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Depending on what the word training suggests to you in a D/s context it can seem a deepening power exchange or completely kooky if not dangerous. I confess that ritual and protocol has a potent attraction for me.

Hoping to oblige a request I’ve put together a collection of the sites I remember looking at when meditating on training and protocol. This isn’t an endorsement of any of them.

Gloria Brame was a key part of my early BDSM self-education. I didn’t see anything on the topic of training on Gloria’s site but there is an interesting series of essays, Perspectives of a Male Submissive:

More and more i hear experienced Dominants questioning their capability and willingness to take on the teaching and training of a new submissive. One reason being that many are beginning to question their ability to distinguish submissives who are truly interested in learning, driven by their recognition of their very strong inner desire to serve, from those who are interested only in learning enough to appear serious and well trained as a means of merely finding an occasional play partner.

A Fragile Balance: Reality, Fantasy and SM

This is the only commercial link. Ms. Christine’s mailing list is a place where I learned about the variety of D/s.

The Fem Dom Manuals were originally written in 1986. They came about because at that time I had been living with David for some seven years. … I decided that what I had learned about David and other submissives in those seven years could well benefit other couples who come together to form either temporary or permanent dom-sub relationships.

Fem Dom Manuals

Quite a long list, I imagine most people pick and choose among them. If they even really read the whole thing.

The following 128 rules are written in the context of a M/s (Master/slave) relationship, but could be used by those in a D/s (Dominant/submissive) relationship, and provide a good project for those submissive/slave males to adapt them towards their relationship with their Dominatrix/Mistress, respectively (double meaning intended).

128 Basic slave Rules

A look at setting rules for a slave’s sleeping: where and in what position.

Sleep discipline for soldiers, subs and slaves

A M/f site with several essays on training. Including the risky concept of re-socialization.

B.E.S.T. slave training considers consensual slave training as a re-education and re-socialization process. A Master establishes the goals during training and then provides the motivation necessary to complete them. Encouragement is usually the best motivator.

Re-education and Re-socialization an overview

Jack Rinella is a long writer on leathersex with several books to his credit. This page links to a variety of essays. Those on contracts and expectations may be useful to someone who is thinking of a formal slave training regimen.

Kinky Information

Gore is M/f but the postures can be adapted by anybody wanting to use ritual as a form of training.

Slave Positions

The Dog House is an M/m site with a focus on the male slave as pet.

This page is aimed at the care and training of the male slave. The development of the slave is a special process, seeing him grow and move towards is rebirth as a pure slave. Components of this can be use for recreational slavery - that is not living the SM life style but treating is as sport.

Care and Training of the Male Slave

Internal Enslavement is written in an M/f context but most of the ideas can be adapted without regard to gender. Very potent stuff, some may find it spooky. The site is maintained by Tano who also maintains The Slave Register.

Internal Enslavement Essays

F.R.R. Mallory’s site Steele Door has a collection of often remarkably good essays on BDSM. The concept of training is slippery and like anything be taken in dangerous directions.

It has become common to use the concept of ‘training’ as a means of applying often severe ‘acceptable’ diminishment of the individual in order to ‘help’ the individual toward some elusive ideal of the ‘perfect submissive’. This ‘training’ is also used to forcibly control the actions and behaviors of the individual being so ‘trained’. The ‘trainer’ by eliciting ‘pre-consent’ to the actions of training attains ‘permission’ to violate the character, belief in self, ethics, moral structure and personal integrity of the individual. In this way the issue of consent is ‘attended’ to and the submissive is placed in a position of being responsible for or agreeing to the actions taken against them. …

… If you put five Dominants in a room each one of them will like something different. …


Back in July I wrote: The power of protocols, rituals, rules and ceremonies.

Erotic, Filthy, Sexy Fun for Submissive and Masochistic Men

Femdom Stories and Artwork


Female Domination and Male Slavery. 100% Femdom


No popups. Nothing to pay. I do this for fun. Think of me as a one-man F/m Tumblr site.


Thank you so much Richard for this. i have read a few of them before, but the others are excellent resources. i so much believe in reading and taking what works and leaving the rest. i laugh at the forums on and sites like that where people pose all these questions and then get a thousand different and varying replies. Well, what do they expect? There is one definitive set of rules?

i have one to add here, i think you will consider that it appllies well. How about

i find myself in a whole different world now. i just received a training collar from someone so special to me and we find ourselves coming from wildly different areas of bondage. She only knows the pain sluts that come to her for a beating and i only know physical punishment as part of a committed relationship where it is used to discipline improper behaviour. So, i see that in our desire to be open and honest in our relationship where resources like what you have posted here can be beneficial to help us be more aware of some of different areas we can explore together. She does not understand the idea of actually being emotionally attached to a sub. It is happening to Her but She does not have the experience to go with it to know what to do. Thank you for your site. i found it a couple months back and it is a treasure of new found info and thought starters.

Cheers from Ontario!

When people start talking about “true” dominants and slaves you know the person confuses their preferences with some sort of universal absolute.

I wanted to keep the list of sites fairly narrow and somehow related to training and discipline.

I’d never really considered D/s in the context of a romantic relationship before I was lucky enough to get together with Alexandra. It is much trickier emotionally than play sessions or black and white fantasies. But all relationships require empathy and honesty.

Best of luck to the both of you.

slave does feel that this is a very good sight, but can a set a rules be included where by a slave must very strictly live by and learn to use in obedience toward his Mistress/owner. slave would also like to know if a slave contract whereby slave would be bound to and can only be owned by one Mistress. slave would also like to obtain a whole load of information on branding and collaring.

Thankyou very much and keep up the good work


slave barry

Any pair or group of people can create and agree to live by a set of rules. For it to be more than some demented fantasy: 1) the dominant has to want to do that and 2) the rules really have to fit the people involved and ultimately satisfy both of them.

One person cannot legally own another as they can, say, a table or bowling ball. Two people can agree to use the words owner and property. But the moment consent ends the ‘ownership’ must end or it is a crime.

Branding must be done by someone skilled. Done properly it does not hurt because the nerves on the skin are destroyed before pain can be transmitted.

Rules and rituals about collars like everything else are up to the people involved.

You are probably confusing what you masturbate to with reality.

I’m considering becoming a member of a slave farm. Slaves will be kept cattle naked all the time, shaved and will sleep in barn. Can anyone tell if this, being naked all the time will affect my health? Of course we will be working 8 hrs a day.

Depends on the weather. Nudity itself isn’t unhealthy. But you have to stay warm enough or you’ll get a cold, maybe the flu.

i want to spend time at a slave farm just as described above , by Frank . Constant nudity , hard work and sleeping in a barn is no problem . How can i find such a placement .


i am a young white slaveboy 22 years of age would like to begin training as soon as possibly and like to stay in the complete nude through all my training

Above when talking about re-education and re-socialization you said: “A M/f site with several essays on training. Including the risky concept of re-socialization.”

This is actually a well established principle that is as old as modern psychological thought. Adler was a colleague of Freud. Adler believed in personal psychology. He strongly disagreed with Freud’s distant approach to psychology and therapy.

The term re-socialization in B.E.S.T. slave training only describes using Adlerian psychology what we do in order to understand the mental process of training.
We do educated a slave in training to understand her role as a slave. She is training to serve, obey and please the master that owns her. Even if she was a slave before she is trained to the ways of her new master. Thus re-education.

She becomes a part of a social unit headed by hermaster. In a 24/7 relationship she molds her behavior to fit the needs of her master. thus re-socialization.

In the Theory section of B.E.S.T. slave training I state that “Social­iza­tion is the way indi­vid­u­als learn skills, knowl­edge, val­ues, motives and roles appro­pri­ate to their posi­tion in a group or soci­ety. Re-socialization of a slave involves teach­ing new skills, val­ues, set­ting goals, pro­vid­ing moti­va­tions, and mold­ing her to the role of slave.”


i like to be some MASTER and MISTRESS sissy male maid and sex slave to and be tie up and be rent out so you can money off of me and gag and blindfold me to

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