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I’m not really happy with this one. But I have this policy of normally not letting myself ‘cheat’ by throwing them away.

That the word slave continues to have so much emotional importance to me must say something about my emotional needs.

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How would we get through the day or survive our interactions with others without fiction.

Like equality. I don’t mean within kink. We are equal within the law, our votes are equal in effect. But do you really feel that Wal-Mart greeter is your intellectual and cultural equal? And however much we may disdain it there’s no escaping the inequality imposed by attributes like physical beauty. (Though some of us can get around when we use words or in some other way stir passion in others.)

It is often through fiction that we are amiable with strangers and maintain social proprieties. But people far more able than myself have written about the white lies of social intercourse better than I ever could.

May writing on honorifics - something I’ve poured out a huge number of words on myself - that brought to mind the fictions of power exchange and myself.

On the objective level or its near kin I’m a bottom. Maybe I want you to hurt me (pretty please?) and direct me. And I know what I like and don’t like. Risk aware and also aware of the psychological underpinnings of many of my desires. A cerebral masochist as it were.

On a subjective level I’m a slave. Rather - since I’m unattached right now - want to be a slave. I want the fiction of being owned.

How many men are drive half-batty by that weird wish to be another’s property. Legally that isn’t possible. And sanity requires that we be glad.

As a bottom I have no use for titles. Were you to assert your right to one you’d create distance by wanting falsity. There’s no pleasure in D/s if the dominant partner seems foolish.

The slavish part of me could care less. What matters is your assertion of will, your claim of right.

The bottom is most likely to be satisfied because it is the tops with no desire for a title who seem most deserving of one.

Your feelings?

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