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I’ve spent lots of time talking about my kinks and fetishes. When Alexandra is back I hope we focus on realizing some of hers that have been neglected.

Male as human furniture for woman

A Gene Bilbrew drawing of a man serving as furniture.

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Human Rug

I’ve sort of been that. But never for very long. If I remember aright she wanted to just have me there ignoring me as she walked past. To get that I think we’ll have to start earlier in the day.

I’ve assumed I’m uncovered. Would tossing a cloth over me so it isn’t clear that it is me make it any better?


We did this only once. I got a bit bored. Not to top from the bottom but she’ll have to accept my boredom. I think doing something that bores you - not in every circumstance - is a very real way to surrender. And as much as I’ve dreamed of being furniture I’m sure I’ll get more out of it as we go along.

Under the Floor

This is the tricky one. She’s often thought of having a man under a floor. Now if I were rich I could build a false floor under our floor (or just have an entire dungeon built from scratch in our palatial mansion).

What occurs to me is getting a very thick piece of 4’ x 8’ plywood and some cinderblocks and putting a chair on it. My place naturally would be under the plywood.

Human Ashtray

Submissive man serves as woman's ashtray

Alexandra doesn’t smoke. Nor would it be worth her starting to satisfy a fetish. I’ve tried ordering nicotine-free cigarettes several times without luck. There’s no denying this is my idea of very hot objectification.


Your blog is very much about you as opposed to the typical blog made by a sub in a relationship, especially if it’s more casual, where the slave just yams on and on about how flawless his mistress is.

While I admit sometimes I wouldn’t turn down pages and pages of gushing over me, I think the honesty and introspection makes this site more interesting and unique. And I’d rather be proud of a slave than pity him (especially if I have to live with him!)

Not only that but you get a sense of overcompensation with some blogs which are extremely focussed on their dominant. And of course explaining how your mind works is the most honest way you can let me take control.

Whilst I do like these objectification scenes they can be difficult to pull off. The rug fantasy is difficult to engineer properly so that it’s enjoyable and so frequently falls into the ‘fantasy fantasies’ only category. Basically it helps if you are level with the floor, and you will need to do some weights regularly before I’ll be able to enjoy it fully - it’s that simple.

The ashtray scene is probably the hottest for both of us if you added our scores together, but I do hate nicotine and other types of smokable herb tend to leave me a little too pacifistic. I’m sure we’ll get hold of some of those special cigarettes eventually.

To be honest I don’t think anything beats the times when I was just playing with no real scenario. For example the first time with the MCD or some of the other times when we’ve just done typical ‘stuff’.

You know how I get when you take me down deep. If I tried to capture some things the entries would consist of:

… ! …

I just hope that as you’ve given me evenings that reached all the way down within me. There aren’t adequate words.

The only way I can ever ‘repay’ you is in trying the best I can to give you pleasure.

And of course I just plain love you.

I learned to smoke (sort of) so I could use my last pet as an ashtray.

Only had the chance to do it once. I don’t like nicotine (it makes me slightly dizzy) and I had a little trouble with embers, never having tapped a cigarette before.

I made him buy me additive-free Winstons, so at least I wasn’t ingesting any poisons other than those in the tobacco.

It was something he wanted very much, and it was something I enjoyed. Just seeing how pathetically eager he was to make sure I didn’t forget my cigarettes before we went out…ah, yes.

Addictions can be fun. When I wished to be particularly cruel, I’d take away his cigarettes for 24 hours and watch him whinge. It was also amusing to be chatting with him on-line as the deadline came and went, knowing he desperately wanted that first permitted cancer stick.

While I prefer to date nonsmokers, I hope to find a man to use an ashtray again someday.

I am not an evil woman, but it does seem as if some of the things I like to do are often on people’s “nope, forget it” list.

I have to stay away from cigarettes lest I become re-addicted (which would disappoint Alexandra).

I’d forgotten about my own nicotine deprivation fantasies. I was a very heavy smoker and deeply addicted. In withdrawal my mind would get so scrambled that I knew mixing in BDSM would be pretty potent.

Oh, there’s nothing evil about subjecting us to the suffering that we crave.

Now if I could only find those tobacco free cigarettes.

How do you feel?

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