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Contracts Aren't Forever

Don’t make the assumption that TPE language means that you really own someone or that your slave will be enslaved to you for your entire lifetime.

Bottom or Slave

Differences between objective and subjective D/s roles, titles and honorifics.

Male Slave Positions

Protocols and rituals serve as something akin to a liturgy of female domination, woman worship.


Trying to discern the reality of my BDSM, masochistic and slavish desires from what I really need as a submissive man who love the woman / Goddess in his life.

A Handbook for Submissive Men?

Rule book, guidebook for male slaves to help them structure the submissive part of their life with the partner that owns and rules him.

Slave Vocabulary Game

Verbal protocols, speech restriction in D/s and BDSM play.

The Church of My Owner

Ritual worship of mistress or master in a D/s relationship. A ceremony where a male slave treats his owner as Goddess or God in prayer.

Morning Greeting

At the beginning of each day the slave beg his owner to be his master or misstress.

Rules for Voluntary Slaves

Ten precepts or guidelines for slaves in consensual BDSM, D/s relationships. Your thoughts invited.

Slave Training

Male slave rituals, training procedures, submissive protocols for those in D/s relationships.

Slave Initiation Ritual

F/m D/s: initiating your male slave into his role for the first time.

Her Rules

My Goddess establishes protocols for me to follow when I wear her collar.

The power of protocols, rituals, rules and ceremonies

To become a better slave, to worship her more deeply.

Expanding the envelope . . . ?

Exploring unconditional surrender and maybe 24/7 female domination.

Domestic Discipline?

My own feelings for woman worship do not include anything as pedestrian as domestic discipline punishment.

D/s and Human Pets

Male slave ponders the various ways in which a Mistress can turn a man into a mere human pet.

Rituals to enrich our relationship

Would kissing her feet and kneeling before her add to our Femdom relationship?

How Do You Punish a Masochist?

How does a master or mistress punish a slave who enjoys pain.


Unfaithful worm

Slave initiation


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