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I made a mental note to check this blog after it had been up for few months. I'm glad to see she is continuing to have a good time with it. The context is life as a Goddess-Queen in an ancient Egyptian gynarchy.

I often find the intangible bondage of protocols and restrictions emotionally, erotically and aesthetically compelling. Even if they are perhaps too elaborate rules seem a lovely way of directing the slave to worship. The liturgics of female domination if you will.

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This is selected from a very long list of positions and commands:

6. slave, grovel!
(this is the normal way to move in presence of the Goddess-Queen) From the Down position, the slave crawls forward on his belly, using his feet and hands to move.

7. slave, grovel crossed wrists!
same as 5, but slave crosses his wrists on his back. Without using his hands, he moves very, very slowly.

8. slave, crawl!
The slave crawls on his knees, head down, hands stay behind his back

9. slave, low – crawl!
The slave has to move in the position ‘slave low’

10. slave, grovel in adoration!
same as 5, but the slave kisses and licks the floor, and he adores loudly the Goddess-Queen “i worship You, Supreme Goddess, i worship You, Divine Queen.” only used in places where the Goddess-Queen is present, or as a slave has to follow Her. In the last case, he kisses and licks Her footsteps.

11. slave, crawl in adoration! and slave, low-crawl in adoration!
same as 7

12. slave, gown !
This is a special command for favourite slaves. As an enormous favour, the slave is allowed to kiss the hem of the gown of the Goddess-Queen and takes it in his hands while following Her. The Goddess-Queen may lead him at a cockring if She wants so. The slave follows Her on his knees in adoration ...

I especially like number twelve.

The entire list of Slave Positions and Commands


I have found in the past that this ritual may seem foolish at first but it truly becomes a mental tool for submission. Once I was collared and Mistress would have me memorize about 35 positions. First if I would forget a position I would be punished but it felt mentally very powerfull and if was very practical as well for her. I think it is a very good tool for many reasons.

I hope that anyone who has used these kinds of protocols will share their experiences.

this was interesting to read. I have done something similar in public in a mall in LA. I had My slave get on his knees and kiss the ground I walked on as I walked through the mall. he didnt do it long..but people did see this

Crawling like a worm is the most appropriate way for a slave to approach its Owner. Abasing itself at Her feet is a slave’s first duty, and the last before it departs from Her exalted presence. Between these submissions, the slave suffers and serves for Her amusement and pleasure. What a wonderful life!

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