiving sexual attention. This is something numerous dominatrix are well aware of and I have come across on the internet where one has written about it before but unfortunately I didn’t keep a link.

I have observed both in other males I have met in real life and those spoken to across the internet a disproportionate number of socially dysfunctional men and/or sexually inexperienced men.

I have also observed a lesser quantity, but a larger quantity than observed in the general population of males who are the exact opposite in that they are not only socially adept, but also unusually powerful in some regard and are often unusually promiscuous too.

It’s worth noting that outside of gay SPH practitioners most men very much dislike humiliation by males in this regard, presumably as it does not fit into either of the two categories above. This is true even when the majority or even total past abuse has been administered to the male by other males. Some men can react quite violently to this.

As you might surmise from my level of interest in this I too have this fetish. I have kept the observations above to other things I can either verify from personal experience or are similar to things I can say with a good deal of certainty everything above is true of both myself and numerous other SPH fetishists. There are more than likely numerous other issues at work here that haven’t occurred to me and I haven’t observed. What comes below is less certain or specific to my own insight.

The extreme sense of it being “my penis” that Kuchinski described above is also experienced by myself. I have not verified this with any other SPH fetishists.

For me this comes from a sense that it is a part of me that cannot be changed it is a permanent physical part of myself that cannot be changed and there is nothing I can do about it. Therefore I must accept that this. It is the only one I have. It still brings me great pleasure and can manufacture children, therefore it is a good thing.

I hope this helps spread some light on the subject as on the internet I have observed many men who do not get this at all, mostly men with big dicks. Presumably this is because not having a small penis none of this psychology would occur to them as they are very proud of their large penises and it would cause them a large amount of psychological injury to have their prized asset reduced in such a fashion.

A lot of women don’t get it too. I suspect this is because they are aware of the male ego and cannot understand how such extreme psychological injury would in any way be pleasurable. Perhaps this may shed some light on it for them and also help some to realize that as well as being cruel and destructive, with the right person it can be a very generous thing to do for someone.

I hope more SPH fetishists will write their reasonings and experiences here so we can further explore this area of psychology. I also hope any of those who are not but are curious will ask any questions they have.

Yes I know what is to understand that your penis is small. You think that you are small too. You think about yourself as about somebody defective. You understand that you’re wrong but think still and all. I think it’s better to do something then to think about humiliation. There are plenty of PE methods today. I have already enlarged my penis by [DELETED] about two inches and now I want to experiment and to try exercises. Ppl say they are helpful.

Very few people who have a penis are named Hildegarde.

To Ernest in London,

I’m not sure I believe you about British penises or British women’s desire for them. In a short and very unscientific poll of my girl friends (or at least those I discuss sex in detail with), not one woman has ever decided not to date a man based upon a rumor about his penis size or gone out with a man because she heard he had a big one.

Certainly, most of us women prefer a larger penis (within reason), but in the end its the man who owns the penis that counts. Perhaps intelligence, conversation, humor, self confidence, skill, wealth or power account for attractive women with ugly men.

If having a fetish is a perversion, then you have one. But I don’t see that it’s any odder than other forms of humiliation fetishes. Certainly its no odder than many of my own kinks.

I doubt small SPH talk is a good way to begin discussing sex. It seems to me that that kind of play is something that you do either with a trusted lover or a professional. Nothing in between will do.

Hildegarde - I have no desire to enlarge my penis. I also do not think it is defective. I do think it’s small. It doesn’t unduly bother me. Having the fetish bothers me more and even that bothers me very little.

I agree with Blue that it’s not the way to begin discussing sex (unless your with a pro of course). Most people wouldn’t be interested in it and since having a small penis let alone getting off on it is a “taboo, shameful matter” in todays world - would think it weird.

I don’t necessarily agree it’s something only to be done with a trusted lover or professional however. Casual sex girls somethings say things such as “it’s so cute!” probably without realizing what they are doing. Also I have been ordered to get my cock out before by a girl who someone had told I had a small penis . I won’t get graphic here but she humiliated me and it did get me off, she seemed to think it was hilarious, she had tears in her eyes from crying of laughter. We were acquainted and quite friendly though - it wasn’t a girl I had just met at a bar.

It’s something you don’t want to TALK about with someone who isn’t a lover or trusted friend. That doesn’t mean it can’t happen by chance or because you engineered it to just don’t come across like a pervert with someone who doesn’t like perverts.

In a gym shower filled with nude men, I always have the shortest, skinniest penis, smallest nut sac, and the least body hair. It turns me on thinking how these other guys must be thinking of how much more masculine they are than me. I fantasize about being verbally humiliated by REAL men with man cocks (instead of my boy weenie). I don’t know how this fantasy started, but it sure works for me.

It sounds as though I have the same fantasy as Tiny… and probably similar issues that our fantasy roots from. I have from early childhood had an issue with my significantly under-average penis and ball size, for which I have assessed by looking around in any public shower or restroom stall throughout my life. I remember as a child, telling my mother while getting picked up at sleep-away camp, how upset I was that everyone I knew had commented to me and behind my back about how much smaller I was than everyone. And how little hair I had compared to all the others, young and old. I remember her consoling me like a baby and seeing in her eyes just how embarrassed she was that I was telling her this. Almost anyone would agree even today, that it looks like there is barely anything there, about a 1-½ inches and the girth of a finger, if I just dropped my pants at random.
Today, I’ll hear about other adults, needing a jock strap or underwear instead of boxers for support for their balls during sports my stomach drops, because my balls rarely hang away from my body. My penis only appears average for short amounts of time, I will play with it through my clothes or take it out, to get blood rushing to get a semi before if I ever have to expose it and put it away as quickly as possible, for which I hope people confuse as its natural size. I constantly fantasize about women and men who would be embarrassed by my soft size and get pleasure out of humiliating me and taking advantage of me my predicament. I love more than anything else sexually, the idea of people taking my money, pride and really anything that I value with a laugh and a smile. The curious thing about this whole issue of mine is that erect my penis is quite normal in size when hard! This was a shock for me… when I first had sex at 18 and she wasn’t embarrassed ….or when I first measured it.. . I couldn’t believe it. It’s around 6 1/2 inches, very skinny… but really has gotten plenty of praise from women over the years. The fantasy though still plays true in my head though because I still feel as though I am tiny because every time I go to the bathroom, It looks so little to me and trust me, it’s not mental, It really is barely visible … I literally pinch it with my two fingers, pulling it out of my body when I piss. Even though I technically don’t have a small penis (when hard)… and I really could pleasure a women just as much as their mates, It’s funny I always fantasize endlessly about not measuring up and subsequently being made into people pets because of it ? SPH and humiliation have made it to the top of my erotic desires and what I think about sexually the most often.. although it’s based on a fallacy … that I cant technically pleasure a women as much as a “real man” and I need to be replaced and turned into a slave of sorts. Boy I wish this were more peoples fantasy because its hard to find material covering these themes … lets say compared to more typical bdsm eroticism.

I like SPH! But only a few girls like SPH, too :( The world needs more SizeQueens

Hi. My first time ever posting. I love S.P.H. I always knew my penis was small. My wife has even told me that her previous boyfriends were about twice my size of just under 4 inches erect, about 1.5 soft. I was embarrassed several times in school. Also, I always noticed that my right testicle was pretty much normal in size but my left one never developed. it is the size of a small grape. Any way what got me into S.P.H. is that I had testicular cancer 12 years ago. the testicle they removed was the normal sized right one. Since then my scrotum is always up high & small. Shortly after this I got interested in having my wife humiliate me. The most embarrassing moment in my life was a urologist telling my wife , along with her sister & pretty niece 19yo. that i was ok. after the surgery & that my remaining testicle was undeveloped and my penis was rather small like a young adolescent boy. I figure I might as well make the most of it. sometimes after a few drinks my wife & sister in law tease me a bit. my niece just laughs. Its sick but I like knowing that all of these in laws laugh about my small size. Posting about this makes me feel a whole lot better.

A friend of mine wanted me to sleep with his g/f because he knew i was bigger. He loved it when she said how bigger and better i was. It increases sperm count. I love being 8.5 inches long, im short but i have my cock to compensate.

Hey all,

I’m a 37 y/o man with a 3.5 inch (erect) dicklette. I too love sph. My wife likes to call my dick her “TLP”, which stands for tiny little pecker. It was hard, however, for me to get her to admit that it is small. She’s one of those women that I think genuinely doesn’t really care about size. Adopting the nickname TLP was a stretch for me to get her to do. I really wish I could figure out some way(s) to enhance the sph lifestyle with my wife. But, nothing I have tried so far really gets her into wanting/craving bigger cocks. I’ve tried penis extensions, big dildos, even strap-on fun with her, which she enjoys, but, never really seems to care about the size differential. Rather, she just loves the kink. So, for now, I guess, I’ll just have to continue to live out my sph fantasies online. If anyone here has any good ideas for ways to get the wife to embrace the sph lifestyle, please let me know. I would love it if she started to genuinely crave bigger cocks. Thx. Drop me a line at

what turns me on about SPH is imagining my girl colleagues teasing me in front of their hung friends

I feel so useful when guys add me at ——- and degrade me and make fun of my babydick. I know they love to see how much masculine they are and how good it feels for them to tell me how often they have a nice fuck, knowing I can never have the sexual pleasure because I’m not a real man like them. When they come back home from their sexual adventures, they tell me about the details and tease me and make me agree to how much they deserve the pleasure with their big, admirable cocks and how much I deserve just to dream about having sex with my worthless little dick. They really make me understand I can never be a real man like them.

I too have the SPH fetish. Though I am fairly well endowed (about 7” erect). However, when flaccid, I can vary from 3-4” to a 2nd belly button. I suppose its the flacicd state taht really concerns me. Being caught in that state is quite humiliating, and considering when humiliated, it can be very difficult to get an erection to redeem yourself. I find this the best part of the fetish.

On a second note, I also has a castration fetish. I wonder, how many SPH fans out there also have this secondary fetish?

I think I am above average in size, particularly in thickness…AND I live in TOKYO, Japan. You can imagine my dilemma as a true and desperate Masochist. Not only that but my body is huge, masculine. Its awful. Ive only met 2 women in my life who genuinly thought I was inadequate and that was wonderful. One was Japanese who had enjoyeda string of polish men who apparently were terribly well endowed and her insults were cutting and very honest. It was….heaven.

SPH is my all-time favorite fetish. My perfect story or video picture set would be as follows: A goodlooking jock (football coach or player)gets down and dirty with his girlfriend. Once he gets to his underwear all you see is a tiny tent against his hairy muscular legs. They try to fuck in several positions but his dick keeps slipping out. Finally he has to fuck her bent over and even has to reinsert several times there. She talks to him about his lack of size but humors him about it. It’s just good, amateur, fun sex play and really HOT.


Not sure if anyone else here can relate to this. I am married to a well-endowed man. He’s average in length and above average in girth. I’ve always bragged to my friends that he’s hung like a porn star. I’ve known for a while that he was interested in SPH because of the websites he visited. I never really talked to him about it though. Recently we’ve become much more into the whole domination/ feminization thing and he has requested that I tell him how pitiful and small he is. I can do it because I know it turns him on so much but I just don’t get it.

I realy enjoy SPH. At 3.75” hard I can’t satasfy many women. I enjoy being degraded and humiliated for my shortcoming.


I was on a beach in the canary islands recently which was part nudist. Many holidaymakers spent time walking up and down the beach past the nudist area so it was heaven for an exibitionist like me.I love going naked even though I have a tiny dick. I stripped off in the sand dunes and would walk down to the sea periodically usually when good looking females were passing. Most would look the other way but many would check out the nudist men trying not to make it obvious. On one occasion 2 cute girls in swim suits of about 16 or 17 were walking past as i decided to go for a swim. One of them looked away shyly but the other glanced directly between my legs. She looked away then did a double take and I could see that her mouth was breaking into a wry smile.Just after they passed I could see she was nudging her friend and she raised her forefinger and thumb an inch apart indicating that my penis was tiny. They both giggled and looked over their shoulders. This really turned me on and I decided to hang around that spot waiting to see if they returned along the beach. Sure enough several minutes later they appeared walking back in my direction. The sea water was cold and by this time my dick had shrunk even smaller than usual. As I walked up the beach passed them they smiled and giggled and once past started laughing together openly. As I looked at them walking away they turned and waved their little fingers at me. Little did they know I think how much they turned me on. A fantasy come true for an SPH fetishist.

I spent most of my teenage years denying the fact that i love SPH. Having both an extremely small flaccid (1.5 inches) and erection (3.9 inches), i always knew i wasn’t very well endowed. I embraced SPH when my recennt girlfriend was brutally honest about my size. She degraded me, and made me toss her salad because of it. I was shocked at how fulfilling this was for me. I’m one of the lucky ones, i have a size queen girlfriend who has even invited her friends to come in on the bashing. We even swing with other particularly well endowed couples. It’s quite amazing watching a large penis satisfy two women while they laugh at the sheer inadequacy of my tiny penis

I am a big guy, six foot four and 280 punds. My dick is about4 inches on a good hard day.

I’ve been in denial about my shortcoming until lately. I have large balls and lots of testosterone. A guy finally explained that this is a recipe for frustration and anger. I got lots of ammo but no gun. He’s right.

I have accepted that big really is better, I hear it and see it all the time. I know my station now and I am less angry. I am interested in SPH but don’t know how to get it. I’m a gay man.

Gay men who enjoy subjecting other men to SPH aren’t common. I suspect most gay men who would enjoy this are gay masters with a general interest in BDSM and not just SPH.

I love walking round revealing myself as much as possible. I’m 3.8” hard and thin (about 1.5” soft). It turns me on so much walking round the house/showers nude with it hanging out. I love it when real men with huge cocks call me a sissy or girl too.

Some of John Betjeman’s final words of wisdom were a desire to have had more sex. My 5”s have always held me back from the obvious exposure yet having had much variety, male and female over the years, it’s no longer embarrassing, and my biggest turn on after slim women is a penis as small as mine, which unfortunately are as rare as hen’s teeth. I make the most and tongue and hands help, so if we both come well, did we need 3” more? Bring on the humiliation!

My fetish is similar. I love being humiliated by women telling me I can’t satisfy them in bed, and I will never be able to. Unfortunately I DON’T have a small penis, but I actually wish I did, and I even ask women to lie and pretend it’s too small. The truth is, it’s normal size, but most of the time I either can’t get it hard enough, or it won’t stay hard for long enough. I think psychologically I am in the same position as the rest of the people posting here, I have the same need from women. I look at sph sites, and fantasize about having such a small cock that women laugh at it when they see it, like in the story above about the guy on the beach, and in the post immediatley after that one.

Does anybody else here wish that theirs was even smaller than it is? I’d be interested in your thoughts.

I have always known that I have a very small dick. When it is limp it measures barely 1.5 inches, and is just under 3 inches fully erect.In gym class I got the nickname pee-wee, deservedly so. Although for years I wouldn’t date because of my shortcomings, I finally found someone several years ago that I cared about, and we were married. She told me that she didn’t care about my size, but later on she admitted that she was having a hard time having an orgasim. I told her that I knew I was small and that she was free to find other guys who were real men to please her. I wasn’t sure how she would respond, but somewhat to my surprise she said to me “really”, do you mean it? Since then she has had a number of men including my best friend Ed,( who has an 8-inch cock). I told her to invite them over to the house for sex, which she has done many times. I enjoy being in the room with them, and as they strip so do I. This way they are able to see how much larger they are than me, which is a big turn-on for me. I’ve talked my wife into calling me all sorts of humiliating names in front of her full-sized 7 and 8 inch men. She explains to them that because I am not a real man, but only a pee-wee, with a coctail weenie for a dick,I understand how important it is for her to be with “real men”. Frequently, the guys will chime in with their own insults.My friend Ed (with the 8-incher), gets a great deal o fpleasure not only of telling me that my limp penis is smaller than his 5-year old son, but he also enjoys humiliating me in front of all our friends when we go on our out-of town road trips, to football games. He particularly likes reminding the other guys that he is able to please my wife in ways that I could only dream of. He also, being a math major in college likes to tell the guys how his cock is about 12 times the volume of mine when you factor in length plus girth. All in all I’ve learned to live with my situation, and with my miniscule cock.
-small vienna sausage.

I’m a straight black man however I struggle with the size of my penis. I’m 4inches long erect, and about 1.5 inches flaccid on a good day. I love watching my wife make love to my 10 inch black friends and I enjoy watching and listening to them degrade me. Constantly my wife is involved in massive gangbangs involving her and about 10 guys. It’s the biggest turn on ever.

I am a regular guy in a regular marriage. I have a thin 4.5 inch penis. My wife had trouble getting off during sex.

A few years ago I came home with a 8 inch dildo. When I showed it to her, her eyes lit up. She begged to have sex that night, which was very out of character for her.

As I pounded her pussy with the latex phallus, she screamed with pleasure. I had never seen her like that before. We orgasmed at the same time, with me cumming in my underwear while humping the bed.

Ever since that day, we came to an understanding… she can ask for her “big thing” anytime she wants. I am to keep it clean, ready, and handy.

I rarely get inside of her any more. It is so humilaiting for me. I make her tell me how good it feels and how much she likes now “big cocks”. She tells me that once you experience that kind of pleasure,you can never go back.

Since we are actually very conservative and happily married, this is likely as close as we will get to a cuckold marriage.

It works for us. You should try it.

Mike, it sounds as if you and your wife have worked things out safely and sanely.


i got the fetish after the first girl i did sexual things with-blow job,hand jobs, was insulting to me and told hundreds of work colleagues. i hated this at the time,but somehow it made me think of it,realsie my shortcomings and became a turn on. i obsessively looked at porn, and saw the pleasure in women as huge,fat cocks stretched them open-my skinny little 3” pindick just slips in. i dated a girl who was promiscuous,and she didnt hide it was the smallest she ever saw,and she then confessed to cheating on me-i made her come,but she loves big dicks,.. so i kinda accepted it,and now its my biggest turn on by a mile! i like to go to chemists and ask the girls for extra small condoms, and i want all girls to know how tiny it is

I didn’t know I had a small pp until high school. When i saw how big other boys were I had a hard time exposing myself to them. I avoided contact with girls because of my small siz e 1” soft - 4” erect. Now with webcams men can expose themselves anonymously so I find there are many smallpp’s like me. I am proud of my small pp now and love to show it -

I would love to get naked and jerk off while women make fun of my penis.

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My wife and I started to explore SPH a few years ago. I am 4” hard. I really enjoy being humiliated. She does cuckold me and she does have sex with other men in front of me. I get completely satisfied watching her have sex and her and her “man” making fun of me. We have gone as far as her “man” spending the night in bed with her while I slept in the spare room. This may seem very weird to some but for us, it works perfectly.

I knew many years ago that I had a small penis, and the first couple of girlfriends who went all the way with me had no qualms about letting me know about it. I had few girlfriends after that. My first wife was cheating on me with two other guys, we were married only a couple years. My second wife and I have been together for 27 years, and she’s been with (sitting down?) no less than 11 other men, most of them multiple times, her favorite (and first) being a guy I was in a band with! That’s how I found out that I actually liked being told how small I was, after her first time with him. She came home and wanted sex with me, and I know it was only to show me what he had done to her over a 4 hour span of time. She told me that she could barely feel me, and I knew it was true because I honestly had to move from side to side to feel much from her! And I LOVED IT. I was angry that she had done it, but understood why she had enjoyed it so much at the same time. After that I wanted more and more and more of the same. We STILL talk about that night, 25 years after the fact. One other one we still talk about wa a guy I totally hated, and she did him because she was mad at me, but ended up at his place 8 or 9 times over a 2 month period of time. She let me know about her “activity” with him the first time by coming in, waking me up, and promptly sitting on my face. So yes, I absolutely LOVE small penis humiliation and have for a LONG time.

I lost my virginity on my wedding night, and after 15 years of marriage I was suddenly on the dating scene again. On my opportunity for experiencing the second penis I had ever been with, he had to show me where it was. I was having trouble finding it.

I throughly enjoyed it, and wondered what the big deal with big penises is. Most of our sensation is near the opening and even on the outside. Too far in, and it is painful for us. I enjoyed being able to do so many more tricks with oral sex since there was more room in my mouth for the tongue to twirl. I love anal, but hate all the time it took to warm up to my ex’s large size.

Tonight I typed “small penis fetish” and this was the first site Google gave me. It never occurred to me to poke fun at his penis. Maybe that’s why he lost interest in me. I certainly could have, had I known. I had been reading up on being a dominatrix while married, and knew the basics of playing with humiliation.

Are unusually small men more likely to be into SPH? Should I be teasing and cuckolding more if I want to hold on to a guy the size I prefer? If I am finding out a man’s size when I am first seeing it, how to I broach the subject in case he is not into SPH? Also, where can I find condoms that fit and stay on you guys?

Thank you for this forum.

P.S. Tiny, show your wife your post. It perfectly explains what you want and why you would be uncomfortable just saying it. You guys are always so anxious to hide your porn from us, when we really get fascinated by it. Just a link with “I wrote this post”, and you are in for hours of uncomfortable surfing with her, and more embarrassing questions than you can handle.

I have been wearing some form of chastity device for the past 22 years. My wife is the boss in our marriage and enjoys all the aspects of enforced chastity (mine, not hers). My current device is a Lori’s tube with the PA security and support ring. When I began wearing chastity devices, my penis was already on the small side (3.5” soft, 5.25” erect). Over the years, not being able to erect, even in sleep. has had an effect. I guess the old saying “use it or lose it”, is true. It seems each succeeding chastity device had to be smaller and smaller to fit right. My current Lori’s tube is only 1” in diameter and 1” from the rear of the tube to the PA pin. It used to be that any attempt to erect was very painful, but now it doesn’t hurt at all anymore as my “erections” are very weak. My wife supervises my once a week release from it for cleaning and shaving in the shower. My once 3.5” is now about 1.5” - 2”, and proportionally skinny. This has not escaped her notice and she is quite amused by it. My only sex is a once a month (if I’m lucky) “buzz-off” where she uses a hand massager to quickly bring me off. Most of the time, I don’t even get hard anymore and just squirt down into a saucer while she tells me how pathetic my limp tiny dick is. Now, I secretly enjoy her mocking.

I have a small thin penis, and also very small balls. These rarely hang loose because my scrotum is so small and tight, and when I have an erection it is almost as though my balls have nerer dropped, as they are so tightly clamped up against my body. For a long time I was very self-conscious, and avoided public toilets, showers etc. But lately I have gone to the opposite extreme, enjoying exhibiting my tiny cock and balls whenever possible. I go swimming a lot, and no longer try to hide behind a towel, but walk around the showers exposing myself to anyone who cares to look. I keep myself shaved, so that I can’t hide my lack of size behind a thatch of pubic hair. It’s been really liberating and exciting to know I can display myself in this way without dying of shame, or being openly laughed at. I visit escorts regularly, and enjoy being humiliated, especially by large women. I also have strong adult baby leanings. Sometimes I make my smallness the focus of a session. A couple of years ago I met a bbw escort on the web. We exchanged emails about the sort of thing I wanted, and I sent her a script, with suggestions of things she might say and do. When I met her she was wearing a short skirt and fishnet stockings. She had big, strong thighs and buttocks, and large breasts, but was large rather than gross. She told me to strip off, then taunted me by telling me I was like a girl between the legs, that her nephew had more to boast about than me and he was only eleven, that I looked as though I ought still to be in nappies, and so on. Then she told me to lie down and open my legs so she could get a better look at me. She took some photos of my little cock and balls, and told me she was going to post them on the net, so millions of people could mock me. Then she took off her clothes and stood over me, huge and impressive, and started playing provocatively with her shaven fanny, taunting me by telling me only real men were allowed in there, that I couldn’t possibly satisfy a girl with my little tiddler, and that I should go home and ask my mummy to wank me off. By now I was hard, and she sat on the bed and started tickling me under my balls, calling me baby balls and asking if I liked having my little gooseberries tickled. I was getting desperate to come, she asked me if baby wanted to empty his little tiny spunk-sacks, then, still tickling and squeezing my tight little scrotum with one hand she told me to do a nice big cum for mummy, and wanked me with her other hand until I shot my load so hard there was a trail of spunk down my face. Afterwards we talked, and she told me I wasn’t the only man she knew with a small penis and balls, and that not everyone was as accepting and unembarrassed about it as I was, which made me feel good. Sadly she lives a long way from me, and much as I would like to I’ve been unable to see her again. Are other small men drawn naturally to adult baby scenarios, I wonder? At the other end of the sexual scale, I have a vivid fantasy about meeting a women with very small, almost non-existent breasts - or even someone who has had a double mastectomy. She is very shy and inhibited, has never had the joy of choosing a first bra, showing off her cleavage, etc. She’s not at all skinny, quite full-figured and curvaceous, except that her tits are about the soze of a child’s dummy. By stroking and sucking her tiny breasts, andassuring her I love her just as she is, I help her overcome her shyness. In turn she tells me how much she loves my tiny little cock and balls. The climax comes when we go to a nudist beach together, and walk amongst the well-hung men as busty women, she displaying her tiny tits for the first time, and me displaying my tight little cherry-sized balls and penis.

is it normal to get off by making your gf tell you you have a baby dick or the reason her pussy is so tight is cause of my tiny cock.

I wish I could just find more.. more to look,laugh,or just treat me like shit and make me their slave. I want to just get humiliated more.. can any tell me maybe what or who I could go to

I always thought I had a small penis…measuring about 4.5-5 in. However, I recently found out by random that its actually average(6 in.) You see I am kind of on the fat side and I guess I never realized how much fat there was covering it up, even wen hard.

However, I have found myself telling people lately how small it is(before my little revelation) and found it arousing…however it is still tiny limp(1 in.) with a smallish but not tiny scrotum. I do however, feel overjoyed that I am normal sized but, have always considered my size to be small….and still find that I want a woman who will say that it is small but absolutely love it and derive great pleasure from it.(during sex)

I recently even got naked in front of a great friend of mine(best friend actually) and hearing him commenting on how small it looked limp and even hard(he was long and thick, at least 7 probably more inches) I openly made fun of my being fat and tiny manhood and enjoyed it…

I don’t know what to think about it…just that…well…that I know I want a fat loving and small penis loving woman

In response to a posting by Richard, April 2007, I too have castration fantasies. Although I have a small (2”) penis, and very small balls, I very rarely fantasise that I have larger equipment, but often fantasise that they are even smaller: a tiny one inch dick, and little balls than barely show between my legs. I sometimes enjoy binding my balls up against my body with a bandage, such that they are vitually undetectable, and I look just like a woman down there. I also enjoy being tied up and forcibly shaved: having my pubic hair removed in this way serves as a kind of surrogate castration - perhaps the nearest one can get without actually having the process done? One of my castration fantasies is as follows: I’m married to a dominant woman who decides to have me castrated becuase she’s fed up of my sexual demands, especially as I am too small to give her any pleasure. She takes me to see a female doctor, who examines my balls, and agrees that they are too small and pathetic to be worth hanging on to. In the weeks leading up to the operation, my wife frequently fondles my balls, and reminds me that soon I will be saying goodbye to them, that they won’t be troubling me any longer, and so on. On the night before I’m allowed to fuck her - something I’ve not been permitted for years - and I do so, with all the more intensity for knowing it will be the last time. After the operation my wife has my balls preserved and displayed in a jar of formaldehye on the mantlepiece, so that I’m forced to look at them daily. They also form a conversation piece for visitors, some of whom ask to examine me. I’m then ordered to take down my trousers whilst they poke about, fascinated and horrified, at my empty little scrotum. Sometimes one of her female friends asks if I can still get an erection, and is invited to find out. She plays with my little penis, which feels pleasurable, but is to no avail - I have been completely unmanned by being castrated.

I just met someone who wanted me to stroke his penis and tell him he has a small dick. (He is not small). This site has been really helpful to let me understand what this fetish means and that there are a lot of people who fantasize about this

I am a woman who REALLY gets off on small penis humiliation. My situation is very strange to me because I wish I could be a man with a small penis. I love reading about men who are small and get humiliated for it, but not because I am a “size queen” or really a dominant woman. Somehow I identify with men with small penises who are humiliated. I also find the idea of a man being cuckolded very exciting, but again it is an identification thing rather than me wanting to be a “hot wife.” These are my top sexual fantasies; in fact, little else arouses me. Ever heard of this?

Well i am also into small penis humiliation despite the fact that i am not small at all, i am around 7 inches ,thick and hard all the time. All the girls who have been with me was able to reach orgasm easily and call me a “stud” but i dont know why i do love SPH and get a huge erection thinking about it!

Well i am also into small penis humiliation despite the fact that i am not small at all, i am around 7 inches ,thick and hard all the time. All the girls who have been with me was able to reach orgasm easily and call me a “stud” but i dont know why i do love SPH and get a huge erection thinking about it!

Since around the age of 14 I knew that I had a small penis, and I knew that something about it turned me on. Seeing other guys in locker rooms and getting feelings of jelousy and excitment over their cocks was a feeling like no other. It always seemed like the other boys were bigger than me, some of them double in size it looked like. Through high school nothing changed, I would marvel at the other guys cocks, and keep a mental chart of who was packing what. When I would see these guys with girlfriends I would always imagine what she was thinking… Of course being one of the smallest also led to shyness especially with the girls. When I finally got my first real girlfriend she was much more experienced than me, and she confirmed what I already knew. She told me that I was the smallest she had ever been with, but she liked it alot. Eventually we discussed her past boyfriends, I knew them all as classmates, and just knowing that the guy next to me had a much larger penis than me and my girfriend had been with him led to alot of masterbation.
12 years later I am now married to her, and along the way I have come to accept and love my small penis. She still teases me about it, and lets me know during sex about all the “bigger” guys she has had. To this day in locker rooms I still sport on most days one of the smaller ones, and enjoy nothing more than comparing myself to a man with a bigger penis, especially if I know him on some level, it really adds to the humiliation.

I am amazed by men with tiny cocks. To them, I say: First, nature shit on you, didn’t she? And every single day, she shits on you again. That’s what gets me. I bet one of the first things one of these guys thinks of when he wakes up in the morning is: I am totally inadequate and always will be! There is literally no escape. For a whole lifetime! You are fucked. Honestly,you should consider having the worthless shrivel removed. Be done with it. You are no man. I love these men as persons but on another level, I despise them as freaks . I want to pity them but I am revulsed. Look in the mirror. Search you soul deeply and realize how worthless you are. And for God’s sake, don’t find a way to propogate!

My penis is very tiny (about 3.5 inches long, a little less than average width, and very small testicles that are always held up very tight). The presentation to a woman unnerves me to the point of being unable to get erect. The few times I have had penetration sex with a woman, it is usually one time only. The few women who were in a relationship with me adored my oral sex abaility but for them it was like living with a woman. Most Hetero women want a capable cock. My sex life is mostly masturbation while sniffing a pair of panties. All the while thoughts of SPH turn me on. I’ve been married to a true “size queen” for many years now. She has had many lovers and watching her make love to a “real” cock taught me how truly inadequate I am as a male. She loves SPH too. She enjoys the freedom to be honest within our relationship. I know this asounds weird to a lot of folks. But, in my opinion, a dick under 4 inches is a deal-breaker for most women. We generally end up wankers. sniffer

i was humilitated as a teenager about my small penis and was molested at a young age by a man i was about 4 in long 1.2 in wide i married and then got into porn and started swinging but eventually went into threesomesw with a wellendowed black man but that ended up in a divorce i remarried and she said my size was allright but i was never satisfied i started using extensions and only then did i hear her moan but i secretly would go out and have sex with men who were well endowed finally i quit tyhat but it still is a turn on for me. i then started doing enlargement exercise and taking pills but not much luck until i tried the a pump by a certified doctor it made me larger especially right after pumping i take it with pills that increase blood flow i am now permanently almost 5 in but it really increased permanent size aroundi am now 1.75 in width and after pumping i trap blood with a large rtubber band and then have sex with my wife it makes me about 5,5 long and almost 2 in thick but it goes back down to 4,8 and long and 1,7 wide anfter i release the blood do not over tighten rubber band but even with this sixe increase istill feel small in length. all this took place over twenty years of time the pumping took two years for permanent increase but the rubber band is still my best friend. i just want to know why we still love watching well endowed men with both women or men and in my case men with small penises is this a form of humilation

Like Bootdoodle I’m a gay guy, and like Richard_Less I’m hung above average. In years of looking I haven’t found anyone in the gay community interested in making me feel small. I don’t suppose it would be any easier reprogramming the neural pathways. Any ideas?


In response, I’m a gay guy who’s really into humiliating guys with small cocks. My ex had a short, chunky cock and we loved to do sub/dom scenes where I would mock him for having such a little thing. Eventually we progressed to threesomes and he always really liked the bit where I made him display his little dick to someone else. He had small balls as well, and I always made him admit this and apologise for not being a real man. I’ve come across other guys into the same thing: both sub and dom, so it’s not that rare!

im 14 and my penis is 5 inches. im not very tall (around 5’7) and i haven’t started puberty that much yet. will my penis grow more.?

I enjoyed reading stories of short cocks like mine.Since 25 I knew my cock was shorter than most men in showers and measuring it at 5.25 inches.The first time I had sex with one of my girlfriends she coulding feel it in her and ask me to put it in, it was all the way in, it was a bit embrassing. At the time she had just left a relationship with a man having 9.5” cock. I’m now 49 and with added pounds my erection measure 4.25’.It now inverts into my body measuring 1.5” pulling my pubic hair with it. I find myself rubbing and pulling my small penis from within my body, it pulling on my hair at times is iratating and gets numb if left inverted in my body,looks like an uncircumsize cock in that small state. My current girlfriend now only get 2 to 3 inches cock penetration when we have sex which isn’t often wonder why. I’ve have finally accepted having a small penis is ok and no longer embarrased admitting to its small stature. Thank You

I realy enjoy women looking at my very small penis in the summer i go obout wearing tight lycra shorts so all women and girls of all ages can see how small my penis realy is, Its 2” soft and it will grow to 5” fully erect but my balls are very small like two small grapes even when i walk around with a erection its that small i dont think that women notice it but it does feel realy good to talk to women knowing your fully erect.

I wish i had the confidence to go to a nudist beach ive been thinking about it for the last few years, my mother is a naturist and often visits nudist beaches with her friends they have often asked me to join them but ive said id think about it. You see there is a big problem it being my mother she often walkes around the house and garden naked she has done ever since i can remember. But ever since i hit puberty i have to avouid my mother in those situations becuase i know its wrong but she causes me to get an erection. And i know i would love to go to a nudist beach but if i wnt with my mother and her friends it would be to embarresing for them and me for them to see i have a very small erect penis of only 5”fully hard. I dont know how my mother would react to that with her friends there but i would definatly go to the nudist beach with my mothers friends that would be different i think becuase i think it would be quite nice for me to show off my very small penis to them they might be ok with that even when it gets fully erect wich i know it will it might be nice to sit amongst them for a while but im not sure how they will react especially if i feel the need to masterbate, please help me decide coments welcome.

Is it ok to be erect on a nudist beach even if you have a very small erection ?

I am a gay male with an averaged sized cock…not too small but not large either. I really enjoy having a man humiliate me for my penis size. Part of the reason I enjoy this is because I’m a tall guy 6’2” with a nice build and kind of masculine and I always felt that I should have a bigger cock to suit my boty. I agree with what Sam posted because I find it hard to find guys into this scene. I’m kind of envious of uberhund’s ex who was made to apologize for not being a real man because of his small cock. I’m not sure exactly why this is a turn on but I’d love to meet guys in NY who enjoy humiliating other gay guys for their penis size.

growing up ive always done my best to avoid locker rooms and public areas to hide my small cock. As ive entered my late 20’s being nude is much less of a big deal it seems. Case in point, ive been taking my 3 year old son to swimming lessons, and all the dads there shower nude after class. At any given time thers about 15 of us in the showers and im in the bottom 5. theres a few guys with real whoppers, and anytime we shower next to each other i feel extremely humiliated but turned on. I love thinking what they must be thinking when they see my wife and they know im small, and i love to picture there wives with there big dicked husbands.
One observation, it seems the younger fathers, early 20’s are the most hung.

I think it would be an interesting sociological study to examine the penis size of male suicides. As one with a small penis who feels ridiculed and emasculated by society and has more than once been humiliated privately and publicly by members of the opposite sex, I do occasionally think of this option as a way to end the torment. I also feel that it is the ultimate pay back on the part of women. Having been sexually oppressed and objectified for so long, they equate the ability to inflict mental anguish and a sense of self-loathing on males with gender equity.

I’m 6’2” and 195 lbs, with big hands and size twelve feet but my cock is very small. My hard on is about 4 1/2 inches long, but a my flaccid cock is only about 2 inches long, sometimes smaller. My ex wife and I would have threesomes with other men with big cocks. She would tell me how much smaller I was and make me eat out the cream pie before I could cum!

My wife used matter from the core of a white dwarf star to create a ray beam that reduced my penis to the size of a subatomic particle.

I have a pretty average size uncircumcised dick but have never been able to bring my wife to orgasm through penetrative sex. She always says it is probably just something we are doing wrong or not finding the right position ….. yeah right! After 25 years ? I have always had a panty fetish which started in my teens when I stayed in my aunt’s house and used to try on and masturbate in my older cousin’s sexy panties, stockings and corsets. I have always kept a panty drawer (some of my wife’s cast offs and some I bought myself) and love to wear panties any time I can. A couple of years ago I discovered cuckold sites on the web and quickly my biggest fantasy has become …. My wife has never been satisfied with my small pantied dick and needs a REAL man to satisfy her.
I have sometimes managed to get my wife to play along with my fantasy. It starts off with me gently massaging her pussy through her panties to get her in the mood. I then go down , pull her panty gusset to one side and lick her pussy and beautiful ass hole. I suggest that I get out her BIG dildo and pleasure her. When I am gently pushing the dildo in and out of her well lubricated pussy, I ask her if she is enjoying the feeling of having a REAL man’s cock fill her pussy? She murmurs “yes” and I push her further by asking her if “he” is bigger than me? She says “Of course”. I ask her why she needs other men to fuck her and she says it is because I only have a little wiener that can’t satisfy her and that she deserves a REAL man with a REAL COCK. She tells me that my little dick (she never calls it a cock!) does not fill her up like this. She asks me if I want to stay in the next room and listen or if I want to stay and watch? I say that as a “punishment” for not being able to satisfy her I should be made to stay and witness how a REAL man satisfies a woman. She agrees but says I have to wear a pair of her dirty panties to cover my weiner and sit in the corner and am not allowed to join in. As I used the dildo faster on her she humiliates me further by saying that “he” is soo much bigger than me and is much better than me. She then tells me to lick her ass while “he” fucks her pussy. It doesn’t take long before she has her first orgasm. I ask her if she is enjoying herself and she says “What do you think, loser?” She asks me if I am enjoying myself and I say “I am happy to see you being satisfied by a REAL cock” she says that it feels soo good that she will have to have a REAL cock more often and that I will not have any choice in the matter as I am only her wimp husband. She comes again, this time more violently than before! She pulls her panties back into place to stop her lover cum from leaking out. She asks me if I want to fuck her now but suggests that she will not be able to feel anything. Then she changes her mind and tells me to take off my panties and to slowly remove her panties which are now soaked with “her lovers sticky cum” and put the on. She asks me if I can feel her lovers sticky cum on by little dick and bum. When I don’t answer, she laughs and says that my hard little dick is answer enough. She gives me permission to jerk my little dick off by using only my finger and thumb. She says to her “lover” that as her husband is a small pantied dick sissy who jerks off in her soiled panties, he can come over to fuck her any time he likes. I am now so turned on that I come more violently that I have ever done before.
While this is a fantasy that really turns me on, I have no desire to try it out for real. I love my wife dearly and would never do anything to jeopardise our marriage. I would however love if she would embrace this fantasy and even take to humiliating me more about my small dick. It would be a big turn on for me if she made subtle humiliating remarks about it in public.

I have a bigger than average sized cock. It’s about 6 inches long, so right there in the middle when it comes to length, but its extremely thick… almost two full inches across at the base. My wife loves it to death… I know that it pleases her, but you know what I want?

I want her to tell me that its inadequate and that she could do better. Usually this is a fantasy-roleplay for the both of us, because once we both get horny enough she’ll need penetration.

Consequently we’ve resorted to some alternative means… caffeine, for instance, in excessive amounts, is a vascular constrictor that makes your cock extremely flaccid to begin with.

I also allow her to use one of her (soft) hair scrunchies to wrap around the base of my dick while I’m flaccid, which prevents blood from entering my cock (for a little while. Don’t leave it on for too long!)

You can also use those desensitizing condoms in order to keep yourself from getting too erect too soon.

All these ideas are just different ways that we try to satisfy my fetish while giving her what she needs. We don’t ask questions about why — but find that its best to meet in the middle.

Just my 2 cents.

(We also have an open relationship, so if there are any girls who’d be interested in humilating a well endowed guy, let me know. We enjoy sex with others as well as ourselves.)

I have a tiny dick and balls - especially flacid. When my first girlfriend put her hand down my pants she laughed her head off.

I have what my girlfriend considers a huge cock 7 and a half inches but i think its average. I love sph and it turns me on for a girl to laugh at my penis and say how small it is etc even tho i aint small. Not saying i’d like a small cock cuz i think its important to pleasure my girl but its still a turn on to be humiliated but i’d never be able to tell my gf this cuz i reckon she would think i’m weird.

i have read some of your entries i have a modest size penis and find the only way to avoid humiliation is relationships swinging doesnt work

I did think that penis size doesn’t matter before but recently i bought my wife a sean michael’s dildo (it’s about 10 inches long and about 7 inches around (2.25 inches) thick. I myself have a 5 1/4 inch penis and i’m not very thick. My wife was a virgin before we met and she never has had any other dick in her other than me. She always thought i was good size. When i showed her this big black dildo she was almost taken aback. SHe has seen sean michaels in porn movies before and couldn’t believe the size of his dick. I thought i would suprise her with his realistic dong. After some apprehension she tried it out but man did we have to move slowly and use alot of lube as he is very thick and long. It took about 15 minutes but after this she was able to take his cock to almost completely to the balls. She moaned and screamed like i have never seen her do before. SHe yelled to me that she wanted that more of that “big black dick” in her. SHe continued to buck her hips and tell me how much she loved the size of it and while she did that she was sucking me off. She deepthroated me all the way. She came with such a ferocity that she never does with me. After she came i pulled the big black dildo out and climed on top of her and put myself in her. I couldn’t feel anything as she was so wet and stretched out. She just layed there and had an emotionaless expression on her face. She later admitted to me that she only faintly felt me in her. Since this night we have used the dildo out some more. She almost never cums with me in her, but she has earth shattering orgasms with this huge dildo. SHe has even told me on occasion after fucking that “big black cock” that to her “the bigger, the better it is”. So now i am a believer that size really does matter. Every once in while, while we are out i see her scoping out black men. She may never admit it but i think she now wants to go black. My wife was a virgin when we met and she was very satisfied with my 5 inch dick until i brought that huge black dildo home and she tried it out. Now i can’t make her cum with my dick and all she wants is black dick. So beware guys and be sure before you turn your wifes, girlfriends on to this lifestyles as there may be no turning back. Has this happened to anyone else.

I realized i was in to SPH some time ago. At first I thought I was a complete oddball but when I was trolling the web i discovered I am not alone. i believe SPH occurs as a compensation (it is better than feeling shamed and depressed about my under-endowment which was my state for many, many years. Although I have had my share of partners I always suspected they wanted a little more even though only 2 ever intimated such. Erect i am just over 4” long and only a bit over 4” in girth (which is probably the more important stat) Flaccid I am under 2” which is totally humiliating in change rooms and showers. I find SPH is only a turn on when a woman or women are involved in some way. For example if I am in a room with only men to see my shortcomings it is no fun at all but if i knew a woman or group of women could see me in comparison to the other much better endowed that would be exciting. Any humiliation scenario I find a turn on as long as a female is involved I have had many experiences of both kinds. I now have had 3 partners who know about my SPH but only one really understood it and facillitated it the irony is that after we split up (her career took her to another country)I found out she was with a mutual friend whom I know is especially well-endowed. Only one woman I bedded was openly disparaging about my small penis needless to say it was a one night stand. I always depend on my fore (and after) play to please my partner but she wasn’t interested in anything but intercourse and her big turn on is big cocks not just the action but the visual. Although we did have sex I know i gave her very little if any pleasure and she quite succinctly pointed out that iwas too small for her tastes - she never knew it but of course i found her comments a great turn on and i secretly hope (and believe she probably did) tell her girlfriends about her disappointment We were in the same social circle so I saw her and her friends on a number of occasions. I have many more experiences but i will leave it at that for now.

I have read many stories here that are similair to mine, and they have actually been quite helpful. I too am hopelessly turned on by SPH, but don’t really have a small penis. Perhaps somewhat udnersized, but I don’t really believe it’s small or a problem. However I hate that I am turned on by SPH and really want to get over it. If there is anybody who has a similair problem or thinks they may have an answer I really need some help.

Wow this is weird reading material.

I’m 5” long and thin. My wife can orgasm with me with no problem, but I still struggle with feeling inadequate. I brought the big 8” cock extender home after reading some website and she would hardly even let me put it in her - said it hurt. We eventually threw it out.

It’s amazing how different the human race is - one guy takes a huge dildo to his wife and that’s all she wants; another takes one home and she doesn’t want it.

I used to drink and got in trouble with my little dick. Here is how the story goes… I was in a drunken stupor and Ken and Ruth were waiting for me when I awoke. Guess I had emailed some shit to him while she was there. Anyway she was having ken take me out to talk supposedly about honesty and sobering up. When we were outside here is how the real conversation went.

Ken: “You are absolutely pathetic! Russ: I know I have a drinking problem, I know, Ken: That is not what I am talking about….You are a wimp. Yu have a small dick, You are even worse than a eunuch! Don’t ALL of the guys LAUGH at you I bet you have to sit down to piss”

Russ: Ken DOES know! Ken:I DO I know . Ken: Well I am fucking the shit out of your wife and I will be taking everything away from you lilttle dicked piss ant. There is nothing you can do so go back in there and keep your mouth shut if you want to keep your job. And YES – I have told enough of the guys I have told that you have a tiny dick and that I am fucking your wife and they laughed at you and your tiny penis! Ken I bet you never satisfied her, did you? Russ: This has happened to me as far as high school, then in the college, and now here where I work.! Ken asks: You know your wife does not even feel that thing when you fuck her?” and” How do you cum deep enough in her to do anything?” Someone has always done the work for you haven’t they Russ? You think you fathered any children think again! Russ: I know Ken, “No, my wife doesn’t feel my small penis when we use to TRY and fuck.” But we don’t that much anymore Ken: you looser I got her now.

i have a small penis,as well i love being humiliatian about it. my wife lets me get her off with her toys that’s lots bigger then me. when she cum’s i go down on her to dry her up so she can sleep, if i’am not locked up in a little cage, on a nice night, she will say you may play with that little thange, but leave on the pantys, she gave’s me a time to cum in. and i have to at that time or stop touching it, if i cum in the time i sleep in the pantys. if i don’t i stop and she hits me there.and if i play afterwords it’s cage time again. i will go months in it. as she has (real ) man to fuck her. when she comes home she seat on my face, telling me all about it.she loves to tell me that my mouth is the best sex part i have.that i should just forget about that little thang. becouse she said i could easy, as i can’t feel it when i let you try. the last time i could feel it, was when i let you in my ass.but now i have a b/f that loves to fuck my ass ,so i don’t thank you would be going there anymore. from that night i was told that ,she can’t reb, where she put the key to the cage, that was 5 months ago. it’s been ok, when i got horny after reading about others on here. i bend over for a kick in the balls my pantys get a little wet. lol. must be what cum i can make in little balls , becouse it does the job. she find a big b/f as i clean her out i can see i would have to put my dick and balls in her to come close to full her. but other then her having her b/f.s the rest of are marryage the same. i don’t get sex. i do get to be put in my please , i do all the house cleaning and go to work ( yes ) in pantys. and loving it. thanks i hope i will get to read my on here so i can show it to my wife.

I discovered I was into SPH about 10 years ago now but it took many years of a wide variety of humiliating experiences starting in early high school to get here. i guess subconciously i had enough of this suffering and my psyche turned it into some sort of pleasure. I am small in all ways soft or erect but it is when flaccid i feel most shamed. I still don’t relish being publiclly humiliated by other men (except in certain circumstances when a female or females are involved)I have suffered more the a few incidents at pools or on beaches, once caught out soaking in a bath by a female flat mate, caught between a rock and a hard place in a drink fuelled truth or dare game at a party, although i have had my fair share of girlfriends only two have ever made direct comment on my lack of endowment and except in the case of one sex was not a problem (the one had an extra large vagina and i simply got lost in there) As and when I will expand on some of these experiences and more.

My wife has been using a clit pump for about 6 months now. We have both been getting alot of enjoyment out of her using it, as she too enjoys SPH. When limp, my penis either retracts all the way in my groin area or is only about an inch long and as thick as a chap-stick. Since she started pumping, my wife’s clit is 2 inches long when limp and the same thickness as my penis and when erect, it’s 2 3/4 inches and a little thicker. When our kids are away, we’ll just spend the day at home nude and make note that she is better hung than me. She also likes to get herself erect so that she commands a huge lead on me in length and thickness. This usually doesn’t last long though. As soon as I see her erect clit, I grow to my full 4 1/2 inches. It’s also a turn on to watch her walk. Her flacid clit actually swings around like most endowed guys’ dicks do. Mine just doesn’t move at all. She used to think that me sucking on her clit was defeminizing but has learned to love it. Her favorite thing to do is when I’m limp. She likes to press her clit against my dick and make comments about her superior size. Again, this doesn’t last long. I get erect in nothing flat. She’s been hinting around about letting her fuck me in the ass with it, but I’m not 100% sure that is going to happen.

It is exciting to read comments from people watching my 4” penis. I have a page in www penissizematter .net and I get alot of humiliation both from comments and from people mailing me and humiliating me

Don’t understand the anxiety of little dicked guys. I’ve got a 3 inch hard dicklette and couldn’t be happier. I love sph and get off on it: i’m jerking off 4,5,6xx day /night watching real well hung men fucking beautiful women on porn sites. Being sexually inadequate and sexually dysfunctional, feeling humiliated and embarassed keeps me in a constant state of arousal. Just thinking about a huge cock fucking gives me an erection. I have no desire to participate only to watch and jerk off. It’s great! Is there something wrong with me?

I too get really aroused when my wife tells me I’m too small to satisfy her. Thing is, I’m average to above-average in size (6.5-7”), so the key to making it ‘real’ is to encourage comparisons to bigger dicks.

A lot of people have asked how to get their partners to ‘play ball’. Here’s how I pulled it off:

  1. I started by telling her that one of my fantasies has always been to see her dominate a huge dildo…that it would be a real turn-on to watch her. She was surprisingly receptive to this idea, and so I got her a large, thick, life-like vibrator that was a good 2 inches longer than me.

  2. Once I had the vibrator, I tied her up and orally got her right to the point of orgasm and stopped. Repeated this a few more times. While I was doing this, I told her I wasn’t going to let her orgasm unless she told me about the biggest guy she ever fucked and made her tell me all the details. Made her compare him to me… “So, he was huge, yes?” “Yeah.” “Much bigger than me?” “Yeah.” “Made it real easy to come?” “Yeah.” “Harder to come with my dick, yes? It’s ok…you can tell me…” “Mhm”… you get the idea.

  3. At this point, she’s on the brink of cumming and primed for size. I lubed up both my dick and the larger vibrator. Put myself in first for 30 seconds, then withdrew. Then I put the vibrator in slowly to let her feel the difference (hint: warm it a bowl of warm water while you’re having foreplay…nothing worse than a cold dildo to kill the mood). Asked her if this filled her up more…if this was more like the guy with the huge cock…if she wished mine were this size. Gave her the vibrator until she was on the brink of cumming again, then withdrew it.

  4. At this point, I slid myself back in, and I could really feel the difference now that she had been stretched open. I know she felt the difference too. I said to her, “So mine’s not as big?” “No” “You can have the big dick again, want it?” “Yes” “Why?” “It’s bigger.” “And it’s harder to feel my lil dick after having that huge cock?” “Mhm” “Ok, well I like fucking you with my smaller dick, so if you want to cum and want the big one, you’re going to have to force me out of you. Otherwise, you’ll have to make due with my smaller cock.”

And this is where I hit SPH nirvana…her response: “Get your pathetic little dick out of me, untie my arm, and give me the big cock.” I obliged, and she got herself off something fierce. When she finished, I asked her if I could cum, and she threw in one more zinger…”Little dicks don’t get to cum in me. Jack yourself off and show me how little boys cum.” I came in about 10 seconds.

i like being mocked , i wish a girl would just laugh at my small penis

I visit a clothing-optional beach a few times each summer. Since I was raised to be modest, it usually takes me a while to get comfortable enough to go comletely nude. But once I finally strip down, I love to go walking along the water’s edge with the other nudists, especially if there are a lot of women there. Like many of the guys here, my little member is only about one inch long when it is soft. And what I enjoy the most is how some of the ladies react when they see it. Most don’t seem to notice or they look the other way. But sometimes, when two or more are together, I hear a little laugh after they walk by me. And occasionally, one will simply stare down there as if in disbelief, or perhaps remark about how the water must be especially cold that day. But I have to wonder what they are really thinking. Are they amused or repulsed? Do they think it won’t get any longer than their pinky finger? Or are they considering painting the head with nail polish so that it might more closely resemble one of their big toes? Whatever it is, they should tell us. We love to be teased about it!

It seems there really is a lot of guys into SPH judging by all the responses.

At least a lot of you have wives and girlfriends. That never happened for me. Finding women willing to do SPH is extremely hard unless you’re willing to pay for it.

I must say that a lot of the stories regarding so called real experiences sound more like fantasies to me. Nothing wrong with that I suppose.

My mother in law is in for a visit. This morning, I was in the shower and she came in to get my wife’s hair dryer. She didn’t see anything due to the towel hanging in front of the shower door. She left and I finished my shower. I got out and dried off and walked into my room (thinking she was gone) and was surprised at her sitting on the chase lounger trying on a pair of my wife’s shoes. I didn’t have enough time to cover myself before she saw me but hurried back into the bathroom. I looked in the mirror to see that my ballsack was tightened up to where it looked as if I have no balls and my penis was (as usual) retracted all the way in my groin. Literally, other than a tiny endention, my penis (foreskin and all) retracts completely in my body when flacid. My measurements are negative 1/2 inch soft and 2 1/4 inch hard. I waited until I heard her leave and got myself ready. I figured that since she didn’t say anything that maybe I covered fast enough. On my way out the door, I heard her and my wife whispering and laughing. Mother in law was going on and on about how she would say I was as small as a baby, but I would actually have to have a penis to make that similarity. My wife added that it’s kind of hard to be in a relationship with a man that barely has enough when hard to penetrate her labia. She also went on the tell my MIL my actual measurements and both have clits (3”) longer and thicker than my penis. Guess that runs in the family.

Last night my wife and I were having dinner and I could tell she had something on her mind that she was holding back. I prodded a little and she finally came out with it. While she loves and adores me, she wants to open our sex life up. She went on to delicately explain that between having 3 children and me having a below average endowment, she just isn’t satisfied with penetrative sex with me anymore. The only time she ever orgasms is either with my tongue or an extra large dildo. She actually looked ashamed but she said she NEEDED to be honest. I probably should have seen this coming. I rarely finish through intercourse either. Literally, I can put my whole left hand and all of the right stopping at the thumb in her and my penis is the length and circumference of a roll of pennies. Even when we first started seeing each other, she told me that there were other guys before me that were bigger; but last night she admitted that the smallest was 6.5” and the largest was 9.5”. I asked her how long she has been thinking of this and she said that she hasn’t felt me since our 2nd child (12 years ago) but started to crave more a month ago when she inadvertantly walked in on her stepfather coming out of the shower. She went on to explain that she only got a brief glimpse but it was completely limp and swinging around while he dried his hair and was haning past his balls and about as thick as a cucumber. She has been thinking of nothing but a huge penis fitting snug in her ever since. Throughout the conversation, I actually found myself completely aroused in the pants although I wasn’t really all there in the head. I asked her if she had anyone particular in mind and she answered that she hadn’t considered anyone yet because she wanted to talk to me about it first. She rationalized that it wouldn’t be cheating if I consented and she would never do that. After I said I would consider it she drug me upstairs and had me use a 10” toy on her, during which she commented that if she went through with this, it would have to be with someone at least as thick as a coke can. She’s been using the 10”er for so long it goes all the way in on the first penetration. Then she asked me to put my penis in with the toy, which I did and I could see what she meant. I could definitely feel her (for the first time in years) but it wasn’t like a vise grip. She really has been a wonderful wife and mother,so I think I will let her have what she wants. But with stipulations. 1) It can’t be anyone we know. 2) Condoms and birth control pills is a must. 3) She can’t have the same guy more than twice (don’t want a relationship budding). and 4) Only when I know in advance. I just hope I’m not opening Pandora’s box.

Last night I had the absolute most erotic dream. I awoke harder than I can ever imagine. In the dream, it was the first time my wife and I were going to have sex. We did a mutual strip tease and there I was naked with my tiny penis not even visible while flaccid (in reality, I am negative inches when soft). So my wife takes off her bra and I grow to my full 3 1/2 inches and immediately cum where I’m standing. She laughs but continues to strip. She pulls her panties down and there is here clit, hanging halfway down her thigh. She walks towards me with that coke can thick thing swinging around. It’s not a penis, but actually a clit. Obviously, she sees the shock on my face and says you haven’t seen anything yet. We start kissing and the contrast of her huge fat clit hanging limply and my tiny erection is too erotic to explain. She grabs both and compares them and makes note that my little member isn’t even as long as her clit is wide. I shoot again. Now we’re on the bed and she spreads her legs and I’m peering down an enormous pussy hole. I begin to penetrate and literally don’t touch the sides. She says hold on a sec and puts that monster clit (which has now grown even bigger) into her own pussy. Then I put my penis in and now I can feel her, but she can’t tell that I’m even in. We fuck like that for the rest of the dream and then I wake up, roll over and slip right into her while she’s asleep. I shot my load upon entry.

I have a 6.5” dick with pretty good thickness, but it doesn’t get my wife off. It’s gotten to the point that she won’t let me fuck her anymore. I bought a 10” strap on that is partially hollow so my cock fits in and I fuck her with that. I get to jerk off afterwards listening to her tell me about her past boyfriends who’s cocks varied from 8” to 10”. It is the biggest turn on. I want her to find a guy with a huge dick to fuck but she doesn’t seem to want to go for it, oh well.

I went to the gym and worked upper body today. When I got back, I was changing and my wife walked in wanting to talk about something. Anyway while she was talking, I started to undress and when I pulled my shorts down, she broke out in laughter and said “oh my god. Where is you dick?!!!” I guess all of my blood was being used up from the workout and my penis was retracted completely in my body and my balls were pulled up as well. She walked over and put her finger in the hole where my penis should be and laughed even harder. Now I can’t get the scene out of my head and I want more.

As a man with micropenis, I have had to depend on sph to find peace with myself. Erect, my penis is 1 1/2” in length and 3/8” wide. Flaccid, it is not even there to measure. Also, my testicles are the circumference of a dime and always pulled tight appearing like they are not there at all. This looks even smaller on a 6’-2” and 250 lb frame. Believe it or not, I am married. My wife’s clitoris dwarfs my erection even in her relaxed state. We use toys to give her orgasms the ought penetrative sex but rubbing my penis against her clit can sometimes get her there externally. Also, she gets 1 night a week to have sex with other men. Her most recent is 6 inches and as thick as her wrist. Her biggest was a guy with 10” and the thickness of a Pepsi can. She said she was able to take all but about an inch or two. I haven’t even tried to penetrate her in 3 years. I get off by her jerking me off and comparing me to the other guys. The swinging lifestyle definitely filled the void that was in our otherwise wonderful marriage. Let your wife do it. It’s just sex after all.

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