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When Alexandra first tried using me as furniture we were both sadly surprised.

I was bored.

Both of us wrote about it and received a fair number of unhelpful comments. They varied from thinking that Alexandra was too harsh to suggesting that I wasn’t sufficiently submissive.

It was also said that boredom is a part of D/s. I agree. But only if it is appropriate to the session and a desired effect.

That failed night it was just the absence of the right mood.

In our last two evenings of play kneeling supporting her legs went wonderfully well.

The first evening she’d leashed me and taken me for a walk. Something likely to leave me feeling serenely humble. I was disappointed that she cut it short (she had no way of knowing and naturally didn’t want to give me the wrong kind of stress). Alexandra posted a photo.

More recently after worshipping her boots I was her footstool for about fifteen minutes.

Carelessly I was supporting some of my bodyweight with my neck. So I had to ask her to let me up (down in submission it took me three or four efforts to make myself heard). My guess was that I’d been there for maybe four minutes. A quarter hour is probably a good limit for now. My joints didn’t hurt badly but there were sensations warning me that I didn’t want to prolong the static contraction for too long.

I’m so very happy to be able to serve her this way. When I went to bed that night I felt sloppily blissful.

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